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Saturday, August 27


Slow poison Chapter 12


We drove all the way to the hotel still on a silent mode, the mood was just sour, its a good thing that music was playing
A song by SAM SMITH: NOT THE ONLY ONE was playing
I kept on mimicking the song, only the parts i knew though
After it HURT YOU, by TONI BRIXTON and that other dude followed
I wondered what was is it with this guy and cheating songs, did he by any chance knew that i was dating someone else
Well i really don't know if having a blesser is also considered as cheating
I see it more like having a living bank account
The sex i gave to Vusi was just to keep the money coming, even at the bank you pay some few rands when you get your money so basically Vusi was just My talking ATM machine
Was i such a bad person to be sleeping with uncle grandpa in exchange for money, well i don't think so, some people may see it as prostitution but then again we all are prostitute in our own way
I mean when you are in a relationship you expect presents, dinners and airtime from your lover that just the same as wanting money in exchange for sex
If we weren't such prostitutes divorce wouldn't be caused by bad financial situation
And we wouldn't need to take half of a person's property when we divorce
I mean hell what are you getting half of the property for, isn't that for the services you rendered while you were still in that marriage
Now you will sit in your high chair and brag about how much of a prostitute i am, well atleast am getting paid for giving out the cookie unlike those who give it out for free
My beeping phone brought me back to life
I took it out of my bag, i opened the message
Mxm thinking of the devil
It was from uncle grandpa Vusi
" hey baby,i would like us to meet tomorrow it you are not to busy" the message read
I just deleted the message, switched my phone off and tossed it back to the bag
He had to give me a break, this weekend was about TOMMY, Vusi just needed to take a backseat
Finally we reached the hotel, he parked the car and we got out and walked in
He got his key at the reception and we took the elevator to the fifth floor
He was in room 301, the room was just beautiful and comfortable
Tommy went to the phone and ordered a white wine
" make yourself comfortable" he said as he took off his sweater and t shirt off
He went to the shower
A few minutes later a knock came through, i went to open and it was room service
A young woman came in carrying a tray with wine and two glass
She placed everything on the stand like i had directed
She asked if i needed anything else, i
Asked her to bring some strawberries and ice cream
I was thinking of something sexy and romantic for us
I took off the dress and i was left with the sexy lingerie
I laid on the bed sexily and waited on Tommy to come out
Few minutes later, he came out with his eyes so red, its like he has been crying or something
He had on only a towel tied from his waist downwards
The man was on another level, i bit my lips hungrily
Its like he didn't even noticed me on that bed
He just went about and continued with his business
He lotioned his body and wore his boxer and shorts
Room service came again, this time Tommy attended to the door, he came back with the strawberries and ice cream
" you ordered this" he said
Me: yes, i wanted this to be special
I got off the bed and catwalked towards him
I actually traced my hands over his body
He showed no interest, none or whatsoever
" am actually so thirsty " he said walking away
He went straight to the bottle, opened it and gulped it by mouth, he didn't see
The need to use a glass
I decided to joined him
Half way through the bottle we were both getting tipsy
Atleast he was more involved and a bit chatty after that
" you are so hot" he said
I didn't know if it was really him talking or the alcohol
Me: thank you
Him: well Your roommate is also smoking hot too, and she can be so bossy
Have you noticed how her eyes squint whenever she has on a genuine smile
Especially with her cute side smile she just......
Me: whoaw enough dude, you know if i didn't know any better i would have thought that you are infatuated with her
Him: well uhm
He just lifted his shoulders then he roughly kissed me
The kiss got more real when i responded, our tongues locked and our breathing increased rapidly
The taste and smell of wine in his saliva turned me on even more
I wanted him so much, hands were all over each others bodies
The heat was ontop of the hotel roof
He kissed me down my neck whilst stroking my hair
He ripped of the lingerie, now i was completely naked
I took of his shots and boxer, i went down on him
I sucked that d**k like a lollipop, he groaned and held tighter on My hair making me to go faster
After some time he got me up, he inserted a condom then turned me around in doggy style position and unexpectedly he shove his dick on my pussy
I moaned like a mad cow
Firstly he went on in a slow paced, and we each penetration he increased the pace slamming so hard on my ass
I could feel his whole dick inside me
I was in cloud nine, i didn't know what to do with myself
I WAS now SCREAMING on the top of my voice, if it was not for the pillow i had on my face that restrained the noise i swear the entire hotel would have head me
Faster he went, he pounded so hard, smacking my ass in the process
The pain and pleasure made this even more enjoyable if only Vusi can be that good
When i was about to come, he stopped, took off the condom and inserted another one and lifted me up he pinned me against the wall
He slid his dick back in
He started grinding me, lord have mercy, this guy was just so energetic
" owh, yeessss... mmh baby " i screamed failing to remain calm
His dick reached places i never thought existed
" you are out of this world,,,,,,,,,,, you my Superman" i whispered
" you enjoy that" he said huffing
He went in deeper and deeper, we moved from the wall to the bed, he was ontop, he liked to be dominant and was very good at it
My whole body was just in another place,
" owh babbby...i love you so much" i said failing to hold myself
" ahhhhh babby am about to come" i said
" uh am coming with you" he responded
He went in deeper and faster, i felt everything getting tense, then i finally released
My muscles relaxed
And shortly after that he also came and just collapse ontop of me
" i am so tired" he finally said
" akere you wanted to kill me, why won't you be tired " i said
Him: so did i succeed in killing you
Me: yep you did and now that you are ontop of me you are finishing me off
Him: fuck,
He got off me, he took off the condom
We chilled a bit then later went to take a shower together while at it we had one last round but tommy didn't come on that round
We retired to bed around midnight
After that blood boiling intense love making we took a quick shower then just chilled and talked about everything and anything
" thank you so much" Thulani said staring deep into my eyes since we were sleeping side by side
Me: for what
Him: for being in my life, you are like sunshine in my dull life
I have dated so many girls before and never have i ever love them the way i love you
I feel so complete with you
I just wish i can spend each second of my life with you by my side
I smiled upon hearing his sweet words
Him: i just love how your eyes lit up everytime you smile
I promise to love and cherish you forever
I will never cheat on you, i want you to be my forever
I give my heart to you in a silver platter, promise me you will never break it just like i promise to never break yours
Me: i promise i will keep it safe, never to be touched by anyone but me, i will never break it
Wena ungu LANI wam
Him: and wena ungu HLEHLE wam
We smiled and kissed
Me: can we sleep now, as m so tired and sleepy
Him: go ahead, i prefer to stay up all night and stare at your beauty
Me: yoo nigga thats creepy
Him: shawty am trying to make sure that you don't sneak out at night
Me: lol you crazy
Hin: i just wanna see how you snore, whether you are chewy when you are asleep or maybe you soak yourself in saliva
Me: whooaw never, i do none of that shit
Him: if you say so
We talked and teased untill we fell asleep in each other's arms

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