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Wednesday, August 17


Slow Poison Chapter 5


What i saw in the mirror was exactly the image i wanted reflected
I looked superb in my short red jumpsuit and my ankle all star boot
I was sure gonna swing that booty like never before in that bash, I mean all eyes were gonna be on me tonight
I neatly brushed my weave, applied my make up then my red lipstick
"So what do you think" i asked Rato who was busy styling her above the butt twist
She focused her attention to me, for a while she was speechless
" am jealous" she finally said
"Girl you drop dead gorgeous, i mean look at you. I literally feel naked right now" she added
Me: gosh thanx chommie. You know me now, always going for the kill
Rato: damn girl you definitely slayed that outfit
Me: you look topz too girl
Rato: thanx darling, there's only one thing missing though
I'll be right back
Me: wait, where are you going girl
I called out but she was already out.
I continue fixing my make up then packed some stuffs and few bucks in my clutch bag
It seemed forever but finally Rato came back
She had two glasses in her hands
Me: and then, whats that
Rato: something to give us a boost
Me: where did you get that and what is it
Rato: something i got from my friends, n tell you what, its hot and strong
I firstly hesitated in taking the drink, but then again i didn't wanna offend my only friend, besides we still have the entire year living together i didn't want any bad blood to spoil that. I had no reason to doubt her, she was just trying to be nice
I took the glass, took a deep breathe first before gulping it down in one go, Rato also downed hers too
I don't know if it were my taste buds or what.
But this thing tasted weird and funny, yes there,was whiskey and some soft drink in it but there was just some weird taste in it that i couldn't put my finger in
I just kept quiet though and ignored it
We walked downstairs, Thulani was gonna find us there
Downstairs at the entrance people were busy pacing up and down, this was surely a busy campus
I saw Thulani walking to us
Me: here he comes
Rato: uhm him ( she pointed at Thulani)
Me: yes girl now stop pointing at him
Rato: owh he..he...
Me: handsome i know
Rato: yeah his hot
I focused my attention From Thulani to Rato who was sweating profusely like she had just seen a ghost
I didn't know her as yet but i could tell that something was wrong with her, even a blind person could spot the awkwardness in her
" are you alright girl" i finally said
She firstly nodded then shook her head
Me: yes and no which one is it
Rato: actually i don't feel well, i have a light headache
Let me just go back to the room and lie down a bit
Me: owh my god, let me go back with you, i will tell Thulani to go without me
Rato: nooo , i will be fine just go on, i will join you later when i feel fine
With that she just rushed off not waiting for my response
" that's strange, i hope she gets better" i thought to myself
I then turned my attention back to Thulani who was already in my face with the most charming smile ever
" HEY njunju" he said with his sexy calm voice
Making me more addicted to his personality, right then his Cologne filled my nostrils which made me weak to my knees
Me: owh hey you.
He opened his arms drawing me in for a hug, i didn't hesitate, infact i wanted so badly to be held by his manly arms, i willingly gave in.
He squeezed me in gentle brushing my back, i just melted in his chest, for a moment there i died and went to heaven then come back
I was drunk inlove
I finally decided to break the hug before i die in this man's hands
But right after i let go of him i felt a bit light headed and dizzy
I almost hit the ground, when i infact fell on Thulani's warm arms
He held me before i could hit the ground
" hey are you ohk" he asked with a concerned look
Me: its nothing i can't handle
Him: are you sure
Me: yes, am just feeling light headed that's all
Him: i hope so
Are you still ohk to go
I just nodded my head yes, he took my clutch bag then held my hand and walked with me to his car
" could the whiskey be that strong" i thought to myself.
Coz i swore i felt so tipsy and my knees were just so heavy and wobbly
We got in Thulani's vw polo, well it was such a cheap car, but i didn't mind atleast it was not a bicycle
And he atleast owned a car, there's nothing a turn off like a guy who is just a Johnny walker
We got in the car, he opened the passenger door for me
So he was not just handsome, he was a gentleman too
I got in the car after i have settled in, he closed the door and went to his side we first drove to maponya mall, he bought some stuff
And instead of driving to the bash he drove to some park
It was Writen THOKOZA PARK
The place was just green and chilled, it was so inviting
" i thought we were going to the freshers bash" i said as we sat on the swings that were there
Him: you don't look ohk for a bash, i gathered just some nice and quiet place would do the trick
Me: so thoughtful of you
He took out the stuff that he bought and set up a mini picnic for us
He was just so romantic
I paced up and down the room, my stomach was just in knots
So the hotty this girl was bragging about is vusi's son
This situation was complicating the plan, what if they fall inlove and end up dating
Vusi's wouldn't wanna mess the life of his son now would he
" i think your son has found pleasure on the forbidden fruit. As i text you now he went out with our target" i wrote and sent the text to vusi who texted back immediately
" i don't care, Thulani's girlfriend or not, i don't give a damn just stick to the fucken plan" he responded
Ohk that just cold even for Vusi, why was he so eager in ruining Teekay's life
Did they fuck or did he approach her and got turned down
This was really starting to be suspicious
But nonetheless i was prepared to continue with the plan, besides i had already started implementing it, see earlier on i had drugged the drink i gave to her
I was gonna drug everything i give to her, and bit by bit she was gonna succumb to the feeling, and just like slow poison the drugs were gonna eat away at her, making her an addict
Soon enough she was gonna beg for a fix
This i was willing to do, it was my ticket to a splashy life.
"Missing you dearly love, i wonder when will i see you again" i sent the text to Tommy who called almost immediately
Me: love
Tommy: owh rato laka, call me that again
Me: ai my love hau.
Tommy: i just love how you call me that.
I miss you too, i think i will be coming that side this weekend
Me: owh really love, is it a joke, you kidding right
Tommy: no babe am coming there, i will really love to spend the weekend with you
I mean i love you so much, i cant stop thinking about you
You got me ranting your name like a lunatic
Ng'yakutsandza san
Me: i cant wait, n i love you too
We talked for almost an hour, by the time i hung up my cheeks were already pink from blushing so much
I really was inlove with this guy driver or not
after sending the text, Vusi had a conniving smirk on his face
" well, well things just got even more interesting" he said out loud
Well for him things seemed to be even better than the original plan
The chaos was perfectly falling into place
" you will be mine sooner than you realise.
I mean after this mess, your so called husband will hate your guts
He will crush you and i will be there to pick up the pieces" he said to himself looking at grace's half naked picture on his phone
He smile once again before going to the build in bar to get himself a scorch
On the other side after that long talk on the phone Tommy finally hung up
"Yho finally" a completely naked sexy lady said coming from the bathroom
Her: i thought you were never gonna hang up
Tommy: eish dear you have no idea how badly i wanted to hang up
But i really wanna tap that ass, so i had to play along
Her: poor her, she really thinks you love her
Tommy: ah ziyanda nawe uyati, there's only one girl i will ever love even though she is too blind to see it
Her: here we go again, for how long will you be hanged in this girl, she doesn't see you like that, move on already
Tommy: i doubt i can ever move on, i love Kuhle so much
She is the only woman i see myself getting married too
Her: mxm whatever can we just fuck now and for few minutes forget about that brat
Tommy: if you know whats good for you, then you will stop calling her that
Ziyanda just chuckled, and when she saw the seriousness on Tommy's face she wiped the smile and apologised

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