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Saturday, August 27


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 23


In life, we all have unfair things that happen to us. We can choose to hold on to the hurt, become bitter and angry, and let it poison our future; or, we can choose to let it go and trust God to make it up to us. You may not think that you are able to forgive because someone hurt you so badly. You might complain about being dealt a wrong hand, being betrayed, how hard and difficult it is to forget what the person had done to you and how impossible it is to just let it go.You need to rrealise that forgiveness isn’t for anyone's sake; forgiveness is for your own sake. When you forgive, you are taking away their power to hurt you. But if you hold on to that offense and stay angry, you are only poisoning your own life and disconnecting yourself from God.
Forgiveness is like a door on your heart. If you shut the door and refuse to forgive, then God cannot forgive you. But when you open the door and allow forgiveness to flow from you, then His forgiveness can flow into you. Choose to forgive and open the door to receive God’s life, peace and healing today. Talk about easier said than done.
But if you’ve been raised the way I've been raised, you will know that forgiveness is key. Nor matter how hard it can be, but boy, I was battling with uttering the three words “ I forgive you”, especially when they are directed to the woman who has been so cruel and hurt me the worst possible way. I know God requires us to forgive but I was just not ready. Maybe someday.... Maybe not ever.. Reatlehile Baloye destroyed me. And I won't lie to her and say I forgive her because I had to forgive. I wanted to mean it and truly feel it... but God works in different and miraculous ways
We decided retire for the morning. Mama prepared her a place to sleep. I went to Nkoko’s house to join Omontle and the kids for sleep.
Before I sleep, I knelt down and asked God to guide me. I surrendered everything to him. I prayed for Reatli and for everything she was going through. When I said Amen, peace filled my soul and I released all the hatred I felt towards her. More than anything, I found myself feeling so sorry for her. And hoping she would be strong enough to handle whatever she was about to experience.
When I wake up it was nine thirty. Everyone was up and about ready to hit the road.
We had planned a picnic at Pilanesburg game reserve. I prepared myself. Yoo, I was just too sleepy. Five hours sleep was not enough. Thank God my grand uncle owned taxis and buses, so we were going to be driven to the game reserve , so more sleep on our way there was evident.
Oh the prinzilla joined the O' family. She also asked if she could stay for a few days in Mmatau until she figured out a plan to deal with her godzilla of husband. I just agreed. Since Kanoyarona’s passing and all other stresses, I lost some noticeable weight. I was almost same size as her. So I let her help herself to my clothes since she came empty handed.
We went to Pilanesburg. As always we had fun. Being with my family had always been therapeutic. Whenever I’m around them, I forget everything bad. Thing I love and respect about my family is that they are very open minded and flexible. They never questioned prinzilla’s unannounced visit and stay, instead they treated her like a guest. And another thing, they also would never ask too many questions until one decides to share or let them know. So whatever happened in the early hours was still between me and prinzilla. I was keeping our conversation to myself until I was ready to tell them everything. All in good time.
The only person who was a bit offish and was unable to hold her horses was Aus Tsitsi. Of all my family, excluding my sister in law Fifi, she knew how much Reatlehile had betrayed and hurt me pretty badly. Before she left in the early hours of the morning she called me aside and asked me to get rid of the backstabber or she will do it herself. I begged her and told her that we will kill Reatli with kindness. When she came back to the house, few minutes earlier to find her still at Mama's house, all dressed up in my clothes, she was so pissed off and sarcastic towards Reatli, asking her why she was still in Mmatau. I had to calm her down and asked her to be a little more tolerant.
Pilanesburg was beautiful and fun. Before we knew it, we were back home. Some relatives started packing for their trips back to their homes. Around eight in the evening Reatli received a call. She stood up and went to answer outside. A few minutes later she came back and asked if we could go to Nkoko Dire’s house to talk.
I was still not sure if I wanted to help her, how involved I wanted to be and how far was I willing to go to accomplish my mission. Honestly speaking, so far my mission was further ahead and the only thing missing was concrete proof which I thought I would be able to obtain if I play along Reatlehile’s mission to destroy her husband. But I was fighting with my heart bigtime.
We headed to my grandparents’ house. On our way I made my decision. I decided to play along and get what I needed and abandon her.
We reached the house and went straight to the kitchen. She plugged the kettle and made us tea.I was busy cutting my favourite Tiramisu cake.
Reatli: Guess who called earlier?
Nna: Mr Baloye
Reatli: Nope, the stinking She’tender.
Nna: Oh that thing? What does it want? Didn’t you tell her to go hell?
Reatli: she was wishing me a happy new year. Mxxx! No I can't give away that I’m on to her . I’m keeping her closer to me. Bobs, I haven't confronted her, even Nyiko... They don’t know that I know what they are up to.
Nna: Ebe? Athe how did you find out about them?
Reatli: Huh Bobs! On Boxing day while I was at Sebokeng I got worried about not knowing about his whereabouts. I then phoned my little sister in law. She was under the impression that I knew that Nyiko was in Giyane. To avoid embarrassment and Q&A, I pretended that I had forgotten and lied. We hang up without talking further.
Few minutes later I phoned Nyiko. I fought with him about leaving without saying anything or his whereabouts. I did not tell him that I phoned his sister, so I asked him where he was and he lied and said he flew to visit a friend in Mpumalanga. I decided not to tell him that I knew he was in Giyane. I thought maybe he didn’t want me to follow him. I was just relieved that he was safe with his family and not somewhere in hotels with She’tenders.
So after our five minutes call, I phoned Sheryl. I wanted us to go out for drinks or something especially after ditching her for Xmas lunch. She declined and said she was not around. While talking to her, I could pick up the same background music that I overheard while talking to Nyiko. I thought I was being paranoid and asked her where she was, and she said she was in Limpopo visiting her great grandmother’s family.
For some odd reason I couldn’t shake the feeling about the two phone calls. I found myself thinking about it. I was thinking what a coincidence. Both Nyiko and Sheryl in Limpopo? Both somewhere with same Tsonga music by same artist is playing at the background?
I decided to play the inquisitive wife. I then phoned MamaG asking her about her relatives in Limpopo. She said she had no relatives from Limpopo. I asked her where Sheryl was. She then said she thought they were spending Christmas with me. Apparently papa-wa-Tshenolo ( referring to Nyiko) fetched her and the kids on Christmas eve. That's when I knew there was no coincidence. Where ever Nyiko was, he was with Sheryl. I thought maybe his younger sister was lying to me.
My suspicions were confirmed when I phoned Nyiko’s elder sister and asked her about her brother. That’s when she confirmed that they had a fabulous Xmas and asked me why I refused to join them. She told me about the twins’ ceremony that took place in the morning and applauded me for agreeing that the adorable twins be formally introduced to the Baloye' s family and be given new names.
Shocked and devastated as I was, I had to keep my cool and not tell her that I had no idea what she was talking about. I pretended and asked her about the ceremony and asked her about the twins’ new names. She said the boy was named Akani and the girl was Amukelani. I knew without a doubt that indeed they met Ontiretse and Oduetse. For my big sister to know the twins sex was devastating. The reality of the situation crushed me to the core..
Seemed Nyiko lied to his family that I was aware and also approved the ceremony. I asked Nyiko’s sister not to tell him that I phoned in case he might think I could not wait for them to return and hear all about the beautiful ceremony of the twins from him. My sister in law promised that she won’t say a word but said me and her need to talk woman to woman about the twins bombshell.
Nna: Wow! It must have hurt pretty bad neh? The pain of a stabbed wound plugged in by someone you trusted. A stab of betrayal. I can relate. So you never confronted them ever since? Why?
Reatli: Later at night after a good painful cry, I had a panic attack and was admitted. I never told my family the truth. Daddy has not been well since Karabello's accident, your break up and everything else . I couldn’t tell them as yet, they are going to be shattered. Apparently mama phoned Nyiko and he came rushing to hospital. I was released from hospital on the 29th December. Nyiko fetched me and took me home. I was tempted to confront him but decided otherwise. All I want is revenge and payback time. And I have a plan on how I would achieve that.
Nna: Whoa Ausi. You didn't tell your parents? Unbelievable!? Why? So tell me, when are you planning to tell your family the truth about everything. So now I suggest you tell them the truth, especially your brother. They need to know what kind of a son in law Nyiko is and that there's no O’twins.
Reatli: Aish Bobs, I don’t want anyone to know as yet. Especially my family. I don't want them to blow my mission on destroying those two. I want to catch them off guard especially Nyiko. You know how good he is on covering his tracks and how he is able to make people and things that seems to want to threaten his life vanish and disappear. So I need to beat them at their own games while they least expecting it without jeopardizing anyone especially my family.
But I am going to need your help.
Nna: You know Reatli, for a person who seemed to know the kind of man she married, I’m battling to understand why you protected him all along even against your own brother. As for your friend Sheryl, I don't know how you are going to tolerate her and keep her near your family until you get the revenge that you talking about. Anyway, I don't think I have much to help you with. This is your battle. So tell me what are you planning?
Reatli: I need to find out everything dirty about Nyiko. From the videos you have, to everything else illegal he’s been involved with. But first, I need to make sure that financially, my kids and I will be fine when he goes down and that the police do not cease all his assets. I already got my hands on some of his secret bank statements and other useful evidence. I was shocked to see that Nyiko has been supporting Sheryl since the birth of the twins.
The bitch has been benefiting twice in child support and luxurious lifestyle. Nyiko has been paying rent for her apartment while...Oh by the way, I bumped into one of MAKOOTA files, you were right, the Red Golf GTI you asked me about belongs to Karabello. I saw the paperwork. Kevin bought her a brand new car cash. I just realised that Sheryl has been on a money sucking business. She lied about the Golf belonging to her sister and begged me to let her use my brother’s car! Hmmmm, she and Nyiko will curse the day they graduated from university of lies and deceptions.
Nna: Mmm.. So Kevin did buy her the Golf? Lucky bitch! But now I don’t understand why she lied to you about it saying it belongs to Fifi and why was Nyiko keeping MAKOOTA file at your home office not where it belongs? It’s very interesting. Especially the Golf saga.
Question is: why is Kefiloe getting herself mixed up into Nyiko and Sheryl’s world of scheming and deception? But then, it shouldn’t surprise me, she is Sheryl Gosiame’s sister. And when it comes to the Gosiames, they protect each other and would even die for each other. That’s what the late Dintle Gosiame did... Unfortunately I can’t say the same about us.
You are the one who encouraged her, who condoned her whoring tendencies especially after what she did to them before. Look now what she did to you? Even after you have opened up your heart and your arms to her and she’s fucking you’al rough. She is playing you and she will not stop. Trust me she doesn’t even care about anyone.
Reatli: Well, that is some of the reasons I want you to help me investigate and destroy those two bastards. Nyiko only give attention to things that benefits him financially. Although I know he insisted on helping Karabello with the business after the accident, maybe he was just working on the file or maybe he was stealing from my brother. I guess we will find out on the meeting that you called.
As for the she’ tender, I have a plan that will expose her for the cruel lying bitch she really is. Since my family haven't met the twins, and daddy always said they needed your permission first before they could do a welcoming ceremony for them, I will need your help. I want you to tell my parents that you approve.
Then while the kids are still in South Africa for the holidays, I will make sure miss gold-digger brings the kids and let mama check for the Tau birthmark on them. When mama doesn't find the marks, she will be busted and then I will pretend to support her and encourage her to do siblings paternity tests on both the real Tau twins and the Baloye twins, claiming that I want her to prove you and my parents wrong. Then I will confront her with that recording and the sex clip. Afterwards I will use her to help us bring Nyiko down. Then destroy her afterwards.
Nna: Hai Reatlehile. I hear your plans and all but I think you are missing something here. Remember I know the truth about those twins and your husband? I went all out to find the truth on my own and told all of the Tau about it and you shut me out and called me all sorts of names. I think you should handle Sheryl and your family your way.
Remember your family sees me as a bad and bitter person. A lair and a gold digging whore, thanks to you. What if your family, especially your mom think I influenced you? Especially when she will find out that I was right all along. What if she doesn’t even tell the truth about the mark? Remember, according to Tau custom she doesn’t say whether she found it or not, she just recites the Clan poem confirming that the kids are indeed the real lions . Knowing how she hates me, what if she accepts the twins just to spite me? What then Reatli? I am sorry but I don't trust you and I don’t trust your mother.
I will give you the copies of both edited and unedited sex videos and her recorded confession and that's it. As For Nyiko, I will also provide you with the copies of whatever incriminating information I have.
You must verify everything on there. You have to work really hard to find your own proof like I did. That's just about it. Like honestly, everything else we spoke about has absolutely nothing to do with me. After all and in all honestly, this is your personal mission and battle that you alone must fight. I don't have to get involved. But good luck with everything
Reatli: Well I guess you are right about the way we handled the twins issue and I was wrong to want you to help me with it. I will find another way to tell my family the truth about the twins. But I still believe and think you want to see Sheryl pay for everything she did to you.
Nna: Not really. I have given up on that. Especially after my husband and his family chose her over me. Whether unfair and in those appalling circumstances. DiTau loves her, especially Kevin and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to punish her for that. The best woman won. So Reatli, I might not like Sheryl Gosiame, but I don’t see a reason why I should want to destroy her for destroying my marriage with permission from my in-laws and my husband's. I can't compete with that and certainly won't fight that. I left the rest to my God, He will fight for me and Karma never forgets.
Reatli: Bobs, I hope you wont hate me for this, but I have to tell you. I'm not hundred percent sure about it, but I think it's up to you to follow it up. The reason I keep on saying Sheryl Gosiame must pay for her crimes. I am not only referring to what she did to your marriage. I am talking about your what she wanted to do to you, to your life. I have reasons to believe that she and Fifi has something to do with your accident. Matter of fact I know they were involved. Directly or indirectly.
What the heck is she talking about? Apart from Solomon, Milano and the people who obviously bumped me, no-one else including my family and the police knew that my accident was premeditated. So why was she suspecting the Gosiames? Unless she knew something that could implicate them.
This I must hear. This is now personal...
Who knows. Maybe, just maybe... Reatlehile Baloye’s trip to Mmatau was just what I needed...

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