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Wednesday, August 17


Slow Poison Chapter 4


after cleaning the house Tinyiko decided to rest.
She threw herself on the couch and took a deep breathe
She was troubled, all the signs were there, how could she be so reckless to have fallen pregnant again
She remembered the pain she felt when her son died
The images of his tiny bones crushed beyond recognition still kept flashing on her mind.
She was still not over her son's passing its been twenty years now yet the pain never subsided, the memories never faded
The pain still felt new and real

" damn you mxolisi, you told me that you withdrew
I told you to use a condom, now you have just decided to make things even more complicated" she thought out loud
She was just a wreck, scared of what her sister will do if she ever finds out that she is pregnant again
What if history repeats its self, what if her sister tries the stunts she pulled years ago when she learned that she was pregnant and mxolisi was responsible
She remembered the insults that were thrown unto her, the name calling and the countless times she was pushed to miscarry
Why was her sister so evil, Grace always made sure that nyiko's life was always in turmoil, she took pleasure in her pain, she found joy in her tears, and has turned her into the mockery that she had turned out to be.
Imagine having a degree in geology but was unable to find a job anywhere, and her sister finally managed to convince the family that she should come work at her house as a nanny
She did all this just to spite her, to gloat that she finally married mxolisi like she always said when they were in university
" come heil or high i will end up with mxolisi, i will make him mine
I know she is your man stepsister but you don't deserve him, infact you don't deserve anything good in your life" she use to say
See Tinyiko and grace were blood sisters, they shared the same father just different mother's
Their dad was a polygamist, he had two wives
Tinyoko's mom being the first wive and Grace's mother was the second wife
Growing up they were so close, so inseparable but that bond was broken after Tinyoko's mom passed away when tinyiko was only seven
After her mom's passing things took a different turn
Grace's mom brew war between Nyiko and Grace, she started mistreating Nyiko turning her into a maid
With all this Nyiko's father never intervened he Just turned a blind eye and watched while her older daughter was thrown to the dogs
Nyiko fell asleep with her mind still entangled in a web of thoughts
Taking a stroll down memory lane
Meanwhile Grace had decided to have an early day
So she signed off at work around 12:30 pm and drove to the usual hotel where vusi was readily waiting for her
"Owh finally she is her, you are glowing sthandwa"
Vusi said as soon as grace entered the room
He stood up from the bed and they shared a passionate kiss
Grace: well why wont i glow, it shows that your bundle of joy is growing
She brushed her flat tummy
Much to vusi's irritation
Vusi: am surprised that you still remember that its my baby growing in there
Grace: owh lord what are you on about, ofcouse i remember that
Vusi: but still you are adamant on keeping my child away from me
I still don't understand why we can't be together, i love you, i do all your dirty job for you
Why are you still with him
Grace: because i can't divorce him, if i do that would be giving my halfsister happiness in a silver platter
Vusi: and whats wrong with that
Grace: whats wrong, really you are asking me that
I can't have Tinyiko parading in heels, no she must not know the joys of being rich
Please understand, i cant be with you now thats why i have to pin this pregnancy on Mxolisi
Vusy so furious he clicked his tongue and went to the bathroom leaving her there.
When vusi got in the bathroom he took out his phone
" make sure you mess that bitch real good, and you will be highly compensated" he wrote and sent the text to Rato
" well since am not allowed the joys of being a father, i will make sure that i take the thing they hold dear in their stupid marriage
I will take their precious brat away from them and break her beyond repair that will surely end their marriage" he thought to himself
After pacing around the bathroom for a while he came into a halt
Took a deep breathe and washed his face on the basin
Although he was still angry he still needed the midday glory so he had to pull himself together and act normal while secretly executing his plan
He wiped his face with a towel
Then went back to the room
When he got in the room he grabbed grace who was standing in the mirror fixing her make up
He held his arms around her waist and drew her closer to him
Without any words uttered, he kissed her roughly pinning her against the wall
They kissed for a while, they undressed each other and continued kissing
He lifted her up still pinning her against the wall
They kissed roughly until without a warning vusi shoved his manhood to Grace's partly wet canal
She screamed in pain, while vusi went in harder thrilled by her screams, soothing his wimp and trying to hard to prove to her that he was man enough to handle his ish

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