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Tuesday, August 2


Unscripted love Chapter 80


Spank me, daddy
My arms were wrapped tightly around my legs, holding them against my chest in the bathtub. The tears refused to stop falling. Even when I tried to force myself to get a grip, and stop acting like a blubbering idiot, my emotions got the best of me. Sandiso had escaped, the police had no idea where he was and I could almost feel him walking behind me everywhere I went.
A knock on the door made me jump, but I ignored it. “Baby…. are you okay in there? You’ve been bathing for over two hours now.” Levi pointed out. I thought he’d left for his game already.
I knew I couldn’t lock myself in the bathroom forever and I had to stop crying. I was afraid that Levi would eventually grow tired of standing under grey skies with me and leave our relationship. No words had been spoken about the random teddy bear that was delivered at the office that afternoon as we both assumed that it was from Sandiso. Dead air consumed the whole car ride home when Levi fetched me from the office following a distraught call, I felt like I was suffocating. When we finally arrived home I ran into the bathroom, locked myself in and I hadn’t come out since.
“Babe, please open the door.” His voice shaking made me shudder, and I squeezed my eyes shut. Trying to block out everything around me didn’t help, and a couple more tears rolled down my cheeks. “I’m not going to leave until you come out and talk to me. I won’t even play the match tonight if you don’t come out and talk. You better not be slitting your writs in there!”
I chuckled at the thought but Levi sounded completely distraught, I didn’t want him to miss his last match. It was still hours before kick off but I was certain that he needed to go and warm up or talk strategy. With watery legs, I gave in and made my way to the door.
Only a towel was wrapped around me and I pulled it closer before unlocking the only barrier that stood between me and a warm set of eyes. Immediately I was pulled into his strong embrace, and I tried my hardest to stop crying but there was nothing Levi could do to take away the fear rattling through me. Ever since the day Sandiso called I had a recurring dream of him showing up at our doorstep, raping me again before slicing my belly open and ripping our child from me.
“The police are doing everything they can to find Sandiso. I called NetFlorist and I can confirm that the teddy bear didn’t come from Sandiso.” His lips brushed the top of my head and placed a kiss there. “Lerumo send it. A gift for the baby, apparently.”
I thought over his words and separated myself from him enough to look him in the eyes, but didn’t leave his hold. “I don’t know why that disrespectful swine is buying gifts for my child.” A hint of anger, not necessarily directed at me, entered Levi’s voice as he used the force of his own body to move mine backwards. “This is my child! You are my wife! I don’t want anyone else buying stupid shit for you guys. And I don’t want anyone else to come near,” he lowered his voice as he moved his hands from my arms down to my waist, “what is mine.”
I could feel my heartbeat dramatically accelerate as his iris bore into mine. His touch was electrifying, and sparks ran through my body even when I tried so hard to extinguish them. With every step he took forward, I took one back until I couldn’t back up anymore. The bathroom counter blocked any further movement. A smirk rose on his lips as his hands travelled to where my towel was bundled at the top. Seconds later, the towel fell to the floor.
“You -” his hands grasped my breasts. “-are going to make it clear to that imbecile that you are mine.”
I gasped. Heavy breaths took over me as he continued with this tantalising game. I closed my eyes when he leaned forward to leave tender kisses along my neck and up my jawline. Eventually his mouth was about ready to meet mine, but he didn’t go for it, leaving me wanting. His eyes met mine and he looked down to my mouth, but yet, did nothing.
Frustration built up within me. He took hold of both my wrists, secured them behind my back with just one hand and gave me what I wanted. The much anticipated kiss made me moan against his lips.
“Tell me-” he whispered against me. Letting go of my wrists, his hands grabbing my butt. “-do you still have feelings for Lerumo?” After he brushed his lips along my neck, he placed me on the counter. His teeth grazed my skin as he moved his hands to my legs, separating them enough so he could get in between them.
“You are the only man that I want and right now I want to feel you in me.” I whispered my coy response.
I threw my head back and bit my lip as he left kisses all the way down to my shoulder blade, the moan that was struggling to break free was supressed. Everything that had happened the past couple of hours blurred out of my existence and I was consumed by him. His fingers traced my inner thigh. An unbearable ache built between my legs, and instead of pushing him away because he wasn’t supposed to be having sex hours before a match, I snacked my hands into his track pants and wrapped my manicured hands around his length.
He hissed a little, but the action just seemed to encourage him, his touch gravitated closer to the goal he had all along, and I didn’t do anything to stop him. The ache between my legs had become unbearable and my thighs clenched.
His hand suddenly shot up and my breath caught at the back of my throat. An alluring torture ran through every muscle of my body. Every part of me was on fire as he cupped my weak spot, and I groaned. Before I could cry out, his mouth found mine. Our tongues found one another and it was like a breath of fresh air. My legs wrapped around his waist, bringing the palm of his hand closer to me - he was still fully clothed, and part of me wanted that to change. Quickly.
I ran a finger down his length and offered him a massage for his sore legs while his fingers were working hard at leaving me wanting more, so much more. He took me up on my offer, let go and padded to the room while I drained the tub and gathered massage oils.
When I walked in the room Levi was laying stomach down on the bed with a towel covering his backside.
“Towel?” I asked.
"Of course. This isn't Bangkok, is it?" He supressed a chuckle.
I snatched his towel and admired his naked form. Taking a deep breath I drizzled oil over his calves and my hands and held his feet in my hands. The oil smelled like strawberries or flowers? I couldn’t be sure. First, I started massaging his soles before the butts of my palms traced over his legs. Later, my thumbs dug into his calves, hamstrings, and inner thighs. I couldn’t resist his glistening skin and leaned in to kiss his smooth, defined calf muscles.
“The massage includes kisses?” Levi asked.
“No, but the masseur is pretty dirty.” I made it sound as if I were tasting each word, like each syllable were a caramel.
Levi giggled, “This doesn’t happen often but it would seem like I am outrageously smitten and turned on by this masseuse.”
I let out a quick chuckle and kissed his ankles while I ran my hands over his tense calves followed by his thighs again. I straddled him and worked my hands over Levi’s muscular back. I leaned forward, digging into him with my elbow before moving to the base of his neck. I’d started kissing from the base of his spine when he suddenly turned onto his back. The sight of little John standing erect brought me excitement and shortness of breath. I could barely concentrate on my job.
I squirted more oil on Levi’s chest and mine then slid over him to spread it over his upper body, kneading him with my breasts and slightly bulging belly. A soft groan left his lips when I slithered down and nestled his cock in the hollow between my breasts. “Fuck,” he groaned. I felt him shimmy up and down between my breasts, the heat of his erection throbbed.
Pushing his hands back down on the bed, I slid up his body and kissed him, rubbing my breasts along his body and massaged his cock with my pussy lips as I went. I ducked my head down to his chest and grabbed one of his nipples gently between my teeth, swirling my tongue across his erect nipple. Then I kissed and licked my way down his chest, stopping at his navel, circling it with my tongue, before slipping it quickly inside of it, rewarding me with a moan of pleasure from him. Continuing my journey with my tongue, I traced my way down to his waiting cock. Taking it firmly in one hand I reached out the tip of my tongue to swirl it gently around the tip of his erection before sucking it into my mouth. Popping it back out of my mouth I snaked and curled my tongue up and down the length of his shaft and then sucked just the bulbous end of it into my mouth. I ran my tongue and the smooth front of my teeth down the sides of his shaft, eliciting another growl. Moving down further still, I sucked and caressed his balls with my lips, drawing one and then the other into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it while it was inside my mouth.
Letting loose of his balls, I licked my way back up to the tip of his cock while my eyes found his. I believe he detected a smirk on my face and growled menacingly as he pulled me up towards him and lifted my hips to set me straight down onto his very hard, very excited shaft. I giggled to myself and then got down to the business of riding him until he couldn't stand it anymore. He came in a torrent, his juices mixing with mine to run down between our bodies.
This usually marked the end of our escapades, leaving me wishing for more, but he surprised me when he rolled over me, grabbed my wrists and held them above my head, leaving me helpless as he grinded against me. I struggled against his self-made restraints and wrapped my legs around his torso to bring him to me.
His right hand let go of mine and he used it to massage my clit with his spear. I felt the sweet agony grow there and my insides went haywire. My other hand was still pressed tightly against the mattress, but it wanted so badly to break free and run along his hard chest or pull at his hair. The way he smirked down at me made me tremble.
A rugged growl left his intoxicating lips as they vibrated against my own. Finally, his hand let go of mine, mostly from his selfish desire to feel up the rest of my body, but he made it worth it. I couldn’t conceal moaning his name as he did his signature move – grazing and pulling at my nipples, keeping up the pinching and kneading patter while his cock continued tormenting my slit. Every touch was like an intoxicating fix I couldn’t escape.
He didn’t linger on my perky breasts for long. Shivers ran through my spine as he fluctuated between kissing and biting along an imaginary line down my stomach. My back arched and I heard a satisfied chuckle come from him, but he didn’t get distracted from what he was doing to my senses. Anticipation drove my body in an impatient and prolonged wait.
Levi was deliberately taking his time, driving me crazy. I felt his hot breath hovering over where I so desperately wanted him to be, but he didn’t succumb to my whimper when I let it out. A needy whine ran up my throat when he lightly kissed me there, I groaned, my hands urgently grabbed a fist full of sheets at my sides.
The sexual torture didn’t stop there, he ignored my body’s need all together and went for my inner thigh. “What do you think of BSDM?” he growled in-between kisses. I immediately imagined myself hanging, naked, from the rafters of a dungeon, bound and gagged for weeks as family and friends searched hopelessly and wondered what had become of me.
“S- Same thing I think of being vegetarian…. The thought has never crossed my mind.” My words barely held a sound.
“Huh, but you have some steamed veggies from time to time.”
“Open to trying out some things? Nothing hectic or crazy that will leave marks.” The fact that he asked just before he finally gave my body what it had been yearning for was unfair play. Not being to type to back down when I want something...I took that as a challenge.
“Yes,” I purred, my eyes closed and my head tilted back as I revelled in the feel of his talented tongue. They snapped open and widened when he slid off the bed and fetched a small box from the closet. He tied a blindfold over my eyes, making me shiver with excitement and a little fear. This immediately made me feel helpless, knowing that I was his to do with as he pleased from that point on.
Nothing happened for a minute or two as I listened to his movements in the room. I heard him opening what sounded like boxes and plastic wraps, a pop of pills and I heard him take a drink from his glass. I could feel his eyes on me as he did so, and my body shifted self-consciously. The side of the bed near my feet sank as he leaned over my body. When he hovered quietly over me, I wondered what he was thinking.
Suddenly, he lifted my body and twisted it over in one quick movement, and I was face down on the bed. I felt his lips and the tingly feeling of leather on the back of my right leg as he proceeded to lick my body starting at my calf, slowly up the back of my knee, licking his way past my thigh and butt, up my back and across the shoulders to make his way slowly down my left side and ending at my other foot. I half expected him to whip me and I was glad when he didn’t.
He flipped my body face up again as if I were a doll. My hands were opening and closing in frustration; trying to reach some part of his body. Then bending one knee on the bed beside me, he squeezed my ass with one hand while he ran a clit stimulator between my legs and up my clit until I thought I would explode. With each stroke over my clit, while his fingers stroked my pussy walls and his mouth teased my nipples, I felt pleasure writhing through my body.
His lips closed over one of my tender breasts as he continued to suck and lick them, preparing them for the unexpected that was to come.
“Nipple clamps. Tell me if they hurt.” Levi breathed a warning.
I sucked in my breath sharply at the initial sharp pain as he attached a nipple clamp to first one and then the other breast. Teasingly, he tugged lightly a couple of times at the chain that ran between the two clamps before I felt him lower his body down onto mine.
“You okay?” He asked and I nodded my response.
The speed and intensity of the vibrations over my clit intensified as he slid what he called a G-spot stimulator into the soft, inviting hollow between my legs. Everything around me turned to nothingness and I was captured in a spine-tingling delirium. My toes curled and the tight hold I had on the sheets intensified. In a cycle going from faster to slower, Levi made me feel like I was floating in a world where I had no wings.

The world I was absorbed in started to fade and a helpless cry fell from my lips. I felt my pussy explode with a waterfalls as I came. He ceased his torment and kissed me hard. There was no resistance as he slid his cock between the eager, wet lips of my pussy. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts and I felt the build up again almost immediately...the delicious agony of waiting was over and I finally had him inside me.
There was a feeling coursing through me like I wasn’t getting enough of him, so I pressed him deeper into me, and he didn’t object. I felt my walls clench so tightly I thought I might burst again, and I cried out his name. “Shit…. Baby, I’m gonna cum again.”
Levi’s lips left mine before running his hand through his unruly hair and repositioned himself so that his hips were aligned perfectly with mine and I felt my muscles stretch around him. He rolled us over and ran his hands over the contours and firmness of my hips. I rode him, letting him penetrate deeply, caressing his ribs with my knees when I was low in my undulation. When I lifted myself up his shaft, I let out soft cries.
Levi sat up. He glistened in massage oil that coated him. He rocked his lips up to my rhythm, my pussy and his dick overcome with elation they had found. As he fucked me from underneath, he kissed my face and neck making me shiver all the more. Reaching down with his mouth, he took the chain between his teeth, and as he raised his head up to my face, the chain pulled on my clamped nipples making me groan with pleasure.
It was quite an exquisite combination of mild pain and sexual excitement each time he raised his head to pull on the chain. He kissed me again, transferring the chain to my mouth, giving me control of the tension and frequency of the chain. He started thrusting faster and harder, deeper and deeper. Every second he was inside of me, the familiar feeling I could never get tired of grew more intense. He bit down on my bottom lip and pulled. The action caused me to dig into the skin of his shoulder blades which made him dig deeper and harder into me.
My body kept exploding with nectars that I could not control as he pumped his cock in and out of me until finally with one incredibly deep thrust he groaned loudly and his juice exploded inside of me. The chain dropped from my teeth and I let out a long moan, thrusting my hips up off the mattress to meet his as I came in waves of pleasure.
We lay there for a few minutes, not wanting to separate our bodies, but eventually I raised himself up and slid the blindfold from my eyes, smiling down at him. He removed the clamps and reached over my head and pulled me to him, kissing me as I placed my stiff arms around his neck and kissed him back. Our heavy breaths mixed with each other as we laid in silence for a little bit. He drew me closer and I rested my head on his chest.
Soft lips met my forehead as he gently ran his fingers along my side, making the skin over my ribs breakout in goose bumps. My hand that rested on his chest started to travel along his tattoo. From experience I knew how much the needle hurt when going over bone, besides the pain, I couldn’t imagine wanting something permanently inked on my body.
I moved my hand down to where the dark ink started. My fingers trailed along the stem of the rose and I brought them higher while tracing over the petals. Everything about the tattoo was beyond beautiful, but for some reason, whenever I saw it, it left me heartbroken. There was so much emotion in the meaning of the design.
“Have you tried calling your mother’s family again?” I found myself asking and immediately regretted bringing up emotional baggage ahead of a game. Levi’s arm enclosed around me like I were to bolt otherwise.
“No, I have accepted that I will never know that side of my family and I have made peace with that.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Such is life. So…. when am I taking the ten chickens to your family?” He chuckled.
I laughed. “I don’t know. Mom and dad congratulated me on the engagement when I told them, they seem to understand that we couldn’t have done things any other way.”
“Has mom made a decision on the divorce?”
“Mom-” I smiled at him not referring to her as ‘your mom.’ “-is livid. Apparently the police didn’t have a search warrant when they raided Solomon’s house so they can’t use anything they found in a trial. It seems like they have insufficient evidence to prosecute so they let him go.”
“They let him go?” Levi gasped.
“For now. They simply don’t have enough evidence for a conviction. It’s his word against Futhi’s word and the prosecutor doesn’t think her word alone will be enough at the moment so they are waiting for some ten year old to give birth. They will charge him again if the blood tests show that he is the father.”
“That can’t be right! Futhi was in hospital, he gave her abortion pills.”
“There is no proof that he did.”
“Why does it seem like the law protects these people?”
“It does. People murder people and they are told to sit in jail for just six years. Six years for gunning down a person hiding behind a closed door! I don’t understand how these things work, really.”
“Such things tempt me to relocate for good.”
“Me too. One more week and you will be out of here.” I sighed.
“I will miss you.”
“I will miss you too.” I pouted.
“I think I will miss your bums more,” he tittered and playfully spanked me.
“Ahh, spank me again, daddy.” We both belly laughed at my unexpected response and attempt at sounding raunchy.
“I have to go.” He informed me.
“I still have time to sleep and recover before the game. That was great, babe.”
“It was. I love you.”
“And I love you.”
We cleaned ourselves up and changed the drenched sheets before crawling under fresh covers. Instead of leaving like he was supposed to, he told me stories about Arsenal and showed me pictures of the hotel he was going to be staying in while looking for a house. My eyes fluttered in my attempt to stay awake, but when he started rubbing my back, I couldn’t stay awake any longer.
“Sleep tight, baby. I’ll see you later.” Levi’s words and the light kiss he left on the top of my head helped coax me into my dreams. Though there was a hint of solace before I drifted, only nightmares followed once I closed my eyes.

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