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Saturday, September 17


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 30


Talk about unexpected... Nyiko finally paid back all the money that he stole from the company since he was put in charge. I realised that Nyiko never made time to read the minutes of the meeting we held and other correspondence I sent. The only thing that caught his attention was the mention of Legal action. He didn’t even question the huge amount of money on the statement, he just paid it all, no questions asked.
He also never questioned me about the suspension and removing him as a signatory. Basically he was not aware that I have completely kicked him out of the company.
A week later after Nyiko paid out all the money, I sent him email acknowledging receipt of the funds and confirming that we will not be proceeding with the legal suite. He phoned me immediately thanking me for trusting him and giving him a chance to rectify the mishaps in the financial situation. Like really? I further asked him if there wasn’t any questions or concerns that he wanted to raise regarding MAKOOTA’s running. He just said he was too busy with his other businesses and trusted that Mringo and his wife will be able to handle everything. I let him believe whatever he liked. He said I should not hesitate to ask for his help whenever I needed.
Few days after Nyiko’s phone call Reatli phoned me at work. It was Tuesday afternoon She said she wanted us to meet. Since I still didn’t trust her completely, I arranged that he should meet up with me at work after knock off time. The meeting was scheduled for Friday.
Time went by. The kids and I were doing exceptionally well. My family and friends too. Work was okay and business was slow but also doing well. Milano and I were cool. Obviously trying hard to be careful not to cross boundaries.
I must say, it was hard to pretend with him. In as much as we agreed that we would only interact mostly on a professional level, I couldn’t help but wanting us to just be. I missed his playful nature. I missed being our playful selves. Office lunches, constant out of office communication and outings, basically I missed us getting closer again.Now and again I would think of that night in Sunninghill I spent in his arms. Some days whenever I am in his presence, I would be lost in the moment undressing him with my eyes and having inappropriate thoughts about him. When I snap out of it, I would feel so bad and avoid him the entire day. The sad part was that He seemed to have forgotten about those times and moved on.
Talking about moving on, Milano has been constantly talking to a lawyer. Twice I walked on him discussing his personal life with that person. The last time I couldn’t help it and asked him if I heard him utter a word Divorce. He confirmed that he had started the process but there were some hiccups, something about the wife not in a position to sign. I didn’t continue with my questions because I could pick up that he was uncomfortable to talk about it.
I must say sometimes rules and conditions don’t apply, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.
Friday finally came. Reatli was already on her way. I remembered to tell Mringo that Mr Baloyes had paid up all the money he stole. Just as I was about to dial Mringo, security phoned to tell me that my sister has arrived. I left the office and went downstairs where Reatli was waiting for me. I wondered why she wanted to see me. We greeted each other. I took her into one of the boardrooms to talk.
Nna: Long time. How have you been?
Reatli: I’ve been so miserable. Having to pretend everyday in that house while all I need to do is strangle that man to death, is hard.
Nna: I’m sorry to hear. I thought by now you and your friend would be closer to accomplish your mission.
Reatli: It’s not happening. Sheryl is in between. Seems like she’s caught between betraying Nyiko or I. She is stalling and I am running out of patience and time.
Nna: Aw! Is that so? I’m sorry to hear. Anyway its obvious that Sheryl’s loyalty lies with your husband. I thought as much that she might not help you. Remember, Nyiko is her kids father and if he goes down, she will lose the financial privileges. And the two has secrets of their own that you are not supposed to know of.
Reatli: You are right. She’s only interested on the hand that feeds. The last time that I contact her she wanted to change the deal. She said she had proof of Nyiko’s shady dealings and wanted me to deposit half of the money I promised her before she can give me the proof. When I refused and asked her to come back to discuss, She chickened out saying that she cannot come back anywhere near Nyiko and his people because whatever proof she had, Nyiko know that she gave it to me and that will get her in deep trouble. She said she wanted to be far away when I confront him hence she needs half the money and disappear. I have tried countless times to convince her but she is not budging.
Nna: Hai, that’s your friend for you. Master of manipulation and deception. She sure knows how to play her part. Unfortunately, it seems you are on your own. Maybe make peace that she won’t help you and or pay her whatever she wants. Chances are, you will be paying for same information you already have. Maybe you should continue with this on your own. It’s your decision Reatli.
Is that all you came here for? To update me about Sheryl? Anyway there’s not much I can help you with. I gave you everything I had. That’s just about it. Hai ausi, it’s Friday, I got to go home.
Reatli: No, please wait. That’s is not the whole reason why I am here. I came up with a plan and need your advice or assistance.
Nna: Reatli you know where I stand with regards to your operation destroy your husband and mistress. I clearly told you that I don’t want to get involved. So really , I don’t think I can nor want to help you, more especially after your husband has paid off every cent he stole from us. The rest of the bad stuff he did, I left them in God's hands.
Reatli: I’m not getting you involved at all. I just need your expertise and support on something. I thought about my mission to destroy Nyiko and have him arrested. But the problem is that if I hand over all the evidence, all our assets and properties will be frozen since they are proceeds of the crimes he committed, leaving me and the kids with nothing. So when Nyiko told me about the payment he did in to MAKOOTA business, it was proof enough that he was admitting to have stolen from my brother and committed fraud. That’s when I came up with the plan. I thought about it long and hard and decided to go with it. Since Sheryl is playing her manipulation game, I thought of something that I have to do to make both of them pay.
Nna: Okay! As long as I am not involved. So what is your plan? And how must I help you?
Reatli filled me in on her plan and I must say, it was the most brilliant plan ever thought. The brilliant part of it was that no blood will be shed. I agreed to it for one reason, to make sure that Nyiko get to pay dearly for everything he did and know how it feels like to be played. I advised her on how to go about. We left the office and went separate ways to kick start her plan.
A week later Reatli kick started her plan. He dropped a bombshell on Nyiko. She showed him all the sex tapes and incriminating evidence she had claiming that she got them from. Reatli lied to her husband and told him that Sheryl confessed everything to her ( well except the twins’ real identity because if Reatli mentioned it, Nyiko might be suspicious about her not freaking out and making him pay).
On the other hand Reatli managed to get hold of Sheryl and told her that somehow Nyiko found out what they were planning and advised her to lay low and hidden because Nyiko was looking for her. She even used Nyiko’s phone and send Sheryl a threatening message. She advised Sheryl to change her contact information and never come anywhere near Jo’burg and surrounding until she (Reatli) tell her to come back once she has calmed Nyiko down. She promised to support her and give her the money she promised her. Sheryl bought into the lie and changed her contact details and send Reatli the new ones. Reatli gave Sheryl a couple of thousand rands to keep her going until her mission was complete.
Apparently this was just to make sure that the two don’t contact each other and find out that Reatli has played and turned them against each other. Obviously Nyiko denied everything on the sex tapes and as expected he claimed that Sheryl and Dintle framed and manipulated him. As soon as Nyiko saw the incriminating evidence that he thought died with Dintle, he freaked out and was convinced that indeed Sheryl gave them to Reatli.
Reatli lied to Nyiko and told him that Sheryl told her that she made the copies of all evidence and will give them to the police if they don’t pay her certain amount. Nyiko told Reatli that he will have to hunt her down and get rid of her before she gives those stuff to the wrong hands. Initially Reatli encouraged Nyiko to pay her off to silence her but changed her mind and said Sheryl can’t be trusted so they must get rid of her. She started planting bad seeds in Nyiko’s head about how dangerous Sheryl was and that she was a serious threat to the Baloye Empire. She told Nyiko that Sheryl would do anything for money, even to destroy him.
Apparently Reatli organised some guy to contact Nyiko pretending as if he was from some internal affairs and wanted to have a word with him. Nyiko panicked and confided in Reatli about the call. That’s when Reatli strike. She told her husband that Sheryl must have sold him out and that meant he’s being investigated. She told her husband that if indeed Sheryl sold him out, it is possible that she made a deal with the law and that she possibly under police protection. She discouraged him not to pay her off or try to get rid of her because obviously whatever wrong move he can make on Sheryl, he might be busted. He advised dearest hubby to focus on how they could protect Baloye Empire, as it might be under threat.
She pretended to be a supportive wife, promised her husband that she was going to support him in everything that they might go through, all step of the way. She told him that they were in the mess together and needed to be clever about it, act as fast as they could and get the ball rolling before the law enforcement come for him and freeze or take away everything that he has worked hard for, including making sure that their kids do not suffer financially should anything happens.
Reatli then told her unsuspecting husband that she had a great plan to protect them against the scavengers like Sheryl and anyone threatening to destroy Baloye legacy.
She misleadingly told Nyiko that apparently both her brother’s and her parents’ businesses were not doing well financially. She made Nyiko believe that they could buy into the businesses. She said since Nyiko was the signatory and part of the MAKOOTA management ,and she was part of her parents’ company, they had the powers in getting the transfers done without Kevin and her parents suspecting anything.
She said since both businesses were struggling, maybe they should invest in them knowing that they (Baloyes) would own bigger stakes of both businesses. She further emphasised that should the investigation proceed, their assets and money will be safe, disguised as Tau family money . And that they will have full access to it whenever they wanted.
Knowing how Nyiko hates being investigated or questioned or threatened for his wealth, he foolishly bought into Reatli’s plan and agreed to move all his assets and properties in an investment plan that we created for him and injected some money into MAKOOTA and Tau Tshehla businesses thinking that he was hiding them from the hawks and the law. He trusted his wife to administer all the transfers. He was signing every paper that his loyal wife gave him without checking. He was thinking that everything was in their best interest. All the transfer of ownership and paperwork was properly done, signed and sealed.
Weeks went by, everything was going fine. Milano and I went out couple of times with the kokoberries. Actually one of his clients gave him complimentary tickets for Kiddies show. He said he thought of my kids and accepted. So we went to the Dome to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Other time I returned the favour and took him out for his birthday.
I haven’t heard from Reatli in a while. The last time she told me that she managed to clean out her husband and met with a divorce lawyer to serve Nyiko with papers before she set a trap to get him arrested. She never mentioned Sheryl.
One Thursday morning while I was at work, Nyiko contacted me to meet up. I must say I was a bit surprised and curious. All through the transfer process, Nyiko believed that her wife was handling this entire process with the lawyers and I had no say nor involvement. So when I receive a call from him, I didn’t know why all of a sudden Nyiko wanted us to meet. I told him that I will check my schedule and get back to him.
I tried to phone Reatli to check as to why her husband wanted to meet up with me but couldn’t get hold of her. I called Nyiko back to decline the meeting request until I get hold of Reatli. He said it was rather urgent and asked me to squeeze him in. I asked him what was so urgent and couldn’t wait for sometime next week, he mentioned that our meeting was purely to discuss MAKOOTA. I agreed to meet with him after work in Mandela Square , where we will be in a public place.
Five o'clock I was already in Sandton impatiently waiting for Nyiko, who arrived shortly.
Nyiko: Good afternoon Mrs Tau.
Nna: Afternoon Mr Baloye. I know you to be a very busy man so, to what do I owe this honour to meet with you?
Nyiko: Well, indeed I am a busy man but I do make time for important things in my life. So without wasting your time, let’s get right to the reason you are here.
Nna: I’m all ears.
Nyiko: I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but Kevin left me in charge of the business and yes I have been busy with my projects that I have been neglecting it but now I want to focus on being hands on. Since you are the interim owner, I need you to reinstate me back. ASAP
Nna: Excuse me! Did I hear you correctly?
Nyiko: Of course you did. Unless you want me to repeat myself again. But anyway, I just thought I should run this by you before I take over. So I suggest you set up a proper meeting and make us official partners.
Nna: No Mr. You need not repeat yourself at all, I think I heard the bull crap that you just said. I thought you wanted to rephrase. I don’t know what you are talking about nor suggesting. All I know is that you were temporarily placed in charge of MAKOOTA long time ago before I took over. Now, you are no longer in charge of MAKOOTA and we certainly do not require your assistance any longer. Since you decided to help yourself to the company’s finances and resources , it was clear that you’re actions were not in the best interest of the company so I have relieved and removed you from any obligations and duties that Kevin had blindly placed in your care.
There won’t be no take over from you nor any partnership between us. I am sorry to disappoint you. So I suggest you go back to all the correspondence you signed and re read them. You have no claim whatsoever to MAKOOTA.
Nyiko: You are bluffing! I bought, I mean my wife bought controlling shares in that business. Basically we ( Baloyes) have a bigger stake and claim in the business that gives us majority holding. So you must check your correspondence.
Nna: Majority shareholding? In my Company? Wow. That’s new. As far as I know, MAKOOTA is 100% owned by OK Tau Family Trust only.
Nyiko: What are you talking about? I have all the paperwork for the purchase. ( taking out a brown envelope).
Nna: What is this?
Nyiko: Share Certificates proving how much stake I own in MAKOOTA Constructions.
Nna: Lol (literally). This are papers that proves that you gave up 90% of your Equity and investments to MAKOOTA and Tau Tshehla businesses and other charity organisations. Nothing about you buying no shares.
Nyiko: What are you saying? This are share certificates for both the business.( grabbing the envelope from me). Shit, I must have taken the wrong papers.
Nna: Tl tl tl tl... For a man of your calibre, you are so ignorant. The mighty Nyiko Baloye, you’ve been played. Anyway, I am afraid this meeting was a waste of your time.
Nyiko: What do you mean I’ve been played?
Nna: You came to the wrong person. Go back to your wife and ask her what she did or better yet to show you the share certificate of whatever she told you she bought or invested into MAKOOTA. There is no Baloye stake in MAKOOTA. Not even a point zero five share.Seems to me that you Mr have been so generous that you decided to give up your wealth..
Nyiko: This is not over (standing up and hitting the table with his fist). I am going to get the right papers for my shares and prove that you and the Taus are the ones whose been played. I’ll show you who I am. I am Nyiko Baloye and no one mess with me.My wife's loyalty lies with me. She would never betray me. We will get back our money, one way or the other.
Nna: Haaa haaa...You thought you were untouchable neh! Let me tell you Nyiko Baloye, this time you got your match. Your wife and your floozy played you and beat you in your own game. Aooo chehee ntate, ba ho tabotse bo Miss Loyal. O otlilwe ten - nil flat. Askies.
Go get the proper paperwork. And oh while you are at it, don’t forget to bring me the paperwork and keys of Kevin’s Golf and please deposit all the outstanding money for the rental of Apartment 126, Kevin told me that you are renting it to your floozy.”
As I stood up and grabbed my handbag, Nyiko was still standing frozen, looking at me with disbelief. I asked him to pay for the bill since he called the meeting. I walked towards him and shook my head.
Goodbye Honourable Nyiko Baloye. Oh don’t think of doing anything funny to me. Not only Sheryl Gosiame has something on you. I also have insurance. So Mr. Nobody Messes with Me, if anything happens to me, you will be the first one to be investigated.

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