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Wednesday, August 10


Slow Poison Chapter 3


The next morning Rato woke me up
" really girl, so early" i said still feeling sleepy
Rato: hey muna its almost 10:30 am and you call that early
Me: well trust me i can sleep the entire night and day, thats how much of a sleeper i am
Rato: wow you sure are something else, anyway the most cutest hunk is looking for you down stairs
Me: what hunk, omg is it the guy i bumped into yesterday, how did he find me, is he a stalker
Rato: hold it girly, he said his name is Tommy, damn the brother be fine as hell, he is mouthwatering, his lips alone are too die for
(She paused)
Eish am sorry, i shouldn't say such comment about your man
Me: my man, hell nooo, Tommy is the family driver
And he is here to bring my car
Rato: a driver, damn major turn off, why did he have to be so handsome though, i mean he doesn't have the look of a driver
Me: well sthandwa, welcome to the real world where even the cutest of guys, drive cars for a living
Rato: mxm life is unfair
Me: yeah you know it girl, anyway let me go get ma car keys
Rato: i will go with you
Me: damn girl, you in too deep
I wore my gown on top of my shorts and vest nighty
Then we walked to the entrace where Tommy was busy speaking with the guard like they were old friends
" omg look at him, he is so perfect and the brackets shuu, i need some fresh air" Rato said
I just pinched her
Rato: what?
Me: behave
Rato: i just can't help it, am hooked
I just gave her a death stare
Rato: ohk fine, i'll behave
We finally reached tommy
" hey Kuhle, omuhle" he said
Me: hey Tomz, i guess you are here with my car right
Him: uhm... well uhm...sort of
(He scratched his head)
Me: should i be worried, what do you mean sort of, i swear to god if you did anything to my car you will pay
Him: relax i did nothing to the car, but here
He gave me the keys
Me: no...noooo...this are...owh god Tommy these ain't my car keys
These are the Mini Cooper car keys not Mercedes
Him: well your parents said to tell you that you will be using the Cooper for the time being
Me: omg....omg... my life is ruined, i hate that thing, i want my car
Why am i so cursed, did i really have to have those two stuck ups as parents
Him: well eeh i can just...
Me: you know what am done, thanx for bringing it Tommy
Right now i just can't deal
I walked away leaving them there.
As if my day was not already ruined
I just had to bump to someone on my way to res
"Great, just great, can't my day get any worser" i said
"Wow really" a male voice said
I looked up and as if faith was tempting me
For a moment i was lost of words as my eyes met with that of the hotty from the cafeteria
He had a perfect smirk on his face,,i know there is no such thing but what can i say everything was just perfect with this guy
Me: well uhm,, am sorry
Him: its ohk, i didn't catch your name yesterday
Me: well that's because i didn't throw it
(I mumbled)
Him: am sorry what
Me: nothing, my name is prisca
(I lied)
Him: owh such a perfect name for a perfect lady
Me: thanx
Him: hope you still remember mine
(I paused )
Him: wow you forgot, its Thulani
Me: owh jah, i thought of that
Him: anyway yesterday you left your drink
So since its my fault how about you be my plus one tonight at the freshers bash
Me: well uhm...
Him: please i insist, i promise i will bring you back early
Me: ohk then
Him: great i will fetch you around six
Me: sure, i gotta go
Him: see you later then prisca
I almost laughed at that prisca name, i left as quickly as possible
After i had exchanged contact no with Tommy, we talked for a bit before walking back to res
But on my way i think i saw the biggest shock of my life
Wasn't that the son of my blesser heading to the park
So he was also in UJ, its bad enough that i went to high school with him, now we were in the same university.
I wondered if he saw me the last time his father took me shopping cause he was also at the mall.
I took out my phone and dialled Vusi's number
He answered in the second ring
"Hey pumkin" he answered
Me: hey babe
Him: miss me already
Me: not at all, am just wondering is your son also in UJ
HIM: eish yes, i forgot to mention
Me: really vusi, such an important detail and you forgot to mention
Him: sorry babe, its not like him being there will ruin our plan
Just stick to the plan, just get close to the girl and make sure you get her to misbehave
Introduce her into drugs if you have to
Me: but she seems sweet though, although a bit spoiled but still sweet
Him: owh please save me that bullshit, just do as i say, if you not up to the task then i will get someone else who is and you can say bye bye to your luxury life
Me: i will do it no need to be hostile
Him: good girl, thats why i love you
Me: mxm bye, dont forget to deposit my pocket money
Him: don't worry i will deposit it soon
After that i hung up and entered the building

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