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Monday, August 22


Major 1- Bushiri, A Youth Magnet


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ,founder and president of Enlightened Christian Gathering and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries, has a very big and massive followers across the globe.
Amongst his great followers, there is a lot of youth that are attracted to his teachings.  Many young people travel from different parts of Africa and beyond just to tap into the anointing of Major 1.
Most of the leaders in the church,  especially those working in media are youngsters some as young as 15 year old doing a phenomenal work at church. Other youngsters helps lead home cell groups. Some as young as 18 are doing pastoral and evangelical work both at church and home cell groups.  Most,if not all,youth magnets aspire to be like their father and mentor Major 1.

Because of the growing number of congregants at ECG, Major 1 decided to have a separate church service for the youths between the ages of 14 to 35 year olds,from June, 2016. All youths would gather and showcase their extraordinary talent from drama to singing,debating,rapping, dancing and sports

Major 1 ,like what a true father would do, would have fun with them , making jokes, discussing life issues, reprimand them,teach them, pray for  them,prophesy  and deliver those who are hooked up into bad habits .  He even opened a sports academy run by the great sportsmen to train young talent in their different fields.  Most of those are already making a name of their selves in Europe and elsewhere just coming from the Shepherd Bushiri Sports Academy.

Major 1 also opened a music stable called Major-1 Records where talent is identified through music. Several musicians of note are in that solid record label that keeps identifying more young talented musicians.
Indeed Major-1 is a role model and father to many.  He's the most lovable prophet of our generation, loved  and adored by both the old and the young at heart. A prophet with a heart of gold;Major 1, a youth magnet

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