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Wednesday, August 10


Slow Poison Chapter 2


Insert two
mxolisi walked into the main bedroom, he tried to be as quiet as he possibly could
Grace was all along listening to her husband sneaking in, as she had earlier heard him sneaking out. tears filled her eyes why was she still in this joke of a relationship, she kept convincing herself that she was still staying because of her daughter's sake but was that really the truth
MXOLISI carefully climbed on his side of the bed.
" what is it that she have that i don't have, ye mxolisi
Why are you doing this to me" grace said with a shaky voice
Mxolisi paused a bit
Him: grace please, stop being melodramatic, stop this
you married me knowing very well what you were getting into
You actually snatched me away from her
I love her and you know that
Grace: but i gave you a child isn't that enough
I gave you Thando, what more do you want me to do for you to love me
Mxo: i want you to bring my son back home, you are so heartless Grace, we both know that, that boy didn't die
Where the hell did you take him
Where is my son Grace
Grace: i will never tell you, that woman didn't deserve to bear you any son
she knew that i loved you and she still stole you away from me
Mxo: that woman is your sister, she is your blood Grace
grace: point of correction, half sister and she is not my blood, she is just a maid, that's all she will ever be good for
You may be fucking her everyday but she will never be half of the woman that i am
She is just a thick that is good at sucking blood on other people
Mxo: woman you better watch your mouth, shut up before i shut it close for you
Grace: try it, i dare you try it mxolisi and i will make sure i get your filthy ass arrested and take all your assets, owh please just try it
Dare me, you have no idea what am capable of
Mxo: you are so heartless
Grace: so they say
Mxolisi just gave her a sharp look, He so much wanted to tear her apart, He regretted the day he ever slept with her, if only she didn't seduce him. She wouldn't have fallen pregnant and he would have never married him
He clicked his tongue and got in his side of the bed, he faced the other side and slept
" mxm lala vele angitsi sowusutse" she exclaimed in anger
Mxolisi never responded, he tried so hard falling asleep.
I woke up the following morning still bored as hell i wondered when my roomie was coming
After showering i wore my bum short and loose crop top with my timberlands
I combed my weave and left it loose
I took my hand bag and laptop bag then left for orientation
Well my day dragged on, it was so long and boring
After three hours we were dismissed, on my way to res i decided to call sis Nyiko
" hey punky" she answered i could tell from her voice that she was smiling
Me: man you got no chill yati, you know how much i hate that Name
Nyiko: sorry ke TEEKAY, how are you boo
Me: am so bored, this place is actually a hell hole. Its boring
Nyiko: ncooh shame, am sure it will get better as time goes on
So did you make any friends yet
Me: nop, maybe am such a drag, but am still waiting for my roomie
Am sure she will be fun
Nyiko: ohk nana, i miss your loudness already
The house is so quiet without you
Me: so you actually miss picking after me, woow you are unbelievable
You really are a darling
Nyiko: you are my punky so i will forever love cleaning after you.
Me: ncooh, love you lots, so are the parents there
Nyiko: no, they are at work
Me: ah as always, i tried calling but both their phones are off
Nyiko: don't worry i will tell them to call you when they get back
Me: don't bother sis'Nyiko, we both know they don't give a shit about my well being
Nyiko: owh nana they love you, in their own way
Me: so did they sent tommy with my car yet
Nyiko: no, your car is still outside
Me: great, am sure they forgot, why did i have to get them as parents
Nyiko: don't worry i will remind them when they come back
Me: k sharp sis Nyiko, i will call you later
Nyiko: bye nana ufundze ke
Me: don't worry i will
I hung up, went to the cafeteria and got myself a slice of pizza and a can of coke
When i turned attempting to leave someone bumped into me and everything i had in my hands scattered around the floor
" what the hell, owh my gucci is it that hard for a person to watch where he is going" i yelled in frustration
" am so sorry, i was on the phone" a very soft and calm baritone said
The moment my eyes met his face i became speechless
Me: uhm, its.....its ohk
Him: my name is Thulani
Me: and am,,,,am leaving
I snatched my phone from his hands and walked away
" your drink" he called out
But i never looked back, i just forged ahead and walked as fast as possible
I finally reached the room and unlocked, then flew in
And i was met by a young hot girl who was busy unpacking clothes
" whoaw" she said
Me: am sorry to barge in like this, i didn't know there was someone in here
Her: its ohk, i just got in, Am LERATO but you can call me Rato
Me: Am THANDOKUHLE, but you can call me TEEKAY
HER: its great to meet you, so whose chasing you
Me: owh, uh no one, i've just bumped into the hottest guy on the cafeteria
Her: lol girl, its university there are a lot of those here
We both laughed, she was gonna be a perfect friend

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