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Monday, August 8


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 14


You know when life throws stuff at you? And all you do is duck and dive? That seemed to be my life. One thing after another. When Milano confirmed that his wife was the one who send us the messages, I knew that this was just the beginning of worse things to follow.
That Saturday at the office I questioned him about his marriage and his wife’s state of mind. Knowing Milano, he never discussed his private affairs. The only thing he told me was that on the Friday night, as soon as I reminded him to send me the message, and realizing that the phone was missing or misplaced, he turned his place upside down, looking for the phone and managed to find it hidden very far.
He then went to the incoming mailbox and found the message. Just as he was about to forward it, he realized that the message he received came from a different cellphone number.
Milano dialled the number saved as Nolo from the old phone and it just rang, then he checked my numbers on his new phone and dialed it and I answered. He then double checked both numbers and realized what really happened. Turned out that someone used his phone to send me the message and deleted the message from sent items and edited and forwarded same message to his number from the number ending with 99 (which happened to be his wife’s old number)
After sending the message to Milano's, the person then saved that number on his old phone as Nolo. So, obviously when it came through to his phone it registered as Nolo, hence Milano thought I send him that message. Meanwhile it was premeditated .
I got scared of the kind of a person who would behave like and had the time to fabricate such nonsense.
As if it was not enough, Milano dropped another bombshell.
Apparently he found the cellphone He thought was lost at hospital. It was hidden together with the old phone. He said that’s when he knew who was behind the mysterious messages and the phone call. I asked him if he thought his wife was the stalker. He said that he doubted that his wife was the stalker because as far as he knew, his wife was not in Jo’burg . He further said that his wife or anyone close to her doesn’t own a Golf GTI with tinted windows. And also knew that his wife doesn’t know anyone around Jo’burg and questioned why will she be stalking him?
I told Milano that perhaps his wife suspected that he was having an affair and decided to have him followed maybe even before the shooting. The stalker then saw us together and reported to the wife that we are having an affair.
I must say I was bit scared to learn that Milano’s wife was behind the sms fiasco. I still couldn’t understand how out of all the numbers in Milano' s phone she took my numbers. Honestly, Milano and I have been good friends, nothing more. Even the sms’es and WhatsApp messages we exchange are never sexual or romantic. Except when we say we miss each other and sweet dreams type of. Nothing at all that could suggest otherwise. So why was I being targeted?
Milano still maintained that his wife might be a control freak but she wouldn’t be that crazy. He also said I was the only lady friend that he communicates with maybe that’s why the wife managed to get my contact details. He further said financially she wouldn’t afford to pay anyone to do that let alone afford a place to stay in Joburg. Milano swear on his life that her wife was no where near Johannesburg so she couldn't possibly be the stalker. According to him there was no link between the messages and the Golf that has been following him.
While we have ruled out anyone from my side to be a stalker, everything was pointing to Milano’s side and it made sense why his wife fit the description. The one thing remained, What else was this woman prepared to do to save her marriage? This doesn’t make sense at all! I might not know Milano’s wife but one thing for sure, all the stalking had her name written all over it. Why? I guess, one day I’m bound to find out.
Ho nkha tweba.... something smells ratty
In my mind I know: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... Period
There's no smoke without fire. That is so true.
Milano promised that when he gets home, he will call his wife and confront her. He said as for the stalker, he will set a trap for her/him.
We decided to leave the office and go. As we walk to our cars, Milano asked me what my plans for the evening were. I just told him that I was just drained and with the kokoberries gone, all I needed was a long bath, my PJs, an ice cream tub and beautiful movie, specifically : Two can play that game... Milano laughed at my idea of a me time. I asked him what his idea of a me time was, and he said he’s been invited to a house warming party in Sunninghill. He said he felt like getting down and would like me to join him.
It didn’t take too much convincing, before I knew it I had agreed to join Milano. I told him that I will need to go home first and change and we will meet somewhere and drive to the place. He said he was heading straight there from here and will rather sms me the address. We agreed on seven thirty and I drove off.
On my way home I had second thoughts about the party. A part of me just thought it was too soon to be hanging out with Milano especially with the unknown stalker at large. But I managed to ignore my gut feeling and convinced myself that it was just a party with friends. Why not! I needed some stress reliever. Besides a house party was more ideal than a night club.
I got home and prepared myself. Being a single and available woman that I was, I made sure I looked good in case I bump into some potential blessers. Hell Noli was back on the naughty scene. I made sure I prepared myself for some good times. My clutch bag got fully loaded with “ladies emergency kit” You all know them mos! Just in case. Honestly it’s been long since I let my hair down and just have fun. So I thought today I was going to mingle and dance. Besides, it was festive season.
By seven I was on my way. As I approach Sunninghill, Milano called to check if I wasn’t getting lost. I told him that I knew Sunninghill like the back of my hand, besides I managed to put the address on my navigator. Five minutes later I arrived at the place. For a moment I thought I was lost. I was in in front of a humongous house. The ones you only see on top billing, cribs or property24 websites. You know the ones with long driveways that fit more than fifteen cars? I swear while waiting for Milano to come fetch me, I thought it was an estate or hotel. Boy! The place was out of this world. Hmmmm I didn’t think Milano hang around such wealthy friends.
Hee talk about not judging a book by it’s cover. Milano finally came to the gate and showed me where to park and we walked in to the house. Wowwww I was so impressed.
The place was not so packed but there were lots of people already, some familiar faces ( some I must have seen them on TV or Malls). Milano introduced me to the owner of the house and his lovely wife as his brother and sister. Turned out that the owner was the “friend” that swopped cars with him earlier. I took a seat and started chatting with other ladies. The place was now getting packed. Lots of people started arriving. Politics, celebrities the works. Food and drinks and music was on point. Everything was just beautiful.
I was starting to loosen up and having so much fun when I suddenly spotted someone I wished I never had to be in one place with. My mood suddenly changed. I wanted to see who the person came with. My eyes searched and searched for their plus one and I could not find them. I immediately thought that the person came alone. I must say the side of that person dampen my mood. All I needed was to get the hell out of the place and go home.
I needed to find Milano and tell him that I was leaving. Just when I was about to stand up and go look for Milano, there he was with my mood killer, shaking hands. I couldn’t believe they knew each other. Well I had to remind myself that I knew so little about Milano. I knew nothing about him, his type of friends, his family and the real type of person he truly was. So, given his relationship with the owner of the house, whom I finally remembered seeing his face on TV and newspapers. Turned out he was one of the well known politicians, I knew Milano was really a private person and a truly man of few words. It made perfect sense why I was seeing my mood killer. And I knew why I needed to leave before he sees me.
I looked towards where I spotted Milano, and both him and my mood killer were no longer where I saw them. I was getting a bit uncomfortable especially because I wasn’t sure who else was there. Just then I would bump into wrong people. I needed to find Milano very fast and leave that place.
I then thought of heading upstairs to the bathroom. I needed to sms or call Milano and say goodbye to him. Just as I was walking towards the stairs, there before my eyes was my mood killer, with a tiny Barbie doll in his arms. I don’t know if he saw me or he ignored me because he was not with his wife. But suddenly he changed his direction. I prayed and hoped that he didn’t see me.
I continued walking up the stairs. I must say, I was shocked. Although I was also there with a friend, seeing him with a Barbie and not his wife really made me wonder if there was trouble in paradise or if Mr Baloye was being the cheating selfish dog he’s always been. I felt so sorry for princess Reatli. I remembered Rethabile’s words saying Her sister will one day wake up and realize the type of snake her so called husband really was.
I finally reached the bathroom. Just as I was about to dial Milano’s number , my phone rang. It was Milano. He said he was at the spot he left me earlier and could not find me. I told him that I was upstairs by the bathroom. He said he was coming. I freshened up and waited outside the bathroom. Milano came. He said he wanted to give me a tour of the house, if I didn’t mind. Are you kidding me, I had been dying to see it but obviously could not ask. So when he offered, I immediately agreed, forgetting that I wanted to leave.
Milano took my hand and said we must start upstairs. I was confused because we were already upstairs, only to find out that it was a triple storey house. We toured the house and for some reason, Milano was way too comfortable around that house. He seemed to know it. Every room we went to, he would know who it belonged to and all.
Just before we headed to the ground floor, he took me to a bedroom on the far end of the second floor.
When I got there he jokingly said that was my bedroom for the night. I asked him what he meant. Only then Milano told me that we were in his bedroom. I couldn’t understand because all along I thought he was staying with his wife and sister somewhere in Woodmead. He dropped a bombshell that the owner of the house we are in is his elder brother. Apparently he and his wife just moved to Jo’burg from Cape Town. He further confirmed that with his wife gone, he stays alone in Gallo Manor. Yaa, man of many mysteries.
Just as we leave the room, I told him that I wanted to leave. He looked at his watch and asked me why I wanted to leave so soon, was I bored? I assured him that I was having fun but needed to go. He begged me to stay at least another hour and can go afterwards. I told him that in an hour’s time I am leaving. He said we should go back downstairs to join the others. I couldn’t tell him the reason I needed to leave or worse the fact that my husband’s brother in law was here with a Barbie doll.
One thing for sure, I was not planning to go downstairs and bump into Nyiko. I thought I would rather leave. I think Milano saw my reluctance to go downstairs. As if he was reading my mind, he said if I was not up for the downstairs scene, we could chill out in his bedroom. I didn’t hesitate to answer.
I immediately said bedroom chillas was a perfect idea because there is so much I needed to know about him. He laughed and said we should get back to the room and take it from there. We sat on his bed. He then said he was going to get us something to drink. He asked me if I needed a refill or something different. Since I arrived, I had been drinking wine instead of my usual cocktail. So I nodded and said refill please. He left me in his bedroom and went to get some drinks. Before I knew it, he was back with a bottle of Moet & Chandon. Hmmmm Hmmmm! Talk about le good life.
We chatted about work for a bit until I told him that we cannot talk about work on a Saturday, worse at a party. We agreed that no talks about work. He then said I should choose a topic. I told him that I wanted to know who Milano Lesego Lebitso is. He immediately answered that he was just an ordinary man and nothing else to say.
I realized that he was not willing to open up to me as yet about himself, so I changed the topic. I asked him about the gentleman that he was greeting downstairs . I pretended not to know his name. He said he greeted a lot of people so I need to remind him which one. I then said the ex politician that came with a yellow boned lady wearing a long white chiffon dress.
Milano: Nyiko Baloye?
Nna : Yes! How well do you know him?
Milano: I know him very well. But all I can say about him for now is that He’s one of my brother’s business associates.
Nna: What do you mean by all that?
Milano: Yooo Nolo, you can ask questions mosadi. Jeeezzz! Come I tell you! One day you and I will have a Q&A session. You can ask me anything and I promise I will answer. Not today.
Yooo! I wonder what more does Milano know about Nyiko. We continued chatting and drinking. I was enjoying his company. Time just seemed to stand still.
Don’t ask me what got to me. Don’t blame me for my actions, blame it all on the poison that was in my glass. Blame it on the draught that had made residence in my life. Yeah! Blame it on my body. Blame it on nature! Blame it on my messed up Life.
We started playing and fooling around, little kisses there and there, some touches and tickles and dirty talks. Before I knew it. I was twerking all the way to cloud nine, singing some sexual healing.
After such a long time of salty season, I gave in to temptation.
Ooh hell no! I went with the flow...Next thing I woke up in a strange place, with Milano Lsg Lebitso by my side. Don’t judge me! I am only human
Let’s leave the judging to the Man above

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