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Monday, August 8


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 100


my life has had ups and downs more than i can actually remember but nobody can tell you that i suffered because i knew how to put a front
I like to say am strong but that would be a lie because at times i could feel myself breaking down. There were times where i thought suicide was the only way, i wanted to take the easy way out
But looking back now i actually don't regret anything that i went through, i don't regret the mistakes that i had made along the road because if i didn't make those mistake i wouldn't be witnessing god's kindness that he has showered me with
It is because of his mercy and kindness that i got to where i am, thats why i decided to name this gift from him " Musa" and luyolo asked to name him Brian
So my son's names were Musa, Brian Mdingi
He was just my pride and joy, he actually brought my family and friends close to me
I didnt want my baby to ever lack anything in life so i opened a trust fund for him, i took every cent that i had in my savings account and transferred it to his trust fund.
It is a year later and a lot had happened this past year
Starting with luyolo finding out that Dk was actually never pregnant
So i also don't know why he experienced morning sickness
She actually faked the pregnancy to get me out of the way, then after i left the house she saw no reason to keep the fake pregnancy so she faked a miscarriage
Upon hearing this, yolo chased Dk out of his house.
He then begged for forgiveness from me and i forgave him but i told him that i will never get back together with him
He was cool with us being civil towards each other. He came time to time to check on Musa, he was actually very fond of him
Even though he knew he wasn't his son but he treated him as his own
Mandy's dowry was paid six months ago by Nceba's family
So she was back together with her baby daddy
And Nwabisa was also fine Just scarce the last time i saw her was during vuyo's funeral
And for me life was good, i actually was a natural at being a mom. My life was peaceful, i was actually happy and was looking forward to DAVE'S wedding which was actually a month from now and you will not believe who he was getting married to.
He actually was getting married to SINDY my friend who was now two months pregnant
And don't ask me how they met cause i also don't know
DAVE said he met her at a gala that was held in jozi
Khitha had become the greatest mother to Imi, she was now dating some guy who was staying around mamelodi named Chris
They seemed happy.
As for Luke he was still at his craziest, loud and fun and was actually now my closest friend
Zintle was still hitting it hard with nhlanhla
Everything was just great
After getting musa dressed he ran around the room, he was just a happy child with his smile a lot like Vuyo's
I also took a bath, wore my torn boyfriend jean, white vest and my black biker blazer with my nude black heel
I put on my make up.
I heard the car bell
I quickly did some touch ups before taking my bags
I walked out of the room with Musa following me
SIBU came and took the bags from me
Khitha came out with imi's bag, i picked up musa and we walked to the car.
Khitha: take care sis, don't forget my pictures
Me: i won't, you and chris should have come with us making this a double date
Khitha: i would have love too but since you know i will be working this weekend
And chris is also working too.
Me: next time it must be a double date
Khitha: i promise you it will
We hugged and kissed on the cheeks.
Then i went on my side
Khitha: yhu u imi already in the car
Me: iyathandwa imoto apha.
She tried saying goodbye but Imi just ignored her.
Sibu started the car beeping the bell once while Khitha was busy waving goodbye
And Off we went
he had planned a weekend gate away for us
"You still haven't told me where we are going" i said
Sibu: relax bhabha, its no fancy place just Durban
Me: mm i've never been there before, it would be nice to see the place
Sibu: don't worry you will love it, i already have everything planned
Me: thank you for this, i really needed a time out to refresh my mind
Sibu: and thank you for being my woman.
Thank you nana for giving me a second chance, i promise i will never disappoint you again
I love you so much bhabha ne munchies zam
He looked at Musa and my boy just giggle
Sibu: lol lentwana ayintle ngathi yi moffie
Me: so you mean my son is gay
( i faked a frown)
Sibu: no but he looks like a girl even imi can agree with me right imi
Imi nodded her head
Imi: ufana ne ntombi lona
Sibu: see even imi can see it
Me: mxm
Sibu: uqumbile kengok
Me: what do you think
I folded my arms
Sibu: sorry bhabha owh yini, u mama ka munchie, i was just kidding
Sorry nana zam
He took my hand, while driving with his other hand
he kissed the back of my hand
Me: ohk back to the road already.
SIBU: woman and their cautiousness
Me: mxm
I smiled, i had never been so happy in my life.
We drove all the way to durban, it was just a fun family road trip
this may be the end of the story but it is a beginning of a new Chapter for me
I just want to thank everyone for being with me in this journey
For crying and laughing with me, for the funny and building comments
I know some of y'all were expecting a grand ending but this is just how my life turned out and i am happy where i am right now with a man who truly loves me and whom i love back.
Ndithi Enkosi, ndiyabulela kuThixo ngoMusa andenzele wona

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thank you too sis.. For entertaining us up untill dis day.. Siyabulela

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Wow!!!exceptional.. I have enjoyed your story. Thank!