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Friday, August 12


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 16


I opened my eyes, and was confused. My vision was blurry, and my body felt incredibly heavy. I realized I had a tube down my throat. I heard a machine beeping, and metal banging against my head. It sounded like a busy cafeteria, but that didn’t make any sense.
A man’s face appeared above me, and he smiled. It took me several more minutes to get my bearings. I finally realized I was in a hospital bed.
The man told me to be patient, and said he’d remove the tube as soon as I stabilized. As my sleepy mind awoke, I realized I was in an emergency room.
I tried to think back and recall the last thing I remembered. I had been driving from Milano’s brother’s house and a red car was following me. Then next minute I was on the phone with Milano. And we got cut off, then I tried to reach for my charger and there was a loud bang. So how had I gotten to the ER, and why was I there?
Several minutes later the doctor returned and removed the tube. The first question I asked him was why I was there. He told me that I was in an accident. Some pass by witnessed the incident. Apparently it seemed like I was bumped from behind and lost control of the car and fell off the bridge. The guy came down the bridge and called the ambulance.
When the paramedics arrived at the scene, I was barely breathing, my head was pressed on the steering wheel and I twisted my neck on impact. Thanks to the airbags I didn’t sustain major head injuries. He said when the ambulance arrived, the paramedics scooped me up and rushed me to emergency room. Evidently, my heart stopped on the way, but they were able to revive me. He went on telling me about my injuries and said although I had fractured ribs and suffered massive neck pain, and dislocated my right hand, I was lucky I didn’t need major surgery. He said what was done on me and said he was happy I was going to be okay.
He further said I should thank God and the gentleman who witnessed the hit and run because had the gentleman not been there at the time of the accident and called for help when he did, I would have died.
I remained silent, and all I could think to myself was, “Oh God, I really did it this time – I blew it big time.”Had I not gone to that house party I would not be here.
Just then my mom came in and gently kissed me on the forehead. She began to cry, and I could tell the episode had scared her terribly. She just kept telling me that God was great and had I died in that wrecked car, she wouldn’t have been able to survive loosing yet another loved one. I was overcome with guilt and shame, and I knew things had to change , I knew that was a wake up call and the universe was telling me to get my life in order. I had to change my ways. I had to get my life together and think about my children and my family.
Mama and I spoke briefly and she decided to go home and rest. Before she left I asked her what day it was and when did she come to Jo’burg and for how long I have been in hospital. She said it was Thursday, and that I had been in a coma for over a week. I asked her about how she knew about the accident and me being hospitalised.
It turned out that for two days nobody knew where I was . Since my phone was dead, the paramedics could not notify my next of kin.
Apparently when the police took out my wrecked car from the bridge, they found my business card in the car and only got hold of my boss on Monday and my boss gave them my contact details and residential address ( thanks to the business cards that I usually carry in my purse, my family wouldn’t have known about my whereabouts ).
Apparently since Kevin was unreachable, the police went to my house on Tuesday and notified Mamo who then phoned mama. Mama said upon hearing that I was in hospital she packed her bags and came. She said she’s been by my bedside since Tuesday night.
I asked mama about the kids, the O'family and the Tau’s . She said my kids were fine, Omontle has been taking good care of them, all my siblings and few friends and colleagues came to see me and as for the Tau’s , only Rethabile and Aus Nthabì came. She further said that Kevin was out of the country. I told mama about Kevin.
After mama left , I took a nap. I was woken by the doctor to check up on me. He was happy about my recovery and said once he had done all the necessary checks and scans, and he was happy, he might discharge me beginning of the next week. I told the doctor that I was experiencing a little pain on my left hand. He said it was expected since it was dislocated during the accident. He ordered some pain medication.
I must have been knocked out by medication because when I woke up it was late in the evening.
As I opened my eyes, I was met by a visitor who the nurses told me about earlier. They said my male friend had been visiting me, and holding vigil by my bedside for the entire week, same time , every day. Yes it was Milano . I must say I wasn’t excited to see him but he almost jumped up when I moved and settled on my bed. I realised that the nurses didn’t tell him that I was now awake. He came closer and gave me a tight hug. I even felt the pain on my hand and my ribs to an extent that I let out a painful sound. He let go and asked me if he hurt me. I just told him that it hurt a little but I was okay since he moved away.
Just as soon as he sit back to the chair, we remained silent for a while. I guess we did not know what to say to each other. I must say I was somehow mad at him and partly blaming him for the accident.
Milano broke the ice and joked about how we seem to attract troubles and even ended up in hospital in less than two months. Yooo, it was as if he opened up a very painful wound and pour salt on it.. I just heard myself lashing out at him.
Nna: Oh really Milano! you find all this funny?
Milano: Hau! Don’t you? Just the other day I was lying in a hospital bed and now it’s your turn.
Nna: Yaah more like payback time. I put you in hospital and now you did the same
Milano: No Nolo! I didn’t mean it that way. I was just joking
Nna: Joking Milano? I almost died and all you can do is joke about it? Honestly?
Milano: Oh my God, I’m sorry you took my joke very serious. I honestly didn’t mean it that way.
Nna: How did you mean it Milano? Hmm! You are just so unbelievable. Tseba he, you and I are even! I got you shot and you got me in an accident.. You lied to the police and I will do the same for you. Now from now on I want us to stay far away from each other.
Milano: Whoa! Nolo! What are you on about? Honestly I am lost.
Nna: Lost how? I’m talking about everything! You, me, and everything that has been happening. Don’t you get it Milano? Since after the shooting, bad things have been going on and we ignored them and now we are paying the price. That is why I’m saying we are even. I paid the same price you paid. Both our lives had been put in jeopardy by the people close to us. What ever friendship we have, it’s not worth loosing our lives. Let’s just cut our losses and admit that we are not meant to have any friendship between us.
Milano: I wish I could understand what you are trying to say because I don’t . I don’t know what you are going on about. All I know is that the events that happened in our lives are totally unfortunate and not connected in any way.
Yes your husband shot at me and I decided not to press charges for obvious reasons. I wasn’t expecting a favour or some payback for what I did. And your accident had nothing to do with me. You of all people know that I have been stalked by the same car that bumped you.
For you to say we are even, it’s like you are blaming me for the accident which I find it very unfair, not forgetting hurtful. Do you have any idea how I felt when you told me that the same car was following you? I went crazy. I almost lost my mind. I drove the entire Sunninghill looking for you. My brother and his wife also drove around looking for you.
If I knew that the person was going to hurt you I would not have let you drive away alone. I thought the person was after me not you. I had no idea you were also targeted. And I am so terribly sorry that you ended up here. I am really sorry Nolo, but you have figured everything all wrong. I’m not to be blamed, so as my wife.
Nna: Really Milano? Are you going to sit there and defend your wife? After everything she did? How could you? Are you that blind or in denial to see what is happening here? This accident was no coincidence. First the message from your wife basically telling me to stay away from you because you were working things out, then the phone call, now the accident and you can honestly say that you still think these incidents are not linked? You gotta be kidding me.
I’ve known you have been secretive about your life and everything, but to cover up for her? That’s just absurd! I get it Milano, you don’t want me to know anything about you. You have always been so secretive about your past and your family and yet you are busy getting close to me and its clear that our friendship didn’t sit well with your wife hence I am here. Protect her all you can Milano, it’s fine.
Like I said, I won’t tell the police that I know or suspect your wife but just don’t patronize me and make me feel stupid or insane about who did this to me. We both know. So having said that, I think you and I should stop whatever friendship between us for good. Clearly it is not healthy and l think it’s best for both of us if we stick to strictly being professional acquaintances.
Milano: Obonolo Tau are you serious about what you saying? You honestly believe I would protect my wife and lie to you about something so serious? You nearly died my sweetheart and the police will find out who is behind the accident. I know for a fact that my wife is not involved.
Nna: You know what Mr up close and personal. I don’t care anymore what you think or say. Its your wife protect her. I know what I know and so do you. You don’t have to pretend and be ashamed of what your wife did. I get it ! Remember what my crazy husband did to you?
Well I know you are good at keeping secrets and being closed book, and covering up for crimes. It’s fine, I get that. Trust me I won’t sell-out your wife if that’s what you are afraid of. Since you did the same for my husband , I will do same for your wife. Now rest assured I will keep this between us. All that’s left is for me to stay far away from you and focus on my healing and my kids. You don’t have to pretend with me.
Milano: You know Obonolo, I care so deeply about you. The very first time I saw you, you captured my heart. Ever since then I’ve wished I had met you before. There’s no butts about how I feel about you, and it will take a whole lot of digging to throw my feelings for you away. If it was that simple, I would have perhaps forgotten about you but I can’t .
I’m about to divorce the woman I spent almost all my adult life with. You know why? Because I unfortunately fell in love with someone else. I fell in love with you. After that night at Sunninghill, I realised that I can deny all I can but I have strong feelings for you. But I was prepared to sort my life out first before making a move.
You talk about me being secretive and closed book and covering for crimes. Yes, I have not been the most transparent and tell it all type of guy, but I am not a liar nor an untrustworthy person.
Yes I don’t easily speak about my past to anyone. There’s not much to rave or be proud of. You can say I’m a closed book, I agree.. but unlike you, growing up was not easy for me. , I didn’t have a glossy childhood nor close-knit family that I can talk about. I am not good at covering crimes as you put it Nolo.
Yes my soon to be ex wife send us messages and trying to separate us but she couldn’t and I did nothing about it. Well not immediately. But after your accident I confronted her and she denied everything else. But I know she did send you the message and called you. I felt sorry for her and suggested she go to counselling.
Yes I did ask you to not say anything to the police about the shooting incident because I didn't want your kids to have to grow up without their father like I did, or you having to live with regret for putting him in jail because of something so little that he did. I didn't want you to regret later when the kokoberries start asking you questions about what happened to their father. And you having to answer them knowing you were responsible for his absence in their lives. Trust me, they would resent you for that. And you will be depressed and go crazy for decision you made out of anger or thinking that it was the right thing to do at the time.
Believe me, I know what it feels like to hate one parent because of the bad decisions they took over another parent. I didn’t want you to end up like my mother, living with regret, depression and spending all her life in a mental institution.
Call me crazy , call me anything you like Nolo. Yes my family is messed up and dysfunctional but I am not a liar and I would never lie to you Obonolo. I respect you way too much. If you choose to end our friendship with the wrong perception you have of me, I must say I will be disappointed. All I ever did was love you and wanted to protect you. No other ulterior motives.
Nna: Well, I know you care about me and like I said before, I appreciate what you did for my family by not pressing charges against my husband. I will forever be grateful. And I am sorry to have labelled you all sorts of names. I guess I didn’t know you had bad growing up. I just assumed you had secrets and cannot be trusted. I’m sorry I judged you and I am sorry about your mom. And although you still have not opened up completely about your past, I appreciate you telling me your reasons for being so private. But still Milano, you are protecting your wife over admitting that she is responsible for my accident and I don’t understand why? That’s what's killing me.
Milano: Nolo, I really hate having to break this revelation to you. I actually wasn’t planning to tell you today. But I hope you will handle this in a proper way. And just know I was as shocked as you will be to learn the truth. And I am not blaming you for anything. You are just as much a victim as I am.
Remember that Sunday morning at my brother’s house? I told you that my brother was busy helping me to track down and find out who the owner of the red car is? Hard as it is for me, I found that my wife has nothing nor no connection to the car and the stalking. Since you are so convinced that my wife is responsible, its only fair that I say this. Nolo, my baby.. I am so sorry to tell you that the Red Golf GTI car that has been following me for the past two weeks before your accident is registered and belongs to Mr Kevin Karabello Tau.
Nna: No! No ways in hell am I going to believe that crap you are saying. No fucken ways Milano. Kevin does not own a Golf. Nor would want to hurt me in that way. No ways you hear me? Whatever you and your messed up family are trying to do here won’t work. You cannot pin this on Kevin. I refuse to believe anything you just said. How dare you! Yes Kevin has not been a wonderful husband to me, but for you to sit there and tell me that he has been stalking you and now wanted to kill me is just utter bullshit.
Not that it’s any of your business, Kevin had been in rehab for over a month while you were being stalked and on the same day I had an accident, Kevin was probably boarding a plane to USA. So whatever you are insinuating Mr, it’s bullcrap! Your wife did this and you know that. I’m going to prove that to you. And you know what? The deal is off. I’m going to tell the police the truth about everything and my suspicions about her. Mark my words Milano Lesego Lebitso . Your wife is going to pay for this. Now if you have nothing else to say to me, you can go now and please don’t ever come back here! Nxxx rubbish!
Without uttering even a single word, Milano stood up and left my room. I couldn’t believe that I almost felt sorry for him and regarded him as my hero. Worse, I almost believed his soapy stories about his background and past. Nxxx meanwhile he just needed to feed me with this crap.
Imagine, Kevin buying a car and stalking him then wanting to kill me! Like really? Milano is sick, just like his mom and his wife. Thank God I didn’t sleep with him. I would be throwing up and regretting ever letting him touch me. The Lebitsos belongs in hell hole.
I asked the nurse to take away all the flowers and the chocolates that he brought. I wanted nothing to do with Milano, for good. I curse the day I even developed any feelings of love towards him.
I couldn’t wait for the police to come question me about the accident. Hell yeah I am going to tell them everything I know and everything I suspect. The Lebitso's will regret ever messing up with me.
I slept shortly after my supper. Looking forward to start on operation take the Lebitso’s down to the gutter where they all belong!

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