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Wednesday, August 10


Slow Poison Chapter 1


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Tinyiko had just brought down the last bag of my clothes
Me: thanx sis'nyiko you are a breathe of fresh air
Nyiko: mxm you are just saying That because am caring your bags
Me: but am serious you really are a life saver
Nyiko: owh thanx punky am really gonna miss you
Me: now you' ve just spoiled the mood, you know how much i hate that word
Nyiko: ncooh but you use to love it when you were younger
Me: jah " when i was younger " i am a grown up lady now, just call me TEEKAY
NYIKO: ohk then "TEEKAY" I will surely miss you
She pulled me in for a tight hug
You see sis Nyiko has been with us for twenty years now, she first was my baby sitter but changed to a full timer helper when i grew up
She has been like a mother to me, she literally raised me up since my parents are all work and had no time or what so ever for me
I grew up as an only child in the Nkosi house hold.
I had everything i ever needed accept for my parents attention
And we all know what is said about money, it can't buy love, neither can it buy happiness
So with all the money and gift in the world i still felt unlove and unhappy and thats where sis'Nyiko steps in
She is a source of strength for me
She has been a mother figure in my life
Still in that embrace we heard the car beep
" lets go papa must be furious" i said breaking the hug
She picked my bags while i took my Prada hand bag and my two iphones and my laptop bag
we then rushed out, my father was already on the drive way, the car engine was already roaring.
" i don't need this, i have a bussiness to run" he said the minute we reached the car
Me: its forever business to you daddy, you should have let me take my car and drive myself
Dad: so that you will go to your places, and we will be sitting here thinking that you are at school never, the driver will bring your car tomorrow
Me: as if you care ( rolling my eyes)
Dad: watch your tongue young lady, am not your mate
Me: whatever dad, i'll shut the fuck up like i always do
Dad: stop with your vulgar language, Grace talk to your daughter before i deal with her
Mom: ah mxolisi, she is also your daughter.
Thando watch your tongue, you cant talk to your father like that.
Me: mxm and what do you know she takes her husband's side like always.
yall just the same. Obsessed about how much Y'all make at the end of the month, and not my well being
Dad: we work hard so that you can have everything you want so stop being an ungrateful brat
Me: I'll rather be poor and be loved than having all this flashy fancy stuffs and feel lonely and empty
And am sure poor parents don't shove careers down their kids' throats. They let them do whatever the want
Dad: i see, so you are still upset about doing medicine
I don't know why you are fussing, i mean you are clever, your marks are good and i have the money to pay.
Me: mom can you please tell your husband to stop living my life for me, i hate medicines and am sure i will make a terrible GP
Why wont he let me do fashion design, i love it and i will still obtain a degree
Mom: this is for your best interest honey, your father is just looking out for you
Me: you never care about my feelings, i hate you
Dad: hate us all you want but i wont waste my money on a stupid course
You are gonna do medicine finish and klaar
Me: you do know that is one and the same word right
He gave me a sharp look on the review mirror, i just rolled my eyes and looked out the window, if only he knew how i had already managed to have courses changed as soon as i get to school
I took a deep breathe and looked at our two storey house one last time
This was really gonna be a long horrible ride, but i couldn't wait to leave this place, i was nervous about leaving yet excited about going
We stopped at marchado garage, while my dad pour petrol, my mom and i went inside the store
She went to the toilet while i bought chicken pie for myself
Then i went back to the car
" awubuke nje kutsi ugcoke njani ( look at how you are dressed)" my dad said as soon as i got in car
Me: cheez papa now you wanna control my wardrobe, you need to take a chill pill
Yini nje le wrong ngalelirogo
(Whats wrong with the dress)
Dad: you are literally naked, what will people say
Me: good thing, i don't give a damn what people say
I will not wear like an old granny
My father was really pushing my buttons
I mean i have a killer body so why not embrace it
I looked like some typer model of some sort but with a bright future behind me
I had thee flattest tummy, and nice long legs
I was just the spitting image of my mother, and i had my father pointy nose
Well papa on the other side just looked exactly like mr maputla wako skeem saam but was a bit lighter
Him and my mom were just on different levels
My mom was a beauty who didn't even look like she ever gave birth
She possessed rare beauty which i had the pleasure to inherit
My mom came back with food, then we left.
I never spoke all the way. I just plugged in my headphones and listened to my RnB music while browsing through my facebook
We finally got to joburg, we firstly bought grocery then we drove to UJ main campus, it was just packed.
We went to the residence area, since i already knew where my room was, i just hope my roomie had arrived
Dad: look at all this kinky girls, i hope you wont turn up like them
Me: relax dad am 19 i know how to take care of myself
Mom: they all say that then end up being pregnant
Me: then let me guys make my own mistakes, if i get pregnant along the road then so shall it be
Dad: and if you do fall pregnant then don't bother coming back to my house
Me: geez dad why do you have to be so serious
Dad: cause am your father, and i don't want any mistake
Anyway tommy will bring your car tomorrow and your pocket money is already in your bank account
Me: thanx papa
They helped me unload everything
Then after everything they said their goodbyes and left, i actually walked them to the car
After they left i went back to the room, my roomie was not yet here so i lazed around the whole day

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