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Saturday, August 27


Slow poison Chapter 11


I took a quick shower, shaved every part clean, you never know what might happen so its better to be always prepared
I wore a bootleg panty and its matching bra
Since it was already in the evening, i had on a long simple body hugging dress and my flats
I packed my sexy silk night dress and cosmetic in a small bag
I made sure i had everything i needed
Then i waited on Thulani who texted few minutes later saying he was downstairs
I took everything, locked the door and went to him
" you look cute" he said taking the bag from me
Me: lol you just pulling my leg, cute in this simple dress
Thulani: simple yeah right, you look really beautiful but then again you can wear a sack and still look super hot
Me: thanx for the compliment mister
Thulani: shall we
He let out his arm and i held on, we walked to his car
We got in, then he drove to his place
Well Thulani resided further in town, the flats there were a bit cheap so they actually were like students flats and lots of UJ students rented there
He parked his car outside and we walked in, took the stairs to the fourth floor
We finally reached his room
It was so neat and clean, just few clothes on the bed
It had two beds, a closet a fridge a table with a two plate
The place was just wide and in perfect shape
"Well babes make yourself comfortable neh, i will be right back" he said
He kissed my forehead and left, i kept myself busy with his laptop
I browsed through his movie folder
And the guy had a lot of action and horror movies
Which were actually not my favourite, i then went to his other unnamed folder which actually consisted of lots of adult movies now that was great, Thulani didn't seem like a guy who watched pornos but you know what they say don't judge a book by its cover
I browsed through the pornos and it was just lots of heavy stuff
The turning and twisting they were doing there were just crazy
I finally exited the folder before i see things which are much bigger than me
I saw another folder written THUNDER i tried opening it but it required a password
So i let it be and settled for a romcom i found outside the folders
I watched and it was pretty great and funny, 15 minutes into the movie thulani came back
He had a box of pizza, a cool drink and a plastic which contained lots of goodies
" hope i wasn't gone for too long" he said
Me: nop not at all
He took out a kota (bunny chow), then handed the rest of the stuff to me
Me: wow, this is just a lot of stuff, you really wanna see me fat don't you
Him: well i wouldn't mind seeing you fat, but i promise, stuffing yourself for oneday won't get you fat
I just wanna see you eating, you know let me see how sexy you chew
Or uyangsaba
Me: lol what
Him: phela we see you, i really don't know how you girls function
You will pretend to be a light eater infront of a guy but when you are alone lord have mercy
Your plates be looking like Table mountain
Me: you crazy yati, mine vele am not a food person
I don't wanna mess up my body
I still wanna maintain my flat tummy
Him: haha i really hope you not acting up just to please me
Me: so where's my kota
Him: you want it
Me: yes ( i pulled up a straight face)
Him: you can have mine i will go get another one
He was about to hand it to me when i busted up laughing
Him: and then, whats funny
Me: am kidding man, yoh i don't eat all those greasy stuff
A bunny chow is just one of the worst unhealthiest meal ever
Its just not in my menu
Him: well you are missing out, this is kasi's most creative meal
You never fully from kasi if you have never had this
Me: kasi or not i just think there's just too much oil in that
I can't dzeal
Him: well then let me enjoy
He sat next to me, and ate while we watched the romcom
I just ate the lays only
Me: so i've told you so much about my family how about you tell me more about yourself and where you come from
He firstly brushed his head
Him: do we really need to do this now
Me: yep we actually do
He kept quiet a bit
Him: well, uhm, Am thulani Ngwenya also from nelspruit eLikazi
I am the only son of VUSI and NOMSA Ngwenya
I never knew my mother though, i was told by my father that she passed away during my birth
So my father raised me
I don't remember much of my childhood though
I only remember things starting from when i was ten years
Me: wow, how come you don't remember your life before you turned ten
Him: thats also a mystery am trying to solve
Well i had a pretty normal up bringing
He kept quiet and sniffed
Me: owh my god, are you ohk, whats wrong
Him: its...its just been difficult
Me: how do you mean, what happened please tell me
Him: i, my father......he has
Me: Please tell me,
(I held his hand and brushed it)
Please tell me everything and i promise i will be there for you
Him: i never told any girl about this
Me: then i promise i will take this to my grave
Him: ( he took a deep breathe ) my father changed Right after i turned twelve
He started abusing me physically
He would hit me with anything he got his hands on
He use to beat me mercilessy, bekayinja babe, he didn't care about me
He hated me so much, i guess he blamed me for his wife's death
Then the beatings turned into nights without food and that turned to sexual abuse
Me: whoaw, what now, you mean your own father molested you
Like he didn't trust his voice he just nodded
Me: hhayi Thulani, what kind of a father who does that to his own flesh and blood
Him: i guess my own father
Me: forgive my French but your father is a man biiatch
Him: well i couldn't take the abuse anymore it affected me so much so i dropped out of school
Then one night after he had bitten me into a pulp i ran away, it was in the middle of the night
Running away was the best thing that had ever happened to me that night
I was found by a great man, he rescued me and taught me how to stand up to my father
He taught me on how to be a man
Me: owh wow, this is too much, its just a lot for one person to endure
Its so painful
(I was already in tears)
Him: yabo, i didn't wanna make you cry
me: how could i not cry while i hear such gruesome things
Him: you know what, enough with painful stories
lets get the attention back to us
I could say nothing but just hug him so tight
" am so sorry" i Finally said
Him: its ohk, am ohk now, its all in the past
I Just couldn't imagine how someone can be through such hardship and still come out so strong
We broke the hug with eyes still deep in each other's soul
Slowly we leaned towards one another
And finally we kissed so slowly and passionately
His lips did its wonders
And before i knew it, the pace had increased
We were breathing heavily and the kiss got intense
He took off my dress while i took off his sweater and t-shirt
His hand held my breast firm tracing down to my tummy until it reached my panty i felt myself getting wetter by the minute
I helped him take off his trouser
Good thing this was not my first, i knew exactly what to do
We continued with the four play, he actually went down on me
I moaned and screamed like a possessed lady, this guy was doing wonders with my body
" are you ready for this" he said
" more than ever" i responded with a soft voice
He went to a drawer and took out a condom
I hope and prayed that this didn't hurt like it did the first time i had sex

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