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Monday, August 8


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 15


Yes it’s true only God can judge a person. And trust me, we all have to face the judgement day. So in life whatever you do, you must be prepared to face the consequences and my motto in life is that, If you play hard you must be able to pay hefty.
God knows I needed some sexual healing. Oh I really did. But I am not the type of woman who gets down on the first night. Especially if there is no relationship. I am not for one night stand period. Yes, I must admit I went all naughty with Milano. Fireworks, mind blowing foreplay and all. Ohh the guy is so good with his hands and his mouth, perfection in all the senses. But I couldn’t let things get out of order. I couldn’t bring myself to let him just have me like that. I couldn’t cross that line at all. Not with my brother in law somewhere in the same house.
No ways! Nor matter the salty season and the draught. Hard as it was, I had to think with my head and not let my flesh and it’s desires mislead me.
I just couldn’t. For goodness sake, Milano was my colleague, a friend, and a married man with a crazy wife. Nor matter how good and sexy Milano was, nor matter how sexually hungry I could be, I had to resist the temptation. One other problem I was battling with was the fact that Milano was just too much of a closed book and I was not about to trust him with my body while he could not trust me enough to open up about himself.
Thank God I did resist the temptation.
As soon as Milano and I decided not to give in to temptation, we continued with our party for two. At some point I wanted to drive home. Milano took my car keys and refused to let me drive back home in my state. Although I wasn’t that drunk, I just didn’t have the energy to wrestle him. All I remembered was Milano offering me his t-shirt and telling me that he was going downstairs and that I should rest. I must have dosed off shortly after that until when I woke up in his bedroom.
So when I opened my eyes and found myself in the strange place with Milano by my side, automatically I thought the worst happened until I spotted the sealed packet of lovers plus condom by the bedside table. Then I remembered that we did not have sex.
I checked the time, it was six forty five Sunday morning . Yoo! Milano was dead asleep. For five minutes I watched him sleeping peacefully. Jealous down some people are truly blessed with good looks. Even while sleeping, he looked so handsome. I flashed back to the moment he’d held me in those muscular arms last night. Try as I might, I couldn’t remember ever being that badly jolted.
I must say I was glad that I didn’t let things go that far. Not with Milano.
Awash with guilt, I stood up, picked up all my clothes that were roughly scattered on the floor. I tiptoed towards the ensuite, and slowly and quietly pushed the bathroom door opened and entered. I was trying hard not to wake him up. I rinsed my mouth and washed my face. Just as I bend down to put on my jeans, I felt Milano standing behind me, butt naked.
Oh holly mary...something inside of me awoken.
I stood upright. I was about to say something to him but he just pulled me closer and held me from the back and slowly moved his lower body. I could feel my toes wriggling as he started kissing my neck. He turned me over, we were now facing each other. Visibly aroused, Milano carried me back to the bedroom. He gently laid me down on his bed. I felt again that languid pull between us, an underlying current too strong to resist. I had to fight the attraction, I knew it in some hazy part of my mind, but I couldn’t. I was not even sure that I wanted him to stop.
Nothing tastes as good as a forbidden fruit. While Milano was working his fine hands on my booty, I was whispering oh Lord lead me not into temptation...
I could feel myself soaring higher and higher with every stroke. Low, soft moans erupted in my throat, increasing with urgency, until with a moan of his own, he rolled me underneath and parted my legs. Breathless with anticipation, eager to feel him inside of me , I reached up to encircle his neck. As I did, I was knocked out of orbit by a firm, loud bang on the door.
Attuned to his every breath, I could feel Milano tense above me, his every last muscle clenching, but it took another rude banging, followed by someone calling his name to bring us all the way back to our senses. He shouted that he was coming.
Talk about saved by the knock!
Milano leapt off the bed and scrambled into his shorts. Halfway to the door, he paused to turn back to me, gesturing me to get to the bathroom. Imagine! I quickly grabbed the sheet and covered myself and went into the bathroom. My flushed face stared back at me from all six mirrors. Honestly I felt like shit. I felt like makhwapeni who was let in the blesser’s bedroom through the back door.
How could I be so stupid and vulnerable and reckless? I swear, I can’t remember when last have I had so many things over which I had absolutely no control of. I was so confused, so frustrated and angry at myself.
Is it such a bad thing to lose control? Was I such a bad person?
I thought, “sometimes loosing control can be downright catastrophic”. What was I thinking? Clearly I haven’t been thinking at all, of course, I had only been feeling. Fooling around with Milano had felt like the most natural thing in the world. Which was crazy. Sheer insanity. All other considerations aside, the man was too...too.. everything. Including unpredictable and very secretive.
Well last night I might have been a bit intoxicated and let him marinated me like an angel possessed, but this morning , as sober and aware of my actions, I felt very stupid to have let him even touch me. I was just foolish enough to almost give in yet again to temptation.
How could I? To think I'd been a heartbeat away from giving myself to Milano. All thanks to the person who knocked....Who knows what might have happened?
Milano opened the bathroom door and gestured me to get back to the bedroom. He said he will be back. He closed the door and left. I strode back to the bedroom.
Under the sheet, I wiggled into my jeans. To think moments earlier, I had delighted in my nakedness -reveled in it, but now, I couldn’t get dressed fast enough. I finished dressing up and went back to the bathroom to touch up my face. I was now in a hurry to hit the road before I end up doing something I would regret.
Ten minutes later Milano came back. He jokingly asked me why I was dressed up because we had to pick up where we left off before we were rudely interrupted. I laughed and told him that I wanted to leave.
He asked me how I was feeling. I blatantly told him that I was feeling awfully shitty and that whatever happened last night and earlier should not have happened and that I was sorry I let things go that far. With a disappointment written all over his face, he agreed that we might have over stepped some boundaries. We promised and agreed that it was best to forget everything that happened.
I stood up, told him that I was ready to go and asked him to get me out of his house as fast and discreet as possible. He asked me to take a seat because I might want to hear what he wanted to tell me.
I was already waiting by the door and told him that he will tell me whatever on our way to the car. He begged me to sit down. I realised that he was serious. I went back and sat down next to him.
Milano: Uhm! That was my brother earlier on
Nna: Okay. What did he want? Do you think he knows that I slept over?
Milano: No! There’s still a few cars that are parked outside, he wouldn’t necessarily know who left and who stayed behind.
Nna: Oh that’s a relief. So it’s safe for me to walk out of here without being embarrassed?
Milano: No! You shouldn’t be embarrassed, my brother is cool. Besides he went back to bed, so you won’t bump into him.
Nna: So why am I still sitting here? What is it that you wanted to tell me?
Milano just said ”Aish”, and I immediately knew that whatever it was that he was about to tell me is not good. Milano started by saying, he hope that I won't freak out. I felt a chill go down my spine because often time when someone say please don’t kill me, please don’t be angry etc... They know very well that, that's exactly the reaction they are going to get. So basically I prepared myself to be freaked out.
Apparently the security guard woke up Milano’s brother and alerted him that since Saturday afternoon, there was a suspicious car driving up and down the road and every time it reaches the gate, it would slow down and then drive off. The security said for a while he ignored it thinking that perhaps the driver was lost.
He said he got suspicious when the driver approached one of the guests asking them lots of questions about who the owner of the place was and what was happening etc. The security then ignored the car said he thought maybe the person was also invited to the house party but not sure of the address.
The security then retired for the night and this morning when he reported for duty, he noticed the same car parked a few metres away from the gate. He said he suspected that the person must have slept there. He thought of approaching the car but decided to tell the owner. When the owner went outside to check the car, he realised that it was the same car that Milano told him about. The same car that followed him from Milano’s place. The same car he described to one of his Metro police connections to get information on it. The famous Golf that has been following Milano.
Upon seeing the car, Milano’s brother decided to call Milano so that they could go confront the driver and find out who s/he was and what s/he wanted. Unfortunately when Milano and his brother approach the car, it sped off. Milano said that they were unable to get a glimpse of the person because of the tinted windows.
Whuu shame. This was bigger than me. All this stuff happening around Milano was just too much for me. I really need to distance myself and stay far away from him. There's something happening and a part of me thought he knew what it was but still choose to keep it to himself. If the stalker is not his wife, who is it and what is it that s/he so wanted to achieve by following him around? Could be dodgy business deals. Obonolo Tau be careful. You wouldn't want to be included in this mess. Choose your battles.
We spoke briefly about the stalker. I still suspected Milano’s wife but thought against it. If it was her, she would have known about the place and the owner of the house. Wouldn't she? So many questions, so little answers. Milano promised me that by Monday we will know the stalker’s identity because his brother's contacts were busy tracking and finding info about him or her.
I decided to leave.
Milano walked me to the car. For a while we were quiet. As we get to the parking I saw a few cars still parked there. Milano told me that all the remaining cars were close friends and family. As we continued walking on the driveway towards where my car was parked, I spotted Nyiko’s car. The thing about personalised number plates, sometimes it's not ayoba. You can't hide even if you wanted to. I prayed and hoped he didn't spot mine because it is also personalized... and he knew it. This is weird, did Nyiko spend the night here with Barbie? Yoo.. poor princess Reatlehile. Well who was I to judge him? I mean I was also not so innocent. Kevin has not boarded the plane to U.S yet but already I was this close to opening my legs for another man?
I was getting very unsettled and curious. I thought of asking Milano about Nyiko, and demanding that he answers me. As I was about to ask, Milano’s phone rang. He answered and told the caller that he will be there in a few seconds. He said it was the security calling him to quickly get to the gate. Milano said I should get to my car and wait for him he will be back. I told him that I wont be waiting for him. I needed to get home. I had church service to attend. He said the security spotted the stalker again so he has to rush and perhaps he might catch the stalker. I told him that the stalker was after him not me. So I should drive off and check if the stalker was still there and will alert him. He agreed and I drove off.
As I reached the gate, I greeted security and he opened the gate for me. While the gate was opening, Milano phoned me said he just spoke to Favour (the security ) and he just told him that the Golf drove away down the street. He said I should drive safe and we will talk later. We hang up.
I drove off. It was still early Sunday morning. No traffic. I put on Lesedi FM and sang along some praise song. I thought about my relationship with Milano. I must say it felt wrong and full of unexpected surprises. With everything that’s been happening around, I decided that maybe I should keep my distance until everything settles down or get sorted.
I continued driving. Just as I was about to exit Leeuwkop road to connect to the Freeway, I noticed that a red car had been following me for a while now. Initially I thought its paranoia especially after Milano told me about his stalker. I decided to change my directions. I turned into the next street and drive away. Hardly five kilometres into the street I turned into, the red car emerged. I realised that I was not bluffing, I was being followed and I suspected Milano’s stalker.
Wait a minute! I never asked Milano about the description of the car that have been following him. The only thing I knew was that, it was a Golf . And the car behind me was definitely a VW (Volkswagen).
A thud pounded in my chest. My fears about being caught up in a web of Milano' s shenanigans was finally being realised. I was scared.
I dialed Milano’s number and it rang twice and then he picked up
Milano : Hey sweetness, missing me already?
Nna: Haahaaa You wish neh!
Milano: I miss you already. Are you home already? That was quick!
Nna: No I'm not. I'm still driving and I don't know if I am paranoid or what but, there's a car that's been following.
Milano: Are you being serious Nolo? Can you describe the car?
Nna: I am not clued up with cars, but I see it is a VW model
Milano : What colour?
Nna: It's Red
Milano : Oh shit! It’s my stalker Nolo. Red Golf GTI, tinted windows. Please drive to a garage or nearest police station. Where are you?
Just as I was about to answer, we got cut off. My phone battery went dead. I tried to reach for the car charger out of the car compartment. I heard a very loud bang.
Was that a gunshot or what? O Modimo waka. Please protect me.

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