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Sunday, August 21


Slow Poison Chapter 8


I tried as hard to focus on my phone, blocking the vile snoring sounds coming from TEEKAY
THE drugs were really doing their thing, i really was good at my job, i had made sure i put in a fair amount of them drugs on her juice when i dished her lunch
I laughed alone still watching the video i took minutes after eating, it was a video of Teekay busy ranting about how rich and beautiful she was

She kept going on and on about how she could have anything and anyone if she wanted
She was really rumbustious, dancing and singing, she just gabble some other words
Some comments were just gaffe, i hated how she ridicule people from poor background
Somehow this brat really did deserve what was coming to her, she was just too much of a spoil brat for my liking
After all that craziness the drugs ended up knocking her into a slumber
Right then her phone rang, i took it and unlocked it, good thing it didn't need any passwords or patterns
It was a text from Thulani, he was asking if the brat would like to take a walk with him
After reading it i decided to answer
" nop, am already out with my boyfriend, sorry maybe some other time" after that i sent the text
The loser called almost immediately, i dropped the call and switched the phone off
I just continued lazing the day away, i was chatting with tommy on whatsapp
THAT rather unkind text message sent Thulani into ruins, He felt shattered and betrayed
How could a girl who just approved of their relationship just the previous day be out with another guy
Why didn't TEEKAY tell him that she was seeing someone
Not that He didn't expect such, after all with such beauty it was only common for her to have a boyfriend of some sort.
But nonetheless she should have told him prior to agreeing dating him
He stood, letting the shock to sink in, only then anger was taking over
He was getting frustrated, Rage was clearly visible through the veins popping out on his forehead
TRYING to distract his mind he took his surveying text book and tried to do some studying but the focus was not there, he was just riffling through the pages
This situation was really riling him
He tossed the book on the bed, and wiped the sweat secreted by the rush of hotness he experienced at that instant
" Shittttt!!!! Get yourself together man, this can't break me, i can't let some floozy break me" he said to himself trying by all means to pull himself together
Still at that, it was not working, infact the anger was just getting out of control
As anger was now fully controlling him, he went to the closet, took out a small box locked with a locker
He placed it on the bed and got the key under the pillow, he unlocked it, took out his 9mm pistol and loaded it with few bullets
He didn't want to do this but he had no choice, he was not gonna share his girl with some lame boy
He was ready to go back to his old ways, for the love he had for TEEKAY HE was ready to spill any blood and was willing to remove any obstacle that might stand in his way
We all have our demons to fight, we have our ghosts beneath our neatly packed closets
We are predators in some way ready to haunt if given the perfect opportunity
Anger and Pain was Thulani's weakness, it was his nightmare and his demon, it just had so much control over him. When cornered he tend to make erratic decisions
The anger mixed with pain was far to great for him to overcome
He was about to tuck the gun on the back of his waist trouser when the door flew open and an already flabbergasted ALEX walked in
" aibo Ta'Thulz zinton ezi, i box ye gun yenza ntoni ebhedini" asked an already confused Alex
In a way ALEX knew the look on his friend's face
He knew that shit was about to hit the fan, He knew very well how dangerous his friend tends to be when pushed to edge
"Kha ringe mjita maan smoko( talk bro, whats the problem)" he continued
" a..a..akho smoko Leza ('s no problem Leza)" Thulani stuttered
" since when uringa olohlobo ngok(since when do you talk like that now)"
"Like i said THERE'S NO PROBLEM " THULANI YELLED, banging the closet infront of him
" whoaw mjita, you need to come down, pull yourself together and be a man" a now afraid ALEX said noticing how intense the situation was
" come down, ngehlise moya mara Thando ubusy uyangifebela, we haven't dated even a week and she is already cheating on me and she even has the nerve to tell me about it
Who does she think she is, miss universe
Nobody messes with me and gets away with it"he said in anger
" aibo Thando, the girl you told me about last night, wait she did what" asked alex
Instead of talking Thulani just took Out his phone and flashed the message on Alex's face
After few seconds of still reading, Alex's mouth hung open
" and you expect me to come down" thulani said
Alex shook his head
" are you sure she sent you this" asked alex
" ye maan that's her number, who else could have sent that shit if not her, uyangijwayela lomsunu" shouted thulani
Alex tried his best to calm his friend down, he knew very well that Thulani had the gun and was ready to shoot at anyone
He hated seeing his progress being tempered with
I mean Thulani was slowly but surely turning to normal
After everything his so called father put him through he was returning to normal the therapist was really helping but it was still a long way to go
I mean it takes time to detox a mind of a ruthless killer
See thulani was the leader of the most feared gang group around nelspruit, from as early as 13 years old he was forced to join the street life, trying to run away from his father's physical and sexual abuse
He did everything to obtain the power to fight back when his father strike
As the result he joined a group of thugs ( the destroyers) they called themselves and Mr BIGGS WAS their boss by then.
They dealt in all kinds of illegal stuff, they sold drugs, steal cars, arm robbery and banks jobs.
Their motto was kill or be killed, and take by force from the rich
Mr Biggs who was in his sixties by then took liking to A 14years old thulani who was found lying half dead on the side of the road, he took him in his inner circle, cleaned him up and after he had told him his story he taught him how to fight back
He groomed him to be his successor, so when mr Biggs died, at the age of 16 Thulani was left to take over with Alex as his wing man
Feared by most if not all the members he was known by the name THUNDER THE DESTROYER
HE was the most ruthless yet most handsome of them all, MR BIGGS was alive through him
But he just stopped unexpectedly, he told alex he was quitting and alex was right by his side, he supported his decision
And stood by him, they called a meeting and alarted the other members that he was quitting
At 20 he stopped his life of crime
And he placed SKULL in charge
HE seeked help, went back to his father's house and became a better man, he even went back to school
" please don't do this bra thulz you know we've come a long way for you to go back there
We are already in our final year here, please don't let anger ruin your life
Just come down then later you will go to the girl and ask her about this
Please ngiyakfriza just put the gun back to the closet" Alex begged
Thulani noticing the sincerity in his friend's begging eyes, he soften up
He reluctantly took the gun out, Alex took it and placed it back into the box, locked it and took the keys away

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