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Friday, August 19


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 20


I snapped out of my thoughts. I walked closer to princess.
Nna: Oh so you say Kevin doesn’t own a red Golf GTI ? And Kefiloe does? Interesting!
Reatli: You can say that again. It’s very interesting that you actually don’t know everything about Kevin like you claiming you do. Karabello do not own a Golf. Perhaps you saw Sheryl driving it a couple of times and you assumed it was your husband ‘s? Askies it’s Fifi's car dearie.
Nna: Nah! It’s cool. I thought it belonged to Kevin. Now, back to you Ausi. Just tell me how you decided to come here and took my husband’s car and give it to that whore without consulting with me?
Reatli: Obonolo! Stop being melodramatic! It’s not like I gave her the car. It was just parked here. And with Fifi gone home with her car, Sheryl was going to be stranded without transport so I thought why not.Did I need your permission?
Nna: Oh that’s so touching Reatli! How very thoughtful of you! You heard about the accident and that my car was written off. And yet it never occurred to you that I might need that car? Only Sheryl would? Wow Reatlehile. You know I still don’t know what is it that I did to you, for you to hate me this much.
You and I used to be so close, we cried and laughed together, we were inseparable sisters. What happened? It’s like you sit and wait for every chance you get to hurt me. I have accepted that you chose Sheryl over me. It’s okay. I can’t force you to love, or care about me but I will force you to respect Kevin’s wishes and the fact that I am still his wife.Y es you needed my permission because now I’m in charge of everything including that car. So, tomorrow I’m going home with my kids. I want that car back!
Reatli: You see why you and I are no longer close? Your entitlement mentality and attitude. You were never like this. You were so caring, so giving and so forgiving. Kevin went and made one mistake and Sheryl got pregnant with his twins. One mistake you changed and became so unpleasant. It became about money. You never cared about those innocent kids. You were only worried about sharing Kevin’s wealth with them and your greediness turned you to be a monster.
Nna: Tl tl tl tl tl ! AowAow Reatlehile Baloye, really? That “Kevin’s twins” nonsense again? Sorry count me out on that topic. I am not going there. Call me whatever makes you sleep at night. I will protect my kids’ legacy against any vultures that threatens to undeservingly benefit from it! All of you including your friend Sheryl. Now can I go run my business?
Reatli: Wow Run your business? That’s really funny! Few months ago you had no interest in this business and you neglected Kevin and now you are calling the shots?. My husband and I have been running this place since my brother’s accident. We had to work our butts off making sure that “your business” doesn’t sink? And now all of a sudden you just rock up and want to take over. Wow Obonolo. Your intentions are so transparent! I wonder how you are going to run this business and still keep your job!
Nna: Nxoo dearest Reatlehile. Thank you for caring! But Don’t worry about me. I will manage well. From now on MAKOOTA is no longer your concern. I’m going to be hands on and take over everything that OK Tau Family Trust owns. Ooh and honestly I really appreciate what you and your husband has been doing here. Keeping the boat from sinking. Thank you.
Reatli: Kevin would never have let you run this place. I wonder how you made him give total control of everything without discussing it with us.
Nna: Haahaaa! Discuss what? With Who? And Why? By the way, Who is us? And why would Kevin let outsiders run our family affairs? Do I need to remind you that legally Kevin and I are still husband and wife? Besides the fact that he gave me power of attorney over his share , the Trust, (which I happen to be a principal trustee for) owns everything including this business. I didn't have to even convince Kevin to do anything. Besides, I am entitled to everything ya hae! Copy that Reatlehile!
Reatli: Hmm good for you! Listen to yourself Bobowapelo ya Kevin, Mrs I’m in charge of everything. Only when it suits you, you are entitled to everything yet you walked out on him after the accident when he needed you the most. It’s so clear that you don’t love Kevin anymore. You are only interested in his money. You couldn't even come and say goodbye to him. No wonder you are delaying the divorce because you stand to lose your financial position when this marriage ends. You brag about the Trust and everything. Where were you when this business was suffering?
Nna: “No no darling, let me break it down for you. Firstly, you and your family literally pushed me out of his life. You forced him to choose you( the Taus and Sheryl) over his wife. Worse , in the condition that he was in. I was prepared to care and look after him until he was well enough. Yet, you said you will look after him better than I could. You were supposed to have helped him get better instead you focused on confusing him and making him feel useless. Do you have any idea what you did to him? Do you have any idea how messed up Kevin was before going to rehab?
Turning into a junkie and an alcoholic because you all turned your back on him when he relied on you and needed you to help him regain his memory and get well? You and your family are so cruel. But vengeance is the Lord's. Your day will come. Now You stand there and point a finger at me, yet you Reatlehile Baloye together with your husband were too pleased to run Kevin’s businesses while he was self destructing and I am so sure you had no idea what he was going through. And now you are surprised, bitter and hurt that he entrusted his wife with everything? Come on!
Secondly to answer your question about where I was, let me see, oh while you and Mr Baloye were busy building and creating wealth for Tau legacy , I was at home raising Kevin’s only kids and counting those millions that you were making. Oh make no mistake Sweetheart, I used to love Kevin until your husband introduced him to a world of cheating and you brought Sheryl closer to him.
Yes, I might not love him anymore, and sure I did keep my distance, and again it was your fault Reatlehile! Are you honestly thinking I am delaying to divorce him? Let me tell you something, should I go ahead with divorce, I’m going to take your brother to the cleaners. You must be careful what you wish for.. Oh need I remind you Madam? Unlike you, I am not stuck in a loveless marriage because I am scared of how I would survive financially. I would be better off without your brother’s money because I work hard and make enough money to sustain me and my children.
Just a sisterly advice, why don’t you go focus on building your own happy marriage and Baloye legacy and leave Tau business to me. Now if you will excuse me, I have an empire to build.
Oh and please pass the message to your husband that when I come back January, I need a meeting with the two of you. Don’t panic we will discuss serious matters. I need a proper handover and a full report on how MAKOOTA Constructions had been running the past months. Oh, I also need to communicate certain changes and how the business is going to operate going forward.”
I was just soo emotional and hurt. I realised that we were not going to finish on a good note. I also did not want to end up saying things that I might regret saying. Reatli couldn’t believe her eyes, she just stood there shocked and silent.
As I turn my back and walked towards the office, she said this was not over, they( Tau clan) would consult with a lawyer to overturn Kevin’s decision, claiming that he was not fit enough to have made his decision or that he was under duress. I just said Ok, see you soon. I continued walking as she drove away.
Mringo was laughing at her stunt and thanked me for getting rid of the iron princess. I asked Mringo if he knew about Kevin’s Golf GTI. Mringo told me that as far as he knows, Kevin doesn’t own a Golf.
I asked him about the files that I took home. I told him that a lot of transactions seemed to be missing. He said he was recording everything electronically and manually. I asked him who else had access to the business files. He said only himself, Kevin and Mr Baloye.
He further said I should not tell anyone about what he was about to tell me. I promised him that I would not.
He said he suspected that Mr Baloye used BossK’s illness to his advantage. I asked him what he meant, then he said BossK trusted him and even gave him signing powers to some company finances and he was misusing the company’s resources. I asked Mringo if he had proof of anything that could show that Mr Baloye was misusing the finances to his personal gain. Mringo said unfortunately he didn’t .
Apparently Mr Baloye would only go to the premises after working hours. And since Mringo was staying in the premises with the security guard, they used to open for him and he would claim that he needed some files for his meetings with clients. Mringo further said he used to ask Mr Baloye for paperwork on new projects and new clients and he would ignore him or be so defensive. Mringo said one time he called Mr Baloye, asking about certain file, then he flipped and told him that he was in charge and knew what he was doing. And if he continued to poke his nose in his business. He threatened to fire him.
Yoo! I couldn’t believe my ears. I listened to Mringo pouring his heart out about his displeasure of having to work with Mr and Mrs Baloye. At some point he sounded very scared of them. I knew the Baloyes were good at threads and I understood why Mringo didn’t want me to tell them that he told me about this. He literally begged me not to confront him without proof. He told me that I must scrutinise all the financial documents and insist on getting some of the files that Mr Baloye was taking home. He said he would try to get me as much proof of his misconduct as he can and double check everything suspicious that he noticed and recorded.
Mringo promised to tighten all access to the premises and promised to consult with me as to who was allowed in. I went with Mringo to the banks and changed all signing powers. Only the two of us would be responsible for all financial decisions.I further asked him to notify all our suppliers and vendors about major changes. We agreed that from now on everyone reports to Mringo and he will report to me and only me.
Friday we paid staff salaries and let them go away for holidays. We decided that since Mringo and Pride the security were not going home for holidays, only the two of them will remain in the premises for the remaining two weeks. We said our goodbyes and I left.
As I drove back home with a very heavy heart, I had so many questions. What was Nyiko up to? Why was he sabotaging our business? And why did Kevin trust him again? Yes Nyiko and Kevin used to business partners before his corruption scandals resurfaced. So when he was unable to get MAKOOTA Constructions the free tenders, and thought that the business was going to collapse, he sold his stake to Kevin. And now that the business strived against all odds and without his dirty money he comes back and want to mess it all up?
I know Kevin lost his memory and possibly all the decisions he made were influenced by his sister. But why did Reatli allow her husband to take advantage of her own brother? She was too quick to say I don’t love Kevin and was only interested in his money! But cannot see through her own husband and Sheryl’s motives?
I called Reatli confirming where we would meet for the car drop off. The way I was depressed on Thursday after my chat with her and Mringo, I decided not to go to their home, so we arranged for Friday afternoon. She said we should meet up around three o’clock by the garage on Corlett drive.
I got home, Omo and the kids were finishing off packing for our trip home. Mamo and DK were also leaving for Christmas. Around two thirty I drove with Mamo to Melrose to get the car.
We didn’t wait long, Reatli arrived alone shortly after. I couldn’t see Kevin’s car. She phoned me saying I should not panic, Sheryl was on her way to drop off the car. I was really pissed off with her beyond words. Mamo and I remained in the car, waiting for first lady LSG.
I was thinking what did Kevin and Reatli see in that whore? They seem so mesmerised and blinded by her pretty face. That woman was nothing but a gold digging whore. After everything she has done to Kevin and Reatli, and myself, it was surprising how she was still lying and manipulating her way into their lives. And the most painful thing was that despite everything else I tried to show the Taus what kind of a person she really was, now more than ever before, she was even more closer to them.
Anyway, I knew her and I have seen through her and God knows that I could not wait for the day when the Taus will finally open their eyes and see right through her. And learn the truth.
As I was busy thinking about the witch, I spotted Kevin’s car driving towards Reatli’s car. I decided that I would not want to see or speak to Sheryl. I told Mamo to go where Kevin’s car was parked and take the car and drive home. I got out of Omo’s car and went into the garage shop. I didn’t want to witness sister-sister kind of love when the bitch gets inside the witch's car.
I was busy minding my business getting chips and sweets for the kids when I spotted Reatli driving off alone. Then I saw Sheryl getting inside a white BMW. When it passes by the shop, I noticed that a man was driving. Wait a minute, that driver looked chubby and light skinned. Could it be the yellow boned driver that bumped me? I shrugged off the thought, maybe I was being paranoid.
I paid for my stuff and left the shop. I went to my car. Just as I was about to drive my phone rang. I picked up. It was Mringo.
Nna: Hallo Mringo
Mringo: Hallo Boss lady
Nna: Haahaaa! Wena mara! What’s up?
Mringo: I remembered something very important . Remember when you asked me if BossK owned a Golf and I said I didn’t know?
Nna: Yes I remember !What is it Mringo? Does Kevin own a Golf?
Mringo: No, he doesn’t mam. You see in August, Mr Baloye wanted to withdraw a huge amount of money from the business account and when I asked him about it he said he was buying BossK a birthday present and it was a surprise. I asked him to tell what he was planning to buy so that I could record it. At first he didn’t want to tell me what it was until I told him that I would not co-sign with him. Only then he told me that he was planning to surprise him with a car. I then tried to reason with him that Boss K's car was still good and I didn’t think he would appreciate a car as a gift. That’s when he asked me what kind of man that I know would refuse a top of the range Golf GTI as a gift?
Again he asked me to not ruin the surprise and promised that he would bring all the paperwork and tell BossK why he borrowed himself the money. Upon not receiving any receipts for the car, nor seeing it, I thought he decided not to buy it. I remember few weeks after BossK’s birthday I asked Mr Baloye about the gift and he just brushed me off saying he and BossK sorted that one out and I should not worry about it. So mam, I’m not sure if he went ahead and bought it because I have never seen anyone of them driving a Golf , not even BossK. So since I had no access to the company’s bank account, I don’t know if Mr Baloye did pay back the money or not. Please do a serious audit on the finances and check if everything adds up”
We said our goodbyes.
I was shocked beyond any imaginable measures.. I guess Mringo was right. I will have to make time and scrutinise all the financials together with all the statements that I requested from the bank.
Nyiko might think that he got away with fathering Sheryl’s twins and letting Kevin take the fall and also getting away for other crimes he committed before but he would never get away with stealing from us.
Just then, the missing piece of the puzzle came to my lap. I knew who the mastermind behind the hit and run was. I also know the woman who was at the back of the car and maybe even the yellow bone driver.
Yaaah the plot thickens.
Two little pawns risking their lives protecting the Kingpin and the Queen of deception.
I got home and everyone was ready to go. I had to leave Jo’burg for Rustenburg. I decided to put my detective work on hold and go home to enjoy my sister’s wedding and Christmas with my family. I decided that only when I come back in January, I will have to finalise my operation find the truth. I had enough information about Nyiko and his partners in crime.
All I needed was concrete proof. A murder weapon. So a trip to Bloemfontein to find Kefiloe Gosiame and the Red Golf will lead the police straight to the big fish and they will have enough proof to send Nyiko Baloye and Sheryl Gosiame to rot in hell , where they all belong for the rest of their miserable lives..
As I drive to my hometown, I smiled. For justice will prevail...and all the morally upright will be vindicated.
๐Ÿ‘ please forgive me for the late , hurried and unedited post! ๐Ÿ‘

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