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Monday, September 12


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 83


Chapter 83.
I hugged my boys for quite some time. I had my wife to thank for it. She was just smiling taking us a photo.
" aww this is so cute guys. Well I didn't wanna tell you but I was scared you were going to jail bro. I was really scared " Roger said.
" um this is not the good time to talk about this guys " Ria said signalling that the twins shouldn't hear it.
We continued with the party.
My boys were over the moon.
" I think I owe you big time my love" I held Ria by the waist while she was busy in the kitchen.
" you owe me nothing babe. I did the whole thing for us."
" well this has been the best time of my life. Well one of the best babe" I kissed her.
" hold your horses mr martins ,people might just walk in on us."
" mom, dad come we are about to cut the cake" Adrian told us.
We followed him.

The party was fun. We had fun as a family. Once we were done we played games while the twins were playing with nandi's and Christina's girls.
My dad didn't want to partake in the games but we forced him. We laughed and joked around till late.
" thanks for the amazing time guys. We should get going " Allan said. He left with Christy. Nandi left as well.
" well we should also get going babe" I told Ria who was packing up some stuff.
" can the twins stay behind with me?" Roger asked.
" when are you coming back to Sandhurst. I hope Dinah doesn't think we still need time to fix things because we are fine" I asked Roger.
" well bro I'll come back Saturday. For now I'm cool here " he replied.
" I heard you found a girl here. I was even starting to think you are gay young man.."
" well you must just get going. It's getting late now."
I left with Ria. My dad went to his hotel.
" what a day babe. I'm gonna take a shower, don't you wanna join me." I asked her as I kissed her on the forehead.
" nah babe. I'll bath later"
It was like something was bothering her but I couldn't ask what that was.
I went to take a shower but I couldn't see my shampoo so I came back to ask Ria.
She was on the fone so I decided I was gonna come back after she was done. But hearing my name caught my attention.
" I told you Mordecai doesn't have to know about this" she said to the other person on the phone.
I didn't wait to listen to the rest of the conversation. I went back to the shower and decided to shower without my shampoo.
After I was done, Ria was already sleeping. I could sense something was up but I didn't ask.
" babe when are you going back to work?" I asked my wife the next morning while we were eating breakfast.
" next Monday.I'll be going back.I just need these few days for us to spend as a family " she smiled.
I was also planning to go back to work on Monday. I was actually planning to resign at the varsity and look for a job somewhere else but my supervisors talked me out of it.
After eating breakfast I went for a jog. I came back after an hour and what I heard when opening the lounge's door was voices of two people arguing.
I could hear the other one was Ria but the male voice wasn't all clear to me.
Seeing me enter, they immideately hushed.
It was Ayanda. I was fuming seeing him standing inside my own house.
" what is going on here. Ayanda you are like a bad rash that just seem to not go away." I said as I put my stuff down.
" is that how you welcome people in your own house.I thought they taught you some manners in england but manners dololo" he sat on the couch smirking.
I didn't say a thing but just looked at Ria with eyes that demanded some answers. Instead she looked away.
" well you have stayed your welcome Ayanda. I need to talk to my wife in private please"
" Hau ya'all have a big mansion. You can even go to the basement " Ayanda scoffed.
" Ria I need some answers here. What is this guy doing in our house" I asked sternly.
" oh so she didn't tell you I see, well Mordecai your ass is parading up and down freely because of me. I got you out of that hell hole" he spoke with so much confidence in his voice.
As for Ria she didn't want to look me in the eyes not even once. It now made sense. All those late night calls she received was from this daredevil.
Well I was mad it was all made possible by him and not somebody else yet I had to be thankful I was out of jail.
I had no right to be mad at Ria for this. She did what she had to and I was thankful but there might have been something he wanted in return.
" well sorry for invading your privacy Mordecai but with any favour there has to be some payment in return and your wife offered me money for your freedom. I mean millions but I refused...you know why? because I'm sure that will mean nothing from a rich family like yours so I asked her to sleep with me. She begged for this dick" he smirked.
I started sweating profusely. I could my heart pounding in my head. My knees buckled inwards and I immideately sat on the couch.
Ayanda was kind of having fun with this whole thing. He burst out laughing.
Ria was just standing where she was. She didn't move nor say a thing.
" well don't faint on us Mr M. We haven't done the deed" he laughed some more.
" no we are still going to do it. You see, your wife didn't keep her end of the bargain. She is now refusing to sleep with me as per agreement and I don't like people who don't keep their word." He continued.
" what" I jumped up like somebody who just saw a snake.
" oh my gosh, you didn't sleep with him. Oh babe you didn't " I ran to hug her.
" but I still have to " she whispered.
" we will cross that bridge when we get to it" I said as I hugged her more.
God knows I was relieved.

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