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Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 19



Days later I was back home. I never discussed the intensity of the accident with my family. I wanted to be sure what exactly was happening. A lot of things were not adding up. Mama had been on my case about resting and not running around. Well besides the fact that my car was a write off, I needed to buy some wheels so that was my plan for the following week before my big sister’s traditional wedding.

Yes Aus Tsitsi and Dave Bogatsu are getting married. Given the Tshiamo encounter, and avoiding drama, Ausi Tsitsi let the Bogatsu family start with their first magadi negotiations at Brits. So in a week’s time the Bogatsus are finishing off paying for bogadi and even doing their vows and ring exchange. It will be for the first time Dave go to Dire house and having to face Aus Joyce and the rest of Tshiamo's family after ending his engagement and cancelling the much talked about wedding of the year in Mmatau.. I really foresee drama. But I guess I will be focusing on the celebration and forgetting my own personal drama.

Talking about my own drama, I must say, day and night I was beginning to wonder if Kevin was really involved. When I look at the situation in a different light, the picture was a bit confusing.  Who would want to threaten Milano and I? Who was bound to gain from all this? And why?

I had a few names that came to mind.

I thought it could be Sheryl. She’d have a lot to gain had I died. But why would she follow Milano? Because, for her to win and have Kevin to herself, Milano being in the picture or my life would be a bonus. So I don’t think it could be her. But she being mistress of deception and lies, she is very much capable of anything that would benefit her.

Then there was our couple, Reatli and Nyiko. Like Sheryl, Reatli would rejoice in getting rid of me, yes even killing me. But me being with another man would be a victory to her because I will be completely out of Kevin’s life. So I don’t think she was at the scene, because it was confirmed that at the time of the accident , both she and the Taus, together with Sheryl were on their way to airport. One thing, Reatli is not that type that would pay someone to do her job, she is that person who want to wipe the smug on people’s faces especially if she thinks they deserved it. So she could not possibly be the stalker. Besides, they ( Sheryl and Reatli) did not know Milano.

Although people are capable of anything to achieve whatever they think they wanted, I had to rule the two witches out for now. They seemed innocent.

Then there was Nyiko. Master of everything bad and dangerous. But what would he gain from killing me? Could it be because of the incriminating evidence I had? I was not so convinced that Reatli even told Nyiko about my revelation and the proof I had. Nyiko would have tried to bargain with me. But if he knew and tried to eliminate or scare me off, and that be the case, that would be wrong and stupid move because shortly after the last encounter, I told Reatli that should anything happen to me, those documents will resurface and will definitely end up in the hands of wrong people.

Though Nyiko seemed to know both Milano and I, I didn’t think he was involved. That sunday morning I left him at the Lebitso residence, the red car was already making rounds by the gate. Milano and his brother had a close encounter with the red car that early morning while everyone was asleep, the security would have picked something up.

So Nyiko could'nt possibly have followed me! And if he was, why would he use Kevin’s car. But anyway Nyiko had no heart, I wouldn’t be surprised. So no, it was definitely not Nyiko at the scene because he was as pitch black as Kevin. Bra Solly Msoja, said that the driver was a yellow bone. But unless if he hired people to do the dirty job, I had to rule him out for now.

Then there’s the number one suspects Mrs Lebitso and Mr Tau.
I must say they perfectly get all the ticks for wanting to hurt both Milano and I. Could it be a coalition? Partners in crime? Kevin funding the entire operation and Mrs Lebitso carrying out the operation?

At the same time that Milano was being stalked, Kevin said he spend a month in rehab and Milano said his wife was back home. Both were allegedly not around. How true was their stories? What if Kevin lied to me and also Milano’s wife lied? What if the two had been working together on this? So if the two were in partnership how did they meet and both arrived at the same conclusion or impression that Milano and I were somehow cheating on them and deserved to be punished? HHmm

I must say, this was more complicated and difficult to crack. But, amongst all the people, someone was guilty but who? I needed a link between Kevin’s car, the yellow bone and the mysterious woman spotted in the car.

Kevin knew Milano, well not personally though, actually he only knew his name and that he was just a colleague. They’ve never met. As for Mrs Lebitso and I? We’ve never met and we didn’t know each other at all. I have never seen even a single picture/photo of her. Milano has never spoken much about her, not even her name.

So when it comes to motive and personal gain, the two would be on the top. The question still remains, what were they hoping to achieve by killing me? Well clearly the chubby yellow bone said murder was not part of the plan, so what were they hoping to achieve by all this? Did they want  to come between a friendship between Milano and I? Blaming us for our broken marriages? Or was it a case of:

“If I can’t have you, no one else would type of thing?“

I couldn’t ignore the fact that both of them had something that links them back to Milano and I. Mrs Lebitso knew my name and my contact number and even send me messages telling me to stay away from her husband and also called and threatened me using her old cellphone number. Mr Tau on the other hand knew Milano’s car and nearly killed him by shooting him with a bought or borrowed gun, thinking and saying that Milano was fucking me. Now the scary reality of the Golf that nearly killed me belonging to him , make this extremely hard to fathom.

Can Milano’s wife and Kevin honestly commit a crime using their personal stuff that could lead the police straight to them?

Kevin is not that stupid, that much I know. He has enough money to hire someone to do the dirty job, if indeed he wanted me dead or scare me. He would never want to get his hands dirty. He would not want any come backs. Honestly, Kevin is not that type of a man. Yes he has hurt me badly but most of the time it was because he got his priorities mixed up. Yes he has bad habit of trusting wrong people. He’s bad in judging people’s characters and has been set up and sabotaged before by the very same people he tend to trust.  But even God knows,  Kevin was not a murderer.

Could this whole thing be a set up? By who? And why?

With both Reatli, Sheryl, Nyiko and Kevin’s tight alibi of not being anywhere near the crime scene on Sunday morning, and Solomon confirming that a yellow boned guy was the driver with a woman, there was only two people without an alibi.

And that was Mr and Mrs Lebitso.

How crazy was Milano’s wife? And how much more could I trust Milano? For all I knew, he could very much be involved. How far can one go for Love? He admitted and declared his love for me. And there was only two things that could stand in his way to have me? His wife and my husband. But if he frames both of them and get rid of them in our lives, he would have me to himself. Won’t that motivates and pursue him to orchestrate all this? Come to think of it, why didn’t he report the red car for all this times that he claimed to have been stalked by it? What if he was behind all these? What if  Milano was working with Nyiko?

Also, the DVD that I have has a few politicians involved. What if his brother is also involved in shady business deals and corruption and he just getting closer to me to silence me?

Ooh Good Lord ! I didn’t even think about this...

Mr Lebitso was light in complexion , fitting the description of the driver. But one other thing, the yellow bone driver was chubby and Milano was buffy with muscles in the right places. Do I honestly think he could have been the driver that almost killed me? Honestly not. But my heart was set on his wife even though he was convinced that she was innocent.

Yooo talk about mind blowing and confusing!I must stop watching Crime and Investigation channel.

Honestly I was at my wits point. Trying to solve a murder case. Where everyone was a suspect. If there’s anything that I learned from that Ci channel is: NEVER TRUST COMPLETELY and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

So as I play number one detective, I will have to look at everyone with suspicion especially both the parties involved. I prayed that I was wrong about all of them especially Kevin. Because if ever I was wrong and that he was involved and very much capable of such actions, I know that  I would not be able to handle this and God forbid. This time, I will never let him get away with murderer. I will make him or any one involved pay. So help me God.

In as much as all the suspects had an alibi, well excluding Mr and Mrs Lebitso, I knew I couldn’t ignore my instincts about any one of them. At the moment, I was the only one innocent. Every one else was a suspect and were both are very much capable of hiring people to do their dirty deeds.

I couldn’t wait any longer for mama to go back home to help with preparations for Aus Tsitsi’s wedding. She was forcing me to go with her but I had a few things that I needed to take care of. I needed to find out who was behind everything that was going on in my life and a new car. Mama finally left. I promised her that I would be home in two days time.

I needed to go check up on MAKOOTA Constructions and ensure that everything was running smoothly. It was first time I was going to meet up with Mringo ( Kevin’s right hand man) and the staff since Kevin left. Mringo send me an sms asking me to come through. I asked Omo to come over so that I can use her car.

First thing Monday morning I went to Kevin’s office, I spent the entire day with Mringo discussing everything that needed my input. He told me that since the accident things were going bad and Kevin neglected the business and let his sister Reatlehile and husband Mr Baloye to run the business which he( Mringo was unhappy with). I assured him that from now onwards, things were going to change. We spoke about closing business for the Christmas holidays and start over on a clean slate in the new year.

Mringo told me that Mr Tau's sister sang a different tune and told him that they will have to work through the holidays. I promised Mringo that going forward he have one boss. I asked him to give me all the important files to take home so that I could check what our helpful couple and Mr I lost my memory have been up to..

I got home and went through the files. A lot of transactions were not recorded and those that were recorded didn’t raise any suspicions. Purchase orders matched with invoices. No record of car purchases. I also went through Kevin’s personal statements, still no trace of car purchases. I was really not winning with my investigation. But I was not about to give up. I thought it was time I get some answers from Kevin. Them I remembered Kevin's car. Plus having gone through the company finances, I decided to put on hold my plans to buy a new car  and rather use Kevin’s car. Besides, it was just going to gather dusts till he return.

Just then I remembered that I didn’t see his car anywhere at the office. I called Mringo to enquire about it. I remember that Kevin said he was going to leave it there. Mringo told me that Reatlehile took the car.

I planned to speak to her to return the car before Friday because since I was going home for the wedding and Christmas holidays, I really needed it back. I went to the study and typed Kevin an email. I needed clarity on a few issues and concerns that Mringo raised. I also asked him to advise me where he put the papers for his new car.

I must have been too tired because when I woke up it was already Thursday morning. Thank God Omontle and the kids were staying with us till we go home. So I had a luxury of using her car. I planned to call Reatli to arrange for the car.

Around midday on Thursday while busy at the office with Mringo, Reatlehile rocked up. We heard her voice from the gate, shouting at the security. I guess upon seeing the unknown car she called Mringo ‘s name and demanded to know who was here and why was the person parked on the reserved parking spot. I told Mringo to let me handle it. I went outside where princess was standing.

Nna: Hello Mrs Baloye
Reatli: Hi!Ooh it's you! ( Pointing at Omontle's car)
Nna: Yes it's me. Can I help you?
Reatli: No. I am looking for Mringo. He’s the only one who can help me.
Nna: Oh well! He is busy with some paper work, hence I volunteered to help you.
Reatli,: What could you possibly help me with? Anyway aren’t you supposed to be at home or something?

Nna: Not that it is any of your business, but I am at work.
Reatli: Last time I checked you worked at a Bank.
Nna: Oh Sorry dear, I also work here! By the way, I was planning to come to your place but thanks for coming here, you saved me a trip.
Reatli: Well I was not here to see you so no need to thank me. Anyway why were you planning to come to my house?

Nna: Since you and your husband have been generously helping out here, there’s a few things I needed to discuss with you. But come to think of it, that could wait till beginning of the year. The important thing for now, I need Kevin’s car.

Reatli: I’m sorry. Why do you suddenly want that car? You can’t just take it, someone is using it!

Nna: No no sister, I’m not asking about the other car, I could'nt care who use it.  I’m talking about Kevin’s Mercedes. Since I don’t have a car, I need to use it .
Reatli: Whoa, I am also talking about the Merc! What do you mean by “the other car”? Apart from the vans, Kevin has only one car and I lend it to someone!

Nna: Haahaaa! Kevin owns another car. To be specific, a Red Golf. I don’t want that one, I want the family car. So you better call the person that you borrowed the car to, to kindly return it. I want it by the end of today.

Reatli: Oh no darling, not everything belongs to Kevin. Sorry that you thought you had another "car takeover". Anyway, the Red Golf you are talking about belongs to Sheryl’s sister. Sheryl has been using it. So since her sister left, she is stranded without the car, hence I decided to let her use Kevin’s car.. Besides Kevin wouldn’t mindif the mother of his kids use his car.

Nna: You did what? Where do you get off taking my husband’s car and giving it to that whore? Chehe ka nnete o sebete! You have guts. Come I tell you sweetheart, I don’t care who you gave that car to and why. But by the end of today if I don’t have that car, I’m going to report it stolen. So do yourself a favour and ask that whore to return that car. I will come to collect it at your house later.

Wait a moment! Did Reatli say the red Golf belonged to Fifi? And that Sheryl has been using it? Now there’s some lead. But again, why does Fifi drive a Red Golf that is registered in Kevin’s name? And why would Fifi stalk Milano and I? Something is fishy!

Now more than ever, I am convinced that Sheryl Gosiame is somehow involved in this but how involved? And what about Milano’s wife?

What is the link between the three ladies? One thing for certain, between Kefiloe Gosiame, Sheryl Gosiame and Mrs. Lebitso, one of them was at the back of the Red Golf when it bumped into my car....and almost killed me

Question was WHO?

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