Tuesday, September 27

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Bonang Dump AKA for not fighting black coffee 'you are weak'

Bonang breaks up with AKA for not fighting black coffee

Bonang breaks up with AKA for not fighting black coffee and being a weak man.

It seems not to rain for AKA. It is actually a full blown tsunami in his life right now. The supamega squad leader has found himself single after Bonang dumped him for being weak.

After the weekends episode which saw AKA’s manager getting his face whooped by Dj Black Coffee, alarm bells rang in Bonang’s life and she has ended things with AKA citing that he would not be able to protect her. Bonang is rumored to have moved out of their Joburg penthouse and moved in with a relative.

A source said a dejected Bonang gave AKA an ultimatum : Slap DJ Coffee back or i will leave and AKA could not slap Coffee back thus leaving him single. “Bonang no longer felt safe. She is a woman and women like to feel protected. After this incident, she didn’t feel like AKA could protect her any longer”, the source said.
Another source said Bonang had grown fed up of AKA’s childish behavior thus she ended things. “AKA is childish. He even calls his pe_nis captain planet. That is creepy”, the source, who is close to Bonang, said.
Source : Online

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