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Tuesday, August 30


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 25


The trip to Bloemfontein was worth it. I finally thought I found a whole lot of missing pieces of my puzzle. Did I though? Was this final trip to the psychiatric clinic going to put a " case closed" stamp on my investigation?
Finally we arrived at the clinic where Fifi was, we were told that only two people at a time. Reatli wanted to go in with Manthatisi, I insisted to go with her. I was not going to trust Reatlehile that much. I needed the whole truth, unaltered or untampered with.
Luckily Manthatisi agreed to go first on her own just to let Fifi know that she had visitors. When she returned she told us that Keke’s health was deteriorating. She seemed to be in a totally different world. She asked us to not overstay as she sometimes get overwhelmed and become aggressive.
Reatlehile and I were taken to Fifi’s room. As we reached the room and knocked, the nurse said we should just get inside. We did enter the room. Fifi was standing by the window, looking outside. I must say she looked different. She’d lost some weight. I took a chair and sat down while Reatli strode towards where Fifi was standing.

Fifi: Hello MrsBalo. What a pleasant surprise. How are you?
Reatli: I am good. It’s good to see you. How are you really feeling?
Fifi: I.. I'm good I guess. Some days are better than the others. What brings you here? How did you find my mother?
Reatli: We were visiting our cousin and I remembered that Sheryl mentioned that you were in Bloem. So I thought I should pass by your house and say hello. We phoned her and she gave us your home address. So yaa.. here we are.

Reatli : Hey Fifi.
Fifi: Who are you with?
Reatli: Turn around and see who I brought with me.
Fifi: Whoa you brought FLO.. . I'm... I mean Obonolo?
Nna: Hallo Kefiloe.
Fifi: Hello
Kefiloe turned her back against me and faced outside again. She whispered something to Reatli.I could not hear. But Reatli answered loudly.
Reatli : No don’t worry about her. Sheryl confessed everything to her. She knows about everything. The kids, the car, the accident. We know that you are not to be blamed for everything. Given your conditions, you were not aware of most of the bad things you did. We believe you were forced. That's why we came here to hear your side of the story.
Fifi: So you know about everything? And Lemo confessed to you? No No you are lying to me. The Lemosego I know will never confess anything to you. ( getting unsettled and panicky)
Reatli: Oh really Fifi? She did. And she was too happy to blame everything on you. Do you know that she and my husband went to Giyane to welcome the twins officially as part of Baloyes? The kids she’s been claiming to belong to my brother?
Nna: Did you know that she confessed that you and her cousin brother from Hammanskraal are responsible for my accident? And that you used her brand new car that my husband bought for her? And after your attempt to kill me you panicked and came here with the car to hide it from the police? Ooh and she agreed to co-operate with the police to have you arrested for attempted murder. To tell you the truth, I don't trust her hence I decided to come over here to find out the truth from you.
Fifi: No I didn’t know. So she did tell you everything? And she is willing to get me arrested?
Reatli: Yes, well, we don’t know if she told us everything but she said enough to get you arrested. And it will be unfair to just call the police on you without knowing that whatever she said about your part is true. Fifi, Obonolo is right, we don’t trust Sheryl hence we thought we should hear your side of the story.
Fifi: Please promise me that whatever I tell you remains in here.
Reatli: We promise.
Fifi: I’m serious. If they find out that I told you, they might hurt me. Please make sure they don’t hurt me. Please Rea . You cannot say anything to them.
Kefiloe started being agitated and jumpy. You could see that she was extremely scared. She paced up and down her room. It was as if she was changing from one personality to another. She was shivering and rubbing her shoulders with her already shaking hands. Reatli had to stop her and asked her to sit down on her bed.
For a good five minutes there was silence in the room. Reatli was busy rubbing her on the shoulders trying to calm her down. She kept saying No. No. and closing her ears with her hands as if she was battling with some voices in her head. The nurse came to check on us and told us that we have five minutes. Kefiloe needed to take her medication and rest.
Reatli thanked the nurse and said we won’t be long. She then knelt down in front of Fifi and assured her that we would not rat on her. She asked her who she was so afraid of.. Fifi just nodded. With a voice that sounded like someone else's she spoke.
Fifi: I’m scared of your husband and my sister in law. They don’t want to be betrayed or exposed. If they find out that I told you this, they will hurt me.( Crying)
Reatli : Shhhh don’t cry Fifi. We will make sure they don’t find out.
Nna: True Fifi. No one will hurt you. We just need the truth. Whose husband are you talking about? Mine or Reatli’s ?
Fifi: Reatlehile's husband. He is the dangerous one. Lemo knows him very well. That’s why she is been manipulating him to do things for her. MrsBalo, I’m sorry for the lies and for deceiving you all along. I'm sorry for pretending that we were your friends. Lemo said you were our meal ticket. She said if she gets closer to you, your husband will have no choice but do everything she wanted. In order to prevent her from telling you the truth.
And most importantly she wanted you to doubt your sister in law and influence Kevin so that she could benefit from him as well. Nyiko and Lemo both knew all along that the twins were his but Nyiko gave her money to lie and say that the twins are Kevin’s. Even the car that you ( looking towards me) thinking your husband bought, was not bought by Kevin, Nyiko is the one that bought it. He and Lemo said I must lie to you and say it’s mine and that my husband bought it for me so that you don't question it. Even the place where Lemo stays now, Nyiko pays for it because FLO, sorry I mean Noli .. refused to continue maintaining her in Kevin's absence. Your husband is her meal ticket.
Reatli: phew that’s a lot to take in, but I guess you were just a pawn in the game. Seems like you and the rest of us had been played by your sister in law and my estranged husband. So tell me, what more do you know about Nyiko Baloye? Whatever He is buying you and your sister to keep quiet about? Surely it can’t be to protect me or prevent me from knowing.There must be something big that he is covering up.
Fifi: Like you said, I am just a pawn in the game. Lemo never discussed anything with me. The only thing I know is that Nyiko is responsible for the deaths of some well known politician and her late sister Dintle's. Apparently and many more and she’s got the proof of the things that he did. That’s why he does everything for her just to silence her about what she knows.
Nna: What about my accident? What do you know about it?
Kefiloe stood up and went back to the window she'd been standing at when we arrived. She looked outside the window and started crying. Reatli and I went towards her. We comforted her and asked her to sit down. She pushed us aside and went to the door. She was really fuming and angry.
Fifi: I think I have said enough. Now get out of my room. I am tired .
Reatli: Okay Fifi, we will leave. But please calm down and tell Noli what you know..
Nna: Fifi, before I leave, I’m going to ask you only two things and if you answer them truthfully and give me proof, I will not get the police involved.
Fifi: Okay okay no police please. If you call the police I will be in deep shit. I won’t be able to lie again. Please Noli promise that you won’t get me arrested?
Nna: Well you have my word. No police. All I need is the truth. Is it true that you were responsible for my accident? And how did you know that I would be where I was?
Fifi walked towards me and looked me in the eyes.
Fifi: Yes Lemo is right. I was in the car that bumped into you and caused the accident. You must ask my mom to show you the car. It's parked in our garage with a dent on the left.
Nna: She took the car back to Jo burg. So who was driving? And how did you find me that morning?
Nna: We had Sheryl’s brother – Banda to follow your every move for some time. And so was that Saturday afternoon when you went to work. Later you left the house again he followed you to some house in Sunninghill. Banda phoned me and told me your whereabouts. I asked him to wait there and keep tabs on you. Later in the evening he phoned me and told me that he didn’t think you will leave the house. I told him to come home. I went to Reatli’s place for your husband’s farewell dinner. Then we woke up very early to drop off Lemo at Reatli’s place to catch a ride with her to the airport.
Then Banda wanted to show me where you had gone the previous day. While we were about to leave, we spotted your car. We followed you. I asked Banda to shake you off but unfortunately you lost control of the car and fell off the bridge. I panicked and asked him to stop and rescue you. He told me that your car looked bad and he suspected that you might be dead. Luckily a good samaritan came to help you. I told Banda to drive and leave the scene before the police arrived. Banda insisted that we at least call for help before we leave. While Banda was about to call, the gentleman( samaritan) came back from your car and started taking pictures. We fled the scene.
Nna: Why Kefiloe! Why did you do it? Why did you leave me to die in that wreck? What have I done to you? Why are you fighting Sheryl’s battles? ( Crying).
Fifi: You broke my heart and I hated you for it.
Nna: How did I break your heart Fifi? What have I done to you?
Fifi: You betrayed me. I thought you were my friend and I confided in you. What did you do? You played me for a fool. You are the reason I am such a mess. You are the reason I'm stuck in this mad house. You Mrs perfect, Mrs I have it all, Mrs I will take it all.. You deserved this. I felt sorry for you before, but I know who you are now. You should have died in that wreck and lost not only your life but everything just like me.
Reatli: No Fifi. We were all wrong about Obonolo. Sheryl and Nyiko made us believe that Obonolo is a bad person. They convinced us to see her as an enemy because she was about to expose them. Obonolo is not your enemy Kefiloe, but your sister in law is. She told us lies, believable lies about Obonolo. Remember how she once told us that Obonolo is cheating on Kevin with a married man? It was all lies. You have been played, like me and like my brother. We need to make them pay for putting you through this. They used your condition to have you commit crimes. We understand that you didn’t mean to harm Obonolo or me or anyone. So please calm down.
Fifi was now getting hysterical. Crying and screaming that I was a bad person and that she blamed me for her messed up life, blah blah. I walked towards where she and Reatli were standing, still holding each other in a hug. I wanted to assure her that I was as much a victim as she was and wanted to ask her something. As I reached them and called her name, she flipped.
Fifi: Don’t come near me Obonolo. Get out of my room. I don’t want to see you again. Get out. Please Reatli take her out of here. And don’t bring her back.
Fifi started being restless and aggressive. She pushed Reatli and came close to me. She opened her arms as if she was giving me a hug. I went closer to hug her back. I don’t know what came over her she started strangling me. I tried to break away, but she pushed me on the floor and sat on top of me.
Reatli tried to move her but she couldn’t. She screamed for the help three times while I was wrestling with Fifi. The nurse came rushing and pricked her with a needle. She then removed her on top of me. She was placed on her bed.. She kept screaming leave, just leave. The nurse told us that it was time to go. I was still coughing and I asked the nurse for few minutes to say speak to Fifi. She said visiting time was over. I begged her and she finally agreed and said I had one minute and I must leave.
She and Reatli went to wait for me by the door and I went to Fifi’s bed.
Nna: It’s okay Fifi, I will leave. I want you to know that I’m grateful for the truth and I gave you my word. I promise that I won’t tell the police and those two snakes about our conversation? Get well soon. But just before I go, I want you to tell me something, What is your relationship with Milano?
Fifi: Mi what? Who is that?
Nna: I was hoping you would tell me. You don't know a guy named Milano?
Fifi: I have no idea who Milano is and why are you asking me about him. Is he the guy that saved your life at the scene?. I am sorry I, I can’t help you with that one. Maybe Sheryl knows him. Goodbye I need to sleep..
Nna: Milano is not the guy that helped me, He is my...
Nurse: Your one minute is over mam. It’s enough for a day. Besides, the needle had knocked her off. She needs to rest. Please leave mam.
I left her room before telling her who Milano was. But I guess it was a relieve that She didn’t know Milano.. Reatli and I headed back to the car. We dropped off Manthatisi at her house, thanked her for letting us see her daughter. We wished her well and left Bloemfontein.
On our way back home I kept wondering why Milano was being stalked by Kevin’s Golf and Fifi’s confession that didn’t include him at all. She even confirmed that they had their cousin Banda follow me for some time. I also asked her if she knew Milano and she seemed not to even know how to pronounce his name. Was it just a coincidence that the red car was following Milano? Maybe Banda must have seen me with Milano before and decided to follow both of us. Maybe all along I wasn’t aware that I was also being followed. It seems I had always been the target and Milano was just caught up in the Gosiame sisters trap. After today I must admit that Milano and his wife had nothing to do with my accident. And I should apologies.
Reatli asked me why Fifi was attacking me.. I said I was just as puzzled as she was. I thought maybe Sheryl poisoned her upon realizing that we were getting close after Kano's birth. I told Reatli that ever since that time Kevin came to Bloemfontein after the twins' birth, Fifi’s attitude towards me changed.
I thought to myself was she disappointed that Sheryl and Kevin lied and said that I was dating a married man while I claimed to have been against Sheryl dating one? Or was she bitter about her broken marriage? Besides I never even got a chance to meet her husband. I then remembered that she told me that she and her husband could not conceive and that they were planning to adopt one of the twins only if the father was not taking responsibility them. So since initially Sheryl lied about the twins’ real father being Olefile, and me telling her that if the twins are my brother’s we would claim them. Could it be the reason maybe why she was blaming me for her messed up life and feeling that I betrayed her? Maybe her husband left her after failing to give him a child.
I didn’t hear Manthatisi nor herself speak about him.What could have happened to him? Or their marriage?
Just then I remembered that Reatli met Sheryl, Fifi and her husband the first time the Gosiames met the Baloyes regarding Dintle’s son Tshenolo. I thought perhaps she know something about her husband.
I asked her how well she knew Fifi’s husband and what his name was. Reatli just said she met him a few times and wouldn’t say she knew him well. She said Fifi never spoke much about him. Whenever she spoke about him she called him by pet name. She further said since their separation, she never discussed him at all. I asked her if the name Milano ring a bell, she said no.
As we reached home my heart was still back in that hospital room and what I found out and what I promised. Kefiloe Gosiame was already paying for her debts somehow and in as much as I wanted her to pay for my accident, she would never survive two days in prison. All I was left to do was to let Reatli to finish off by destroying the two anaconda snakes that have terrorised our lives...In that way, justice would be served..
As we prepare for bed that night, Reatli, mama and I knelt down together and prayed. I prayed for Kefiloe, I prayed for Sheryl and Nyiko. I thanked God for the peace that filled my soul. I thanked God for bringing Reatlehile Baloye to Mmatau and for the role she played in helping me complete the mission and finding out the truth. I asked God for strength and courage to be able to accept and also forgive her for the pain she had caused me and my family. I prayed for new beginnings.
As I got inside my bed, my phone rang. I answered without checking the caller ID.
Nna: Good evening!
Caller: Yaa, it must be a good evening for you and your sister in law , but I am warning you Bitches. Stop poking your noses in things that doesn’t concern you. Don't open a can of worms that you won't be able to close.
The caller just hang up before I could even ask or say anything...
Wait a minute, I think I knew that voice....
Was that a threat?

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