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Saturday, September 3


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 81


Chapter 81
I decided to follow them, when I got to the room were they were in, Adrian was already telling his brother what happened,upon seeing me Aiden ran to me.
" dad tell me he is lying, you are coming right?"
" I really want to come but right now I can't promise" I answered avoiding his already disappointed face.
" see? I told you" Adrian shouted.
" well guys we will talk about this, I think you need to take a bath" their mom said.
They went upstairs to take a bath and I just sat on the couch with Ria in silence.
She decided to go prepare food and we ate as a family. We didn't really talk much that night.
The next morning I woke up a bit late. I had a terrible headache. I didn't sleep well last night because all I dreamt of was jail.
" morning babe, " Ria said bringing me breakfast.
The twins entered while I was about to start eating.
" we have decided that we are going to stay with grandma" they both said in unison.
Ria looked at me then back at them.
" why is that so?" She asked
" we just love it there" they still said in unison.
" well then you will also learn to love it here " she retorted.
I could see she was getting worked up
" babe we will take them there" I intervened.
" take them where? Can't you see this is blackmail? They are blackmailing you.
Why are you all giving me so much stress why" I immideately got up and helped her sit down.
" do you actually think that your father wouldn't do anything to attend your party? Do you think I don't want that? " she asked raising her voice.
" OK boys , go to your room." I said looking at them and they ran out.
" babe let us just allow them to leave " I told her.
" no. Its not going to happen. I am the parent here. They can't be telling me what to do.they are not even 5 yet for crying out loud. What's gonna happen when they are 15 and you are not here.
You know what, I have had to enough of this " with that said she stormed out.
Few minutes later I heard the car leaving.
I spent the day with my sons. Roger came to spend the day with us. He was still at Tembisa.
Ria was nowhere to be found and her phone was off. She came back around 6 in a very good mood. She bought the boys a lot of stuff.
Well I kinda thought she met with Christy or something but the jolly mood was just the beginning. She was acting kinda weird for a wife whose husband was about to be sent to jail for a very long time. I didn't ask her anything.
I was also gonna sound weird or jealous interrogating my wife as to why she was ecstatic these days.
As the day of my trial drew closer Ria was just a happy soul. The boys were surely surprised as well because their mother had always been grumpy ever since the trial started.
" babe is everything alright" I asked her the night before my trial.
" everything is OK babe. Didn't u miss the bubbly Rianze? This is she " she said then kissed me goodnight on the forehead and slept.
In the morning she said she would be late so she wouldn't be driving to the court with me. She took the kids to Tembisa. Roger wasn't attending the trial. Well I guess it was his choice and I couldn't hold it against him.
I got to court and 15 minutes later there was no sign of Ria. I was kinda panicking seeing that the court was about to start without her in sight. The last thing I needed was not having my wife as my support system on my last day of court.
This was it, she probably gave up on me, it explains why she was all happy during the week. She probably found a guy and moved on. It has to be Ayanda.
If I have been found guilty and hear that she has moved on with that guy, I will find people to kill and then be serving a sentence for a crime I did actually commit.
Well when it was my time to take the stand my wife came in. She was all dressed up like she was going to to a red carpet event. Everything was on point. The court just came to a halt watching her walk in. She was on a body hugging red dress with some white stilettos and a new hairstyle.
She actually reminded me of the day she came wearing a red dress when I was about to marry Lucy. The confidence she displayed was beyond what I knew her for.
She whispered " sorry I'm late " as she sat behind me.
" Mr martins, are you gonna take the stand or not" the judge shouted and immideately got up.
What I was saying was gibberish. I knew at that very moment that I have lost the case. All I kept on saying was I didn't do it which was annoying the judge every a second I uttered those words.
When I was done I was surprised to hear Amanda was taking the stand.
At first I heard she wouldn't be taking the stand. I looked at Ria who was just smiling from ear to ear.
Amanda looked distraughted, I guess it was a face she was putting up so people could believe she was the victim for real.
When her lawyer asked her a question." Do you know this guy?" Pointing at me.
She kept quiet for sometime then said.
" yes I know him" that very moment I knew that jail was for me. I started day dreaming about myself wearing the orange jumpsuit and all the horrible things that were going to happen to me.
" he didn't do it. This is all lies. He never touched me. It's a plan made up.Lucy came up with this plan, paid all these witnesses and whatever"
I was busy day dreaming when I heard all that. For a second I thought I was just lost in my own thoughts.
The next thing I saw was Lucy jumping the seat she was at and straight to where Amanda was. She started strangling Amanda. " ke tla go bolaya, moloi ke wena" she screamed as she strangled her. Commotion arised.
" order in my court." The judge shouted.
The guards were busy trying to take Lucy off Amanda, by the time they finally took her off, Amanda had passed out.
Lucy was gangster and she has been in more fight than anyone who was in that court room so I wasn't surprised she could strangle someone to their death.
" lock her up. I won't have this clown show in my court " the judge said to the prison warders.
"Ria came to where I was sitting, kissed me on the lips and then said"babe you are free"
Mmmm this woman was full of surprises hle.

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