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Tuesday, August 16


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 18



Lawrence asked if we could have a seat and talk.

We went just close to the wards and got an unoccupied bench. We sat down. I asked him again who was Solomon and why was he supposed to come see me.

He said Solomon said He wanted to talk to me. He then went further to tell me that Solomon is not just a passer by. He said two days later while I was in ICU, he ( Lawrence) was coming to check up on me and surprisingly bumped into Solomon who was apparently visiting me. He spoke to him and that’s when he found out that Solomon works right here in Sunninghill hospital as a porter.

Apparently the accident happened few streets away from the hospital and Solomon was walking to work when the accident happened. I was in awe to find out about Solomon. I must say God is truly great. He can never give you a heavy task that He knows you wouldn’t be able to handle. Not only does he give you the resources, strength and wisdom to carry out that task, He sends you guardian angels like Solomon and Lawrence to watch over you.

Praise be to God that I was so highly favoured. Indeed, Greater Is He That Is In Me, Than He That Is In The World... God is Good, and He is able. Period. No matter what the prevailing conditions are, God can still do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.”

Tears nipped at the corners of my eyes. I had bittersweet feelings. I even shed a tear and loudly said I pray to God that Solomon would be the link to help me fit the missing pieces of the puzzle. Lawrence must have seen my tears because he moved closer and wiped them by the back of his hand. He asked me if I had any idea what might have happened to me and if I have already spoken to the police. I told him that I have spoken to the police but they have no lead and that I have my suspicions and I just need to be certain that I do not accuse innocent people.

I asked him if Solomon had spoken to the police yet. He said I should ask him and perhaps he would shed some light on the matter. He went and said something to me that played in my mind.

He said: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek. You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

He then said that I have to listen to my heart, and trust in something — my gut feeling, or my destiny, or my instincts, karma or whatever that could force me to dig deep within.

I looked at him, trying to understand what he meant. He just said that’s the  approach he always uses and that it has never let him down, instead it has made all the difference in his personal and professional life. He promised that he will find Solomon for me and hope he will help me. He wished me well. I thanked him again and we parted.

A lot went through my mind as I sit and tried to connect the dots looking backwards. I decided to take a power nap. When I woke up the nurse in duty told me that Msoja was looking for me. I told her that I knew nobody with that name. She then said Msoja is a porter in the hospital. Immediately I knew it was Solomon. I asked her to find him for me and she said he promised to come back after his shift that was ending in half an hour . I must say I was anxious to meet him.

I decided to take a shower to move time. Thirty minutes was a long-time to wait. But before I knew it I was done and sitting on my bed waiting for Msoja-Solomon. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As a man knocked and entered my room. I remembered him perfectly. When I realised that I was being followed and deciding to change direction,  I passed a middle aged man limping along the street, I remembered thinking that he reminded me of Paula's little brother ( he was born with some walking disability called spastic gait). So I knew that the man entering my room was Solomon. The passer-by that saved my life. The man who could be holding a master key to my ordeal.

He introduced himself as Solomon Molekwa, and said I could call him Bra Solly or Msoja. He took a seat.

He started by asking me how I was doing and said God was good. We briefly told each other about our lives and our jobs. He said he stayed in Tsotsomane in Alexandra. He was a very humble man with such a great sense of humour. He jokingly said the way my car was wrecked, when he approached it, he was not expecting to find me alive. He said when he realised that I was breathing and trying to remove myself from the wreck, he knew that God doesn’t wear a miniskirt. And that If I were a child of God, who could be against me. We laughed and I thanked him for being at the scene and getting help on time. He nodded and smiled and said that only God was at work that day. He was just at the wrong place at the right time.

I then asked him to tell me what exactly happened that fateful Sunday morning.

He said that he was on his way to work, here in hospital and was running late because his shift was long started at seven and he was delayed by the skorokoro taxi that took forever to reach his destination. Apparently the way the taxi was so slow, he decided to get off before his usual stop with the hope of hurrying to work.

He went on and said he did see my car driving fast and past him somewhere at the corner and jokingly said that the way I was speeding, I almost bumped him as I turned at that corner. I knew he was joking because I also remembered seeing him and waited for him to cross the road before I made my turn.

Solomon told me everything. How I emerged back to the same road he was walking on and noticed that the same car was deliberately tailing me. At first he thought we were driving together and then suddenly the car bumped me from the back and I lost control of the car and unfortunately my car rolled and fell down the bridge.

He further said the driver must have panicked and stopped the car and stayed inside for few minutes before he got out of the car and checked down the bridge. Solomon said everything happened so fast.  He apparently crossed the main road towards where the driver was standing in despair.

The driver was terrified and kept saying it was an accident, he never meant to kill me. He only wanted to scare me a little. He was terribly sorry and prayed that I was alive and okay. He further said that killing me was not part of the plan.

Apparently the driver asked Solomon to go down the bridge and check if I was still alive while he phoned the ambulance. Solomon did as the driver asked and climbed down the bridge. He said before he reached my wrecked car; he decided to turn back with the intention of giving the driver a direct number to call for help. As he reached the main road where the driver was, he saw a woman’s head at the back of the car, looking outside through the opened window. Upon seeing Solomon , the woman ordered the guy to get into the car and drive off. He then closed the window and then the driver turned and saw Solomon. He asked if I was alive and ok.

Solomon said he took out his cellphone from his pocket and told the man that he didn’t reach the car, he decided to come back and give him a direct number for the ambulance.

Solomon extended his hand to give the guy his cellphone to copy the contact number of the ambulance. Somehow the driver panicked when he saw him with a cellphone in his hand. He then swear at Solomon, hid his face with his hands and rushed into the car and drove off. Shocked by what was happening, Solomon quickly took pictures of the speeding car.

He then rushed down to my car. Since he said he didn't have airtime, he decided to send an sms to someone at ER and notifying them of the accident and the location. He said luckily the accident happened not far from the hospital.

He went on telling me how he waited with me, praying for me and holding my hand until I slipped into unconsciousness. He told me how bad the car was and how I was trapped inside. Finally the paramedics came and I was brought to hospital and he walked away from the scene to get to work before the police arrived.

I thanked him for everything he has done and asked him why he didn't talk to the police about everything. He said he suspected crime of passion. I asked what He meant and he said whatever happened there was planned and he bet with his life that someone close to me was involved.  He said it was the wife or husband or mistresses or makhwapheni type of scenario. He said he had a family to look after and he didn't want to bear witness to such a messy situation and end up being caught in a crossfire. Hence he decided to talk to only me.

He took out his phone and asked if my  Bluetooth was on. I nodded. He sent me pictures and said he hope they'll help me. I asked him if he could recognize the guy's face if he could see a photo of him. Solomon said he was not good at remembering people’s faces but, one thing for sure, he would never forget that guy’s face for a very long time.

He said after the accident, he watched him closely while he was panicking and talking to him and also had been dreaming about him threatening him to keep quiet. He wished me well and even asked and begged me that whatever I decide to do, I should never implicate or mention him in any way.
We exchanged contact numbers and just before he was about to walk out of my room I asked him to check certain pictures in my phone and see if he can’t spot or recognize the face of the person who might be behind the accident.I watched Solomon going through the pictures of Kevin. At some point I saw him closing his eyes and his face filled with sadness and disappointment..

Did he recognize him? Or was it yet another dead end?

Solomon shook his head and said he doesn’t recognize the man on the pictures. He said due to time that has already passed since the accident and even if he could say that he could have forgotten the facial features of the driver of the car that bumped me, the man on the pictures was way too different from the driver. He said the driver was light in complexion and a bit chubby. So definitely sure, the person on the pictures was way too dark compared to the chubby yellow bone he saw.

Yet again, Kevin seemed innocent.

Solomon wished me well, said goodbye, and left my room.

I couldn’t get what Solomon told me out of my mind. I even got so scared. Who wanted to scare me and why?  And how safe would I be once I leave the hospital and go back home? This whole saga was just getting way too complicated. The driver said killing me was not part of the plan, so what exactly was those people planning? And who is the woman that was in the car?

Ooh holy Jesus Christ, what did I involved myself into?

I went through my phone to check the pictures that Solomon send me. The first few were a bit blurry and the rest were as clear as crystal. I was able to see the car clearly. A red Golf GTI and the registration number.

I went to Milano’s sms that he sent me. I wanted to compare notes. I remembered that he was willing to give me the registration numbers for my own investigation. I replied to the sms, asking him to provide me with the car registration that he had. He didn’t waste time. As if he was waiting for me to ask for it, he replied with the registration numbers.

Booom!!! Perfect match.

Well, that was expected! It was the same car . Question was, is the car registered in one Kevin Karabello Tau's name? Well, I guess I had to find that one out. Unlike the Lebitsos I was not connected to people at high places to get me the information I needed. Maybe I would have to pay or bribe my way to get what I needed.

Just then, I remembered that Kevin gave me power of attorney over all his business and personal matters, so I wouldn’t have to bribe anyone. I will be able to check what he owns and what was registered in his name etc. I phoned Aus Tsitsi and asked her to get me my laptop and some files from my study. I described what I wanted. The next day my sister brought the stuff as requested.

I asked her if she or my soon to be brother in law knew someone at metro police who could help me trace the owner of a certain car. She said she would have to ask around. Just then Aus Tsitsi laughed and said why did we bother ourselves looking for a metro police while we have a metro police commander in the family! I felt so stupid. I knew immediately who I needed to call.

I remembered that Mama once told me that my cousin Mpho was back home. She was now working for North West metro police but staying somewhere in Town with her new husband Thulani Ndimande and their three kids.

I dialled Mrs. Ndimande who was now promoted to a deputy commander position. We spoke briefly about life and family. I asked if she would be able to help me trace the owner of a certain car. She said she was on leave visiting her in-laws in KZN. She promised that she would see what she can do and asked me to send her whatever information I had. We promised to see each other at Aus Tsitsi’s coming traditional wedding in two weeks time. We said our goodbyes.
I smsed her the car registration number. Ausi Tsitsi left shortly after that. I went for my last physiotherapy session. My hand was almost healed and functional.

I sat down on my bed. It was time for Operation truth and facts finding.
I went through both files one labelled personal and one was labelled Business. I checked every page and every transaction that came in and out. I found nothing relating to any additional car payments. So if that car was registered in Kevin’s name, how did he buy it? I went through the files again and realised that all documents in there were over five months dating to a month before Kevin’s accident. Question, where were all recent documents and statements? Why did Kevin give me old files? Hmmmm! I need to see them before I could conclude that Milano was lying about the car belonging to Kevin.

Few minutes later an sms came through my phone. It was an unknown number. As I open the message, written in capital letters that reads:


Lord have mercy!

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