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Wednesday, August 24


Slow Poison Chapter 9


Tears welled up in my eyes, how could THULANI insinuate such garbage about me
" am not in any crystal myth ohk, i may be rich and spoilt and get whatever i want but i don't do drugs, am not about that life" i defended myself feeling rather cornered and angry at Thulani's remark.
He actually chuckled a bit, shook his head and sighed
He gave me " the bitch you are lying look"
His look followed by an awkward silence which actually accumulated the entire park
Its like all of a sudden, the different groups of people mainly students who were chilling at that park decided to keep quiet, even the squirming and whining birds with their melody like voices had stop

singing allowing the silence to scream louder
" if you don't do drugs then how come you sent me that message and then say you don't remember sending it" he said, it was more like making a statement
I took a deep breathe, wrecking my brain so hard trying to locate yesterday's memories
I remember eating then waking up later only to find my phone off, i thought its battery was low so i plugged it on the charger only to notice that it was still full, so in my mind i was convinced that it got switched off by mistake
I don't remember anything else, definitely not receiving a message from Thulani or sending one either, hell i don't even remember when or how i felt asleep
Besides i did check my phone when i woke up but there was no messages or whatsoever from thulani
So this was just strange
"Like i said, i don't remember sending or receiving any message from you, i was asleep almost the whole day
This is just absurd, its just crazy" i said
Veins popped out through his forehead, he clanged his teeth, tightening them harder against each other
His hands formed a visible fist
" so am crazy, is that what you are saying you must think of me a fool neh" he hissed firmer through his teeth
Hurriedly, he took out his phone, he browse through it a bit
Then gave it to me
I read the message that i supposedly wrote, and he was indeed telling the truth, a message was in his inbox and the numbers were mine
I really told him that i was out with my boyfriend, now i was confused what the hell was happening
" go ahead, continue, call me crazy, are those not your contact no, huh ain't they" he said wearing a serious look on his face
I looked at him and his not so friendly face gave me the creeps, i feared more of his strong jerking hands and his strong muscles
I clearly was under deep waters
I couldn't deny the bitter truth right infront of me, all that was left for me to do was to apologize
Cause i was sure as hell not ready to get my face panelbeated by this guy and the look on his face says he was ready for war
I swear one slap from him will sent me straight to the emergency room
Although he was angry, he was even more handsome
His squinting eyes appeared even more sexier
His lips so moist with each word he uttered, damn did GOD took his precious time creating this being
I don't know how it happened but the next thing i know, my lips were already smashed in his, i kissed him hungrily enjoying the cold and softness of his lips
He first hesitated but he eventually kissed me back
We kissed for the longest time ever, as if they knew i was enjoying the moment the birds started singing their sweet melodies again, its like they were whispering sweet nothings in my overjoyed soul
Finally we broke the hypnotising kiss, my knees so wobbly and weak, what was this guy doing to me
" am sorry baby, i was just kidding around i didn't think you will take that message seriously
I didn't mean to be such a snob
Please forgive me" i said making a cute face
I actually don't know what i was apologising for, i just wanted the tension to die down
It worked, after so much of back and forth apologising he Finally forgave me
I think the breathtaking kiss had some effect on that
He started to loosen up, we changed the topic and talked about our relationship and future plans
We got up from the park chairs
He held my hand and we walked up north hand in hand, i felt so loved and cared for
We would tease and play in-between, play chase, i would run he will chase me and finally catch me
He held me from behind, with his arms resting around my waist he would kiss my neck, nibble with my earlobe then turn me around and just kissed me
" i am hopelessly onlove with you maDlamini
You have made me the happiest man on earth njunju" he said his eyes rested deep in my eyes
I smiled at how small his eyes were,
" i love you too, and am sorry about the message " i said
Thulz: thats done and dusted, lets forget about it ohk
I just nodded,
" shit lady you are killing me" he said bringing me closer and hugged me tightly
I swear that chest felt like the safest place to be
" i will always be there to protect you" he said as if he could read my mind
" damn, how do you do that shit " i said while nudging his ribs as we broke the hug
Thulz: ouch, what did i do now
me: its like you see through me, are you a psychic
Thulz: lol for you baby i can be anything
Me: mxm you crazy like that
We talked and played until we got to the restaurant
We ordered some take aways for dinner then left, we went to his room since he said his friend was not around
This turned out to be the best day ever
Things were really tense and bitter at the Nkosi house hold
THe mood was always dense and unwelcoming
" cheer up would, we have a new baby coming, isn't that great news" Grace said while busy powdering her nose much to Mxo's irritation
He watched grace's dolled up face through the mirror, this is what he hated the most about grace, the tons of make up, the fakeness, fake hair, fake eyelashes, infact everything about her was just fake. Even her heart seemed to be fake, i mean no real heart could be so ruthless and unloving especially that of a lady
Unlike Nyiko who had never worn any make-up and she still looked beautiful
She had the beauty of nature, she didn't need to try hard to look good
Her good personality was just a cherry ontop
Grace was just like one of those super models, yes she was a beauty but to her natural beauty was just not enough
She always wanted more, she always felt the need to fix something in her face or body
The previous year she had a nose and bum job,
She was too fake
" enough already, stop staring its too much
I know you are taken by my beauty
I told you soon utawkhohlwa ngilo farm julia longutinyiko " grace remarked
Mxo just laughed sarcastically
" in your dreams yeva, Nyiko is too much of a woman than you'll ever be
She may be a farm julia but she is confident in her body unlike you
She has way more to give, like real pussy unlike your plastic vigina" he said
I think those words stung Grace's stone heart
Because she remained quiet, took her hand bag and walked out without saying another word

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