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Wednesday, August 24


Slow Poison Chapter 10


Such a long quiet day it had been, Nyiko not being used of lazing around the whole day, this felt like the longest day ever
" Hlengiwe" she called out
Hlengiwe was the house maid that mxolisi brought in the previous day, he had made it absolutely clear that he didn't want Nyiko slaving herself away, he was willing to do everything and anything for her, all she needed to do was to relax and took care of her pregnancy
Well initially Nyiko was not in synch with the idea of just sitting around doing nothing but mxo has promised that after the pregnancy he was gonna get her a job, thats how she finally warmed up to the idea

Hlengiwe came in
" yes ma'am" she said politely
Nyiko: you seriously need to quit the formality dear
Call me Tinyiko
Hlengi: ohk ma..... Tinyiko
Nyiko: you can go home, don't worry about cooking i will do that myself ohk
Hlengi: ohw ohk, i would be leaving then
Nyiko: here ( she handed her transport money) owh and you can take the Five kg braai pack in the freezer ohk
Hlengi: owh thank you ma'am, i mean Tinyiko, thank you so much
She was about to kneel when Tinyiko stopped her
She thanked her again before walking away
NYIKO stared as hlengi walked out, she wondered how can such a young vibrant girl settle for being a maid
Right then she was reminded again how life can be so unfair and brutal towards the innocent, while people like grace prosper
They get away with everything they do no matter how evil or painful it may be
I mean grace had caused her so much heartache yet she kept on prospering how is that any unfair
Nyiko hadn't realised how deeply buried in thought she was until she was disturbed by hlengi who was saying goodbye
Its only when she was asked if she was ohk by hlengi that she realised she had been crying
" don't worry dear, am fine, you can go i will see you tomorrow " Nyiko said with a broad smile wiping the tears away
Hlengi: ohk then, see you tomorrow
Hlengi walked out, Nyiko continued wiping the tears that couldn't stop falling
She hated how much impact her sister had in her life
Even at a reasonable distance she still manages to make her cry
She stood up, went to the bathroom washed her face
She didn't have to do this, she needed to stop crying
She had everything she ever wanted right at her finger tips
She had a double storey house in town with five bedrooms three bathrooms two lounge, dining room and the most wide and biggest kitchen ever
The house was fully furnished, with a small relaxing pool at the back, it was so beautiful
The fridge and cupboards in the kitchen were fully packed with food
With a house located in a white neighbourhood what more could he possibly asked for
She was moved from grass to Grace, (but not her sister grace)
Yet she still felt the pain, this house was so huge, if only her lil boy were still alive she would have a person to share the house with,
Mind trailed, she wondered how his boy would have been like if he didn't die
He would have grown into a handsome young man
She placed her hand in her tummy, this was God's way of replacing what he took
From her years ago
" don't worry nana mommy is gonna love you so much, i can't wait to hold you in my arms" she said brushing her tummy
Later she started on dinner
After dropping Grace at work tommy took the BM to the garage for its service
He left it there and took a taxi back to his four bedroom house
His house was not that beautiful it lacked a woman's touch, nevertheless it was squeaky clean, it was just spotless
Tommy was a clean guy, he prepared a light snak for himself after eating he took a quick shower
Wore a blue jean with white t-shirt and the white Jordan that mxolisi bought him
He looked smocking hot in his nicely trimmed hair
He looked at himself one last time, and he was good to go
He took his wallet, his spot bag and his Golf car keys
He took his phone and quickly changed his wallpaper which was actually the picture of TEEKAY
" Can't wait to see you Omuhle wam" he said looking at teekay's picture before changing it
He walked out and started his long drive to jozi.
On the way there he called the hotel where he had booked the room and validate if it was still available
Then He texted Rato telling her that he was already on his way
It was just the longest trip ever, he finally arrived in jozi it was in the late afternoon
He checked into the hotel
Freshen up first before driving to UJ
I was already refreshed and dressed
" WOW girl who is the guy that has gotten you so anxious
Look at you, so excited, you can hardly sit" teekay said, she just came from Thulani
Bitch, she thought she was the only one capable of dating
" ah its no guy, am just going out with my friends " i said, i just didn't wanna tell her that i was seeing tommy, i didn't want her to ridicule me
And brag about how much of a driver tommy was
" friends huh, if you say so" she said sarcastically
Giving me the girl i know you are lying look
Me: serious chommie am going out with my friends
Its just a girl's night out
Teekay: mmh really, then can i come along
Me: uhm.....i....its
Teekay: am kidding ohk, i will be going back to thulani, i just came to take a bath thats all, i am gonna sleep over there
His roomie went home for the weekend
Me: mmmmh somebody is gonna be getting some tonight
Teekay: ah we not gonna be doing anything funny or any adult stuff
Me: ohk then.
A message came through it was from tommy. He was at the entrance
My heart jumped with excitement. I looked at myself one last time in the mirror
Quickly fixed my make-up
I took my phone and a hand bag which matched my leopard skin platform heel
I looked sexy in my above the knees body hugging black dress
" are you sure your friends are girls " teekay said
" yep hau girl why do you ask" i said with a pretentious smile
Teekay: enjoy then, i will see you tomorrow
Me: bye girl, enjoy and don't do anything i wouldn't do
Teekay: lol trust me i won't
We hug quickly, then i took my stuff and walked out
I could see tommy from a distance
He was leaning to a white golf three, it was pimped and dropped
The rim was just on another level
Trust me am that good with cars.
He smiled as soon as he saw me, i smiled too
Gosh this guy was just crazily handsome, he was a TREYZ SONG look alike, he was a chocolate hotty
" woow you look beautiful " he said as soon as i reached him
We shared a warm hug, then we broke the hug, he kept looking behind me as we spoke
" are you looking for someone " i finally asked
Tommy: umh, where's your roommate, Kuhle
Me: by kuhle you mean teekay
tommy: yes, where is she, i was hoping you were gonna come with her
Me: unfortunately she's not around
Tommy: owh ( he on a disappointed look), i miss her, i was really hoping to see her
Yeh, mihlolo, did i hear this dude saying he missed another girl in my presence
This was just crazy
Tommy: so will she be here tomorrow
Me: noo, she went out with his BOYFRIEND
I made sure to scream the boyfriend statement
" owh is it" he said, he seemed a bit down, his mood just dropped in an instant
After that he was just quiet and not so talkative anymore
We got in his car and we drove to the hotel

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