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Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 21


They say time flies when you are having fun. Before I knew it , it was end of December. Aus’ Tsitsi had a beautiful traditional wedding. There was a little bit of drama by Tshiamo’s family who kept bath-mouthing Aus’ Tsitsi and Dave. They were telling anyone who cared to listen to them about how Otsile Dire had stolen their son in-law David from their daughter Tshiamo right under their noses. And how Otsile must have used muthi to bewitch both Dave and Tshiamo blah blah.
Otherwise Tshiamo did not even come anywhere near. Her little brother said she went on a holiday to Cape Town with her new man.
Over all everything went perfectly well. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bogatsu.
Oh! Two days before Christmas, Kevin called me. He said he was trying to find his feet and settling down. He said he was doing fine and just homesick. I asked him if he received my email. He said he did and already responded. He told me that I should not let Nyiko and Reatli and his family intimidate me or control me. He said he left everything on my hands because he felt that I was the only person he somehow still trusted. He reminded me to send him money and to look after the kids and everything.
He also asked me why I didn’t tell him about my accident. I just told him that I was no longer his concern hence I didn’t think it was important for him to know. Besides I knew he was going to find out anyway.He confirmed that his mom told him. He then asked to speak to the kids. He further asked if it was okay if he could Skype call us at least once a week? I just told him that he was welcome to speak to his kids anytime he wanted. I will email him whenever I need something from him relating to the business.
To be honest, I was really mad at him and wanted nothing to do with him. But I thought once I find the truth about the stalking, the red car and everything, and that he was not in anyway involved, only then perhaps I would talk to him.
The only thing I felt really bad about, was accusing Milano and his wife for the crime they didn't commit. Speaking of Milano, he tried to call me several times but I ignored him. Until on Christmas day when he phoned me using a different number. I just picked up. He begged me not to hang up on him. I let him speak. He asked me how I was doing health wise and in general. I just said I was okay.. He further asked me if I had a breakthrough with the case or the hit and run, and I just said I didn’t want to discuss that. He said he missed me and wished me well. We just hung up.
I confided in Aus Tsitsi about everything that happened with Kevin and Milano. The shooting and the stalking. I didn’t tell her about my suspicions about the accident and the fact that the Red Golf that bumped me was registered in Kevin’s name. I know how my family loves Kevin and I couldn't tell them that information without proof that Kevin was or wasn’t involved. You know how families can be overprotective...
So until there's proof, he and everyone else were still suspects and until someone or some people pay for the attempted murder, I was not going to discuss the accident and my suspicions with anyone, not even my own family.
Aus Tsitsi advised me to play far away from Milano before I get caught in a crossfire. She said as far as things are between Kevin and I, she said she can’t tell me what to do. But she gave me some good advise. Most importantly she said I should never feel pressured to do anything because she knows what it feels like to be in a marriage that had no direction yet believing that somehow it might get into the right path. She further said, I must do absolutely everything in my power to save my marriage and only when all is said and done and there’s absolutely nothing more left, I could file for divorce knowing that the marriage is completely done and beyond repair and no turning back.
I must say, my sister had turned out to be a very wise woman. She was right that sometimes when your intentions for divorce start kicking in, and you start questioning if it is what you want, you get so confused and frustrated. But as time goes on, and your divorce moves further back in the rear-view mirror of your mind, you will be able to see patterns less clouded by emotions and cluttering details. That perspective gives you information that you can use to change your own behaviours and to improve your future relationships.
It is true: The only way to truly understand something is to first walk through it and take a step back and look upon it from a distance. There’s a reason that some of the best marriage advice comes from people who have been divorced — they know the beginning, the middle and what can lead to the end in a way that those only speaking from within or even outside, cannot fathom.
On the 31st of December around seven in the evening we were preparing for the new year eve’s braai. We still had most family around since the wedding. So it was a serious full house. Aus Refilwe ( aka Fifi Wa Omphile) and Rebaone ( aka One Olefile’s fiancé) were helping me finish off some salads at our grandparents’ house when I received a strange call from an unexpected person. The person was crying so hysterical that I could barely hear what she was saying. I hung up.
I told Aus Fifi that I was shocked to receive a call from princess Reatlehile and how strange that call was. We agreed that probably she was too drunk and maybe dialled my number by mistake. We continued with our salad making. Olefile came and he and One took the salads to Mama's house.
Honestly, for a while I had forgotten about my life back in Jo’burg. So the call from Reatli reminded me of what I was going through, the rough road I had travelled and what awaits me.
Aus Fifi must have noticed that I was absent-minded because she asked me if I was okay. At first I said I was okay but then told her that I was going through some heavy stuff. I confided in her about my marriage , my in-laws and a possibility of divorce. I briefly told her about the accident and what I have found out so far. She was shocked to learn about all that I have been through and still going through. She was even more shocked about my broken relationship with Reatlehile.
We chatted some more and decided to join the rest of the family at mamma's house. My phone battery was low. I gave my nephew my cellphone to charge it for me. We dished up for the elders and the kids. and ourselves. While sitting and eating, Oratile came to me and said Rakgadi wa bo Kananelo has been trying to call me. I told Ora that if she calls again she must bring the phone to me. I continued eating and having fun with my sisters.
An hour and a half later, I went to get my cellphone. I was shocked to have received close to ten missed calls from Reatlehile. All of a sudden she knew my numbers.
Honestly, I couldn’t care about Reatlehile Baloye. I have had it with her insulting me and telling me how I am not good enough for her brother and how Sheryl was a better choice. So she should just leave me alone. Our relationship was gone and I did not see it getting any better. I somehow thought after giving her the sex videos and those information on Nyiko, she would sit alone and go through them and verify if I was lying or not. Then maybe realise why I didn’t like Sheryl. But seems she never looked at them at all. Hence in her eyes, she still believes that Sheryl's twins are Kevin's, not her husband's
Initially I did understand then that she won’t admit in front of her parents that Nyiko was capable of doing what he did to her own brother. I thought that once the shock and realisation kicks off and she confronts her husband, she would reach out to me like she used to. Unfortunately she didn’t but instead she let Nyiko to continue messing with her brother and taking advantage of him while she on the other side has made a mission to destroy and hurt me.
To think that when she and I used to be close, she used to admit that her husband Nyiko was a very corrupt and ruthless man who would do anything for money and power. Yet she couldn’t even question or verify everything that was on those videos or even question Sheryl about her recording! ?
So honestly, I could not toss a cent about missing her calls. Besides, what could she possibly want from me?
Mama disturbed the train of thoughts running through my mind. She said I had a visitor.
I looked at my watch, it was eleven thirty-five at night. In less than half an hour we will be entering into a new year. I thought, who would visit me this time of the night? Couldn’t s/he had waited to see me in the new year? I thought, what if it was Kevin or Milano? I have been very cold towards them and perhaps one of them decided to surprise me. But a part of me thought what if those missed calls from Reatli were important? Did something happen to one of the Taus or Kevin? Hence she’s been trying to get hold of me?But knowing her, she wouldn't bother with telling me anything.
I stood up and asked mama who the visitor was. She just ignored me and said I should just go outside. Indeed I headed outside. I must say I was so scared and nervous.
As I got outside I was shocked to see Reatlehile Baloye’s car parked outside my mother’s gate. I just stopped and looked towards the gate. Mama came to where I was standing and said I should go to her. Given our previous fallouts that my mom and sisters were aware of, I was reluctant go until mama told me that whatever it was that brought her to Mmatau must be very important . I asked mama why she thought that, that’s when she said her car was escorted by the police and Abuti Omphile went to the gate and spoke to them.
Apparently the police found her on the main road lost. She told the police that the last time she came to Mmatau was over five years ago and could not remember how to get to where she was going. She told the police where she was heading to. Thats why she was escorted to Dire residence.
So Abuti Omphile told the police that he knew the lady. After they left, Omphile asked Reatli to park the car inside the yard...she shook her head and just broke down and cried and asked to speak to me. Hence mama said I should go and hear her out.
Well, I walked towards princess's car. I went and knocked on the driver’s window. She had her head bend down over her steering wheel. I knocked again and she looked up.She opened the window. Eyes red and swollen.
Reatli: Hello Aus Bobs. I’m sorry to just rock up like this.
Nna: Dumela Reatlehile! Bobs? Wow! The last time you called me by that name was before you made me your enemy. So what do you want from me Reatlehile?
Reatli: Can you please get inside the car. I will explain why I am here.
Nna: No thanks. Why are you here Reatli?
Reatli: I didn’t know where else to go. You are the only person I thought I should be with ( Sobbing)
Nna: That’s strange ! Out of all the people surrounding you, why do you wanna be with me? You hate me remember?
Reatli: Please ausi, I’m begging you. Please get inside the car. I need to talk to you. Actually I need to tell you something.
Nna: Go ahead! I will rather stand outside and listen. Besides I don’t have enough time. So just say what you want to say and leave.
Reatli: I deserve all that my sister and I admit that I would also be like that. But please, I’m begging you. Please just hear me out.
Nna: Uhm! Reatlehile, do you realise what time is it? In fifteen minutes time, my family needs me to come light the fire balloons together. So you have at least ten minutes to say why you are here and let me carry on with my plans.
Reatli: You were right all along about Nyiko...
Nna: Yaah! I think I knew that. So did you come all the way from Centurion to tell me what I’ve always known? Nxxx! Goodbye.
Reatli: Bobs please wait. I want to make them pay. And I need your help. Please don’t walk away from me please. I’m down on my knees! I’m begging you!Please help me.
Nna: Did I hear you correctly? Your majesty Reatlehile Baloye asking for my help? And why must I help you? Who helped me when I needed help? I’m sorry Reatli, you came to the wrong person for help. I am also sorry for whatever reasons that brought you here. Whatever that your husband did, I’m afraid I don’t want to be involved. Why don’t you ask your friends , Sheryl and Kefiloe to help you. Drive safely Ausi.
Reatli: Bobs, I have nowhere to go! I can’t go back to that bastard. I am not going anywhere until you hear me out. Even it means I sleep here. I will not leave. Just, please don’t ask me to go back there. I don't ever want to see that monkey together with those manipulating and lying whores until we make them pay for everything they have done to us.
Hmmmm??? We? Us? Was this my sister in law? What happened to the prinzilla that used to torture me and defending her husband and the whores? I must say I was curious why she drove all the way to Mmatau just to talk to me and also to confirm that I was right about her husband and needed my help.
Why did I have a strong feeling that Reatlehile Baloye finally ate a few carrots and saw right through Nyiko and the Gosiames? In as much as I could deny my curiosity, this broken woman in front of me could be the missing piece to complete the entire puzzle and accomplish my "get rid of trash mission.Well maybe not!
Nna: Okay Reatli. Come with me. It’s nearly twelve midnight. Go wipe your face and let’s go light the balloons and fire crackers then we will sit down and you can tell me everything.
Reatli: Thank you Aus Bobs
Reatli and I went inside the yard. I asked Olefile to go park Reatli’s car at nkoko Dire’s house . We joined in the rest of the family already holding their balloons waiting for everyone. Olefile came back, he offered Reatli his balloon and opted to share his with Rebaone.
Abuti Omphile made a toast for new year. He thanked everyone for gracing our home with their presence and said a few well wishes:
"As we all stand on the threshold of the New Year we must leave behind our old chapters that were filled with pages of worries, heartaches and pains and begin the New Year with happy smiles, cheer hope and joy in our hearts. May all our dreams from the last year turn into achievements.
As this year ends, and a new one begins, we are all supposed to let go of the past and start off new. Forgive all those who have hurt us, and be open to new relationships, with open arms. That is why it is called the ‘New’ Year.
Every end marks a new beginning. Keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and you shall always walk the glory road. And with courage, faith and great effort, you shall achieve everything you desire.
May what you see in the mirror delight you, and what others see in you delight them. May someone love you enough to forgive your faults, be blind to your blemishes, and tell the world about your virtues.
May the season bring to you warmth of love, a light to guide your path towards a positive destination, greater heights of success and prosperity. And may the gift of love, happiness, peace, and abundant blessings be yours as you make a new start.
On behalf of the O'family and Mama, I would like to wish everyone of you and your loved ones a smashing and prosperous Happy New Year “
We lit all the balloons, everyone holding their own, waiting for countdown. As the count down begun, we individually released the balloons, each saying out loud the one word they are stepping into the new year with. Each and everyone said their words, from Love, Peace, Blessings, Prosperity, Family and the works. Hugs and kisses were exchanged. The elders made their way to sleep at designated houses, (my great uncle’s houses, my aunt’s etc.). The celebration continued, fireworks, music, mingling, more drinking and eating.
Two hours later everyone was preparing to leave, others preparing to retire for the night. My cousins and other relatives left, saying they were going to continue the celebration at some tavern down the road. Omontle took all the children to our grandparents’ house, where she and I have been sleeping since we arrived. Aus Tsitsi and Dave booked into the nearest guesthouse, so they also left. Omphile and wife went to sleep. It was myself, Olefile, Reatli and Rebaone.
I must say, since Reatli’s arrival, I have been in deep thoughts, wondering what really happened back at Baloye household. And why she chose to drive all the way to ask for my help. Most times since I allowed her to stay, I’ve been ignoring her. But I knew I was not going to succeed any longer because before I knew it, it was just the two of us sitting in my mom's lounge, wide awake. And deep inside I knew I had to let her say whatever she came to say.
Nna: Okay Mrs Baloye, can we finish off yesterday’s conversation?
Reatli: I found out the truth about Nyiko
Nna: What truth?
Reatli: The truth about the real type of monster I've been married to!
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