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Monday, September 26


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 86


Chapter 86
A dramatic friend like Nandi was really needed. This whole thing was stressing us but she sorted it out in a snap of a finger.
After nomasonto has dragged her husband out of the I house, I went to hug her.
" thanks a lot friend" I said as I hugged her.
" anything for my special people" she smiled.
" I have to give it to you Nandi, that was some drama I have been craving to see for quite some time
Mordecai thought the moment called for a celebration.

" guys I don't drink, remember?" I said.
" well me too hey" Christy added.
Nandi and I looked at her surprised because she loved wine.
" because I'm pregnant " she shouted and we started shouting with her.
Mordecai congratulated Allan and we hugged our Friend.
This called for more celebrations. We spent the remainder of the day chilling and having some good time.
" so tell me, are you not planning to have more kids?" Ayanda asked me.
I brushed it off saying it will all happen all in the right time.
Mordecai told me his father was planning to visit us the following day so I woke up and prepared for his visit. I had a helper but decided to do stuff myself. He came around 12 In the afternoon. There was something about this guy that still petrified me. I guess it was the power that he exuded. I could never get used to him.
I think it was the same with Mordecai but he was quite better as compared to me. Roger on the other hand could handle him quite well.
" so sir Martins is coming huh?" He said jokingly when I was preparing food in the kitchen before his father arrived.
" I'm sure there is something he wants" he added.
I just laughed it off.
" what if he just came to see us. He has been scarce these days ever since he moved back" I said.
" please help me set up the table" I asked hin.
Mordecai was busy playing soccer with his sons.
He came in few minutes before his father arrived.
" wow you have gone all out babe. This is way too much for dad you know" he said tasting some of the stuff I prepared.
I hit his hand and he came to hug me.
Mr martins came alone. He didn't have any girlfriend that we have ever heard of so we thought maybe he was there to tell us he was getting married or something.
But that wasn't what he came for.
He started congratulating us on keeping our marriage going. He said he doubted we could make it this far. With that said, he thought the two of us were matured enough to run his business here in SA.
" well dad, last time it didn't end well and you know it so I believe its better when we are not involved" Mordecai told him as we ate our lunch.
" you were young back then, now you are matured. I believe the two of you can keep the empire going or make it better even. If you two handle things well,I can be able to give this whole thing to you two " he said smiling.
Well that sounded tempting. I would have liked the idea of being boss lady but yet again, I thought I was better off being away from the family business.
Mordecai told him he was loving being a lecturer but his dad said he could do it part time.
" well we will discuss it first together and then come back to you" I suggested seeing the conversation wasn't going anywhere.
We all agreed to that and continued eating.
" I have something else to ask" Mr Martins started.
We all looked at him. I had a feeling it was going to be something I won't like.
" I was thinking Adrian and Aiden could come with me to Britain next year so they can attend school there"
I immediately looked at Mordecai and Roger who exchanged looks.
I kinda knew this day would come and couldn't have been better prepared for it.
" I'd love to attend school there, you know" Aiden said to his brother.
We kinda forgot these two were in the table with us. You could swear they never listen when you talk but they are always all ears.
" I think we should go check up the new game grandpa bought for you" Roger took them to their room.
"Isn't this a way of trying to take my kids away from me for good?" I asked trying to sound in control of the situation.

" dad I don't think Ria will be comfortable with this. I mean, we both want to see our twins grow up right before our eyes.
" they will come back every school holidays or anytime you want them to. It can just be for next year and then they will come back. I'm really begging for this chance for me to spend time with them. I could have moved back here but I'm tied down with business. Please guys" he pleaded.
I wasn't about to buy his sob story. Taking the twins away could actually put pressure on me to fall pregnant again and worse I didn't trust this guy's intentions.
now. I thought you lost your touch girl" Christy said and we all laughed.
Dear readers I'm gonna take a break for two weeks as I'm having my exams now.
I was also thinking of giving Ria and Mordecai a rest at chapter 90 and not 100 and have a new story. I can assure you it won't dissapoint.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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