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Monday, September 12


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 82


Chapter 82.
At that moment I didn't know whether I should jump in joy or just contain it. Gosh I was happy.
The word happy is an understatement, I was on cloud 9.
I got up and picked Rianze and swinged her around. I didn't care about who was watching.
" I have no words to thank you with right now. Babe how did you pull it off?" I asked putting her down.
" not important right now babe. Tonight you can attend our boys birthday and that's what matters right now" she walked to where our friends and family where standing.
Well I was happy she got me out of here yet so curious as to how she did it. It didn't seem she would be telling me anytime soon anyways.

Our friends and family were clearly happy for us. Ria asked Christy and Nandi to help her prepare for the twins birthdays.
" babe I think I should leave with the girls to go buy the birthday stuff now" she said kissing me.
" no babe. I had plans....I mean the girls can manage without you. They know the theme mos and the other stuff." I said holding her hands.
I wanted to take her out first so we could have a little celebration of our own.
Her friends said they will manage without her so we left.
Our car was parked at a basement,
Once inside, I put her favorite CD on, this was all going to be about her. I was about to drive off when she climbed on top of me. I had to switch off the car. As the strong, sensual beat and soulful lyrics filled the room,
She reached up and cupped my face in her hands, While softly caressing my face with her fingertips.
She boldly told me that If she was to choose a husband all over again, it would always be me. She locked her lips with mine.
She slowly moved her fluttering fingertips down the sides of my neck and worked them around to the back of my scalp and gently, but with firm pressure, massaged my scalp up to my forehead and back to the nape of my neck. Her fingers traveled in a slow, sensuous rhythm.
She inserted one of my finger into her mouth and slowly licked it from base to fingertip in an erotic manner. She was so openly shameless about the whole thing.
" babe we in a public space" I said and she put her finger on my lips.
" shhhhh" she whispered.
Well our windows were tinted, I don't even know why I was worrying. Well the fact that it was in public just gave me a thrill.
She moved her hands to my chest and through my shirt gently squeezed my nipples. She applied a little more pressure and starting at the top, slowly undid each button on my shirt.
She adjusted the seat until i could sleep flat on my back. She started to reach for my belt and pretended to fumble with the belt just so she could teasingly rub her fingers over my manhood, which was now straining for release. She unfastened the buckle and very, very slowly slid the zipper down. I was squirming in my seat. I wanted her badly.
She lowered my trouser and placed her lips on my bulging penis, still held captive by my boxers.
She lowered my boxers as my hardening cock emerged, begging for her attention. She wrapped her lips around my wet crown and gently slid her lips further down my shaft and very slowly back to the tip. My soft moans urged her on. She licked her lips and applied their moistness to my growing erection. Slowly, then gaining speed and adding just a little more pressure, She worked her mouth, lips and tongue up and down.
The way she was doing it you could swear she wasn't the same wife of mine who hardly gave me a blowjob.
She raised herself up on my knees straddled my erection while offering her nipples to me by pushing them in my face. As i suckled one tight bud and then the other bit lightly, she started panting.
She lowered herself on my erection and lifted up and down in a teasingly slow fashion
Gosh this woman of mine was beautiful.
She continued her sensual journey of my body, she leaned down to kiss me softly on my lips. She increased the pressure of the kiss, our tongues sparing as we clung to each other. She started riding me faster, we petted and nuzzled and ground our bodies into each other with sheer abandon.
I closed my eyes and raised my arms over my head and lost myself in the sheer joy of the feelings she was igniting in me; I was a quivering heap of flesh.
After what seemed like an eternity, i turned her over and i entered her from behind. She was moaning in rapture and my powerful thrusts were sending her over the precipice of sanity. Faster and harder i plunged into her. I was rapidly losing whatever control I had and I didn't care. I wanted to surrender to my orgasm but I also wanted us to experience that moment together.
The closer she got to her climax, the closer I got to mine. My body was pulsating and I didn't think I could last much longer. After several minutes my body started shaking and I was almost sorry that this thrill was nearing an end. We were each other's addiction. I tensed, arched my back and let loose with a primal cry as I cum.
We laid there next to each other panting breathlessly.
This woman of mine just took me by surprise.
We drove home feeling a bit guilty that it might be obvious we were having sex if we are to find everyone waiting for us. Just as we were about to get home, Dinah called Ria to tell her that the party will be at Tembisa.
That was great, we got into the house and had a shower then got dressed to drove to the party.
I asked that nobody should tell the boys I was coming. Their mother got in first.
" why do you guys look so sad like its not your birthday? Well I got you a present " she said as she opened the door.
" oh my gosh is that dad?" They screamed in unison as they jumped from their chairs to hug me.
" oh dad you made it" Adrian said as I picked both of them up.
" anything for my boys hey" I smiled.
They both rested their heads on my shoulder.
It was the best feeling ever.

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