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Tuesday, August 30


Slow poison Chapter 13


I woke up the following morning feeling blessed and happy
I had on the wildest smile ever, probably the effect of sleeping on the chest of someone you love
Its like i had the world at my feet, i was highly favoured by GOD, he loved me so much to have sent the most wonderful guy ever in my path
I sat up from the bed, yawned and stretched a bit, i felt so hyper if i might say
I wondered where my Knight was because he was not in his side of the bed

I was about to get off the bed when the door swung open
"Nop you are not waking up yet, i bought you breakfast and you must have it in bed" said Thulani who was carrying wimpy take away with two cups of coffee
" mxm i don't want any breakfast " i went back to bed, folded my arms and pretended to mad
Him: njunju what's the matter now, what did i do
Me: you are asking me, you left me all alone in this pathetic huge room
I had to wake up all by myself in this pathetic cold bed
Him: am sorry baby, am so sorry, i just wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed
I shouldn't have left you all alone, please don't be mad at me, i promise this will not happen again
His eyes pleaded, i could hear the sincerity in his voice when he spoke
I remained quiet and maintained a straight face
" i am so sorry baby, i didn't mean to offend you in anyway" he said, his voice a bit cracky
" tell me what to do, i promise i will do anything to make up for what i have done" he continued attempting to kneel Down
Ncooh he looked so cute when he begged
I couldn't hold in the laughter anymore so i just bursted out laughing
" owh lord you should see your face right now, i gotcha, i got you so bad" i lay in bed, covered in stitches of laughter
Him: what, so you mean you not mad
Me: dude why would i be mad for something so silly
Him: owh so am a fool, i've been begging like an idiot and you find that amusing uslima yati
Me: duh can't you take a joke
Him: what joke, i see nothing funny here
His voice so firm and commanded so much authority
He was not as amused by my joke, infact he seemed rather angry
He wore a dull frown
Now it downed to me, maybe the joke was not as funny as i thought
" am sorry Lani, i was just making a joke, am sorry it was not so amusing to you" i said, i felt tears threatening my eyes
I looked up and Thulani had a smirk in his face
He laughed out loud when he saw me looking at him
" revenge is best served sweet" he said in between the laughter
I just looked at him and shook my head
Him: how do you like the taste of your own medicine
I hope its not bitter
I just looked away, he nudged me with his elbow demanding my attention
He really was starting to be a nuisance
He went on and on bragging about how he got me and he really was rubbing everything on my face
I ended up laughing with him. Its hard not to laugh, his laughter was contagious, We laughed a while longer with him tickling me in between
" stoop...stoop please Lani or i will pee myself" i screamed still laughing
" say you love me first then i will let you go" he said still tickling me
I was breathless
" fine, i love you, i love you so much Lani wami
Now stop....please you are killing me" i called out screaming and kicking
Finally he stopped, i sat up and tried catching my breathe
I was soaking wet with tears
Him: ncooh look how cute you look with your messy hair, its like you got struck by lightning
Me: mxm uyaphapha shem
Him: ngiphaphiswa nguwe ngani
We ate breakfast, then we took a shower together and it was a harmless shower no sex, coz i know some of you are now screaming sex
I just wore his T_shirt since he suggested that we were gonna stay in bed the whole day
Around midday we were still in bed watching a horror movie i was surprised at the fact that i enjoyed it although i was a bit frightened
We had our hands sunk deep in the popcorns
LANI'S phone rang, he looked at it and ignored it at first
He dropped it at the second attempt
But then the caller didn't seem to get the message because he/she kept on calling
" can you answer it already, its really disturbing the moment" i said getting a bit annoyed
" its not important" he said
But the phone kept on ringing so i gave him a death stare
"Ufunani CAROL" HE answered raising his voice a bit
Since i was closer to him i could clearly hear the lady on the other end of the line
Caller: owh so this is how you answer your phone now THUNDER yeh
Things really do change
Caller: yati (you know) Thunder what you are doing is not fair
How do you do it, how do you pretend like i don't exist
How can i leave you alone, what about Mduduzi
What about us, itolo(yesterday ) i tried talking to you but you just brushed me off, Ngisaktsandza mine (i still love you) THUNDER
I need you our son needs you
And dont tell me about my son coz i support him, i make sure that i send money to your mom every fucken month
Caller: money is not enough, he needs a dad, mdu needs both his parents
We can still be a happy family
I apologised for what happened between me and ALex, i was hurt and i wanted to hurt you
I wanted you to feel the pain i felt
Him: so you thought seducing my best friend was the way to go
Caller: i needed a shoulder to cry and ALex was there
You were not meant to found out about that but Alex decided to tell you
Him: that's because he is my friend
Caller: that's not fair, you forgave Alex why can't you forgive me
Him: we are bros and you just a girl, we can never be separated by a loose panty floozy like you
Its bros before hoes bitch
Caller: am sorry babe, you know me, you know my love for you is genuine
I loved you deeply inspite of your dark past
I was there for you from day one, bitches came and go but i stayed, i knew how dangerous you were but i stay
I still believe that our love was made from the stars
Him: and i don't love you get that into your thick skull
Now stop calling you are disturbing me
After that Thulani dropped the call, i was already fully dressed
And i had packed my bag
I mean after all that i heard i didn't think i wanted to stay anymore
Few minutes Thulani's phone rang again, he just dropped it and switched it off
"Hlehle, i can explain " he said after seeing me packing my bag
Me: nooooo, no i don't need any explanation
I heard everything
Him: baby wait, let me clarify everything to you
Me: i don't need your clarification Thulani, you have a SON
What more to clarify, you are a father and your baby mama still loves you
What more do you want to explain, is it why she called you Thunder perhaps
I had already finished packing everything so i took few steps to the door
" i love you, carol is my past and thats all she will ever be
Yes i have an 18 MONTHS old son, his name is MDUDUZI but i love you
I wanna be with you, carol is just a baby mama i have nothing to do with her" he said holding my hand
" thats the problem, am far too young to be entangled in a baby mama drama
Am sorry but i can't do this
I have to go" i yanked my hand out of his
I walked to the door, exited as fast as possible
I was already drowning in tears, why was this happening to me
I woke up so tired i mean the sex really did drain my energy
Tommy went to take a shower
His phone vibrated
I couldn't stop myself from poking in his privacy so i took it
Ah it was just a message from vodacom
So i just deleted it
I felt the need to search it, i don't know what i was looking for but i searched anyway
I went through his pictures and i was graced by Teekay's different photos
O'hky this was hard to swallow
Now i was even more curious, what was going on between this guy and that brat,
I knew it, i knew something was up with those two
Now i knew why he turned sour when i didn't come out with her and when i mentioned that she had a boyfriend
I went back to the messages
I browsed through
And a message caught My eye
" thanks for last night" it read and the number was TEEKAY'S
I felt anger taking over me
There were few other messages from Teekay
" where are you its getting late" another one said
"Please meet me at the cinema" another one said
This was getting too much, what the hell was happening with those two
I went to the sent items and it was cleared
I exited everything and placed the phone back from where i took it
This bitch was sleeping with my man, now i knew that she deserved what was happening to her
If i had my ways i was gonna kill her
I took out my phone and switched it on
" the dose i give her is not doing anything much
She is still the same, i think we should increase the daily dosage
Please increase the amount you give to KEEGAN" I SENT THE TEXT TO VUSI
i was in rage, the sooner this brat becomes a junky the better for all of us and the more safe our men will be
I was ready to show her hell
" ohk i will increase the amount, please make sure that girl suffers
I can't loose my money for nothing " vusi texted back
Now all i had to do is to wait on KEEGAN, He was a coloured errand boy that runs vusi's errands
Now the show was about to get real
By the time i get done with her no man will ever want her
I heard the water being turned off and i knew that Tommy was done bathing so i put my phone back under the pillow
i lay with my stomach flat and made sure to protrude my ass
I wanted to make sure that i get Tommy horny
I was ready to do donkey style or even turn to a gymnastic junky for him to forget about Teekay
Thulani soaked himself in tears, he felt like thee biggest failure, he should have done something
He should have stopped TEEKAY by force
He felt like his past was forever haunting him, yes he did make mistakes in the past but he learnt from them
Was it wrong for him to want to start over again, was it so selfish of him to want a chance at a new life
He felt cornered at crushed, i mean he loved TEEKAY whole heartedly, and would do anything to have her forgive him
He felt like he messed up big time
"Damn you carol" he hissed
Carol was once the queen in his castle, she was the girl who stole his heart while he was on the streets
Carol knew about all his illegal businesses and still loved him regardless
Two years in their relationship Mduduzi became the outcome
But after the birth of mduduzi things change
Carol became a nagging wife, she always complained and demanded much attention
She was never satisfied, she always thought that Thulani was cheating on him
She started feeling insecure and its those insecurities that drove her into sleeping with Thulani's best friend
When Thulani found out he was shuttered and he ended their relationship
Since that incident he never really had a serious relationship
He started being a player, he dated just for fun, Until he bumped into Teekay that day at the cafeteria
Right away he knew that he was the woman for him, he was just drawn to her
I guess it was love at first sight
Now it hurt that he was about to loose his newly found treasure
He was ready to give anything to have Teekay back
I tried to make it as long as i possibly could just to make up for lost time
And to say THANK YOU for 11k likes it means alot to me to see the page growing

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