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Wednesday, September 28


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 35


Kevin wanted to get himself out of the topic but I didn’t let him. I needed to know.
Nna: So you discussed business with your sister and your brother and your sister asked you specifically to not say anything to me? And you are going to throw the speak to Reatli card on me? Really Kevin? That’s really strange and weird, especially if whatever you guys were discussing had nothing to do with me. But if you guys were discussing anything that concerns me,then you will try to hide it and I wonder why! So, Tell me Kevin, does the business you were discussing had anything to do with Me or MAKOOTA ? If yes, then I don’t want to hear it from those snakes. I want you to tell me now.

Kev: Okay okay.Let’s just say, Nyiko gave me a lucrative investment proposal. Its very appealing and actually it made me want to give it a serious thought. But I asked them to give me time to think about it. I said since they were going to pass by on their way back, I would have an answer for them.
Nna: Oh Really? And? What was the proposal about?
Kev: Nyiko said that since you and I will be divorcing, I should sell him my 25% share of the company. He already drawn up the paperwork and I must say, the offer was too tempting to refuse. Look Bobo, I got to go, we will talk soon.
Nna: No Kev we are not done here. Please tell me that you didn’t sign that offer? Please tell me that Reatli stopped you. Or something!
Kev: Obonolo, like I said, talk to Reatlehile alone. This thing with the business is really complicated. Now you know why I have been avoiding to talk to you. As it is I said more than I shouldn’t have. Tell my kids that I love them so much. Good night.
And he just hung up on me.
I must say, Kevin knew something and he couldn’t tell me because his sister asked him not to. Whuuuuu... some man without balls. It’s now confirmed, the man I was married to died that day in an accident. I am so glad that I am finally divorcing him. Kevin had always been a man enough in front of me, but the minute he is not with me he turns to be something else. Honestly no woman wants a Mr - I’m perfect-Only-when-I’m- with you- here kind of man. We all need a here and there super man who’s got your back all time around. This one I call my baby daddy is nothing but a coward and a puppet that let anyone uses him.
I made several calls to people who got my back and my best interest at heart. I just wanted to find out if what the Baloyes and Kevin were doing across the country would hold water given our situation and arrangements. I was just happy to find out that I had nothing to worry about.
I was just curious and interested on how they were planning to succeed in acquiring a stake in the business, because the last time I checked and what I just been informed, OK Tau Family Trust owned half of MAKOOTA Constructions with Kevin and I personally owning 25% each. With power of attorney that I had, Kevin gave me total control of his possessions and interests, MAKOOTA shares being one. So if Nyiko had flew all the way to the states and bought the stake in the business it will be null and void. So as far as I’m concerned, Kevin’s 25% was still in my care and was not for sale. Unless Kevin's sworn and signed affidavit done in this country is produced with the signed proposal.
Let’s see who has been played again! I might be a fool when it comes to matters of the heart, but when it comes to my sweat and hard work, I must say I bought a tight fitting financial pants and I wore it with pride and confidence. As for the Baloyes and Kevin Tau, they were up for a nasty one. I will have the last laugh.
I tried to call Reatlehile on both her contact details. They were both ringing unanswered. How do I talk to Reatli if all her phones are off and it seems she had installed an advanced home telephone that shows caller IDs because all the time I tried to call her at home, noone ever answers. Let alone when I use private numbers.
For Kevin to hide whatever he and Baloyes were up to, made me realise that I was on my own and should start watching my back and guarding everything with caution.
I decided to sent Reatli a very sweet message.
I typed: “ Lies, secrets and betrayals. I have nothing to lose. One phone call could change everything. You know what you need to do. Flo.”
I was thinking that the sms will catch her attention, unfortunately it never did. I kept asking myself What is it with Reatlehile Tau Baloye? What was she cooking behind my back? And what’s with the hide and seek and silence? And what was with the” lucrative business proposal her husband is offering or had offered Kevin? And why must I not be told? Only Reatli could answer all the questions but seeing that she was not interested, maybe it was my time to act or find out.
I decided to focus on my weekend away with my manzilla and only when I get back, I will have to do something before it’s been done to me. I didn’t want to do this but I’m being forced to look out for number one and protect my kids’ legacy.
Friday afternoon I rushed home to prepare the kids and fetch my stuff. I asked Mamo to drive and drop us off at Aus Tsitsi's. Milano was going to fetch me at Greenstone mall for our trip. He finally arrived at our agreed pick up location and we drove to the airport.
Yes, we went to Cape Town. Where it all begun. Although this time it was for pleasure.
Friday night we were too tired to fool around. We settled in and had our quiet dinner and went to bed. No funny business. Although we were at some point tempted, we reminded ourselves to take baby steps. We shared some passionate kisses and slept.
Saturday morning we woke up and prepared for our adventure day. I showered first. In some hazy corner of my mind, I heard the bathroom door shut, but I was too deeply engrossed in my own concerns and my inappropriate thoughts.
Turning the faucet to cold, I frowned. I must say maintaining a discreet and safe distance would be difficult given our current surroundings. I could only hope that Milano would have the good sense to be tucked in bed.
At the sudden, unbidden vision of his sprawled across the silky sheet, my entire body went hot with need. Phew so much for the cold water. With more force than necessary, I shut off the water and got out of the shower. Rasping the towel over my skin, I told myself that it was only natural to feel such urges. A very sexy , beautiful and vibrant woman and a healthy handsome man locked alone in a room with the most gorgeous view of the beach, of course we’d fantasise about jumping each other’s bones and making music.
But that’s all it was, fantasy.
I went to the bedroom wrapped in my towel. Milano went to shower after. I must say while I was busy putting lotion on my body.... behind me, the sound of the shower water coming on from the bathroom made me had some vision of Milano stepping into the shower, naked and lathering up... My jelly-jar misbehaved a little. A part of me wanted to just jump in with him and indulge. Oh God Obonolo! What are you thinking? But of course I wasn’t thinking, I was feeling. Jumping in that shower felt like the most natural and appropriate thing in the world to do at the moment. Which on the other side it was crazy, sheer insanity. All other considerations aside. But the thought of Milano’s naked body was just too irresistibly tempting...Ache the guy was too hot maan!
Oh, last night he might have kissed me like an angel possessed, but I knew that the next time he could be foolish enough to tempt me that way, I might not be able to resist. But I wouldn’t . Be tempted, that was.
When Milano and I decided to start dating, we made weak, insincere attempts at setting physical boundaries. We tried fooling ourselves into thinking we could enjoy the thrill of our emotional connection without letting it become physical. Even a kiss, we said, would make us feel too guilty. We started with "just one kiss" that turned into long, passionate kisses shared in every secret space we could find. During the first days of our relationship we both held to the belief that things couldn't go any further. We didn't want to jeopardise our relationship or complicate matters.
It was at that moment when Milano got out of the shower, butt naked and soaking wet that I quickly learned, however, that passion had a way of shoving guilt aside and making one lose perception.
I just stood there frozen by the beauty before my eyes. Reeling backward, there was not a lot of wiggle room behind so I crashed into the table close to the wall. I balanced with my hand and suffered a tinkling pain and let out a little scream. Ouch! I limped myself to the bed.
Milano sat quietly, his hand gently brushing my cheek. He just whispered “ relax, and let me kiss the pain away and make it feel better. I am here at your service. And I am going to keep it that way for the remainder of your life. It might sound so premature but I love you Obonolo. So much more”
I must say that was unexpected to hear him say he loved me. But I felt those words as much as I heard them, down deep inside the core of my being, and all at once it was as if the rest of the world no longer existed. All I could see, hear or feel was this man before me. But the instant his lips touched my skin, a fire was lit within me. With my last coherent thought, I heard his sharp intake of breath, saw the answering spark ignite in his eyes. He, too felt the pull, saw the futility in resisting it.
Before I could utter any words, Milano and I were all over each other, up close and personal. Hell yeah, it’s been sea salt in my life for a very long time. A girl needs some sexual healing once in a while.
I always thought that if I ever had sex with another man, I would be immediately crushed by guilt. I wasn't. Any guilt I should have felt was overcome by the pleasure of that intimate moment and by my desire to be with Milano in that way. I must say we were reluctant at first. Our hearts and minds might have been battling with our next step but our bodies felt ready.
With a groan so low and deep in his throat, he took my head in his hands. Sliding his fingers into my hair, and covered my mouth with his own. I moaned as our lips met, my body acknowledging how deeply I'd craved this. Craved him. Opening my mouth, I welcomed him in, going weak with sensation as he used his strong, warm hands on my body. Sliding his fingers down my neck, along my sides, he touched me like a blind man, taking his time , savouring every inch. Through it all, he kept seducing my mouth, his tongue encircling mine in a dance as slow and as sensual as a moonlit tango. Dazed by longing, I could only follow where he led.
There was no need to unbuttoned any buttons nor undo zippers or remove whatever stood between what was about to happen. In some scattered part of my mind, I understood that this was it. I knew that once I start, there won’t be no turning back .There was no stopping us. Even when Milano seemed to be pulling away and breaking all contact, all I knew for certain was that I could not allow it. Not now, not yet. Not ever. I wanted him. I had to have him...
I was ready to tango. Milano swept me up into his arms to lay me down on the bed. The mattress rippled as the warm water ebbed and flowed beneath me. It was unbelievably erotic sensation, floating on the bed while Milano stared down at my naked body, devouring me with his gaze. I held out my arms to him, and with a groan, he joined me on the bed, rolling us back and forth as he continued to kiss me. Helpless under the renewed onslaught of his tongue, I clung to him, drowning in sheer pleasure as he again kissed my breasts, his tongue performing the same magic it had unleashed in my mouth.
Mindless with desire, I ran my tongue over his ears, his virile chest and his neck. My hands went everywhere, my fingers tracing the tight, hard lines of his arms and legs, ka re le mo maragong a go tiya morena...As my hands closed around the slick warmth of his groin and his stiff, swollen yellomamba, ka re monna a goa, not just a loud moan, a guttural sound this time.
As he leaned down to take my breasts in his mouth and alternately sucking and twirling his tongue around them, a powerful, red heat exploded inside me. I could feel my nipples reaching out for him, growing tight with need. An in an instant, my knees gave out on me. I continued to stroke and fondle with a frenzied motion, the need to have him inside of me building to a fever pitch. I could feel his strong hands all over my body, sliding between my legs, his fingers dipping into my hot, wet jelly-jar
I arched my back, offering myself, my body and my soul to Milano for the very first time. I whimpered into his ear, “ I want you so so bad, please make love to me”. Milano just gaze down at my naked, writhing body . Unable to resist, he kissed me till the end of my neck and asked me if I was sure. I nodded. He seemed so captivated. In his eyes I could see his desire to have me all to himself. He rasped, the need rising up and tightening in his throat:
“ Me too Boo.. I can’t remember ever wanting anything or anyone so badly. I just want to taste, touch and feel every inch of you.”
Just to prove his words, he trailed his tongue along my throat, over my breasts, down my belly, between my thighs. I screamed his name as he delved into me. He thrilled at the sound of my moans, the feel of my body arching into him. I called out his name once more, deep, hoarse and urgent, as I began to spasm and shook with so much pleasure.
Unable to hold off any longer, Milano reached out to the side table and took out a box of condoms, then knelt between my legs. With one hand sliding into my jelly-jar with an -all-consuming fervour, while putting some glove with another. We grasped in unison as we came together, moving with one rhythm as nature took over. Feeling Milano’s yellomamba being inside of me felt so good, so right, as if he'd belonged there forever. As if everything that happened in our lives had been leading up to this moment. I felt so so fulfilled. Oh so surreal.
Wrapping my arms and legs around him, I clung fiercely to his back as he rapidly lost control, driving inside of me, faster and harder, each stroke probing deeper, reaching, straining, climbing until I cried out, “Ooh Milano, please go deeper and deeper, I’m about to climax!”...and sheer, unadulterated pleasure exploded inside him.
Milano buried his face in the pillow next to my head, taking a deep, cleansing breath. Even now that we were done, now that we were tired and wasted and aching in every muscle, we could not bear the thought of breaking away from each other. Still clinging hard to Milano, I could feel a million sensations engulfing my body, but I could think of only one word to describe them. Splendiferous. I could weep with the overpowering beauty of it all. I knew I could ever make love a million times, a billion, but right there in those arms, no other man could ever make me feel this deeply appreciated, soul-searching sense of rightness, not even Kevin Karabello Tau.
Milano demonstrated a kind of passion and pleasure that I had never experienced with my husband. Oh yeah we made some music.
Sighing with happiness, I looked up into his beautiful face. He smiled, one of those heartbreakingly genuine smiles, and darned if the tears didn’t start dripping down my cheeks. His expression clouded. With a long , drawn out sigh of his own, Milano withdrew, rolling over to lie on his back besides me. Afraid to speak, I just listened to his breathing as the rolling motion of the water slowly subsided beneath us. Bit by bit, the sense of enchantment drifted away. He removed the condom and grabbed a wet towel and cleaned us all up.
We dressed up and went to have breakfast by the sea side. For the longest time in my life I felt alive and happy and peaceful. Milano was a man of little words but his actions spoke volumes. He treated me well. I only felt his love through his touches, the way he looked at me, how he kissed me and mostly how I felt the butterflies in my stomach whenever I thought about him. Well I am not complaining about his lack of many words. Besides words means nothing without action right? Isn’t true that actions speaks loud than words? Well whatever the case, this girl did get all the actions she needed after almost two long years of draught.
After our breakfast we decided to drive around to experience mother city. We went to almost all thee places to be in Cape Town. After our exploring we went back to our hotel. We played adult games again. After our sexercise, we were very hungry. I was just too lazy to go eat out. I asked Milano to go out and grab us something to eat. I took a quick shower and throw myself on the bed while waiting for my manzilla.I dozed off.
An hour later Milano was still not back. I took my phone to call him and check what was delaying him. His phone rang unanswered. I went to the bathroom to freshen up then wore my dress with the plan of going out to check him outside. I decided to tidy up the room first. It was so messy. From the bed, to the floor. Clothes, shoes and undies scattered all over the floor. Just as I picked up the scattered clothes from the floor, I felt something hard from Milano's pants. I reached inside the pocket and found his cellphone. Shucks , no wonder he was not answering. The phone was clearly on vibrate or silence because I didn’t hear it ringing earlier when I tried calling him.
I carried on tiding up the room. Just as I finished off, Milano entered with the food. I was just interested in the packages. I was starving. We sat on the floor and ate in silence. I decided to break the ice.
Nna: I was about to call a search party on you.
Milano: Haahaaa really!
Nna: Eya! Mmm the way I was so hungry, I could eat a whole cow. I even tried calling you but obviously you did not answer
Milano: Yes I left my phone in my pants. Nxoooo my Booberry ..I’m sorry I took so long.
Nna: Nah it’s cool. I did realise that you forgot your cellphone and I figured you had to drive far to get food. And well, after getting me this delicious treats and calling me such a sweet berry, you are forgiven my Milberry.
Milano: Thanks Boo.. oh and I also like the sound of my new pet name.
Nna: I’m glad you like it. Berry couple.
Milano: Actually I got delayed on my way out. I bumped into someone I know and we just got carried away with conversation.
Nna: Arg it’s okay bae. What matters is that you are back and we had our lunch or should I say mid afternoon snack.
Milano: Yeah bit of both. So tell me what would you like to do?
Nna: Seeing that you didn’t get me any dessert. I would like to have some Milberry ...
Milano: Whatever Booberry wants booberry will get. But I need to also take a quick shower. Then you can have your dessert.
We just laughed. Milano went to shower, I grabbed my purse to get myself something sweet at the kiosk.
Just as I was busy with the ice cream vending machine, I heard a familiar voice. I turned to check if my ears were not playing me..As I turned around, my eyes met with the mighty Nyiko Baloye. Yet again, he was with the same Barbie doll I saw him with at the Lebitso residence in Sunninghill...Wow! Interesting. Where was snakezilla aka your wife Reatlehile Baloye? I thought as he strode towards me, leaving the doll behind.
Let’s hear what you are going to say to me Mr Baloye!

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