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Friday, August 12


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 17


I woke up the next day feeling a lot better, physically that is. Emotionally I was drained. My tests and scans proved that I was out of danger and on my way to full recovery. The doctor confirmed that I would be ready to go home on Wednesday. I was looking forward to go home and live my life... without any more dramas.
Just before midday doctor came back to see that I was moved out of ICU to recovery ward. I asked him if he knew and had details of the policeman who was handling my case. He said he took their details and promised them that once I was fully recovered, he will let them know when they can come and take my statement. He asked if I was ready to talk to them. I nodded. My doctor said that he would prefer to let me rest the entire weekend and only allow them to come on Monday. He said he will give me the contact details later on.
As the doctor left my room, I thought I would not wait that long for Monday to speak to the police. The accident happened long time ago and if they didn’t have a lead to carry out the investigation right away, my accident might just be one of those random cases where no one is punished for it. So, the longer I wait, the lesser chances I might have of finding the truth and the Lebitsos might do everything in their power to get rid of evidence. After all they seem to have more powers and connected to big shots at high places. So I made up my mind that I will contact the policeman immediately after I get hold of their contact details.
My day went slow. I had been thinking about the entire saga and what Milano told me. A part of me refused to even think Kevin could be involved in all this. I know Kevin and I know he would never hurt me like that. Never. Although since his accident, he’d been a totally different person, I still believed he wasn’t capable of such allegations. For heaven’s sake, the timing of all the events didn’t suggest that he was somehow involved.
While I was beating myself up, cracking my skull, I had a visitor. I must say I was so happy to see her. Yes my dearest sister in law Rethabile. She was so far the only Tau that believed in me and trusted my judgement. I knew I could trust her. We chatted about this and that and how she missed the kokoberries. I told her that she could go visit them at Omontle’s place. We didn’t talk about the accident at all. But just for clarity I asked her about the Saturday meeting they had with Kevin before he left.
She told me that the meeting was a bit hectic, emotional and full of drama. She said her family was not happy with some of Kevin’s decisions especially when he told them that He signed over his power of attorney to me. Apparently Reatli told her mother in private that she believes that I have convinced Kevin to go away and leave me in charge of everything. And she told her that she would be damned to let me run everything. And according to her, I was no longer Kevin’s wife. So I had no right to his finances and stuff.
Turned out that the Taus had a send off party for Kevin. Rethabile asked me why I didn’t come and I told her that I didn’t know that there was going to be a party and besides I wasn’t invited. I told her that Kevin came to the house that Saturday morning to say goodbye to me and the kids. And how he wanted me to be at the meeting but I declined. She confirmed that it was a last minute preparation that Reatlehile organised. Apparently only family and a few of Kevin’s friends were present. Rethabile said somehow she was glad that I did not show up because Reatli brought two friends that I would not have been pleased to see. I asked her about those two friends and she confirmed that the family got a chance to finally meet the alleged mother of Kevin’s O’Twins and her sister in law. Sheryl and Fifi were at the Tau head home! How nice!
I thought to myself “Wow Reatlehile Baloye, guess what? I was invited to a much better party and guess who I bumped into? While you were busy destroying your own brother’s marriage, and forcing Sheryl Gosiame to him, your own loyal husband was at the same party with a better looking Barbie doll by his side.”
Dearest Karma, I love how you operate.
I must say I wasn’t moved or hurt or shaken at all by what Rethabile told me. As far as Kevin and I are concerned, we were so done. Whether he dates or even marry Sheryl or anyone else, I couldn’t care. Reatli would be a better person to choose a better wife for him if he doesn’t man up. I asked Rethabile what time was Kevin’s flight and who took him to the airport etc etc. She said his flight was at eight thirty, Sunday morning and that all the Taus and some few friends including baby mama drove him to the airport for a proper goodbye.
I must say, somehow I was so relieved that Kevin was truly not involved with my accident. If indeed his flight was scheduled for eight thirty, there was no way he was driving the red Golf that almost killed me. I left Milano’s brother’s house around seven forty down. And by that time, the Taus were probably on their way to the airport or already there. And I didn’t think Rethabile would just lie to me about the times and about them accompanying Kevin to the airport to catch his flight.
Undoubtedly so, Kevin and Sheryl seemed to have water-tight alibi, excluding them as suspects. Whatever Milano suggested, about the Golf belonging to Kevin, he couldn’t be more wrong.
But why was he so sure that his wife had nothing to do with all this? As far as this saga is concerned, She was now the only one that I was suspecting.
Again, I had more questions than answers. I was really loosing my mind trying to figure out what the hell was happening. Rethabile left and promised to call me later.
Shortly after she left, the doctor came back and gave me the contact details of the policeman and left.
Alone in my room, I was confused about making that call to the police or wait until Monday to do just that. What happened to Obonolo Makananelo Kimberly Dire-Tau? How did I end up where I was? Just the other day my life was so perfect. Perfect marriage, perfect husband, perfect family and perfect career. Now I don’t even know whether I was coming or going. My life has turned into a centre of drama and troubles. People are getting hurt, I’m getting hurt and it just get worse. I really needed to think things through and retrace my steps. Somewhere along the way I missed a step or took a wrong turn. I needed to bring back the Obonolo who had principles, morals, and was humbled and God fearing. The woman of virtue.
Just as I was wondering around the train of thoughts that overtook my mind, an sms came through my phone. I picked it up and opened the message. It was Milano. For a moment I thought of deleting the message without reading it but I thought why not. I will have an excuse to reply and tell him about Kevin’s alibi and my intentions to speak to the police.
I read the message a million times and got even more confused. Milano mentioned a few points that got me thinking. Oh boy, I’ve never been so confused in my life like I was after reading that message. I needed answers and I needed them like yesterday. Right there in that hospital room I knew what I needed to do. I knew that I should do the one thing amongst the rest that I was good at. I opened my Bible. I opened book of James 1:5 and read through it.
Thinking of Milano’s message and pounding on the word of God, I realised that as we go through trials, we are faced with the choice to live as if God is good, active, and present in our lives or to act as if He isn't hearing us, nor caring about us, and able to bring good out of our struggle. We tend to neglect God and depend on ourselves.
When we are in the midst of some difficulty, it can be hard to see beyond the immediate circumstances because often times in the midst of struggles we may be lacking something. We are lacking wisdom to get through the trials. I am sure you have at times, like I have, struggled to know how to pray or what to do in the midst of trying circumstances. It is not usually immediately apparent to me what decisions to make when I am "under fire" because in trials, we easily forget who God is. We wonder if He is good, or even listening to us. I knew I had been neglecting God and doing everything on my own.
But that moment in hospital, I knew the scripture was so true. In the midst of trials, we might be tempted to forget this, even worry that He is a God who mostly takes. I wondered will God give anything to me now? Will He upbraid me first for my lack of faith, or my puny obedience before He is gracious? Will he make me feel like I wished I had never asked or that this will be the last time I ask? I had to admit, I find this amazing because I saw in my own heart that I often desire to reproach first before I give.
The answer was right before my eyes. God "gives to all men generously and without reproaching."
God desires to help us to grow in our ability to count on Him as we walk through the difficulties that are inevitable in such a broken and lost world. We need His help even to have the faith to count it all joy. We do not have wisdom on our own but God is a giving, loving Father, ready to provide us with the wisdom we need to grow in our ability to receive from Him the life He has for us. I admit that asking for wisdom has not always been the first thing I do in a trial. Most times I focused so much on the trial itself and wanting it removed from my life that I did not ask God to help me see how He is present and working. And often times I had always ignored the reality of whatever I was going through.
I must say I was thankful for Milano’s sms. I was mostly thankful for opening my eyes and for the hard questions he threw at me. He asked me to be open minded to ask myself those questions and be honest about my answers.
Milano was right, why will he fabricate the story and lie about everything? There’s no smoke without fire.
I knelt down and prayed to God for strength and courage to accept whatever I was about to uncover. As soon as I said Amen, I knew what I needed to do. I knew I had to stop being emotional , naive and in denial. I knew I had to look at the situation in a different light. And find the truth.
Nor matter how difficult or impossible to imagine or comprehend, unspeakable, improbable beyond my wildest dreams ,beyond the realm of reason and downright absurd, I needed to know that beyond reasonable doubt my husband Kevin was nowhere involved.
Just under an hour later, I was sitting down with the policeman that was handling my case. I wanted to know what they had and how far they were with the case. Turned out that they only knew that a car bumped into my car and fled the scene and there was no cameras where it all happened and they did not have any witnesses. So basically they had nothing! He then asked me if I remembered anything or seen or suspect anyone who might want to hurt me.
I said NO! I had no enemies that I knew of. He took down my statement which was just basically nothing.
The policeman promised that he will do everything in his power to find the person who did this to me. I told him that I believed it was just an unfortunate accident and that I thank God that I was alive. He left.
I knew that I somehow lied about not having suspicions but I also knew that I had to be hundred percent sure that whatever I could have said was true and undoubtedly a fact. I couldn’t just accuse Milano’s wife without being sure. It would have been unfair to mention that to the police. Although on the sms Milano told me to tell the police everything I thought I knew or suspected, a part of me just couldn’t . I knew Milano was right about one thing, I needed to exhaust all possible avenues before making final conclusion. And that meant a serious investigation of my own before saying anything to the police.
Suddenly I remembered that the doctor said that a passer by witnessed the incident but why did the police say No Witnesses? That was Weird! Something did not add up. But what?
Time went by pretty fast. It was already Tuesday. The doctor confirmed that I was fine and ready to go home. He was discharging me on Thursday. I really couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital to go home and carry on with my own investigation especially with the police not helping at all.
I had not heard from Milano since the sms. MamaTau and Daddyt visited me on Sunday. It was as if someone forced them to come. Their silence made such a loud noise. Overall I was feeling much better.
Around midday on Tuesday, I was coming back from Canteen when I heard someone calling my name. Actually the person said sorry Mrs Tau. As I turned around it was a paramedic. I stopped and looked at him. He greeted me and said he was so happy to see me so well and alive. He said his name was Lawrence and he was one of the people who were called at the scene after my accident. I asked him if he remembers every patient that he rescues and he jokingly said he can never forget my face because as he was taking me out of that wreck, he was so drawn by my beauty and even prayed God to spare my life and he’s secretly been checking me every day to see how I was doing. I just laughed and thanked him for saving my life.
He went on that I was such a fighter and to think that I got out of that wrecked car not so badly hurt was just a miracle. He further said I should thank Solomon for keeping me alive and calling them for help. I asked him who is Solomon. Surprisingly, I found out that Solomon is the gentleman that the doctor said he witnessed the incident and even stayed with me while waiting for the paramedics.
Lawrence: Have you not met Solomon ? Has he not yet come to see or visit you?.
Nna: Solomon? To see me? No. I have not met any person since I woke up. Was he supposed to come see me?
Hmmmm interesting!
The question was, why did Solomon want to see me and yet, hasn't spoken to the police?

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