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Tuesday, August 30


Unscripted love Chapter 91


Your Secret
You can fall in love with almost anyone. Go to a bar on a Tuesday night looking like crap and you might just end up finding your life partner hanging out by the jukebox. It happens. Love is quick. After years of waiting, it can finally appear just like that.
There are certain people, however, that you are not supposed to fall in love with. Having feelings for them is forbidden, a clear violation of the social order, and, unfortunately, knowing that you can’t touch them often makes it more enticing. It goes back to the whole Adam and Eve thing. If you tell someone not to eat the fruit, they’re going to, all of a sudden, develop a craving for it.
The forbidden fruit can come in a variety of different forms. Your boss. Someone who is far too young or far too old for you. A sociopathic jerk. A good friend’s ex or, even worse, your best friend’s current boyfriend/girlfriend or someone who is married. That’s the ultimate no-no, isn’t it? It’s a taboo that’s been explored in countless movies, books and TV shows. The narrative is always the same.

You are a no good, very bad, terrible person if you so much as look at another woman’s husband in a flirty way. That makes you a slut, a home wrecker, a whore and all the awful names my mother, Thando and Aunt Maria had called Forgiveness.
I get it. Hooking up with a married man is not allowed but sometimes you just unwittingly become the other woman. You do not choose it and even the best of us, like Oprah, can find ourselves occupying ‘the other woman’ seat.
There was something about Kwame that drew me back to him no matter how many times I tried to walk away and start a life with a single, unattached male. One look in Kwame’s direction and my body would be on fire. A Jewel song would play at full volume. It was intense. And I felt sick about it because this was not who I was at all and I was tired of the lies, the veil of secrecy, the deceit and being his secret.
When Kwame failed to show up for our lunch date because he had to take his daughter to the dentist earlier that day, I ended things…. again. It seemed unfair of me to pull the plug when he’d uprooted his entire family and relocated them to Pretoria to be closer to me but I needed more. I needed to feel the things I felt for Kwame for someone like Alunamda. Someone who would put a ring on my finger and roam the streets freely with me without hiding or walking two steps ahead just in case someone his wife knew bumped into us.
The sound of knocking roused me from a deep sleep. I didn't even have to look to know what time it was. Still groggy, I turned on my back and sighed. For a minute I debated whether I should get up and open the door, or do nothing and wait until he left. From past experience, I already knew what I would do, and I also knew I wouldn’t make him wait.
I knew it was Kwame, no one else knocked at my door at four in the morning under the pretence that he had to prepare for an early morning meeting. I could hear the urgency in his banging and it sent vibrations through my body. I had tried countless times to end it but he would just show up the same time every morning and I would let him in. I was addicted to him. I was drunk on his touch, his kiss, the massive tool between his thighs and the way he used it. Needless to say, I was head over heels in love.
Getting up quickly, I padded my way out of the bedroom of the apartment he got me when he demanded that I move out of Alu’s house. I didn’t bother grabbing a robe to put on over his over-sized t-shirt; it wasn't going to take long for it to come off. I hadn't even bothered putting on any underwear before I went to bed the previous night. I just wanted to crawl under the covers and get a few hours of sleep where I wouldn’t feel like my heart was being ripped to shreds. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to do the right thing.
Switching on the living room light, I stopped and considered the door and an array of mixed feelings swept through me. This is the moment where I told myself that I was going to stick to what I’d already stated in my text. Where I’d muster up the courage to say goodbye. But as I gripped the door handle with sweaty palms and opened it, Kwame was standing there with his hands tucked in his pockets, legs parted and head slightly bowed and I forgot everything I wanted to say.
He looked every ounce the gorgeous man he knew he was. Even though the shy innocent look he was trying to pull off was as far from the truth as one can get, I still fell for it every time. Standing eye level with his muscular chest, I let my eyes slowly travel up the white slim fit shirt that clung to his form, past the red tie until they finally rested on his perfectly defined face to meet mysterious eyes. A smile full of secrets curved his mouth.
He didn't have to say anything. From his insistent texts, I already knew what he wanted and I wanted it too, probably more than he did. But at some point all good things must come to an end. Before I could formulate the words to say “not today” he was walking through my door, forcing me to back up and then he kicked it shut behind him. During all this time nothing was said. We only stared at each other. I tried my best not to take in his beauty, but it was hopeless. My body was already humming and I only wanted to feel those strong arms wrapped around me.
He must have read my mind because he took one last step, blocking out whatever breathing space I had left. My heartbeat was just a rapid thud when I first opened the door but now it started to race. I became very conscious of how naked and vulnerable I was underneath the shirt. This shouldn't have been happening but it did every time he came near me. Then his large hands snaked out and circled my waist, pulling me tightly against him and causing my pulse to skyrocket.
His penetrating gaze held me captive and I felt like a deer caught in oncoming headlights. But I couldn’t deny it, as hard and masculine as he was. He felt so damn good. He gently grasped my chin, tilted it up and my body trembled. My mouth opened instantly as he covered it with his thick soft lips. Every last resolve I had melted away right then and there, for the time being. He tasted so delicious and I knew then I could not get enough of him.
He teased my lips slowly, using his tongue to draw the outline of my mouth. I felt desire hot and strong pool at the junction between my thighs. I moaned. My hands reached up and encircled his neck, clutching him tightly. His hands started to wander and explore all over my body. They caressed my back and then travelled lower to squeeze and massage my ass. Then back up to fondle and tweak my nipples. I was so wrapped up in him I couldn’t think of anything else but feeling his hardness inside of me. My nipples tightened at his first touch and they ached to be sucked. My pussy was throbbing and waterfalls were forming from my depths.
How does a woman resist a man like this? Thoughts of relinquishing my pussy to his ministrations earlier had walked out the door the moment he walked in. My pussy spoke and I listened.
With all that he was doing, he still had not given me his tongue and he knew this would drive me crazy. I groaned in protest and used my own tongue to plunge into his mouth, overpowering his and seeking it out so that I could suck on it. He chuckled and gripped my backside, lifting me off the ground and forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist. He groaned in approval at my decision to go commando and started groping and kneading the fleshy exterior of my ass. I felt the tip of his fingers brush my labia majora and I shuddered. More moisture seeped out from the effect of his touch.
My dark God finally broke the kiss and started nibbling on my jaw and down my neckline. My pussy clenched and unclenched as jolts of sensation shot through it, causing more of my wetness to drench my flower. I chased after the sweetest sensation that was building up inside of me by grinding my hips against the erection that was poking me through his royal blue suit pants. But he too couldn’t get close enough as he held my hips and grinded me even harder against him. I whimpered, willing him to understand how much I needed him right then. I wanted to cum.
He stilled my gyrating hips and for the first time that morning he spoke. “Hold on pumpkin. Do you still want me?” I was sure it was a rhetorical question because my flushed face and the evident wetness between my thighs was a dead giveaway but I still squeaked, “Yes.”
My heart beat was erratic and I was breathing deeply. He took me back to my bedroom and gently lay me down on the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed he took his jacket off in one fluid motion, his muscles flexed against the effort. I bit down on my lip as he unbuttoned his shirt; God, this forbidden fruit was breath-taking and I wanted to sink my teeth into it. A large tattoo decorated his upper chest, left shoulder and ran down in eccentric, spiralling designs down his arm. I’d never seen a tattoo look so sexy and dangerous on a man.
I lay there drinking in every ounce of the beautiful sight in front of me. Gosh, he was too dreamy to describe but his thick full lips, straight nose, piercing dark brown eyes and short crew cut fade made him look too perfect and too good to be true. Pride bubbled up inside of me, knowing that this man found me desirable. One night he even confessed under the duress of immense sexual pleasure he was addicted to my pussy. This man who was heart-stoppingly gorgeous and every woman's sexual fantasy.
I watched his muscles bunch as he worked his way out of his suit pants, remembering he hated being restricted. His impressive thickness and length sprung out and bobbed up and down. My legs opened eagerly for Zeus, displaying how wet and ready Midnight was.
Kwame’s eyes darkened with lust and they never left Midnight. He vaulted on to the bed and positioned himself between my thighs, hooking my legs over his shoulder and then dipping his face between my thighs. I was breathless as Midnight quivered in anticipation, knowing his strokes could send me careening over the edge.
He noticed my legs starting to shake from his caress and looked up, his perfect whites flashed with wicked intent. He fastened his arms securely around my hips and without hesitation, delivered. Zeus greeted Midnight with one long stroke from the puckering hole of my anus to my swollen clit. I squirmed and reared up from the bed with want, clutching his thighs and slamming Midnight against Zeus. My body trembled and buckled as a warm sensational heat spread through me when he sunk all seven inches of Zeus in my opening. I was undone.
My pussy's assailant didn't let me go but gripped my legs tighter. He was relentless and I was riddled with pleasure as the moulded me like clay in his hands. Kwame stopped suddenly when the sound of his ringing phone filled the room. He retreated and fished the device out of his pant pocket. He seemed to have had a mental debate with himself before he switched it off and flung it aside.
I knew better than to ask who it was. He moved back up and top of me. He was like a large shadow looming above me. “I love you,” Kwame reminded me.
“I know,” I breathed. My hands reached up and explored his masculine beauty and I planted soft loving kisses on his neck and face. If I had been the one looking down at me, I wouldn't have missed the naked adoration and love showing in my eyes.
His hands took hold of my wandering hands and secured them above my head with one of his own. Then he used the other to direct Zeus’ fat moist head at my entrance. He pushed, slowly burying his extraordinary length and thickness to the mouth of my uterus. I arched my back and bit down on my bottom lip, moaning. I still experienced slight burning from his girth, even while my pussy was extremely wet. I opened more of myself to him by spreading my legs open in a perfect v and the sensation was beyond anything I’d ever felt. It overtook me as he began to move his hips in a hypnotic gyrating motion. Explicit and words of endearment were pouring from his lips and I knew he was overcome with pleasure as much as I was.
I couldn’t figure out if we were making love, fucking or just having sex? Either way it was always like this, passionate. I squirmed in his grasp as he flipped me to hands and knees and began to pound harder into me. My pussy was sucking, milking and squeezing on his cock and I knew I was on the verge.
“Fuck. Yes baby....” I cried as my orgasm crystallized into intense ecstasy that rolled through me in delicious waves, rendering me limp and shaking. He fucked me through it and placed a pillow to prop up my rear end when I fell flat on the bed and Zeus continued his assault.
“Aahh! Shit!” He grunted, letting of go of my waist, flipping me to my side and gathering me tightly to him with my leg draped over his thigh. He didn't miss a beat as he pounded me mercilessly into another pleasure ridden coma. The squelching wet noise echoing between us was enough proof that when we were done the bed would be soaking wet.
Only a hoarse cry left my lips as I reached my peak yet again. For a moment I was disoriented as I slowly tumbled back down. I lay limply in his arms as his cock jabbed me hard three times before he found his own release, roaring out loud.
Kwame looked into my eyes with a self-assuring smile when he opened those big almond eyes again. After much panting, my breathing had eased slightly. He bent back down to give my clit a kiss, sending another jolt of sensation radiating through me. He collapsed next to me and gathered me in his loving embrace.
I was tucked tightly in his embrace for a while as we tried to catch our breaths. I closed my eyes and relished the moment I decided would be the last for a long while.
My eyes fluttered open weakly and looked into his own and they were still smoky with lust.
“Hi,” he whispered in that sexy deep voice, lips quirking up into a smile.
“Hi,” I answered back hoarsely.
“Are you okay?”
I nodded my head and said, “Mmhhmm.” I could barely utter a coherent word as unwelcomed tears streamed down my face. I knew what I had to do.
Panicked, he asked, “What’s wrong pumpkin?”
“Alu and your wife don’t deserve what we are doing to them. We have to stop doing this.”
He cupped my cheek. “I love you, S. Deeply.”
“That doesn’t change anything.” I insisted.
“Where is all of this coming from? I have sacrificed so much for us to be together, you can’t just end things. Not like this…. For no reason.”
My brow furrowed. “I am in love with you but you are not mine to love. You belong to someone else. I'm your second fiddle, your booty call. I'm like every other side-chick that is given a pipe dream, along with great mind-blowing sex. We have an understanding but lately I've been having second thoughts.”
“But why all of a sudden?” he threw his hands up in frustration.
“I have learnt that nobody wins in this scenario. Hearts will get torn from our selfish acts. My cousin is-”
“Please do not tell me about your uncle and Forgiveness again!” He roared. “We are not them. We are different.”
“How are we different, Kwame?” I sniffled. “You should hear the things they call Forgiveness. I feel as though each fired shot is aimed at me, at my kind. Just go back to your wife. I will grow to love Alu.”
“You need to take some time to think about this.” He pressed.
“Time won’t yield different results. It’s over.”
“I cannot live without you," he whispered earnestly.
Truth is, I couldn’t live without him either.
He let go of me and rolled off the bed. “I took leave and I was actually planning on spending the day with you, seeing as its valentine’s day.” He said, fishing a square box out of his jacket pocket and handing it to me. I gawked at the box as he opened it and revealed its contents – a watch inscribed S & K forever. My naïve heart deflated at the wrong kind of round jewellery. But what did I expect really? A marriage proposal from a person who was already married?
“Happy valentine’s day, pumpkin. I love you.” He said, crawling back to bed.
“I love you, too.” I choked out and relaxed into his entangling embrace. “But this is our last day together.”
"S, how can you be so cold?" Kwame kept his eyes steady, resting on my face like they were home, but just briefly, the sorrow already building.
Leaving was so hard yet hanging on to hope and pursuing a relationship with no defined future was senseless.
My features buckled just slightly before I spoke, “Are you ever going to leave Gen?”
Kwame's face grew paler than I had ever recalled it being, as if his very blood was shrinking away from his presence, his lips almost ghostly despite the warm morning sun peeking through the blinds.
Kwame broke his gaze, preferring instead to rest his eyes on the stack of books behind me, on any book. Then he spoke with the same voice he reserved for uncooperative affiliates, "My kids are too young. Do you have any idea what a divorce would do to them?"
Then he turned back to me, face set like an adversary, eyes cold, muscles tense. “Let’s wait until they are older.”
My mind went back to the gut-wrenching pain my aunt, Thando and Futhi went through when they found out about my uncle and Forgiveness. The pain that they were still grappling with now that he’d moved on and started another family with her. I couldn’t bear the thought of doing that to little kids… his wife. What kind of monster was I for wishing that they would end so that we would flourish?
If only Gen knew that loving her husband hurt me, too. My mind wanted to leave but my heart and body didn’t move an inch.
I woke up to the shrilling sound of my alarm clock and soft chirping of birds. Sunlight filtered through the aluminium windows with the sound of the city slowly coming to life. It was lovers' day all around the world and I wanted to make the best of it for myself and the lovely woman snoring next to me who had done everything she could to ensure I got all the happiness (she believed) I deserved in the world.
‘My love,’ I fondly thought, turning to my side and gathering the nubile form sleeping beside me in my arms, pulling her closer. Her naked figure fit perfectly into my angle. The heavy scent of the morning air and flowers from our vast garden in our new home greeted me with the soft breeze.
My morning erection twitched as I recalled our rendezvous the previous night after the last box of furniture we’d picked out together was delivered to the house. Maybe we could indulge in another round of lovemaking before she got any ideas of us unpacking and doing hard labour, a mischievous grin formed at the idea.
I tugged her in even more snugly, my hands travelled up her hard belly to claim one of her breasts and knead it lazily. My erection rubbed against her butt clefts, and my mouth settled on her nape, kissing them gently at first but picking up fervour soon. I moved on to her shoulder and back as my lust overtook me and I felt her stirring awake, responding to my ministrations.
The love we had made the previous night had been long, hard and rough. We had finally fallen asleep sore and sedated. Yet I wanted to do nothing more than just that all over again even though I was all out of pills. She turned around with a smile as I lifted himself up on my elbow.
"Good morning," her melodious voice greeted me as she shifted herself more under me and wrapped her arms around my masculine form.
"Good morning, love," I responded diving in to lace her other nape with kisses before moving downward to take in her already erect nipple in my mouth.
She suddenly held my head with both her hands and pulled me up to look into her eyes. “Happy valentine’s day. See, I remembered something.” She poked fun at her eyebrow raising memory loss.
“That’s today?” I joked which earned me a swat on my arm. “I’m only joking. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.” I leaned in to lock our lips in a passion filled kiss.
“Our appointment with Doctor Clark is in an hour.” I reminded her when we broke the kiss. I thought she’d interpret that as us having enough time for some sex and pancakes before getting ready but she exclaimed, "Oh, yes!" Getting off the bed to rush into the shower for a quick bath.
I surprised her by entering the bathroom right behind her. We hadn’t showered or bathed together since Sandiso violated her in a shower.
"It might save time if we take the bath together," I suggested showing her the jar of bath salts in my hands.
She moved towards me with an impish grin understanding the implication, took the salts from me and gently pushed him away. "I think not. I'll be out in a minute."
It was worth a try. I put the salts away and prepared a special milk and coconut bath for her complete with rose petals while she brushed her teeth and applied a face mask to get rid of her invincible pimples.
I left her to her privacy while I set in motion all I had planned for our first valentine’s day together, a few days shy of the day we started dating. The aim was to make her forget that she even felt any pain in the past year.
I lay naked on my stomach and gazed at the newly acquired TV screen. It was a bribe of sorts from Kwame that spent the day trying to swipe his way back into my good books. His decision to spend the night, thus choosing me over her on the day of love, won me over. The balcony door opened, and Kwame pulled his robe around him as he hurried inside.
“I’m surprised you didn’t melt out there,” I said.
He switched off the fan and warmed his hands with his breath. “It’s quite nippy in the evening.”
I lifted the quilt and allowed him to get under. “I don’t know how you are going to survive Europe for a week if you think its cold.”
He laughed and gave me a kiss, his lips full of unexpected warmth. “Thank God I have you to warm me up.”
I took off his glasses. “How is little Adalia? Her toothache any better?”
“She is well.”
“She must miss her daddy, seeing as he has been with me all day,” I cooed, pushing his satin robe off him.
“She does. Its bedtime and she had to have me tell her bedtime story.”
My hands roamed his body. He was thirty-eight years old and built like a stallion, making me a very lucky woman. “You are such a good father. What time is it?”
“A little after nine. I’m actually very angry. The kids are up late. I don’t know why Genevieve hasn’t put them to sleep.”
“You are up late.”
His facial hair brushed against my skin. “Guess what?”
My lips curved. “What?”
“I managed to pull some strings so that I can take you to Europe.”
“What?” I looked into his eyes as he stroked my hair. “I thought you were going there with your wife.”
He dipped his nose to my neck. “Like I said… I pulled a few strings to rearrange certain things.”
“Just when I was thinking that Thando is the luckiest bum on earth.” I smirked.
“I know you are dying to tell me what Levi got her.”
I looked up at him excitedly. “He covered their living room in a sea of red roses and candles for a romantic dinner. As if that’s not enough…. he got her a Range Rover Evoque.”
“Nice.” He bobbed his head. “What happened to the A1?”
My smile dampened. “He sold it when we thought… you know.”
Kwame nodded his acknowledgement of a trying time that I still couldn’t discuss without tears brimming my eyes. Thando wasn’t dead but I was scarred by her being kidnapped and raped again. I just felt like Sandiso got an easy escape. I wanted Sandiso to suffer, get a penis shoved up his anus on a daily basis in jail, get AIDS and die a slow and painful death with sores all over his body while he defecated on himself and lost all decorum. Three shots in his chest was too easy.
“Levi is a wonderful guy that’s a hopeless romantic. The type any woman wishes they had.” I said, shaking the thought of Sandiso.
Kwame leaned on his elbow and looked out the window, his thoughts brewing like storm clouds.
I placed my hand on his bare back. “Please don’t be angry my angel, I didn’t mean anything by that.”
He remained motionless a while longer, my stomach scrunched as I waited for him to speak. Kwame took my hand, relief flooded through me when he rubbed his nose against mine. “My happiest moments are when I am with you. Thank you for being mine. One day I will be wholly yours.”
I closed my eyes, smirking as I took in his words. They were a bitter sweet reminder of why I was still his secret. It was the hope that my one day would come.

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