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Tuesday, August 2


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 98


Insert 98
We got home and was met by a completely panicked Khitha, she was pacing around the lounge
" am sorry my phone was on silent, but i came as soon as i saw your message" i said
" owh mntase," tears embraced her face
Then it hit me, this must be serious

She cried even louder instead of answering me
Then i remembered seeing Dave's missed calls also, could he be in trouble
My heart pounded, did anything happen to my brother, was he still alive
Those questions roamed in my head
" noo khitha, did something happen to Dave, where is he
Uphi uLuyanda khitha" i was already in tears, sibu held me
Khitha: Dave is fine ( she wiped her tears) but we need to get to the hospital
Me: hospital, why, are you sure Dave is fine
She nodded
Khitha: we gotta go now
Sibu: I'll drive you
Khitha took her hand bag and we rushed out
On the way to the hospital, i had different scenarios playing in my head
What if Dave got into an accident, what if he was robbed and got shot
Was he even fine, but why would khitha say he is fine while he is not.
If its not DAVE in the hospital then who, omg could it be Imi, maybe its her thats why khitha is so worked up
What could be wrong with her, did she fall at the day care or something
I was still lost in thoughts when Sibu shook me
Him: we are here
I didn't even respond , i opened the door and rushed out
I ran into the reception not even sure who i was looking for
As soon as i walked in, Dave ran to me
Me: hey you are fine
Dave: yeah am fine, i've been calling you
Me: whats wrong who is here
Right then Luyolo walked in huffing and all
Yolo: i came as soon as i got your call. How is he, what did the doctor say
Me: what the hell is he doing here, who is he talking about Dave.
Then it hit me, Vuyo, he was the only one not here right now
Me: omg Vuyo where is he
DAVE: You need to calm down sis, take a seat
Me: no tell me its not him, tell me he is fine
Where is he dammit
I was already drowning in tears
Dave took me to the bench and sat me down
Sibu came with a glass of water and handed it to me,i gulped it all at once
And it calmed my nerves a bit
Me: please tell me what happened
Dave: vuyo was involved in a car accident this morning.
a truck smashed into his car crushing it beyond recognition, vuyo was rushed here in a critical condition
Me: owh no, lord No this can't be happening i can't loose him just as yet
Our baby needs him
Right then the doctor walked to us, he had a blank facial expression
" how is he doc" i said quickly getting up from the chair
Doc: we did everything we could to stop the bleeding
But the internal bleeding had already formed clots blocking oxygen from going to the lungs
Me: what are you exactly saying, is he gonna be fine
Doc: am sorry but due to the lack of oxygen to the vital organs of his body, his brain shut down and we lost him
" nooooo, no...no..no he can't die, we need him, i need him
God no you cant make me this happy then take away my happiness "
I screamed
I wailed louder, breaking down i just couldn't breathe
I was suffocating before i knew it i was about to hit the ground when SIbu held me
I collapse in his arms
I woke up to the beeping sounds of the machines
I looked around realising that i was in a hospital bed
I cracked my head recalling the incident that led me here
" my baby " i thought
I quickly placed my hand in my tummy and my bump was still there, i breathed out in relief
Why would God take him away though, couldn't He have atleast taken Luyolo instead, why do the good ones always have to die so soon
Death though you shall be not proud
My door flew open and Sibu walked in he was with Khitha
"Finally you are awake, we were so worried " sibu said
He came by my bed side and held my hand
Khitha: don't ever scare me like that ohk
Her eyes were covered in glass
Me: am sorry i got you all worried, its just that i still can't believe he is gone, it is just to soon
What about his kid, he promised that we were gonna raise him together and now he is gone
" its sad i know, but we are here for you" sibu said squeezing my hand
I looked up and tears just rolled sideways

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