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Thursday, September 1


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 26


Time went pretty fast. Festive season came and gone. We were already back to a place of gold digging for a whole lot of treasures.
My life was hectic. I had to balance it. Between my job, the kokoberries, business , Church, my friends and my family commitments, I had little to no time for stress and drama. For a very first time in ages, my life had peace and direction.

Reatli went back home to kick start her operation destroy Godzilla and Whorezilla. I had to reschedule our meeting that was supposed to be a week ago due to my busy schedule. Mringo and I decided to hire someone to assist him to run the business. I was still going to be involved and make final and major decisions but I trusted Mringo to continue as before.
I was not really looking forward to our meeting with the Baloyes on Friday. Because of my hectiness, Reatli and I haven’t met or spoke much about her plans. I still haven’t told her about the mysterious phone call I received from her husband the evening of our trip back from Bloemfontein. I didn’t deem it important to discuss the call with Reatli. I assumed that he must have phoned her first, after all he was still her husband. And besides I just thought Nyiko was bluffing and trying to scare me or us off from digging for the truth. After that phone call, my theory was that Manthatisi must have told Sheryl that we were there and went to visit Fifi, so she confronted Fifi and told her meal ticket who was testing how much we knew.
Speaking of knowing much, I read Kevin’s email and also spoke to him. He had no idea about any Golf car purchase and said as far as he could remember he never authorise any business transaction to buy a new company car, let alone a private one. He said I should speak to Mringo and Nyiko, there must be some mixed up.
I was busy compiling a detailed report and questions I was going to ask Nyiko and Mringo. I teamed up with Mringo and prepared him for the kind of questions I was going to ask him and even went through how he should answer them in such a way that I could nail Nyiko to account and be exposed for mismanagement of company resources and have enough to open a fraud case.
Since Milano worked through the festive period, when I went back to work, he was on leave only coming back towards end of January. I was waiting for him to be back so that I could apologies face to face for accusing him and his wife for something they didn’t know.
On Thursday evening while busy playing mommy with the Kokoberries, I received a call from Reatlehile. Kananelo answered it and spoke her gibberish with her ‘akhadi Atli. Boss Kahoentle joined in. I then called Mamorena to come and rescue Reatli from the little lions. Mamo called them and they said their goodbyes to their cousins and ‘akhadi Wa bona.
Nna: Hallo ‘akhadi
Reatli: Hallo Malome
Nna: Yoo, I didn’t think we would ever get a chance to speak ,this four cousins chat was just never ending.
Reatli: Tell me about it. I was about to call you on the home number. Otherwise, how are you mohadibo?
Nna: Yoo I have been so busy. And wena?
Reatli: Yoo the tension in the house has been getting worse by day. Since I came back from Rustenburg, Nyiko has been on my tail. It’s as if he is suspecting that I am on to him.
Nna: You need to be careful lady. Make sure you are discreet and act as normal as you can. I am sure he knows about our trip to Bloemfontein. How has your friend Sheryl been towards you?
Reatli: That one too has been a bit offish but I guess I am not bothered because I too had been avoiding her. They don't think they know anything, especially Nyiko.
Nna: I think he knows or suspect something. Hence he phoned and threatened me.
Reatli: What? When?
Nna: A while back, actually the same day we came back from Bloemfontein.
Reatli: And you didn’t tell me Bobs? Why?
Nna: I guess I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.
Reatli: Oh no Bobs! You should have told me. What if he had done something bad to me? Killed? What did he say?
Nna: Whoa Reatli. I said I didn’t think it was important. He just said we should not poke our noses in his business that's all. Why will he kill you?
Reatli: For betrayal. Who knows? And you didn’t think that was not important enough to tell me Obonolo? Really? My husband calls and warn and threatens you and you just kept quiet about it? I thought we were going to work together on destroying him.
Nna: Haaaowa Reatli. There is no we in destroying your husband. Remember that you only helped me with the accident story because you were in it with your friends? You must bring him down on your own dear. I am not getting involved not especially after the phone call. So don’t go all gaga on me for not telling you about the phone call. I’m sure now you know how I felt to find out that you knew people were planning to kill me yet you never told me. So please don’t even start with me on that. I didn’t agree to help you fight your battles. I only agreed to give you some information just because you know that I have them. Ha ke no shwela dibe tsa hao mannyeo, not especially where that Godzilla of yours is concerned. I’m sorry. But I won’t go there.
Reatli: Okay I am sorry I lashed out on you. It’s just that I had no idea what his sudden walking on eggshells came from. I had been scratching my head trying to figure out yet he happened to know about our trip to Bloemfontein. Question is how did he find out especially because Fifi made us promise not to tell them about our conversation.
Nna: Hai, I also don’t know.
Reatli: Are you sure you didn’t confront Sheryl?
Nna: Heelang Reatlehile, did you really have to ask me that stupid question? Sheryl is not my friend remember! I was only interested to find out who was responsible for my accident and I got my answers. The only thing that I need to clarify is the Golf purchases, which I am going to find out about during tomorrow’s meeting. Otherwise, I’m not like you rushing to do things without thinking and regretting them later.
I gave Fifi my word, I wouldn’t want her death on my conscience. Because if the two anacondas ever finds out that she opened her mouth, they would not hesitate to get rid of her. So No madam. I have not confronted your brother’s girlfriend and I have no reasons nor plans to speak to her.
Reatli: I am sorry ausi. I didn’t know what to think. I am so paranoid and worried about how much Nyiko knows. And if I’m in danger. Now I understand why he’s been acting so funny towards me. He now locks the study and move around with his cellphone everywhere he goes. Oh and he said he would not make it to tomorrow afternoon meeting, he said he was flying to Durban on business.
Nna: Haahaaa! He is running away from me. I suggest you phone that nurse that gave you her cellphone and speak to Fifi and then check with Manthatisi as to who she spoke to that day and what did she tell them.
Reatli: Yes I will phone the nurse and Manthatisi before I sleep. I need to know how much Nyiko and Sheryl knows. I was looking forward to the meeting. I didn't want to miss it for the world. I wanted to know how much damage Nyiko Baloye had caused my brother.
Nna: Yaa, I have all the financials and questions I needed answers for. I will have to postpone the meeting for sometimes during the next week. I really need Nyiko to be present. Maybe you should come over to my place to get those copies. Oh and could you please bring me the MAKOOTA files he’s keeping in his home office? I want to go through them over the weekend.
Reatli: Oh yes. I will come over in the evening. Joowee, speaking of the files, this morning when he left for Durban, he put MAKOOTA files on the dinning room server, the one that I went through that had car papers , receipts and invoices does no longer have those documents. He took them out. Bobs, I’m scared. Nyiko knows what I’m up to.
Yoo Reatli and I spoke a little about her crook of a husband. She was really scared. She was just in a rush to phone Kefiloe and her mother to find out if they told anyone about our visit. We hung up. Shame poor thing, she has to find out what it felt like to be me when I was playing number detective and finding out the truth.
Lucky for her, she needs to deal with only the husband she’d protected for so many years and the backstabbing friend she trusted with all her heart. With me I was not up against the two most dangerous hooligans but the entire Tau, Baloye and Gosiame families.
I felt sorry for her. But she deserves everything that was coming to her.
I did what I do best. Thank God for new mercies that I was receiving everyday.
While my out of community relationship with Sheryl ended with a messy divorce now their in community of property relationship battle of the zillas was about to begun . What a Battle is going to be?
As I get into my sheet to sleep peacefully, I could not help but wonder who I was going to cheer for in that blood hunting battle...
When Prinzilla meets Whorezilla and Godzilla.....whuuuuu shame. Goodie luck Reatli. I didn’t sent Karma your way darling. She just didn’t forget your address.
I remembered my mom once said : Motshega kgarebe ke monyadi wa yona. Such is life.
Now Prinzilla has to accept the O’twins as her step kids.
Friday finally came. Work was fine and time moved so fast. I did sent Mringo emails to reschedule the meeting. Since my meeting was cancelled, I checked with my friends if we could have some late night drinks. Relo said there's a new nightclub that had recently opened in Sandton and said we should go check it out. It was agreed that we will meet by Macdonald around six thirty.
After work I went straight home. I wanted to spend time with my kokoberries. While playing with the kokoberries Reatli arrived. I completely forgot that she was coming over. I took the Makoota files from her and put them in my study. I was not in the mood for papers. I was just looking forward to getting down with Skeem saam.
I brought her the copies of the videos hoping she would take them and leave. Instead She asked if I didn’t mind if she could watch them at my house. I said I didn't mind. She could use her brother’s study and told her that I was about to get ready for my night out with my girls.
Reatli was still in her brother’s study reliving what happened in November night three years ago and finally realising the kind of monster she had been married to. Half and hour later after getting ready, Mamo asked me to check up on her because she heard her crying. I went and knocked on the door and went in. Yoo I’ve never seen Reatli so distraught.
As I went closer to her she was going through the sex video . Upon seeing me she broke down and cried.
Reatli: Please Bobo, forgive me for the pain I have caused you and Kevin. I didn’t know Nyiko was this cruel! That day I overlooked at this videos because in my mind and my heart I thought you were lying and trying to ruin my marriage because in my blind eyes I thought you were doing this because your marriage was messed up. I did not think it was other way round. Please forgive me.
Nna: Pull yourself together Reatli. One day it will be okay. Everything will be fine.
Reatli: Bobs, I would not be able to face Nyiko after watching those videos and the incriminating evidence of his corrupt secret life. I’m not going back to that house and have to live with such a monster. I can't.
Nna: One way or the other you will have to face and confront him.
Reatli: Can I please stay with you for few days until I figure out what to do?
Nna: No Reatli. I would love to help but I can’t risk my safety and that of my family. Should your husband find out that I am keeping you here, he would know that something is cooking and might come after me, especially after that phone call threatening me. I’m sorry I can’t get involved.
Reatli: Nyiko doesn’t know anything about the trip to Bloem. I spoke to Fifi and Manthatisi. Apparently Manthatisi innocently told Sheryl that Fifi’s friend Reatli with her sister came past the house looking for Fifi. She then told her that she told us about Fifi’s condition and what caused her relapse. Sheryl must have panicked and told her twins’ daddy that we were there and asked Manthatisi questions about the Golf.
I think Nyiko was just testing how much you knew hence the threat and hiding the car information. Manthatisi said she’s never been Lemo’s fan because since she became close to Fifi, a lot of things changed, Fifi became something else. So she said she didn’t tell her about our trip to hospital to see Fifi because she herself hasn’t been anywhere near that hospital to visit her.
Nna: Well that’s a relief that He does not know, but still you can’t stay with us. Why don’t you go stay home with your parents and tell them the truth? Or go stay at your brother’s apartment. It had been vacant for a while. Yes. Go to Rosebank and think things through before you strike.
Reatli: Oh thank you Ausi. I forgot about it. Let me just go now and pack a few stuff and say goodbye to the kids before that monster come back. I will move in tomorrow. Yaah that is the best idea ever. I will be able to safely plan my operation destroy without disturbance. Thank you dear. I owe you my life. I will never forget what you did for me.
Nna: Don’t mention it.
I checked time, it was almost time for me to go. I was saying goodbye to Mamo and Dk and the kokoberries when suddenly she changed her mind about rushing home to pack. She asked if she could join me and my friends
Hao bathong? Now all of a Friday she wants to hang around with me and my friends? Ekete go tla nna thata. We were not there yet. I wanted to say no but heard myself saying sure. I got ready and we left.
On my way I warned my friends that I was bringing Mrs Baloye with. Relo being the ghetto one refused while Obakeng, and the others said it was okay. I had to convince Relo and she finally said it was okay but...
We finally arrived at Club 50/50. It was a really an upmarket and top notch club. The kind of place where the rich and famous hang out. It was really classy and had potential of a single lady like myself to catch a Mr right now hunk.. Just kidding.
We got ourselves a place to sit. Oh Relo the player knew one of the owners, So we were treated like VIPs. We had drinks pouring on to our table like rain. I was not planning to be wasted because I had to drive home. We were really having fun and chatting. Relo dragged me to the dance floor. We danced the night away.
Around ten, the girls were getting down by the dance floor while I was guarding our table. A familiar looking guy came towards where I was sitting. As he greeted me with a big smile I remembered him. Yes it was Ashley. We studied MBA together. We just sat there talking about this and that.
Few minutes later I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I looked again and this time I pierced my eyes at the target. We locked eyes for few minutes and then I looked aside.
Wait a minute.. Is he with a woman, a Barbie doll?
I don't know what got to me, must have been the alcohol. I asked Ashley to call one of my girls, ( pointing at my crew, at the dance floor ) to come and look after the table. I walked towards the couple.
Nna: Well Well Well , what have we here? If it’s not Mr Woman Loves Me and I can do what I like, when I like, wherever I like, with whoever I like...
Barbie: Love who is this woman?
Mr what what: It’s nobody important Sweetheart. What do you think you are doing wena?
Nna: What do you think you are doing?
Barbie: Heela sisi what's with the 101 questions to my man? Who do you think you are?
Nna: You shut that pink painted thing up. Before I pull out that fake hair on your dunderhead and shove it in that sewerage you call a mouth. This is got nothing to do with you. Wena Mr, are you planning to tell your plastic doll hore ke mang? Or should I?
Mr what what : You are drunk. Stop causing a scene and leave us alone.
Nna: Hahahaha. Me drunk? Oh and You think I'm causing a scene? Just wait for me and you will see what causing a scene looks like . ( I went to our table and grabbed Reatlehile by the hand and we went to the couple's table )
Nna: Mrs Baloye look what the cat had dragged out of machangaan bag..
Reatli: Wow! Wow! And then, who is this trash that is sitting next to you? Anyway what brings you here? Aren't you suppose to be at.. ?
Barbie Love who are these crazy women calling me names?
Nna: Go ahead Mr Love , answer this trash.
Reatli: Yes, go ahead! We’d love to hear... who are we?
You are B. U. S. T. E. D..You B. A. S. T. A. R. D
ps- unedited - Please forgive me family

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