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Saturday, September 17


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 85


Chapter 85
Mordecai looked at me with a face that wanted answers but I didn't budge.
" I'm just gonna be preparing dinner babe so you will come tell me all about your doctor's visit." He said leaving the bathroom.
I took the test kit and rolled it inside some papers and discarded it.
I took a bath first and when I got to the kitchen,he was almost done.
" mmm it smell nice down here." I said taking a chair.
" anything for my baby".

I told him what the doctor said and he just came and pick me up and put me on the table.
" that's good news babe. I wish I was there for you " he said kissing me.
" I just wanted to hear the news first and besides you have a lot of catching up to do at work"
" well we can go somewhere to celebrate, you know" he suggested.
" or we can just celebrate here at home with the boys" I replied.
The boys entered with Roger.
" but dad said we are not allowed to sit on the table " Adrian said putting the plastics he was holding down.
" of course but I didn't say your mom wasnt allowed "
I stepped down and went to kiss both of them.
" ewwwww, we too old for that mom please" aiden tried to get away .
" this is another reason we don't like being dropped at school by you. We are too old for kisses in public mama" Adrian added.
I just smiled and shook my head.
" OK fine boys, I'll go get myself a baby girl who will love being kissed even when she is old" I said smiling.
Nandi and Christy asked to spend the Saturday with us.
I woke up early and prepared snacks for them. They were both bringing their families. Nandi had a new boyfriend so we were going to meet him.
The afternoon went well, we chilled by the garden while the kids played around.
Mordecai's phone rang and he got up to answer it. When he came back I could tell he was upset but was trying so hard to hide it from the others.
I asked him to help me with something in the kitchen and he followed.
" babe is everything alright? You look like you have just received a disturbing phone call" I asked placing my hands over his shoulders.
" well its Ayanda... That guy is disrespecting me and it is actually frustrating me because I have no plan whatsoever to get us out of this. I don't want to commit a crime trying to get this guy to leave us alone because it won't look good on our end"
" I have been worrying sick about him too. He calls me almost every hour, threatening our family. I thought I could handle this too but he can't be putting my twins into this. You know, this morning I received a text from him telling me all the stuff my sons did yesterday. From 8 until they got here with ,Roger. I'm scared babe" he took me into his arms.
" I didn't mean to eavesdrop but whatever you guys are talking about sounds scary. Are you talking about the same Ayanda I know" Nandi said as she entered.
Well Nandi loved news so I wasnt surprised she could eavesdrop.
I ended up telling her what was going on. Maybe she could help us out.
After I told her the whole thing she just stood there deep in her thoughts.
Mordecai looked at me and I could tell he was saying I made a huge mistake by telling her.
" this is easy, you know" she said smiling.
that was not what I was waiting to hear. A little sympathy couldn't hurt.
" do you know that chick Ayanda is married to?" She asked.
I didn't even know Ayanda was married for that matter.
" nomasonto from your class back in UCT Ria. That crazy chick..." She continued.
I couldn't even remember that name. I shrugged my shoulder. Mordecai didn't say a thing all this time.
" she is my home girl and I kinda talk to her at times. I didn't even know Ayanda was back in your Life chommie. Well guys leave this to me. I'll sort it out. All you have to do is call Ayanda and tell him you are ready to sleep with him. He must be here in an hour from now and leave the rest to me"
I looked at Mordecai for approval but he just smiled shaking his head. He didn't trust Nandi but he said we must give it a shot.
I did as I was told. Nandi asked Roger to go with the kids for some milkshake. In an hour Ayanda came all dressed up in a short and a vest. The others were instructed to hide by Nandi so it was just me and him.
" I see your husband finally talked some sense into your head. Well we mustn't actually waste time. You can start by sucking my dick. If you don't do it right, I'll make you repeat baby girl" he said smirking.
" well I..."
I didn't finish what i wanted to say because a woman whom I can safely assume is Nomasonto budged in ready for war.
The others who were hiding emerged too.
" what kind of fuckery is this Ayanda hee? I bath you, feed you and give you a roof over your head but this is how you choose to repay me? Even that law degree you are using to con people, I paid for it. You have a job because of me. All you have in your life is because of me, uyandiva? . I made you Ayanda but you always choose to make me look stupid. Hai mtase, i have had enough.I'm putting a stop to this" she shouted pacing up and down.
Nandi was busy smiling. She liked drama and she staged the whole thing this way knowing this would happen.
" babe let's not do this now" he begged. He was on his knees.
I just couldn't believe the whole scenario playing before me. This couldn't be the same Ayanda who used to act like the world was his oyster.
" do what now? Namhlanhe ngizakubonisa ukuba ngiduma nganyoni ndidinwe qgithi amanyala owenzako...! Im taking my car back and everything else for that matter"
" Nomasonto please don't do that. Please! I'm really sorry" he had tears coming out of his eyes.
I was actually starting to feel sorry for him.

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