Thursday, September 29

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Chris Brown and Tyga dies in a car crash.

Chris Brown and Tyga dies in a car crash(Hoax).

Chris Brown and Tyga dead in a car accident - chris brown dead after car crash

Chris Brown and Tyga were spoted having the time of their lives at miami last night. The music Gurus were seen popping bottles as if they knew it was their last time popping bottles.  Not only that but an eye witness says he saw them doing coaching in the bathroom aswell.  The two were seen in the company of a lot of beautiful women, it's been said that the women are models they use in their music videos.

Chris and Brown then left the club with two other ladies we can just imagine what was going to happen next. Tyga was driving when he suddenly lost control of the car and it rolled 5 times confirmed the model who was unfortunately the only survivor in the horrid accident. Tyga was declared dead on the scene whilst Chris and the second model were declared dead at the arrival of the hospital meanwhile the third model remains missing.

-Mzansistories Satire

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