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Tuesday, September 13


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 29


It’s been two months now. A lot has happened in those past months.
Milano finally came back to work. I apologised to him for accusing him and his wife for causing the accident that nearly killed me. I further told him that I found out that my husband’s business partner bought the red Golf that had been following him. I also told him that he was just caught up in a web that was not meant for him. Although I did not get into too much details, I told him that I now know the person behind my accident and I have made peace with that. He accepted my apology and also encouraged me to start over on a clean slate.

We agreed to keep our relationship to professional. Our personal lives was off limits.
As part of operation destroy Nyiko, Reatli has been updating me on the progress. Turned out that she decided to go back home so that her husband doesn’t suspect that she was on to him. She said she was pretending to have forgiven him and make him believe that she loved him. According to her observation the plan was working. Nyiko had apologized for the cheating and promised to be a better husband.
Reatli said Sheryl begged her not to mention their partnership to her husband just for her protection. The last time we spoke Sheryl went to Lesotho and promised to confess to Reatli about everything bad she knew about Nyiko and lead her to find all the proof she needed. Reatli said she had not ask her about the twins’ paternity, Fifi’s confession and the trip to Giyane as yet. The plan is to get as much information on Nyiko then afterwards she will deal with her. Apparently Sheryl has agreed to be honest to Reatli about something.
I have been trying countless times to get Nyiko to meet up with me to no avail. I send him countless requests to meet up so that he could account and explain everything that he was up to while running the business. On every request he either declined or ignored me. With the information and proof that I already had, I decided to take legal action against him. The first time I sent him email letting him know of my intentions to sue him for mismanagement of MAKOOTA’s resources and finances Nyiko responded and asked us to meet. I declined and told him that I was done trying to get him to account.
Nyiko being such a coward, he started pursuing me to give him a chance to explain himself. For a person who was so corrupt, he was so scared of the law. If you want to get Nyiko’s attention, just mention anything that involves lawyers. So I instructed the lawyers to send him a letter of demand.
Upon receiving the first letter from our lawyers threatening to take legal action against him if he doesn’t pay back every cent he stole, he phoned me and begged me to stop the proceedings and promised to pay back all the money. He asked me to send him statement of account for everything I claimed he owed. My lawyers spoke with his lawyers. They advised me to put the matter on hold. Nyiko’s lawyers signed an agreement with my lawyers acknowledging the debt and agreeing to pay out the total outstanding amount within four weeks.
My life had been good, drama free. I was so angry at Kevin for the things he had put me through. He’d been calling more often talking to the kids. I couldn’t pretend with him, so I was not even interested in making small talk with him. The one time he told me that she arranged with her mom to deposit maintenance money for his O’Twins. Ever since that talk, I knew that nor matter what I could say or do, Kevin’s loyalty to Sheryl and the Baloye twins will never change. I was just too happy that finally the truth was out. It was only a matter of time before the Tau clan find out that I was right about Nyiko and the Gosiames.
All I was waiting for was to see the look on both their faces when Reatli tell them the truth or they come to me to apologise. That’s if Reatli will ever tell them. By the look of things, she was too busy with destroying her husband and mistress than telling her parents that Nyiko Baloye, their son in law is nothing but a low life criminal and cheater who fathered Sheryl Gosiame’s twins and pinned it on Kevin.
Either way, one day the truth was bound to hit them hard. I just can’t wait to see Kevin’s face when he learns the shocking revelation.
I know that Love is blind, but the entire fiasco kinda opened my eyes.
Those who have been in my situation will understand my reluctance and stalling tactics of being in such unhappy marriage. If you have loved someone wholeheartedly and they hurt you pretty much like Kevin has, nor matter how much the pain, it’s never easy and simple to just walk away or let go . It’s not easy to just pack your bags and just say it’s over, and that your marriage is broken. You want to be sure that your decision to walk away is purely well thought and well executed and not based on anger or circumstances. You need to think it through so that when you say you are done, you know there is no looking back.
Often times you think of a lot of reasons why you can’t walk away and reasons to believe you can change things. You think of the kids, the families and friends. Excuses after excuses. Yeah! It’s easier said than done. But somehow at the back of my mind, I knew I had to make up my mind about my marriage, my life and my future.
I decided to attend counselling sessions to prepare myself for the road ahead. I had the best counsellor I could ask for. I opened up to her and told her everything that I have gone through and my plans for ending my marriage and seeking revenge on the people who hurt me.
She advised against my plans to seek revenge against the Baloyes and Gosiames. She told me that as people, we should not get caught up in what it looks like on the outside. Our perceived setback is actually preparation for elevation. She said some people may laugh at my pain and applaud my failure and that some people takes joy in hurting others because they are unhappy with their lives. So if I continue to want to hurt them back, I will never find my peace.
She emphasised that I should not let what happened to me and my marriage define or change me and stop me from believing that the best is yet to come. She said for closure and peace sake, I must focus on forgiveness and starting afresh.
It is true, I had to learn to embrace the struggle. Trust the process and know that everything is always working together for my own good. What I thought was a setback or failure was actually just another lesson before my blessing. My counsellor said I should take comfort in knowing that this whole experience was teaching me valuable lessons and showing me who my true friends are. She said what did not kill me surely made me stronger, wiser and a better person.
At the end of my four weeks session my counsellor advised me to tell my family everything and have their support.
I was not sure that I would let those who hurt me and my family get away with what they did but I stopped making my quest for revenge my focus. I decided to focus on getting my life together. I knew that I won’t lose hope or allow myself to sulk because If I give in to the pain, I might miss my lesson. I was prepared to go from setback to setback with enthusiasm knowing that the bigger the test, the bigger the testimony. My mission was to keep pressing and believing.
Initially when I first decided to divorce Kevin, I knew my decision was based mostly on being angry, hurt and frustrated by his actions. It was never because I had stopped loving him. But with time, every single day I was really thinking about the future and it was not with Kevin in it. What scared me more was that I was at peace with the kind of picture I was seeing. Whenever I thought of him and what we’ve been through, what he put me through, I was no longer getting angry and hurting. I was content that I did everything I possibly can to save my marriage but it was irreparable. Truth was, I was no longer feeling him, in fact I was falling out of love with him.

I have been contemplating to consult with the divorce lawyers to advise me on how to start the proceedings with him out of the country. Yes I have finally made up my mind to end my marriage with Kevin Karabello Tau. After my near death experience and what the Gosiames and the Baloyes were capable of doing to me, I made peace that if I continued being in Kevin’s life any longer, there will always be drama that will never end and I was not prepared to continue living in limbo .
I called all my siblings and Mama to my house. I decided to tell them everything that I had not told them. From the time Kevin got in an accident, finding the truth about the Gosiame twins, confronting the Taus, Kevin’s release from hospital and moving in with his family, Milano’s shooting, Kevin’s overdose, my accident, Nyiko’s misuse of MAKOOTA’s finances, Reatli’s trip to Mmatau , Kefiloe’s confession and Reatli’s plans to destroy her husband. Everything.

Although I didn’t go in too much details, but I let them know what I went through and what I was planning to do. I further told them about Kevin’s request to put my plans to divorce him on hold for six months till he was back My siblings were supportive as usual but mama sung a different tune. She and Abuti Omphile said maybe I should think it through especially after everything that has come out proving that Kevin was sabotaged and manipulated.

I’ve been thinking about this lately. To be patient doesn't mean to do nothing. You can be persistent while being patient. It's the same as being content while being hungry for more. I decided to work in the now and get everything out of the moment and know that bigger and better things were coming but to be careful that I don't get caught up focusing on the future so much that I miss the blessings and the lessons in the now. I decided to be patient in season and out of season knowing that what I had been dealing with and what I was dealing with now was only preparation for what's yet to come.
It is true that you never know when your breakthrough will come! You can hope, plan, dream, and pray; but you never know when the biggest break will happen. Most of the time the things you try to force, never happen. It usually happens when you relax and you're content with what you have, and you enjoy the journey as you are working . All I needed was to be content, but be consistent. To stay humbled. To keep working hard. To trust in God and continue praying and raise my kokoberries.
For the first time in months I felt so much at peace. I hadn’t been this peaceful in a very long time.
But somehow when the clouds roll back, you find yourself living in the moment. You turn the “poor me” into “damn it! I can do this!” and “I have so much to be thankful for”. Then slowly, you begin to believe it. In believing you find power and strength.

When you’re in the middle of getting the shit-kicked out of you, it’s difficult to remember that there is a greater plan. That everything happens for a reason. That even this crisis you are going through is teaching you something, is protecting you from something else. How much easier would those hard times be if we knew without question, that what is meant to be, will be?
If we are aware, when the storm passes we can reflect on it with an open mind. We can draw the lesson. We can piece together the puzzle.

In my case, I can look back and say with everything in me, that those devastatingly awful things I endured, those are the things that made me the women I had become. And because of that:
I knew who I was, I was happy. I was driven to find the meaning and purpose of my life. I was ready to rebuild my life from the ground up. I was finally in control.And I was eternally grateful.
There are things that still hurts me, things that I remember that still break my heart and I knew I would somehow go through those emotions. There’s still a part of me that is fragile. But I was ready to move on.
Its true, when you want something so bad but it doesn’t go your way, it’s so hard to understand why. When you have done the research, you have decided it’s the best thing for you, how could it not be? But sometimes it just doesn’t turn out the way you dream it. It’s hard to fall back on faith and know, this is what is meant to be. This is what’s right for me. No matter how much it hurts.

That’s the point when all you have to go on is faith. What you have to look forward to is finding the answer, or at least growing from the experience. Taking the lesson and moving on.
I believed in fate, I believed in destiny, I believed in me and I believed in the human spirit and its inability to give up. I believed that my life has only just begun. I believed in the Unexpected!

I have been so consumed with revenge and proving myself to others that I forgot to live my life. I made up my mind. I was done fighting. I decided that once Nyiko payoff his debts, I will focus on rebuilding my life, rekindling my relationship with God and making my kids proud....

My counsellor said: Don't question the process, just know that it will happen for you. Breakthroughs happen when you least expect them and the biggest blessings come when you least expect it.

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