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Monday, August 8


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 99


Insert 99
Vuyo was laid to rest a week after his death
( am sorry i cant get into the funeral details)
After the funeral i picked up the pieces of what was remaining of my life
I tried living if not for anything else but for my unborn baby
As weeks passed i slowly adjusted into the new life
My pregnancy was fine. I had stopped going to work though because my feet were so swollen
I was so big, although people kept saying i wasn't that big but i felt so huge
I had the support of my family and friends, even imi couldn't wait to have a lil sister or brother
On the 8th of december 2014 i woke up in the middle of the night with a pressing urge to pee
I went to pee then came back to bed, i felt mild craps that subsided after a while
But i felt the need to pee in every 5 minutes although nothing came out
My stomach was just so hard and my baby wasn't even kicking
After those long trips to the loo i finally caught some sleep and it was already 4 AM
AROUND 6AM the need to go to toilet woke me.
I went to the toilet and noticed i had a bit of spotting in my pantyliner
Now i started to freak out. The cramps got a bit severe and would subside after some time
I went to khitha's room and told her about my encounter
Khitha: i think you are going in labor next time you feel the need to go to the toilet just ignore it
Get ready we need to get you to the hospital
Me: ohw my gosh, am so scared, what if something is wrong with my baby, why is he not moving
Khitha: am sure everything is fine, get ready
I was so scared with the cramps getting intense with each minute that passed
I went to take a shower
When i came back to the room khitha had already packed my baby bag
I wore my green maternity dress.
Khitha: how are the pains
Me: gruesome by each minute
Khith: don't worry sis, it will get worse
Me: yeah right very comforting
She laughed while i just smile
She drove to the hospital and we walked in with her carrying my bags
" are you sure you are in labour sisi cause you don't look like someone who is in labour" some nurse said
Me: i have bad cramps and i spotted this morning and my baby is not moving
They told me to change my dress into a hospital gown
I then lay in bed and the nurse inserted her two fingers
Her: you are still two centremetre
She checked my baby's heartbeat and all after everything i was admitted.
They took me to my ward where there were two other pregnant ladies in there
They were busy screaming and moaning intensely aggreviating my pain
Now i was really scared cause some were even crying
Khitha brought my bags, she stayed a bit
And left after few hours promising to come back later but i told her to come back the following day
I stayed in that bed and would sometimes get up and walked around
they checked us the whole day, one of the lady in our ward had gone to give birth
.it was already after 9mp we had just finished eating dinner
The nightshift nurses call us in for check up
Once i gain, the nurse inserted her fingers and told me that i was still two centremetres
They check the heartbeat but it had severely dropped
And because of the swollen feet and my blood level they had to keep me under watch so i didn't return to the ward
i stayed there with the heartbeat machine placed on my stomach and another machine to check how far apart were my cramps
My baby's heartbeat was still dropping rapidly
In a point where it would sometimes stop then will start again if i was experiencing some cramps
" you need to be watched Because you are opening slowly and your baby is in distress" the nurse said watching at the papers which had the readings
Nurse: your baby is not to strong to push for himself
So you need to be checked every after two hours
I had on the oxygen pipe inserted on my nose
I was already in tears thinking that my baby was not gonna make it
" god please save him for me" i prayed
Four days later i was still in the hospital was now only three centimeter dilated which was too slow considering the labour pains i was feeling, the pains were so severe i swear i thought i was gonna die but my baby was just not strong enough to push through
Sibu, khitha and dave visited me everyday.
Dave: yaz i think bakuvalile
Me: as in like someone is preventing me from give birth on purpose
Dave: yes
Me: but who could be doing that to me
Khitha: with enemies like yours do you really have to ask
Then it sank to me, maybe they were right, maybe someone was blocking me from giving birth
That night i prayed like a raving lunatic, i prayed without a pause
Asking God to release my baby
Around 4:30 am on Friday the 12 of december i couldn't take the pain anymore
It was just so intense and i was still dilated three cm.
With no other option they prepared me for a c section
When the doctor arrived that morning i was the first one to be taken in for c section because my baby's life was in danger
They sedated me so i don't know what exactly happened, but what i remembered is being cut and they took out my baby and he wasn't crying
I don't remember what happened after that
I woke up out of the operation room i was back in the normal ward, i couldn't feel my lower body
And i was instructed not to move my head sideways, i was suppose to lay still
Later they brought my baby to me i was overwhelmed when they told me it was a boy
I actually smiled thinking that Vuyo was right

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