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Tuesday, September 13


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 84


Chapter 84
Picturing Rianze with another man is the worst thing that i could ever imagine.It will be detrimental that forgiving her will be the hardest thing to do. I just don't picture my wife being fucked by another man.
If my wife was to ever cheat on me and i find out....words can barely do the pain justice. It would kill me.
I hugged her tighter, thankful that she didn't sleep with that sorry ass of a man. Ayanda was gonna rub it in my face every chance he gets. In fact he would make sure to remind me about it everyday.
"Ayanda, I'm sorry my wife hasn't been cooperative in this whole deal but I promise you we will sort it out. She just need a little motivation and we will set up a date" I said with a little smile.
" what?...oh" Ayanda replied sounding surprised.
I told him to leave and he left. He didn't want to leave because they way I handled things was not what he expected.

" I'm so sorry babe. I was desperate and he was my last hope. I couldn't help seeing you go to jail " Ria said with tears threatening to escape her eyes.
" no babe. I don't blame you. You helped us a lot babe. Ayanda is our problem and we will solve him together "
Well I didn't have a solution as yet but one thing I was certain about was that my wife wouldn't sleep with him.
Negotiating with him wasn't gonna work. That guy hated my guts.
Ria's POV.
The past few days had been a rollercoaster. Honestly I was relieved that my husband was not going to jail no More, I swear it was gonna send me into a depression.
Ayanda was going to be a headache though. It was like I made a deal with the devil.
I tried not to focus on it as Mordecai kept on reassuring me that we would work it out.
I decided I was gonna go back to work. It has been so long, I felt like a new person in the job.
The projects I left unfinished were done by some people.
I could hear Rochelle gossiping and complaining that I dissapeared for weeks and nobody is saying a thing but if its the others the CEO will demand proof left, right and center.
I didn't pay much attention to her but did my work and when it was time to leave I left.
I had an appointment with my doctor the next day. He was gonna give me the results on whether the cancerous cells were getting worse or dissapeared.
I wasn't as scared as I used to be about beating this thing. I felt stronger than before.
When he came with the results, my heart started beating faster. If he told me they were still there then I could be kissing my kids goodbye soon.
" I know this wasn't an easy journey for you and your family Mrs Martins but at least I hold good news..." He said smiling.

That was all I wanted to hear. Good news. He explained all the medical terms of his and said that there is chance of the cancer recurring.
I wasn't gonna start worrying about that. It could or could not return.
I was worrying about having another baby. Mordecai and I have been having sex all these times without any method of contraception. I had false alarms here and there but none of it seemed to be yielding positive results.

I didn't tell Mordecai I have been trying to fall pregnant because I wanted to surprise him. I have been keeping tracks of my ovulation days and whatnot so I could know when I was more fertile and when I wasn't. I know it would mean a lot to him since he had always wanted us to have another baby for quite some time.

I explained to my doctor the problem I had but instead he started telling me that its advisable to fall pregnant after 2 years after having the chemotherapy treatment.
That was way too long and I wasnt gonna wait for that.

On my way home I decided to buy the pregnancy test. It was the 4th one I was buying. I actually wanted the doctor to run some fertility test since I was scared I might be experiencing secondary infertility but I decided not to go through with it. Maybe I was just over reacting.
When I got home there was no one. Roger was back to stay with us and the boys but they were not there. Maybe they went out for an ice cream.

I decided to run the test. I waited impatiently and just as I expected it was negative. I was starting to worry.

Mordecai entered our bathroom and immideately brought me back to reality.
" oh sorry baby. I didn't know you were in here... What is this that you are holding?" He asked trying to locate the stuff I was holding behind my back with his eyes.
" ummm" was all I said.
I wasn't prepared tell him

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