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Monday, September 26


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 34


I had so many questions but little to no answers. I sat down with the hope of trying to figure out who the lady caller was and hoping that she would call back..
In my mind came Reatli. But why would Reatli call me at work? She knew my cellphone number and she knew where I stay. Well, maybe she didn’t want dearest husband to know about her call to me. Yes that day in Sandton I kinda sold her out but I only told Nyiko that his wife played him, nothing else. She could have easily denied everything. So whatever that Nyiko Baloye found out about what she did, it was definitely clear that He didn’t get it from me. So I doubt that the caller was my sister in law.
Maybe Sheryl? But I had no deal nor business with her. If telling Nyiko about her could give me back my life, I would have long done so. Why now? Yes I might have mentioned her name, but between the two of us, she knew that I had something incriminating about her , so mentioning her to Nyiko should not come as a surprise. So it could not have been her.
The last person was Fifi. The psycho that nearly killed me wouldn’t dare try to call me and accuse me of nonsense. Besides I promised her that I would not get her arrested for attempted murder so why would I sell her out to Nyiko of all people? Wait a minute, I did tell Nyiko about the Red Golf and the fact that I needed the car papers. Shit! Nyiko must have put two and two together and got twenty two. I’m sure he figured out that Kefiloe must have told us the truth about the car , the real owner and who bought it.
Ooh Modimo, indeed that must have been Kefiloe. But what did she mean by her statement? “Nyiko knows everything and wanted revenge?” Why would Nyiko want revenge for the truth? Unless Sheryl and Reatli confessed everything to him and pinned it on me.
Immediately I remembered that Zama said the caller left her details. I quickly took my bags and rushed to Switchboard to check my messages. Luckily when I got there Zama was packing her stuff and ready to go. I told her that my call was cut off so I needed the lady’s details. She went through her message register and tore some piece of paper and handed it to me. I looked at the paper, Walla! It was written Kefiloe Leb ( scratched out) Moshaneng. I checked her number, thanked Zama and left.
On my way home I got a call from my manzilla. We chatted about how he missed me at the office today and how he was looking forward to seeing me on Saturday. We had planned to spend the weekend at the zoo with the kids because the next weekend we were going away, just the two of us. We chatted a little and hung up.
I got home and find the kokoberries waiting for me. They told me that their dad phoned them there ( pointing at the home phone). Well I got the message loud and clear, Kevin didn’t want to talk to me. He did it on purpose to contact the kids in my absence. Who cares, I didn’t want to talk to him either. He was just a traitor and a lying coward. I couldn’t wait for end of June for him to get his butt back home to sign the divorce papers and we can go our separate ways.
Since it was my helpers’ weekend off, I changed into comfortable clothes and drove them to the taxi rank to go their separate ways. The kokoberries and I went back home. We did our normal Friday routine. Played, bathe and drove out. We got pizza and hired kiddies movies. We ate and afterwards I went and prepared popcorns for my babies. I put on the first movie that I picked up for them and left them to watch. I headed for my bedroom.
I checked the time, it was nineteen fifteen. I thought it was still not late. I took out the piece of paper from my hand bag. I thought of calling Kefiloe Moshaneng. Hmmm I thought she and Sheryl shared a surname since she was married to her brother. Anyway, some people prefer to keep their maiden surnames after marriage. So perhaps that was the case with Fifi.
I dialled the number. The phone rang three times and went to voicemail. I thought perhaps she was already sleeping. I put the phone away and wore my PJs to go join my kokoberries.. Just as I walked out of my bedroom my phone rang. It was an unknown number. I answered.
Nna: Hallo
Caller: I got a missed call from this number.
Nna: Hello Kefiloe.
Fifi: Whose this?
Nna: Yoo, that’s a bit rude to someone you don’t know? Anyway it’s Obonolo .
Fifi: Oh sorry for my rudeness. How are you?
Nna: I’m doing well thank you. Wena? You sounded so upset earlier. Hope now you are okay
Fifi: I’m better than earlier. Sorry we got cut off. My mom just rocked up.
Nna: No problem, at least you left your contact details and now we can talk. Are you still in hospital?
Fifi: Aish Ausi, with my condition, I’m in and out. So yes I am back there again.
Nna: Oh I see. Sorry to hear. So, how did you get my work numbers? And why did you call?
Fifi: It was not difficult. Remember I know where you work? So I dialled the reception and that’s how. The why part, I think I already told you earlier.
Nna: You know Fifi, I scratched my head thinking about what you said and I still don’t understand. Why would I sell you out to Nyiko? What makes you think I sold you out?
Fifi: Nyiko came to Bloemfontein a week ago. He threatened to kill me if I don’t corporate. He asked me questions about your trip to Bloemfontein earlier this year and wanted to know what I told you.
Nna: And you decided to tell him? I don’t see how I sold you out if you decided to confess everything to him.
Fifi: I didn’t confess everything. I just didn’t know how much he knew. I only said that I told you that I am the one who caused your accident and that Lemo had nothing to do with it. He asked me what did I tell you and his wife about the car and the twins’ real father.
Nna: And what did you say?
Fifi: Obviously I lied. I told him that I only said that the car belonged to Lemo's cousin. I don’t know if he believed me but he was suspicious of my careful choice of words. He then asked me why did I confess to you about the accident. I said you mentioned that the police told you that a red Golf bumped you and so his wife Reatli must have told you that I owned a red Golf because a day before the accident Reatli saw the car in good condition and after the accident she saw that I was driving a bumped car. So I wasn’t sure what to tell you, that’s why I confessed and lied that the car belonged to Banda. He asked me why you didn’t you get me arrested for my confession, I said you saw and heard the doctors say that I had bipolar disorder and very sick that I won’t survive prison hence you decided not to press charges.
Nna: So he believed you. You did managed to lie to him. Now why do you think he wanted to kill you or seek revenge? I don’t understand.
Fifi: Nyiko is very clever. He was acting as if he believed me. I could see that he didn’t. I knew he would want to cover his tracks and let someone take a fall for him. And it wasn’t that long that he told me that he knew everything. He took out some papers and he forced me to sign them without questioning him, saying it was his insurance. I asked him what type of insurance was he talking about. That’s when he told me that the papers I just signed were proving that I was the rightful owner of the Red Golf.
He told me that he wanted me to help him with something.
He said he will deposit money into my account and I should call you and ask for your banking details and tell you that I was going to pay the outstanding six months rent for the Rosebank apartment and also tell you that I bought the car from your ex-husband Kevin before he left the country.He further said once you have bought the car story, he will change it back to his name.
Initially I refused and told him that I was done with the lies and scams and fraud and covering up for him and my not so caring sister in law. He told me that if I refused to help him he will be forced to hurt my family or kill me. Or even call the police and tell them the truth about your accident and have me arrested. Obonolo I could not bear the thought of prison or loosing my family or my life , so I told him that I will do anything he asked.
Nna: Seems you have made a good deal with the devil . So why are you blaming all this on me? It’s clear that he played you and you fell for it. So, did you call to ask me for my banking details and to lie about the Golf?
Fifi: No. I spoke to Lemo yesterday and she’s the one who told me that Nyiko was just playing me and that indeed he knew everything before he came to me. She told me that Reatli told her that you confronted Nyiko and told him everything and gave him some evidence from Lemo hence she had disappeared from Jo’burg. Apparently Nyiko is out for blood and on a revenge mode. And he won’t hesitate to kill me or his wife and Lemo just to cover up for everything he had done.
Nna: Is that so? Well unfortunately everyone will say their own version of whatever story they want to tell you. I have nothing to do with the Baloyes nor Gosiames. The only reason I even spoke to you was to know the truth about the accident and you told me. I am done with playing detective and payback games. I know who is responsible for my accident. Although I don’t know why you hated me so much to even want to hurt me, but I don’t care anymore and I am no longer interested to know why.
I just want to move on with my life without drama. So, not that I owe you anything but I only asked Nyiko for payment of the rent and well the car papers, nothing about you. I have no reason to go against my promise to you nor tell Nyiko about what you told us. I am sorry that Nyiko and Lemo and Reatli lied to you. I am very far from their plotting. You need to ask Nyiko what exactly does he know.
Fifi: I don’t want to talk to Nyiko. No matter what I tell him, he will still come for me. Lemo is right ,once he is done using me to cover his tracks, he will want to get rid of me or even kill me, either way, I'm in danger. So, I want to disappear and never come back. Today he deposited forty thousand rands in my account, and said I should deposit thirty six thousand for six months rent in your account. He said he would come back next week Wednesday with the car papers in my name then afterwards I should send you copies of car ownership and proof of rental payment. I can’t wait for that. So I need your help ausi. I want to escape from this place and go somewhere far where he won’t find me.
Nna: Me? Help you?
Fifi: Eya hle ausi. With the money he deposited into my account, I will deposit to you and send the proof of everything, then you must deposit it back to me. Since the Golf will be in my name, I want you to do change of ownership to your name as if I sold it back to you. I want you to come to Bloem and pretend to be my psychiatrist from Jo’burg and sign my release forms and tell the nurses that I will be in your care. Please Obonolo. I know that I have no right to ask you anything but I don’t want to be indebted to Nyiko. He will have a hold on me and force me to do things as payment and when he is done, He will get rid of me. Please Obonolo, help me.
Nna: You gotta be kidding ausi. Kefiloe, I do sympathise with you but I am very sorry, I don’t want to get involved. This is way too risky and dangerous and too much for me. I said earlier and I am going to say it now: I am done with the Baloyes and Gosiames and playing dangerous games. I have two kids and a family that I need to focus on. I don’t want to get caught up in your battles. I am at peace by finding the truth about my accident and justice for what was taken and stolen from my kids. As for you, your sister, Reatli and Nyiko, you must just deal with your shit without involving me. So you can tell Nyiko that you did phone me and I told you that I don’t want your money and that I was okay with your explanation about purchasing the car from Kevin. That’s it. The rest, No.
I don’t want any part of this. Besides why would I risk so much just to help you after what you did to me? No Kefiloe, I am not that gullible and naive. I suggest you ask your friend Reatli and partner in crime sister of yours to help you and tell them that FLO won’t be playing in their league anymore. Sorry Ausi. I’m afraid I can’t help you. I don’t trust you or anyone anymore. So, if we are done here, good luck with whatever you want to do. I got to go.
Fifi: Wait! Please Obonolo. I am begging you. I can’t get hold of both of them, especially Reatli. Lemo is far away to help me. Please I promise I will disappear and never come back. I will also make sure that Lemo doesn’t come back to bother you anymore. I have nothing left. I lost everything that mattered to me. So if you help me disappear, you will have everything you’ve always wanted without worrying about me or us.
Nna: What is it that I want that I can only have if I help you? Hai Ausi, unfortunately you don’t have anything that I want. Actually I already have everything I need. I don’t need your stress. You and your sister are not a threat or obstacles in my life anymore. Actually never have been. I think I made myself clear, nothing will make me help you. It’s good enough that I didn’t make you pay for attempting to kill me, so whether Nyiko kills you or hurt you and your family, I don’t care. Maybe you will feel the pain that you all put me through. So Goodbye and please don’t ever call me again…
I hung up on her. Who the hell does she think she is? A fairy godmother who grants wishes? Why on earth would I want to help Kefiloe Moshaneng Gosiame and hoped to get everything I’ve wanted? What exactly was she saying? Did she think I would jump to help her in return for owning that Golf that nearly killed me and receive the rental money but give it back to her? Haahaa! Maybe she forgot to drink her pills. She was seriously crazy to think I would ever help her.
For all I care, Nyiko already paid financially for everything he had stolen from us, including the car and the rent, he just didn’t realize yet. As for making him pay for the pain he caused, I left that to the Lord above and other people that he hurt or robbed or double crossed. One day, they will make him pay.
When it comes to FLO, Vengeance is not hers but the Lord’s..
Saturday morning the kokoberries and I woke up very early in the morning to prepare for our trip to the zoo with Milano. The day went pretty fast and before I knew it was Sunday. Since the beginning of the year, I had been dedicated to my relationship with God. So Sundays were spent in Church. Milano was now going with the flow, joining us for the morning service. After Church we went to eat lunch then parted. We made sure we spent as much time together during the weekends and weekdays were strictly work. My weekend went pretty great with the kids and Milano. I was just looking forward to the weekend away with my manzilla.
Monday and Tuesday I was attending a training course. So time went fast. On Wednesday around midday I was coming from my boss’s office when my phone rang. It was an unknown number but I recognised the last four digits of the number. They were easy to remember because it’s my birthday and birth month 2510. And they belonged to Kefiloe. I just pressed ignore and went to my office. When I reached my office an sms came through. I knew before opening it that it was from her.
I just opened it. It reads:
Nyiko is here and I don’t want to go ahead with his plans. Please help me... I'm begging you.
I deleted the message and ignored her plea. But honestly speaking, what is it that I could possibly help her with. Really! My hands were tied up in this one. I was through being everyone's go to girl and being taken advantage of but when shit hits the fan, I am left in the storm to face the consequences alone. Sheryl did this to me and I fell for it. Reatli did the same too, and now she is no where near and I am somehow turned out to be the bad guy again. Now Fifi?
So No, Obonolo, your days of being a good Samaritan are over. It’s time you look out for number one and number twos. You and your kokoberries.
Reatli still hasn’t contacted me and I also stopped bothering her. Apparently Kevin has continued to be in contact with his kids. He was only calling them whenever I was at work. According to Mamo , he was calling everyday, during the week, same time. I was not bothered. It clearly made me feel less guilty about my relationship with Milano.
On Thursday after dinner I received an overseas call. Initially I didn’t want to answer it but he kept dialing non stop. I think after four missed calls I picked up.
Nna: Yes Kevin
Kev: What do you think you are doing? What date is it in South Africa?
Nna: Okay, you’ll have to do better than that. Hee bathong, why are you asking me? Don’t you have a calendar? Anyway you have not spoken to me in months and you just decided to call me and get all rude and go gaga on me ?
Kev: Yaa neh! We are not officially divorced yet but already you have personalized our money. Why haven’t you transferred my money Makananelo?
Nna: Oh shucks! I completely forgot. I am sorry. I was hectic this week. I will call Dalton ( our banker) now, to do the transfer first thing in the morning. Forgive me.
Kev: It’s okay. I guess I over-reacted. I’m sorry.
Nna: It’s understandable but you need to hold your horses. I have a lot on my plate and I am only human. I agreed to this job of sending you money, why will I stop without notifying you? I am not like you going against your words or promises.
Kev: What do you mean by that?
Nna : Didn’t you say “we” must be careful of the Baloyes?
Kev: Yah! So?
Nna: So why are you playing host to them and never bothered to let me know?
Kev: I was not hosting. The Baloyes made a detour at my place for few days and proceeded somewhere else.
Nna: Oh well, if you say so. But why didn’t you mention that? People don’t just fly all the way to overseas for no reason. Especially the Baloyes. There is always something to benefit them.
Kev: Well, I guess them passing by my place was not a social visit. It was more business, especially for Nyiko.
Nna: What kind of business, If you don’t mind me asking?
Kev: Aish Obonolo, I don’t want to talk about it. Not especially with you. Speak to Reatli. She clearly begged me not to say a word to you about this.
Nna: What? Why?

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Ausi Bobo maar dont you think gore Fifi ke ex-Mrs Lebitso?
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I like it when you tune in to find out what happens next. Thanks... keep reading, you will eventually know the truth
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