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Saturday, September 10


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 28


For a good two minutes there was silence. The three of us, frozen in place. We all looked surprised and checking and sizing each other. Reatli slowly walked passed me as she headed towards the door where Sheryl was still standing.

She softly whispered something to me : Please let me handle this, just go with the flow. I looked at her not knowing and understanding what she wanted to handle. And why must I go with the flow. But I figured she wanted to handle her friend. I thought anyway, she should be the one doing the confrontation and chit chatting. I only needed to kick Sheryl out of my children’s investment. Besides, I honestly had nothing to say to Sheryl Gosiame. Nothing at all, so whether I went with the flow or just waited there and listened to best friends talking or walking far away and out of that place, I couldn’t give a damn. I wasn’t about to be caught up in sister-sister catfight.
Truth be told, curiosity got the best of me. I was dying to see how the two ladies in Mr Baloye’s life would kick it off. Or should I say kick each other’s butts off.
I thought, maybe going with the flow would not be such a bad idea, well, provided Miss-I-Own-OKT Family Trust Property behaves herself and never step on my bunions.
Reatli finally reached her friend and gave her a very big hug. She was so confused as to whether to hug her back or continued standing frozen where she was. She only had a little handbag on her shoulder. I witnessed Whorezilla and Prinzilla share what looked like a very cold moment that lasted less than a minute.
I cleared my throat to save them from the torture. They broke off the hug. Reatli extended her hand towards Sheryl who reluctantly extended hers to Reatli.
Reatli: Hi She’lady
Sheryl: Hallo MrsBalo, what brings you here?
Reatli: Mmm I must say It is quite a surprise to bump into you here, especially after you said you were in Bloemfontein but seeing you I figured out the reason. Anyway, how have you been babes?
Sheryl: I’m going to Bloemfontein later. I am really confused. Like I am trying to figure out what is happening and how did the two of you ended up here. Well especially her.
Nna: The name is Makananelo or Obonolo. And don’t you dare point that slutty finger at me. Anyway I am really curious to know what exactly are you doing here.
Reatli: Whoa! Hold your horses missies. Sheryl, I’m going to tell you what brought us here and if you want, you can tell us why you are here. How about you ladies take a seat so that we could talk? Oh before we could talk, please excuse me, I need to quickly take this call. Please don’t kill each other, I will be back just now.
Nna: Even if you could pay me to kill anything that is wasting it’s breath it certainly won’t be LSG. She Ain’t worth it at all. Anyway Madam, hurry up I need to get going before I vomit.
Sheryl rolled her eyes as Reatli walked outside and left me with her. Sheryl was now sitting on her couches, looking so confused. I was standing few metres away from the stairs. Just then my phone rang. I looked at caller ID and realized that it was Reatli. Confused as to why was she calling me, I thought about what she said earlier about going with the flow. I thought let me answer and find out why she went outside to answer a call . Come to think of it, I did not hear her phone ring. So maybe this was her plan.
Nna: Hello
Reatli: Please follow my lead and don’t let her know that I am the one calling you.
Nna: Okay. Tell me what are your plans for today, maybe I can arrange with the other ladies. I need to understand what their intentions are before I could agree. So just brief me now.
Reatli: Remember what you said yesterday about not wanting to get involved? I thought about it and you were right. I don’t want Nyiko and that Skank finding out that you knew something that they didn’t know and somehow think that you are involved in all this. I don’t want to get you in trouble. I want to handle this alone.
So whatever you do or say, please don’t let her find out that I know everything about the kids, the car, the sex videos and Fifi’s confession. I need to trap her. I need her to trust me so that I can get her to open up about Nyiko’s secrets and after that I will deal with her. So please follow my lead and go with the flow.
Nna: I hear you but I am not comfortable with that. But you are right, if the Loan Shark finds out that there is a deal with the investor, there will be hell to pay. So as long as you say that my name will be out of the paperwork, then cool.
Reatli: I promise.I want to do this my way. This is my battle.
I hung up on her and she came back inside still talking on the phone. She pretended like she was shouting at someone. She hung up and sat down opposite Sheryl while I remained standing where I was.
Reatli: Okay ladies. Let’s get this over and done with.
Sheryl: Yes please.
Reatli: Okay, let me be honest with you Sheryl. I know that lately you and I have been distant. I just want you to know that I was not avoiding or ignoring you. I have been going through some marital problems. I found out some things about my husband. But I will tell you all about it ( as soon as we are alone). To cut the long story short, everything got so bad that I had to go home for some days. I couldn’t hide it from my parents, especially my mother. So while trying to figure out about what I wanted to do with my marriage, or where to go, my parents suggested that I should come to stay here to cool off.
Knowing how “ other people” might feel about my parents’ suggestions, Daddy called a sibling meeting including madam Bobo. He said he can’t let me suffer and not know where I could go while there’s this vacant place. So as I speak, daddy literally drove with us all the way here and forced us especially Obonolo to not fight them on this hence you see us here.
Sheryl: So Reatli you have left your home and now you will be staying here? Where does that leave me and my kids? Hantle ntle , whose place is this?
Nna: Oh no lala. You are staying in a place you have no idea belongs to? Are you for real?
Reatli: Okay Sheryl. Clearly there’s been some misunderstandings. Were you not aware that this apartment belongs to Kevin?
Nna: Heela Reatlehile, this place belongs to Kevin and I. Mmm I’m so interested to hear the answer.
Reatli: Well if you put it that way Mrs Kevin Tau. Sheryl are you telling me that you didn’t know this?
Sheryl: No idea at all. Fifi is the one who found and rented this place. She said since papa the twins was away and I and his kids had nowhere to go, she asked us to move in with her. I didn’t know the person she was renting from, I also doubt that she know.
Reatli: I must say when I saw you at the door, I was shocked. I really didn't expect to see you here. But I believe you. Oh shame, Fifi is so kind. Don’t worry, that’s not a big deal and that shouldn’t be a problem. Although my parents and everyone did not know about you staying here, I’m sure they won’t mind. After all, they wouldn’t want to throw you and Kevin’s kids out on the streets.
Nna: Excuse me Reatlehile. I might have agreed that you could stay here, but this one is not. She has to go!
Reatli: Excuse you Ausi. It’s obvious that Kevin and Fifi lied to her. He must have had his reasons to let her stay here with their twins through Fifi. I am sure he was avoiding this!! He was avoiding You and your tendencies. Why would you want to kick them out?
Really!! Have a heart. Besides this place is big enough. Since I will be staying here, I don’t mind sharing with them. Don’t let me to beg you. Please don’t kick them out. At least for few days. Or at least speak to your husband now and find out why He let Fifi rent this place without your permission.I am sure there's a reasonable explanation. Call him!
Sheryl: No! Don’t call him. I will pack my stuff and go back home.
Reatli: No Sheryl. You can’t go. This place is too big for me. Please stay for few more days. I could really do with company especially with the shit I’m going through. Please don’t go. Please Obonolo!!.She will stay few days and leave. Now, if there’s nothing else, can you please give me the house keys and go sort out my access and everything else on your way out. I don’t think we still need you here.
And I’m sure my father is waiting impatiently for you outside. Goodbye!
Nna: Of course you don’t need me. You only need my roof over your heads. How convenient. Actually You two deserves each other. As for you miss LSG, you must thank my father in law. If it was not for the promise I made to him to let your friend stay here, trust me you were going to sleep under the bridge tonight. Anyway let me go. The sight of you witches with capital letter B, makes me sick.
Reatli: The feeling is mutual.
Nna: Whatever! Oh I am giving you only two weeks to get yourselves some place to stay. I’m not running a safe haven for lost souls or a shelter for homeless and unemployed woman.And you “Mrs my husband is better than yours”, enjoy being unhappily married and staying with your She’lady in my house, rent free.
I threw the keys on the coffee table and left the house. As I walk towards my car, I was not even worried or bothered about them. This was Reatli’s fight. And she was right, I should not be caught up in this drama. In as much as I hated the thought of Sheryl staying in my apartment, it was too late, Kevin already let her in. As usual, Sheryl comes first.
As I go to my car, I spotted the Red Golf parked underneath the carport. How nice. I went closer to it and took a few pictures of it. I examined it, I must say it looked as good as new. No dents nor any sign of damage. I gotta give it to Nyiko, he thought he was damn good in covering his tracks. All behind everyone’s back. Yaa neh: Mr Baloye- Uli bambe linga shoni. Your day will come. Sooner or later.
As for Sheryl, I must say I was shocked to learn that she didn’t know who owned the place. Was she for real or was she just lying as usual? She said she’d been staying in that place for over four months with her sister, yet Fifi didn't mention anything about Kevin yet . Really? How did Fifi get Kevin to allow her to stay in the Apartment rent free? Did Kevin think that I wouldn’t find out? No, this whole thing doesn’t make sense though. Something smelled fishy.
I swear on my son’s life, all this had Nyiko written all over this.
How does the Gosiames afford the luxurious lifestyle? Top of the range cars and fully furnished opulent upmarket apartment? Last time I checked Sheryl and Kefiloe were so unemployed and staying with Fifi’s husband? Then I remembered Fifi telling us that Nyiko was Sheryl’s meal ticket and did everything for her.
No wonder Sheryl was shocked to learn that the place belonged to Kevin. So upon learning the truth, she had to lie to us and say Fifi was renting the place knowing very well that Reatlehile’s husband was the one who got them the place to stay.
I bet Nyiko didn’t tell them that the place belonged to Kevin, just like he lied about the registered owner of the red Golf. Honestly Nyiko has gone too far. Buying cars in Kevin’s name, misusing company resources and finances and renting out my kids’ apartment to his floozy baby mama and her sister in law?. He must be stopped and pay for everything he’s thinking he is getting away with.
I did not know what Reatli was planning, but I hoped and prayed that she get Sheryl Gosiame in her corner and make her sing the right song about the mighty Mr Baloye. If she succeed on her plans, it will only be a matter of time before Nyiko goes straight to hell.
The sad thing was that He and Sheryl were using Fifi to cover their shit. Enough was enough. This nonsense of them must end and they must be removed from the society and be locked away and throw away the keys into a lion’s den. How cruel can they be.
I got home safely. I was just overwhelmed and tired. I took a nap. When I woke up I bathe and spend time with my kids. Later on I decided to focus on my operation destroy Nyiko. I went through all the transactions from the Business account, statements and purchase orders over and over, and scrutinise the MAKOOTA files from Nyiko.
Yoo. I was shocked to find out very interesting transactions. I must say going through some documentations from Nyiko, there was a lot of payments, purchases and withdrawals that He authorised that didn’t make business sense.
It seemed as if Mr Baloye tried to cook the books because most withdrawals were not matching up with paperwork in the files. It was evident that Nyiko was fraudulently helping himself with the company’s money. I needed him to verify and explain everything. I also decided to ask the MAKOOTA’s accountant to have a look at the company finances. Nyiko must pay for everything he has stolen from Kevin.
The weekend went fast. I still haven’t heard from Reatlehile. She only smsed me to say things were looking up.
On Tuesday I sent Nyiko a meeting request to discuss MAKOOTA issues and it’s finances. He declined. I also asked Mringo to phone him to tell us when was he available for a meeting. On all attempts he gave excuses. I then decided to hold staff meeting with or without him.
The meeting was scheduled for the Friday. I sent a meeting request. Everyone accepted except Nyiko.
The accountant came back to me and confirmed that there were a lot of unaccountable and mismanagement of funds in all the records. He promised to send me a final detailed report on the state of MAKOOTA’s finances and the proof of fraudulent activities. Once I have enough evidence, I planned to take legal action against Nyiko. This time he will not get away with this.
Before I knew it, it was Friday afternoon and I was entering MAKOOTA offices. Mringo and a few staff members were waiting for us. Reatli arrived shortly.
The meeting went ahead without Mr Baloye. Everyone presented their reports and gave justifiable reasons. Every discrepancy pointed to Mr Baloye. We didn’t have proof and paperwork of all the mysterious spending by our CEO Mr Baloye.
I communicated all changes implemented and how the business was going to operate going forward. I introduced the new member of the staff who was going to assist in my absence and work hand in hand with Mringo. Meeting was adjourned sooner than expected.
I asked Mringo to forward the minutes of the meeting to everyone concerned, especially Mr Baloye.
Reatli asked me to stay behind because she wanted to update me on her progress. I agreed. We decided to go to Kevin’s office to chat. Just as we got inside, I received a call from Kevin. He asked to speak to his kids. I told him that I was not home. Just before he hung up I asked him about the Apartment and who he rented it to. He said before he went to rehab Nyiko asked him if he could let her sister rent the place. I asked him about the rental agreement they signed. He said because he trusted him, he didn’t sign any documents but gave Nyiko the banking details to deposit the monthly rent. He said Nyiko promised to pay the rent.
I told him that Nyiko hasn’t paid a cent for the Apartment. That meant I have been paying for the services, water and electricity for Apartment 126, unaware that I was paying for Nyiko’s floozies. Kevin said I should speak to him and try to get him pay for all outstanding rental. He said if Nyiko gives me hassle I should perhaps find new paying tenants.
I must say I was just disappointed that Kevin gave Nyiko all the powers to do whatever he pleased and he was playing him and cashing on it. We hang up.
Nna: That was your brother.
Reatli: I figured that out.
Nna: I asked him about the Apartment and he said Nyiko asked him if he could rent it out to his sister. So Kevin obviously has no idea that the Apartment was occupied by the Gosiames.
Reatli: I am aware. Nyiko is behind everything Bobs. Funding the Gosiames luxurious lifestyle. I am telling you, Gosiames knows too much and I am this close to finding out what they know that Nyiko is willing to bend over backwards to keep them quiet by making them this happy.I know Nyiko, he doesn't just do things if he is not benefiting from or sucking up. The Gosiames have him by his balls for a reason.
Nna: I also thought so. So you smsed to say that there is progress. How far are you?
Reatli : Before I forget, yooo, you really helped me by your performance on Saturday. That Sheryl woman has bought it all. I have now gained her trust. I told her how Nyiko cheated on me and how this had been going on for a while. I threw in some hints that I wanted him to pay for everything he has done. I asked her if she could think of a way that I could make him pay.
I told her that I knew that Nyiko was somehow responsible for her sister Dintle’s death and asked if she would be interested to finally make him pay for killing her only sister. I further lied to her that I have gone through Nyiko’s stuff and found proof of all the bad stuff he has done including Dintle’s murder.
I told her that I knew she knew a lot about Nyiko and if she wanted revenge, I would need us to work together. I asked her to give me some proof about Nyiko’s shady deals in return for proof of her sister’s death. I also promised to give her a million rand if Nyiko gets arrested.
Nna: Hai that sounds so dangerous. What if she tell Nyiko?
Reatli: Sheryl Gosiame loves money. As long as she is assured that she will gain financially, she will do anything. I lied to her that we will frame you for Nyiko's arrest and knowing the kind of man Nyiko is, he will have you killed and then she will have Kevin and everything to herself. She got so excited and agreed to help me. Little does she know that I will smoke her together with that nyaope called Nyiko.”
Reatli went on filling me in on her plans to destroy both her husband and her friend and how she was planning to achieve that. I emphasised that I didn’t want my name anywhere in her plotting. We agreed that we will not keep in touch anymore. I really didn’t want to be part of her plans. I told her to be careful and wished her well in her mission to get her justice. We left the office and went separate ways.
As I drove back home, I had plans of my own. Reatli gave me ideas on how I will also get my own justice. Nyiko and Reatli Baloye together with the Gosiames had brought nothing but pain in my life. I was not going to let them get away with that.
She had a thing coming if she thought I was bringing her closer to me and acting so naïve. No, Reatli.. I am going to make you pay.
In life, we all pay our debts. I thought to myself, when Godzilla, Prinzilla, Madzilla and Whorezilla least expected, I will strike like a lightning and they will be shocked.
I know revenge is sweet but not godly, but nothing will make me happy than to see the awful foursome paying for messing with me and my life.
As I kick start my Final plan to Justice...

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