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Friday, August 19


Slow Poison Chapter 7


After the drop of that bomb shell the room suddenly felt so small, both mxo and Nyiko felt suffocated
Worse Nyiko who felt like her heart was failing her
She felt so lost and out of place, did God had to be this hard on her, was this a punishment for sharing a bed with a married man
It felt like this time around she had bitten more that she could possibly chew
" what exactly do you mean grace"
Mxo said, he seemingly doubted the sharpness of his ears, he hope he hadn't heard her correctly
" yimihlola yam phela lena, soyisimungula na wena( have you suddenly become deaf and dorm)" Grace exclaimed loudly, with a sarcastic laugh, she clapped her hands much to mxo's irritation
Mxo: i Just asked you a question, so Why the insult
Grace: he..he ngitsite ngimitsi ( i said am pregnant )
Am pregnant, and if you don't believe me, here ( she took out a pregnancy test and threw it on mxo's face )
Owh and its legit the doctor even confirmed it
She took out a doctor's report and threw it in his face
Mxo: but how, i don't remember getting intimate with you this past years
Grace: yey remember after your big recording deal signing party, you couldn't get your hands off me that night
I told you to use a condom, but you were so drunk you refused
You kept confessing your love for me
You just couldn't get enough of me baby
We made love that night like crazy, you loved the way i screamed out your name
You were so energetic you didn't wanna stop, and in the mist of all that we created this wonderful creature in here
She brushed her tummy in arrogance, trying to rub it in Nyiko's face
" was i that drunk that i don't remember us making love
I mean i remember everything about that night, definitely not the intimate part" mxo said honestly
Grace: so you are trying to deny this baby, i don't know you to be that heartless
You hate me i know but you can't punish the baby for my sins, whatever my sins are
This is your blood, you slept with me that night, i can never lie about an innocent baby
Am not as heartless as you paint me to be
She shed a bit of crocodile tears
Mxo: its fine, you know i don't run away from my responsibility am not that man
If that's my baby then i vow take care of her/him
Grace's heart smiled, she couldn't believe the pervert believed her bogus story
While on the other side mxo's mind was on edge, he really couldn't remember sleeping with grace that night
Grace and him may be sharing the same bed, but he hadn't touched her since after the birth of Thando
They just slept in the same room for Thando's sake
He was able to stay away from her all this years so how could he have slept with her that night
Something was definitely fishy, mxo thought to himself
Grace: in my conditions theres only so much i can take so
Tinyiko sesi, i want you out of my house
I need all my husband's attention so i will appreciate it if you leave my house
Just leave us in peace
Those words stung like a bee in Nyiko's ears
She still couldn't believe it but now was not the right time to create chaos
She didn't want any stress
" fine, am leaving" she said calmly while slowly her heart perished
Her soul was crushed
Grace: good, while at it get your own husband and stop being a home wrecker
Scornfully grace said
Tinyiko went to the closet, she took out the batch of her clothes
" Nooo, Nyiko stop" mxo said much to everyone's surprise
Grace: hee Jesu ngiyalingwa, mxolisi Bethwel Nkosi, let the Fucken maid go
Yini nah, is her pussy that addictive
Mxo: Grace STOP WITH THE INSULTS!!!(he shouted)
Nyiko is going nowhere, she is the mother of my child not just a mere maid, she is the love of my life
Grace: POC was mother of your child, and because God saw how much of a curse that thing you both created was he took him away
She is the mother of a dead child
Upon hearing such heavy words, tears gushed out from Nyiko's eyes
Did grace have to be so insensitive, did she have to make a mockery out of her misery
" its ohk, am going" Nyiko said with a trembling voice
She Just wanted to be out of that house
Mxo: no Nyiko, you are not leaving
Nyiko: am leaving mxo, i can't take this anymore
Mxo: i refuse, i can't let you leave, what about our baby
You are carrying my child for god sake
" whoaw what,,,,,the heck,,,,she.....omg the witch is pregnant " a stunned Grace cut in the conversation
Mxo: yes grace, Nyiko is carrying my child
Grace: you gotta be kidding me, this whore has the nerve
More reason for her to leave my fucken house, leave my house bitch
You will never amount to anything, you will forever stay a maid
Useless girl, the only thing you know is swinging your dirty feet in the air for every married man now you wanna pin this Bustard pregnancy on my husband
Sies you are rotten maan
SHE was now yelling ontop of her voice
She went straight to the wardrobe took out Nyiko's remaining clothes and tossed them outside
" nedi nje ulinge ungibambe, if you dare touch me i swear i will get you arrested for domestic violence
You will know what a heavy offence it is to lay your hand on a pregnant woman" Grace warn when mxo tried stopping her from dragging Nyiko's stuff out of the room
So mxo let her be, he just helped Nyiko packed her clothes to her bags
With hiccups in between Nyiko kept wiping the tears from her eyes, they made her seem weak, and she didn't want that, she didn't want to seem weak
After packing everything mxolisi took the bags to his car
"And where are you going mxolisi, if you leave with her Right now i will inform the media about how much of a stuck up you are, i will tell my parents about how you've been fucking my sister right under our roof
I will ruin your life, image and career" the she devil yelled
" go ahead Grace tell the whole world, infact climb ontop of the building and scream to the whole world and see if i care" mxo said walking up to his car with Nyiko's bags
Grace: owh really, you don't care about the company you spent years building
We shall see
She walked back into the house, while both Nyiko and mxo got in the car and mxo drove out
He drove east to the nearby town houses, startled Nyiko looked at mxo
" where are were going" she finally asked
Mxo: you'll see
( he had a smile on his face)
Nyiko: you do need to go back you know that right?
Mxo: ah i don't, i have you that's all that matters
Nyiko: no mxo, i will not let your company go into ruins because of me
This company is your dream, its all you ever talked about when we grew up remember
I will not let you do this
Mxo chuckled
Nyiko: what is it
mxo: you never changed, always so caring and kind, just like we first met
I remember we would talk all night about about how i will own my own recording company and you one of the topest geologist
How we would get married and have two mini us around the house
I still remember that
Nyiko: it seems like a distant memory now
Mxo: we can still make it work, we can still be the family we dreamt of
Nyiko: and you will loose the biggest dream in that process
I can't let that happen, you may be sure that you dont want the company now
But soon you will change, you will become bitter and you will end up hating me, you will think i was the cause you lost your company
Mxo: no, i will never do that
Nyiko: no Mxolisi you need to go back to her until we figure a way out of this
Mxo: ohk then
Mxo drove a bit further before stopping infront of a beautiful huge house
"Surprise" he said
Still shocked and confused Nyiko gasp for air, could this be what she think it is
Nyiko: no,,you mean
Mxo: yes baby its your house, done and fully furnished
NYIKO couldn't believe her eyes and ears, it took a while before it could fully sunk in
Nyiko: but how, when did you get this
Mxo: been a while now, i wanted it to be your birthday present but now what the heck you need it, and you gave me the most amazinf gift ( he touched her tummy) so this is yours
Nyiko speechless, let the tears of joy do the talking

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