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Tuesday, August 2


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 12


I looked at Milano, and I realised that he was not playing. He was dead serious. But then , if he did not send me that sms who send them? And what about the one he said I send to him? What is going on here?
I pulled my chair and sat down. I asked him to also take a sit so that we can talk about this whole saga. I asked him that we need to tell each other what happened between the Friday night after our conversation till now. Maybe we would figure out what really happened.
Milano went first. He told me that after his phone battery went off that Friday evening, He asked one of the nurses to charge it for him. Since he was heavily sedated, he just dozed off until the next morning. When he woke up, the night shift nurses were gone. He asked for his phone and apparently the morning shift staff had no idea about the whereabouts of his phone. So for the entire weekend he was without his phone and was told to wait for the nurses who were on the Friday night shift to give him his phone. He went on saying on Monday he went for surgery and afterwards he was moved to a different ward. He never got to see the nurses from emergency. He then left the hospital few days later without his phone.
He then did a sim swap and used one of his old phones. He said a day later he got a message from me saying he should give me space etc. etc. And Milano being Milano, thought he should do as requested by keeping his distance and cutting the communication between us.
I was shocked by what Milano told me. I also told him what happened from the last time I spoke to him till the day I received his sms. He was also shocked about the message I claimed I got from him and said he never received any messages that I said I send to him telling him about Kevin. He had no idea about anything to do with Kevin.
I asked him lots of questions about his time at hospital and who knew about the shooting and everything. He then told me that no one knew about him being shot except the paramedics who took him to hospital and the policeman who came later in the evening after regaining consciousness. Apparently the police just asked him questions about the shooting and left. He further said when he woke up Saturday morning, he was shocked to find his mom, sister and ex wife already by his bedside. He asked them how they found out about him being in hospital. That’s when his sister said she got a call from the paramedics, telling her about the incident. Milano said he saved his sister’s phone numbers as ICE( In case of Emergency) hence the paramedics were able to notify his sister who obviously told the ex.
We sat there, realizing that someone has sabotaged us and the question in our minds was: Who was behind all this and why?
Milano said he couldn’t think of anyone on his side who would do that but said perhaps his wife. But he went back and said it can’t possibly be her. Where would she gotten hold of my phone to send the message? We ruled her out because it was true, how would his wife got hold of my cellphone and send the message?
On my side there was one person left who could do something like that. Kevin Tau! But then, I remembered that I received the message two weeks after Kevin was hospitalised. It couldn’t possibly be him. We also ruled him out.
I must say the whole thing scared the shit out of me. If we ruled out our partners and honest and truthfully we too didn’t send each other those messages, Who was behind all this? And what did he or she wanted from us? And why was s/he not trying to contact both of us to say what s/he wants?
Someone send me a message from Milano’s phone number and send Milano an sms from my phone number. How?This as no coincidence This was some scary shit!
Wait a minute! I never deleted the messages. Hope Milano still has the one he claimed I send. Maybe we can find out something. I took my bag and took out my cellphone. I scrolled through the inbox and saw the message from Milano. I gave him the phone to read it . He was shaking his head while reading the message. I asked him why he seemed so puzzled. He told me that the message was exactly the same as the one he received from me except a little twist. He said he was convinced that someone with an agenda against both of us was behind all this, but couldn’t think of anyone.He said there was no way we could have received same messages from nowhere,for no reason.
I asked him to show me the message from his phone. He took out his cellphone and scrolled through his inbox. He then said he couldn’t find the message! He then said maybe he mistakenly deleted the message. I asked him who had access to his phone. And he said he hasn’t given anyone permission to his phone so, if it was accessed, then it would be the family ( his mother, his wife or his sister). I told him that someone must have deleted the message.
Milano was pacing up and down in my office, trying to figure out what was happening. Just then he stopped and looked at me. And said he remembered that he was using a new phone, so the message must be in the old one at home. He promised to get the phone and forward me the message. He also promised that he will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this mystery. We agreed to be on the look out for anything or anyone suspicious. We said our goodbyes and left the office.
I must say I had a very long weekend. I was cracking my head, wondering what was going on and who was playing me and Milano and why? The following week went by pretty fast. Milano and I were back to our friendship, eating lunch together etc.
Time went pretty fast. Still we had no idea who was behind the smses. We somehow let go of trying to figure out because we were not winning. It was already December. Kevin and I spoke a few times about the kids. He promised to make time to come and spend time with them. I was doing fine and the kids were also okay.
Work was okay. We were preparing for the year end function. The previous year I didn’t attend, as I was still on maternity leave/mourning Kano’s passing. I was looking forward this year ‘s one.
Milano asked me if I was bringing my significant other. It was only then when I opened up to Milano about what really happened between Kevin and I and how I was contemplating to divorce him. Milano also opened up about his separation with his wife and how they decided to stay apart until they both figured out what they wanted to do with their marriage. Apparently his wife went back home a week after he was discharged so he’s been staying alone.
The year end function went well. Milano came alone, so was I. We had so much fun. The After party was the bomb, our company hired a well know DJ. So we partied the evening away. Boy, Milano can dance. He reminded me of malankane aka Richmond Dikgale. How I missed him.
Since the function was held somewhere in Fourways, I asked Mamo to drop me off because I was planning to have fun and not have to worry about driving. I was planning to catch a maxi taxi back home. I was getting tired and drunk and decided to go home. I told Milano that I was leaving. He said he will accompany me to my car. I told him that I was going to catch a cab. He said he would love to drop me off if I didn't mind. Initially I wanted to refuse, thinking about the shooting but Milano insisted. I agreed.
On our way home, I noticed that Milano was a bit distracted. He kept checking his rear view mirror, other times taking wrong turns, sometimes he would not yield or stop when he is supposed to. I asked him what was wrong ad he brushed me off. For a while I blamed his behaviour on booze. It was my first time driving with Milano drunk. I must admit I was a bit uncomfortable. I could not wait to get home.
As we reached the main road leading to my house, Milano passed it. I told him to uturn but he ignored me and continued driving. I was getting impatient and irritable with him. I told him to stop his games and take me home. He then told me to relax and trust him. I didn’t understand and demanded that he tell me what was going on or to stop at the nearest garage and I would call Mamo to come fetch me there. Milano just said “good idea”. And drove further to the next garage.
When we got to the garage, Milano said I could phone Mamo. I was pissed off thinking this man was really behaving weirdly. I wanted to catch a maxi taxi and he insisted on dropping me off. Now he was just going to drop me by a garage because I said he should? I opened the door and got out of his car without saying goodbye.
He followed me behind. He asked me to get into the garage store and wait up for Mamo there. I told him to leave me alone. He begged me and said he will tell me everything and asked me to trust him. I did as he asked. He went to his car and drove off.
I phoned Mamo and told her where I was. I was really angry and confused by Milano. He really needed to explain that stunt he pulled. While I was waiting for Mamo, my phone rang. It was Milano. I picked up almost immediately after one ring.
Nna: What the hell do you think you are doing? Whats going on?
Milano : Please don’t freak out, I think we were being followed..
Nna: Hmmmm! Followed? By who and why? And how do you know that? What makes you say that?
Milano : Whoa Nolo. One question at the time.
Nna: Start talking Milano. I’m freaking out already.
Milano : To cut the long story shot. Few weeks ago I noticed a car following me. I thought I was being paranoid. But I noticed the pattern. It follows me every day, after work and every weekend. It’s the same one that have been following us just now.
Nna: What? Are you telling me that the same car has been following you for weeks and you only telling me now? Why have you not told me Milano? Who is following you and what does he or she want? Oh Milano I’m so scared now.
Milano : I am sorry that I didn't tell you. I thought maybe I was being paranoid especially after the sms saga. But today I have proven that I am being followed.
Nna: What are you going to do Milano? You must go to the police please.
Milano : I will trap this person. I want to know who he is and what does he want before I involve the police.
Nna: Is he a man? Have you seen him? I think you should involve the police. What if s/he hurts you?
Milano: I don’t know if it’s a man or woman. I haven't seen him closely. I don't think that s/he wants to hurt me. S/he would have done it already. I’m sorry Nolo for just dumping you by the garage. I didn't want to risk getting you and the kids in some web that I do not understand. I didn’t want to drop you off by your home just in case the stalker is the same person behind the mysterious messages. And end up hurting you. Don't be scared. The person probably is trying to scare me.
Nna : Now you are really freaking me out. What if the psycho saw you dropping me off here and as we speak he is somewhere waiting for me to come out ?
Milano : Relax. S/he is not there. Wait for Mamo to safely take you home. I will call you later.
Nna: No Milano. I am freaken' scared. How sure are you that he is not somewhere here watching me?
Milano: Because whoever he or she is, is following me right now. So go home. I will deal with this.I will be okay.
What? What is going on here? Why was Milano being stalked and who is this person and what does he want? Yooo this is really starting to scare me period. Whoever is doing this is really obsessed. What if it's Milano’s wife? Milano said she was the control freak type. But it cannot be her because apparently Milano said that she went back home. And besides, Milano would recognize her car or even her.
I was beating myself up trying to piece together the puzzle but it was not happening. I thought maybe it's Kevin but still thought against it. Kevin was not the psycho type and besides he had no beef against Milano. I did assure him that Milano and I were just colleagues. At some point I even considered the Taus or Sheryl or even Nyiko.. but then those people would not stalk Milano. What could they possibly want from him, or want to achieve by stalking him? This was more of a personal vendetta... but what? What if Milano was not who he appeared to be? Kana I didn't know much about this man. Where he comes from, where he was raised, his past life etc.... What if he was a fugitive? Yooo my crazy thoughts was not helping at all, instead I had more questions than answers.
Mamo finally arrived and we went home. I took a shower and got ready to sleep. I reflected on the events of the day. Whatever Milano was going through was hectic and scary. I hoped I was not in any way involved. Just like the sms saga. Speaking of the sms, Milano had promised to send me the sms that I supposedly send to his phone and haven't send it yet. I decided to check up on him and remind him to forward me the sms from his phone.
I dialled his number and he answered. I asked about the stalker and what his plans to deal with him or her were. We spoke for a little while and just as we were about to say our good nights, I asked Milano to send me the sms. He said he can't seem to find his phone. He said he found it weird because he put it safe with the other gadgets and now it’s missing or misplaced. He said he will search for it and once he found it, he will send me the sms. We hung up.
Yeah! The plot thickens. With every dead-end, there was an obsessive stalker out there planning God knows what.
Hardly five minutes later, I received a call from a number I did not know. I just answered. I think I said hallo more than five times and no one answered. I hung up and placed the phone on my bedside table.
As I prepare myself to pray and sleep, my phone rang again. I pulled it and realized that it was same number. I said hello and didn’t get an answer. I told the caller to say what s/he wanted or I would hang up.
I could swear I heard the person was breathing behind the phone. I repeated myself and just as I was about to hang up, the person spoke. Obviously using those devices that makes one's voice unrecognisable and deep. The person just said:
“ Watch your back 'cos I am watching you!”
The person hung up.
Holly molly. What is going on? I was literally shaking. It seemed like my worst fears have been realised. I was also a victim of an insane stalker. I put back the phone and prayed so hard. I pleaded with God to reveal the truth about this person and also protect me , my family and Milano against this person.
Just as I said Amen, my phone rang. I didn’t check the caller ID, I just answered the phone and told the caller to say something or go fuck himself. I thought it was the mystery caller.. until I heard it was Milano’s voice. I apologised for snapping at him and told him about the weird phone call I just received. He asked me what my plans for Saturday were. I told him that I was going to take the kids to their auntie Omontle since the schools were closed and afterwards I was free. He said he needed to see me.
Nna: With this stalker on the loose, I think it’s not such a good idea to see each other, especially after I was warned to watch my back.
Milano: I think I know who is behind all this. Let’s meet tomorrow at work and I will show you something! 15:30 Sharp.
Nna: Cool. See you then.
I saved the number the stupid stalker used to call me. What kind of a stalker uses their phone numbers to call the person s/he is stalking? Only an immature wannabe stalker. How weird.
I switched off the lights and slept.
Tomorrow I will find out who is behind all the stalking and why?

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