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Tuesday, August 2


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 13


Saturday finally arrived. The kokoberries were so excited to be going away for few weeks to Nane Ontle and Tile ( as they affectionately call my younger sister Omontle and her daughter Oratile). We packed their clothes and by eleven thirty we were ready to go. I let them go say goodbye to Mamo and DK while I loaded their stuff n the car.
As I went back inside the house to call them, my phone rang. I checked the caller ID, it was Kevin. I dreaded to answer the phone but decided on the third ring I picked up.
Nna: Dumela Karabello
Kev: Hello Makananelo
Nna: Yep! The one and only. What’s up?
Kev: Do you have plans? I need to see you an the kids today, actually now!
Nna: Aish! We have plans. Actually as you call, I was fetching them. We are going to Bryanston.
Kev: I know it’s a lot to ask, but please can you cancel postpone?
Nna: No Kevin! We can’t always dance to your tune. You’ve disappeared from our lives for weeks and now you expect to just rock up and we must put everything on hold? For you? No. That’s unfair.
Kev: I wouldn’t ask, if it was not important. I understand your point but please let me come over and talk to you. Even if it is just a few minutes. I have to see you today.
Nna: Do you want to see me or your kids? If it’s your kids, I am taking them to Omontle's place for two weeks. You can arrange to see them. As for me, you'll have to come see me either later today or tomorrow. I have plans.
Kev: Please! I don’t have much time. It has to be today!
Hmmmm is Kevin dying? Why does he say he doesn’t have much time? Yoo! I didn’t want his last words haunt me. I agreed that he could come and see us. I phoned Omo and told her to meet me halfway to take the kids before three as I was rushing to the office. We made arrangements for pick up. I told the kids that their dad was coming to see them but they are still going to see Mamane and Oratile later. Just the mention of their dad, they were so excited.
Kevin arrived fifteen minutes later. He played with the kids for a few minutes and then called me to the lounge to talk. He gave Mamo his car keys and some money and asked her to take DK and the kids out for an hour. I just stood there wondering what was Kevin up to! I was a little bit scared. Million silly thoughts went through my mind. From thinking what if he kills me then himself? Or kill me and run away? blah blah! Why was he getting everyone out of his way?
Mamo did as instructed. She and the crew left.
Kevin sat down and summoned me to join him on the two seater sofa. I told him that I will seat on the single seater. Obviously because of being scared.
Kevin noticed that I was a bit edgy. He cracked a joke and I laughed and relaxed. I asked him what brought him to the house and why he said he didn’t have time?
Kevin went on and told me that after I left the hospital that afternoon he was advised by his doctor to go to a rehab facility. So few days later he checked in to some rehab. That’s where he’s been for the past month. He went on about how he was doing this for me and the kids and how he was serious about making things right. I just stood there listening to him.
He went on and said he was slowly remembering some of the memories we shared and that he was battling with the suppressed ones. He said a lot of time he would have some flashbacks and get so confused especially given what his family and friends and myself had told him about certain things he did before and after the accident.
He said he spoke to the doctor at the rehab that he was at about his problems and they did some research on his condition and found a rehab facility in USA. Apparently the centre doesn’t focus on Drug addiction only. It has the best mental and psychological services in the world. So he found out that they can help him regain his memory through some therapy. Kevin decided that he will go all the way to USA with the hope of coming back with all his memory back. He went on and on about wanting his life back.
Kevin dropped a bomb saying he was leaving the country on Sunday night and doesn’t even know when he will be back. He said it could be six months to a year or even more. He said how ever long it will take, as long as he will come back home healed and well.He was going.
A part of me was torn apart. You know when someone has made promises and broke them too many a times, its not easy to trust them even if they assure you that they wanted to change or that they have changed. Maybe this someone has repeatedly disappointed you. Perhaps the relationship isn’t progressing the way you want, despite your best efforts to communicate. Perhaps you are putting more time and energy into the union than they are. The decision may seem obvious to your head, but you’ve got to persuade your heart. The process often takes time, and it’s always painful.
I have been without Kevin for a while now, six months was nothing. The distance between us was just a town apart, but a country apart? It felt so hard to accept. I knew that I have given up on him but letting go is never easy. In my heart I knew he needed to get his life back and mostly his memories back but my head wanted to stop him. I looked at him and remembered the man I once thought I would not live without. I don’t know what came over me. Before I knew it, I was breaking down in Kevin’s arms.
When the realization hits you hard and no matter how hard you try; the circumstances won’t seem to favour you. The love that you have for this person prevent you to just let go easily. You try to pretend that you are not hurting but deep inside the thought of loosing them is so unbearable.
How do you know when to give up the fight? It’s one thing if you’ve fallen completely out of love and can’t recapture the magic, despite your best efforts. But when deep inside you still love them, it becomes even harder. In this case, I realized that once the ties have been severed and I let him go, I might lose him forever especially because I didn’t know if we will see each other again. But then also what if I was prepared to hold on and he decides to never come back to me? What if I was loosing my one and only true love here and that the more “practical” stuff isn’t fusing?
What do you do when your heart and mind are at war?
One of the beautiful things about love is that it’s amazingly optimistic. And we can idealize someone who is unbelievably wrong for us. When we’re smitten, our minds can play tricks on us, leading us to make rationalizations for that person’s behaviour and tell ourselves it’ll be different the next time. But remember, it takes two people to be committed. And it’s easier than you think to fall in love with the idea of someone, instead of who they actually are. That’s what my relationship with the father of my kids had been.An ideology.
In reality not all happily ever after have a happy ending. When the painful time comes to say goodbye to him, it was like loosing the part of me. All that I would carry with me are the bittersweet memories to live with for the rest of my life.
My final goodbye was accompanied by a flood of tears and a sinking feeling that I was loosing Kevin again and the scary part was that, it really could be over for good this time.
Nna: It’s hard for me to let go. I know you have made up your mind about this, and I know it’s important to do it. For you and for your sanity. But what does this mean overall? What about the business? What about us? I have been thinking about my future and all and now that you are leaving, maybe we should talk about the pressing matters.
Kev: Yes! That’s why I am here. I know that the last time we were together you spoke about divorce and moving on. Okay, Bobo, I’m not going to ask you to wait for me and put your life on hold but there’s one thing, if not two things that I want to ask you, nor matter how hard I know they are. Please do not file for divorce as yet. Give me time to try and recover and be in a position to know what we will be getting ourselves into and mutually agreeing on. I’m talking amicable decision, division of assets and properties and custody and visitation etc. Divorce is not something we should rush into Bobo, there’s a lot to consider. Perhaps our marriage didn’t survive the test of time or might even not survive at all but you and I must be hundred percent sure that there is indeed nothing left. So all I’m asking is time .
Nna: How much time do you need? As it is you don’t know for how long you will be gone. I can’t just agree to put my life on hold not knowing what tomorrow holds.
Kev: Six months at most! If by then things are still the same, I will thus instruct Motsheoa to draw up the necessary documents and dissolve our marriage.
Nna: Yoo Kevin. Six months of uncertainty? I am not sure if I am prepared to wait that long. But well, I will try. But six months and that’s it. So what is the other thing you want to ask me?
Kev : Aish! Please just promise you won’t fight me on this and you will put your feelings aside and do this for me!
I knew before he could even talk that whatever he was about to ask me I would not like. I told him that I can’t promise him anything until I know what he wanted or would ask of me. Before he spoke, he handed me a brown envelope. He asked me to open it. I did just that. Kevin had power of attorney drawn to give me full control of everything , the running of the business , all finances personal and business related etc..
He further said he would want me to deposit him certain amount of money on a monthly basis for all the period he will be gone. I was overwhelmed by his decision and initially thought I should reject the request especially because Rethabile once told me that Nyiko and Reatli were very much involved in the running of the business since after the accident. I didn’t want to get involved. Kevin insisted that he wanted me to look after our kids’ legacy. I asked him about what Rethabile told me and he said that I was in charge and that no one could claim any stake in the business. He further said, He will meet with his entire family in the afternoon and tell them everything. Initially he wanted me to also attend the meeting but I decided not to be part of that. Besides, it was his family meeting and in his family’s eyes, I was the intruder.
We spoke further about everything and I promised him that I will honour his wishes and look after everything. Just then, Kevin said there was something left.
Kev: I still didn’t ask you for something important.
Nna: Hau, I thought that we covered everything? What did we miss?
Kev: Sheryl and the twins!
Nna: Please don’t go there! Please Kevin I am begging you.
Kev: Like I said please don’t fight me on this one. I know your feelings and reservations about them, but I just can’t abandon them now. I have been financially supporting them, so please please continue to deposit them money especially the kids just until I come back and we do proper findings and get to the bottom of everything hanging.
Nna: You still don’t trust me about the kids not being yours? You continued to support them regardless? Hai! Kevin count me out please!
Kev: Bobo, there is so much blank spaces about my life. So many things do not make sense and I am still confused about my life before the accident hence I have decided to go overseas and reclaim my life back. Only when I come back with my memories back, I will sort everything out. Please do this for me, for those kids.
Nna: Unfortunately Kevin I am prepared to do everything else but not what you are asking me. Rather please make other arrangements for them somehow. I am sorry I can’t.
Kev: Okay! I don’t want to upset you. I will see what I can do.
Nna: So! You will continue to fight for Sheryl and her twins all the way? They will always be part of the equation?
Kevin and I can agree on almost everything but there is one thing and one thing only that seems to stand between us.... The mention of Sheryl Gosiame. No matter what we can go through or as long as he still has room for her and Nyiko’s twins, me and him will never and can never be.
Just always when I think we are reconnecting or getting somewhere, he has to ruin it. My so called “lav’ of my life” said nothing to comfort me or prevent me from giving up. Maybe he was overwhelmed, maybe he was scared. Maybe he didn’t know how to give me what I needed. But the point was, Kevin didn’t fight for me. Instead he will always choose protecting that woman over me...He didn’t dignify me with a response, so I had to dignify myself by moving on and accepting that, even halfway across the world Kevin will always carry Sheryl with him in his heart. Which leaves a little or no space for me.
Sheryl has taken Kevin away from me and whether he gets his memories back and remembered everything, she will always have a soft spot in Kevin’s heart. Whether I divorce him now or later, I have to admit that our marriage ended the day Sheryl entered into Kevin’s life.
The kids and I had to say a painful goodbye to Kevin..
You never want to say goodbye to someone with whom you have laughed and cried with most of your lives. I looked at Kevin as he entered his car and drove off. I knew in my heart of hearts that ...This was goodbye...This was it.
I went upstairs leaving Mamo with the kids. I just broke down and cried and made peace that I was officially a single woman. Only a pen and paper was standing between Kevin and I. I knew I promised to wait for him for six months, but, I was not so sure that I could anymore.
I must have dosed off on the bed because I was woken up by my cellphone ringing. I didn’t even check the caller id, I just answered . It was Milano. He was reminding me of our meeting at the office in an hour and a half time. I quickly jumped off my bed and headed downstairs to check the kids. I then remembered to call Omontle to meet me up at a location we agreed to meet at. I asked Mamo to change the kids quickly as I also freshened up. By three o’clock we were on our way. Mamo fetched the kids and I drove to work.
As I entered our parking lot, there was only three cars. I could not see Milano’s car. I phoned to check how far he was, then he told me to get to the office. When I got to my office, there was Milano. I asked him if he changed cars since I didn’t see his one. He told me how he swopped cars with a friend. Apparently in the morning he went to the shopping complex near his place and the stalker was already on his tail. He thought of a way to play him/her. He did not want the stalker to follow him to the office as usual. So he phoned his friend to come to his place. He then exchanged cars. The friend drove first and he followed him with his car.
As they both leave the estate, Milano spotted the stalker fallowing his car that his friend was driving and he took a different route to get to work safe, without being followed. We laughed about how serious this person was by constantly following him around without doing anything else. We tried to understand what is it that s/he wanted. We spoke about the mysterious phone call that I received the previous night. Just as I took out my phone to show Milano the contact number the stalker used, he shook his head and laughed
Milano: Is that a number that ends with double nines?
Nna: Yes! You did not see the number so how do you know it ends with nine nine? Did s/he also phone you?
Milano: No, she didn’t phone me. She won’t phone me. I know the numbers and I know who they belong to!
Nna: Who?
Milano: My wife
Hmmmm!!!Why was Milano's wife stalking him and threatening me?
One plus one is not equals to two. This one gives me Eleven...

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