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Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 24


Reatli: Please forgive me for the little part I might have played in what might have let the Gosiames to cause the accident. Can we be seated for what I’m about to tell you?
Nna: I’m not sure what you mean that I should just forgive you without knowing the full details .
Reatli: I feel so ashamed to say this but I don’t know if I should say it. I could be wrong.
Nna: Cum on ausi. How do you expect me to help you destroy the two if you are hiding stuff from me? I am afraid that I won’t be able to help you with anything if you are not willing to be open, honest and sincere about everything.
Reatli: Thing is, I’m also guilty and might have contributed somehow.
Nna: Contributed how? I had an accident nje ( obviously lying to get the prinzilla to start unscrambling the puzzle and placing it flat on the floor to make a complete perfect picture). I really don’t see how you could have contributed to that.
Reatli: Are you telling me that you had not suspected any foul play?
Nna: Well when I wakeup in hospital, the police questioned me about anything I remembered before the accident. It was blank. They suspected it was a hit and run. To tell you the truth, I suspected you and your husband.
Reatli: Oh no Bobs, I might be many things but I'm not capable of killing. Yes, Nyiko is capable of murder but it can’t possibly be him.
Nna: I guess one can never know. People are capable of anything. Even you Reatli. Anyway, why are you saying it couldn't possibly be Nyiko especially when it turned out that your husband is a cat with many lives?
Reatli: Nyiko was in Cape Town that weekend, he flew there Friday afternoon. He couldn't even make it back in time to say goodbye to Karabello. His flight landed Sunday afternoon.
Nna: Cape Town? Oh nice alibi neh? But still, that doesn't mean he was not involved. What if you and your husband asked the Gosiames to do your dirty job. Reatlehile, hate can turn anyone into a cold blooded murderer...
Just as I was talking, I realised that she was crying. Was it hard for her to swallow the bitter pill? I asked her why she was crying.
Reatli: Bobs, there's no easy way to say this but when I was driving here, I made the decision to be completely honest to you about everything, big or small. Nor matter how painful. I am hoping that you will forgive me and still consider helping me to destroy Sheryl and Nyiko. Okay here it goes.....
On that Saturday that Karabello phoned everyone for a meeting, to tell us about his trip to USA, we all gathered at our parents home. After the meeting I decided to organise a farewell dinner for Kevin. I phoned a few of his close friends. Because it was a short notice thought, I phoned Sheryl to come help me with grocery shopping and cooking. Sheryl brought her sister Fifi. The three of us went shopping together. While shopping I overhead Fifi mentioning the name “FLO “, I got curious because whenever we are together there was only One thing we share in common, and that’s talking about “First Lady Obonolo”( don't ask me why FLO but that’s how we called you ).
Nna: Haahaaa Flo? I bet Sheryl came up with that name. She knew that I was and always will be Kevin’s First and Kananelo takes second then she has and always will be Third. Anyway carry on.. I'm interested to know what the Trio were saying by pushing the trolley with my name..
Reatli: Well I was busy getting stuff from the aisles when I heard the name. So I went closer to them and asked them what had FLO done this time. Sheryl said she was sick and tired of you. How you have it all and live luxurious lifestyle and get everything you don’t deserve while she had to struggle. She went on to say she and Kevin decided that the twins must come back from Lesotho to stay in Jo’burg to be closer to their dad and family. Since Kevin promised to look after them, Sheryl asked me if Kevin mentioned her and the twins during the meeting.
Apparently a week before, Kevin told her that he was going away for a while and promised to ask you to continue maintaining the twins while he was gone.
I told her that Kevin gave you all the powers over everything and that he told me that you refused to support her but he would make arrangements for maintenance. The Gosiames were not impressed. Sheryl said she was expecting that you’d take any opportunity to let her and the kids die of hunger while you would be in your white mansion with your twins not giving a damn about them.
That's when Fifi said you needed to be taught a lesson. Sheryl and I supported her. Sheryl went on saying although teaching you a lesson won’t put food on the table, we needed to get rid of you. She said with you out of the picture Kevin would own everything and then she would be Mrs Tau, take over your life, mansion and your kids and live happily ever after.
Nna: Oh! now that explains a lot. She had always wanted to be me and live my life. And I’m sure you encouraged them. Imagine Sherry taking my kids? And living in my house? Over my dead body. And where would I be then?
Reatli: Sheryl continued to say if only she could have the guts to get rid of you, without killing you, she would have long done that. She went as far as saying how much she hated you and wished it was you who had the accident and lost your memory permanently not Kevin. I said that it would have been you traveling across the world trying to remember your life while she takes over.
Bobs, I swear I thought we were joking because we just laughed about what Sheryl said and Fifi jokingly said that both their lives would be so great without FLO in the white house. I casually told them that they needed to sit down and plan something and find a way to get rid of you without dire consequences. We paid for the groceries and drove back to my place.
Nna: Getting rid of someone is not a joke Reatlehile. I can't believe you found it funny and even encouraged them to plan it properly. Unless the idea was appealing to you. Actually I'm surprised why you’re telling me this if you thought it was a joke. I don’t see how that joke could have made you believe that Sheryl was behind my accident.
Reatli: Honestly, Bobs I was joking. I took it like a silly chat to push time until on our way back to my house when Fifi asked me if I knew any hitman who could deal with you permanently and make it look like an accident. I laughed again and jokingly said we will do proper research. Sheryl agreed with me and said “jobs like this required proper planning”.
Around four in the evening Fifi left and I was left behind with Sheryl. I asked her why did Fifi seemed serious about the FLO topic, because I thought it was a joke. Sheryl said Fifi hated you that much to want you dead. She further said it wouldn't be such a bad idea to explore the idea further.
So when Rethabile told me that you were involved in an accident, I immediately remembered our chat to get rid of FLO. I then phoned Sheryl and asked her if they had anything to do with your accident and she denied having anything to do with your death. I then told her that you were not dead. I just believe that they did it or they . There's no coincidence Bobs. They had the motive and could pretty much well had been planning that behind my back all along.
I stood up and started clapping my hands.
Nna: Wow Reatlehile Baloye. So you and your friends wanted to get rid of me? Hmmm. I must say you almost fooled me. I knew this whole “I need your help to destroy my husband and the Gosiames” was just a set up. All those soapy stories was a way to get closer to me, earn my trust and while I’m busy “helping”, you and your crew will then complete your mission? They sent you here. Didn't they? You are working together don’t you? How cruel can you be? You know for a second I felt for you but now I see right through you. You really thought I was stupid ne? You know what Reatli, you are so cruel.
Reatli: Oh mohadibo waka! Please intshwarele hle. I wronged you and I let hate and envy consume my heart. I did a lot of bad things to you that I’m not proud of. Bad things that I regret and wish I could reverse but I can’t. It took me the same knife of betrayal and deceit that I held towards you to realize how horrible that kind of pain feels like. I’m so sorry.
Nna: What kind of a monster are you? Do you really hate me so much that you want me dead? I cant believe that you actually listened to strangers planning to kill your own family and you did nothing about it? If you had a little muscle in your conscious you would have alerted me or someone but no! You didn't stop them. You chose to have me be killed by the same people you are now claiming that you want to destroy? How pathetic and sick are you? You were in this together. You also have motive. Reatli you also wanted me dead, your own brother's wife. Look what that loyalty did to you.
Reatlehile if and I mean a big IF you didn’t find out that those people betrayed you, you wouldn’t be here begging me to forgive and help you? . I heard you going on and on about revenge and punishing people who destroyed your life and your marriage... So tell me, who is supposed to make you pay for destroying my life and my marriage? Must I call the police and get you arrested for conspiracy to murder? Hmmm?
I regret ever caring for you. I don’t want you anywhere near me or my family. Just take off my clothes and get the hell out of my home. I don’t ever want to see you again in my life. You are dead to me!. Come! what are you still waiting for, get out.
And don't you dare ask me to forgive you for this because I will never ever forgive you, your family and your friends. And trust me, and God forbids, one way or the other, you will all pay for every little bad things you have done. What I'm going through now and what you've put me through is nothing compared to hell you are going to burn alive into. Mark my words.
Reatli : Obonolo my sister, please believe me. I am not lying or working with anyone. Everything I told you is the truth and I swear. I didn't know that they were serious about hurting you. God punish me if I’m lying. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, about my suspicions after I heard about the accident. You are right that I let my feelings about you cloud my judgment and turned me into a bitter and bad person.
I know I came here to ask for your help but mostly I came here to apologize for all the pain I have caused you, your kids, your marriage and your family.
I can’t expect you to just forgive me and trust me overnight. I know I must earn your trust and prove that I am genuinely sorry and prepared to do anything to make amends. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked you to help me fight my own battles. That was insensitive, insulting and selfish of me.. but please don't dismiss my allegations about the Gosiames. In fact please look into it. Don’t let them get away with your attempted murder.
Nna: You are damn right, you are selfish and downright insensitive. You shouldn’t have come here to ask for my help and also tell me about how you and your crew were plotting against me. Oh and I am not letting anyone get away with anything. My God is busy working day and night on my behalf. That I know. And as for you Reatli, so far you have not given me anything on the allegations about who caused my accident except your theory about how you and your friends joked about pre planning to get rid of me. Nothing that is worth wasting my time on. I will just accept that I had an accident. And accept that you and I can never go back instead we must stay out of each other’s lives period.
Reatli : Wait! There's somehow I can link the Gosiames to the accident. Why did I not think about it? Remember the Red Golf that I thought belonged to Kefiloe? A week after your accident Sheryl asked me to lend her money because their cousin brother from Hammanskraal bumped the car and needed to fix it? She said Fifi' s husband will freak out if he could see the dent as the car was brand new. I told her that I was broke and asked her to bring the car so that Nyiko’s mechanic can have a look at it and sort it out for free. She stalled and a few days later I asked her about it and she said Fifi told her husband the truth so no need to have it fixed. Ever since then, Fifi went back home with the car leaving Sheryl stranded without her car to a point where I had to borrow Sheryl my brother's car.
Put two and two together. The brand new Red Golf that we now know Kevin bought for Sheryl ( who lied to me about the car belonging to her sister in law) gets a dent almost the same time you got involved in a hit and run and suddenly the car vanish off to Bloemfontein? I don’t know about you my sister, but something smells fishy.
Nna: Well I must say the Golf story raises alarms. ( knowing very well that I wanted to link the Red Golf to the Gosiames and Nyiko). You might be on to something.
Reatli: I think we might have a lead. How about we plan a trip to Bloemfontein and pay Kefiloe Gosiame an unexpected visit? I have a feeling that we will come back with more answers... What do you say?
Now more than ever, I was determined to find justice. My justice. Reatli and I finally found common ground to work together. I still didn’t trust her at all especially after what she told me about her role. But I guess with her help, especially given her toxic relationship with the Gosiames, I was one step away to finally finding the truth.
Two days later Olefile Reatli and I headed for Bloemfontein. I needed to find the truth and move on with my life. Reatli checked the coast with MamaG. We knew that Sheryl was in Hammanskraal, Fifi was at her parents home and her husband was in Jozy. So we were going to meet up with Fifi alone. And find the proof..
Oh I decided to take Ole with us for three reasons: He knew where the Gosiames resides, Reatli and I won't be stuck in one car for at least four hours drive pretending and having to be forced to make conversations. And the important one was that I could not trust her enough to travel alone with her to her friends home ( what if they finish off what they started😆).
We arrived safely in Bloem. We parked the car. Reatli knocked. An elderly woman answered the door. She looked so much like Fifi. She welcomed us in and we sat down.
Woman: I’m Manthatisi Mokoatsi and May I ask who are you?
Reatli : Nice to finally meet you Mme and thanks for welcoming us into your home. Oh, I'm Reatlehile Baloye, Sheryl and Kefiloe’s friend from Johannesburg and this is my sister Makananelo and my brother Olefile. We were visiting our cousin around here and thought we should surprise Fifi. Is she home?
Mantha: Aoo my child. Keke is not home.
Reatli : Ao hle! Where is she and does Mme know when will she be back? We won't mind waiting for her. I really needed to see her.
Mantha: I'm afraid you won't be able to wait and see her. She won’t be coming back anytime soon.
Reatli : Oh I see! We will try to call her. We are going back to Joburg this afternoon, So we will try to pass by, if it’s okay.
Mantha: She doesn’t have access to phones. Keke has been committed to a psychiatric institution for close to three weeks. She'd been battling bipolar coupled with emotional and psychological stress for a while now. So since she and her sister-in-law Lemo got in an accident, she's never been herself. In fact I'm scared that my daughter had lost her mind.
Reatli: Accident? I’m sorry to hear Mme. When did it happen? Are they okay though?
Mantha: Eya.. they had a car accident six weeks ago in Johannesburg. You didn’t know about it? Ache they said it was not a bad one. Thank God that physically they were not hurt. Even the car they were in was not that bad. I heard that the only person who got hurt was the person in the other car. I hear Keke said her car was very bad. She thought perhaps the person died, hence she was so traumatised. But Lemo confirmed weeks later that the lady was okay.
Reatli: Ka nnete glory be to God. I’m happy that they are all okay. Jooowe I am glad her beautiful brand new car was not so damaged.
Mantha: I told Lemo the same. She just didn't want to drive it with the mark and left it here for a while until after Xmas she and her boyfriend came to fetch it. I am sure it's fixed now.
Reatli: Oh athe the car belongs to Lemo not Fifi? Those two love sharing. Haibo I can't imagine life without a car. Even with a big mark , I would still drive it. I wonder how bad Lemo’s car was in such a way that she had to park it. I wish I could have seen the car. Oh such a beautiful Golf.
Mantha: Be buhle, I think I have photos of the car in Keke’s phone. She took some of them two days after the accident when she arrived. Lemo asked her for the pictures because her boyfriend, was wanted to see the damage on the car.
When Manthatisi went and fetched Kefiloe’s phone I switched on my Bluetooth and told Reatli to send me as many of the pictures of the red car.
Manthatisi returned with the phone and handed it over to Reatli. She browsed through Keke’s gallery and selected a few pictures that had any red car on. We paired the devices and she send about fifteen pictures. She placed Keke' s phone on the coffee table while I was busy receiving the files. Manthatisi offered us some tea. We were about to accept when she said something.
Mantha: Maybe I should rather take you to go see Keke at hospital before you go back to Joburg. She could do with some familiar faces.
Nna le Reatli agreed almost at the same time. We got to Ole’s car. I sat in front with Ole while Reatli occupied back seats with Manthatisi. As they made small talk, I checked out the photos from Keke’s gallery.
Bingo! There before my eyes was the same car that Solomon took pictures of at the scene. But the one picture I was looking at was taken few hours after the accident. The picture was taken with a front angel but slightly facing sideways . I could see the car registration number, a very visible bump and the broken hanging headlight.
As I scroll to the next picture I thought to myself : Ntate Modimo ha a fane ka letsoho fela. Le ka leoto wa ho rahela.
Is that a chubby yellow boned driver posing in front of the Red Golf that happened to be registered in Kevin Tau' s name? The car that nearly killed me?
My Aaha moment. My mission was now one confession away before it’s a wrap. Only the crazy Keke hold that one missing piece to complete my operation.... once and for all

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