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Wednesday, August 17


Slow Poison Chapter 6


The wailing alarm made it hard for me to sleep, its like it was ringing inside my head
I finally moved the blanket from my face, my head felt so heavy
I looked around and i was in our room
How did i get home, what happened last night, and where the hell was Thulani
I tried recalling last night's event with no avail
I had no memory or what so ever about what went on after thulani had set the mini picnic, was the whiskey that strong
" i brought you a strong coffee, i figured you may need it" Rato said caring to cups of coffee
She handed me one
Me: owh thank you darling, you such a good roomie
I said with a sincere smile, i sat up and took the coffee
Rato: you know i've got your back dear
Me: i wouldn't have asked for a better roomie and friend
I literally blowed her a kiss, she dramatically held the kiss and pasted it on her lips with her hand
We both smiled
I took a sip on my coffee, it tasted strong and weird
I frown in that instant, my forehead forming fine wrinkles
" uh whats this, its bitter and weird " i said with my shrunk face
Rato: its my special hangover coffee, i promise, you will feel good in no time just drink up
Me: you sure are an expect when it comes to alcohol
Rato: i know right
I smiled and continued sipping on my terrible coffee
" soooo...." Rato asked
I just stared at her wondering what she was on about
" GIRL come on i need the whole story, you said you will tell me in the morning" she continued
Me: am sorry am i suppose to tell you something
Rato: yes now, after the kiss what happened
Me: what kiss, what are you talking about
Rato: so you don't remember, you came here last night bragging about how good of a kisser Thulani was
Infact he was the hotty with the lips to die for according to you
You ranted for almost an hour about how romantic he is
Me: really i said all that
Rato: yeah girl you were over the moon with happiness
Me: yhooo, manyala, am so ashamed of myself right now
You know i don't even remember what happened or how i even got home
Rato: you must have had so much fun then
Me: but i didn't drink, was that whiskey so strong
Rato: i guess it was for you, anyway Thulani was here two hours ago, he was looking for you but i told him you were still asleep
Me: gosh i hope i didn't make a fool of myself infront of him
I finished my drink then went to take a quick shower
After showering i wrapped a towel then went back to the room
My eyes caught a beautiful bicker jacket on the chair
Me: and whose jacket is that
Rato: yho ai shem you were really sloshed, you mean you cant even remember your bf's jacket
You came in here wearing it last night, you said thulani gave it you
Me: owh really, its beautiful
I took it and folded it in half then placed it ontop of my already made bed
I wore my short floral dress with a sleeveless jean jacket
And my wedge
I tied my Peruvian weave into a ponytail
I still felt a bit light headed and wobbly in my knees but i thought it was still the hangover
" good thing your classes starts at 11 otherwise you would had been so late" Rato said while fixing my make-up
Me: ain't you attending today
Rato: nop, my classes starts tomorrow
Me: wow good for you, i should have chosen drama too
Rato: well its too early you can still change
Me: I've already done that, i changed medicine for fashion designer
And besides, i love what i chose
Rato: ohk then
After she was done with my make up i took my bag and other stuff
Me: later then
Rato: and don't worry about buying lunch, i will cook
Me: you really are a workaholic neh
Rato: i just love cooking
Me: well then i hope you are good at it
Rato: well you will find out later
Let me walk you to class
Me: cool no stress
She held my laptop bag and we walked to my lesson hall.
" see you later then" she said
Me: sharp
We shared a quick hug, then she handed me my bag and left.
I got in class
Lessons carried on just fine, i enjoyed every minute of it
I had few textbooks and guides i needed to buy so after classes i texted my dad and told him that i needed money for books
He responded promising to deposit it later
I was walking down the pavement heading to res when i spotted Thulani
Not knowing what went down yesterday i tried my best avoiding him but much to my disappointment he had already spotted me
" hey njunju" he said while huffing from running to me
Me: hey
We shared a quick brief hug
Few seconds later we broke the hug.
Him: so how did you sleep
Me: fine thanx and you
Him: like a baby, knowing that you are mine made my night so peaceful
Me: owh really ( i had no clue what he was on about)
Him: yep, thank you for agreeing being my girlfriend
Last night was perfect after all, thank you for making it all special
Me: its no stress
Him: wow i didn't know you were that talkative
I really enjoyed your company
I just smiled like a retard while he went on and on talking about how great of a person i am
He walked me to the dorm, then we kissed briefly before we parted ways, he promised to see me later
So that was it, i had agreed on dating Thulani and i don't even rememberer it
I guess were officially an item
mxolisi sat on the bed with a smile still hanging on his face
Tinyiko gave him a death stare
" you know if i was not scared of jail, i would have stabbed you to death" Nyiko finally spoke
" you did this on purpose, you got me pregnant on purpose" she ranted
The frown in her face was indication enough to show that she meant every word she said
It was just visible that she was unsettled
Her face and hands so sweaty she alarmingly threw the pregnancy test on mxo's face
She walked around her deep sigh followed by stream of tears
Seeing this mxo felt so broken, why was she so sad, didn't she know that he loved her so much and would do about anything for her
I mean she was his world, his reason for existence
Without her life was just so meaningless, she was the burning candle in his dark life
And now she was about to give him this gift, once again he had a chance to hold a baby given birth by the woman he adored
" baby please, don't do this. Don't cry okay" he said while also covered in tears
He quickly wiped them, he didn't want her to see him crying
He wanted to be strong for her, he really loved this woman
Nyiko: why won't i cry, you know her, you know what grace will do to me if she ever learns of my pregnancy
She will skin me alive
Mxo: no she won't, not while am still breathing
I will never allow her. I know you don't want to, but i will take you as a second wife if i had to
Nyiko: no, i can never be in that polygamy kind of environment
Am sorry but i can't
Mxo: then allow me to make you happy, allow yourself to be happy for once
He walked over to her and held her from behind
" you have a life growing inside you, God has given you a second chance please embrace it
I promise i will be here every step of the way, i love you" he whispered in her ear teasingly biting it
She melted knowing that he meant every word
She smiled
" i love you too mister" she finally said
Someone cleared their throat
Mxo and nyiko turned in unison as to see who it was
" ohk fun is over can i have my husband back please, and the maid continue with her chores chop,,,chop" grace said standing at Nyiko's bedroom door clapping her hands like a madam
" what do you want Grace can't you see we are busy" Mxo hissed in anger
Grace: ai cha mhlolo wam, you are busy caressing a maid
Is that what you call being busy
Gosh mxolisi you are such a disgrace
Mxo: whatever, can you leave now please
Like she didnt exist mxo turned and Perked Nyiko on the lips, completely ignoring her, jealousy and rage took over grace
She rushed to them and grabbed Nyiko roughly pulling her away from the kiss
Then she gave her thee hottest slap
Nyiko slapped her back much to her astonishment, grace held her cheek in amazement. Reality still trying to sink in
Nyiko fought back, i mean she always pushes and orders her around and she never fights back, why did she slapped her back today
She thought to herself while still rubbing her cheek
" owh no you didn't " grace shouted raising her hand attempting to slap Nyiko again
But mxo held her hand firmly
" don't you ever lay your dirty hands on her again" mxo said angrily tossing grace's hand away
Grace: so you defend her, you are defending the maid Mxolisi
Mxo: maid or not, i love her, she is ten times the woman you will ever be
Grace: woman enough to slap your pregnant wife
Mxo: what!!!!
Grace: yes mxolisi you are about to become a father again, am pregnant
She proudly rubbed her tummy while mxo and Nyiko looked at each other in shock
Silent roamed around the room

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