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Wednesday, September 7


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 27


If there's two things I respect to lead you on and let you down when reality hits, it’s Alcohol and a one night stand. With Alcohol, it hugs you, encourages you to face your fears and fuck up then when it’s done with you, it leaves you to face the music. So as a one stand. During the stolen moment, you are promised heaven and all and be praised in ways that you have never been praised then when all is said and done you are left alone to face the music. Well that is my theory.
So, when I spotted Mr Baloye and made a drunken decision to confront him, I knew I was getting out of order. I was letting the alcohol make a fool out of me. I was tapping on dangerous zones and I instantly knew that I had to draw lines and not cross boundaries. There’s some battles that one should not get mixed up with, especially lover’s quarrels.
When I realised what I just did, I sneaked out of the club to get some fresh air and let the Baloyes handle their shit. Ten minutes later Obakeng followed me and told me that Nyiko grabbed his plastic doll and left with it. I was relieved that there were no casualties.
We went back inside. Reatli was already at the dance floor dancing like nothing happened. Relo and Taps said we should call it a night. We called Reatli and told her that we were leaving. She pulled me aside.
Reatli: My sister in law, now I have enough reason to destroy this ugly gorilla. He will curse that day he married me.
Nna: How so?
Reatli: Now I have a good excuse to start digging into his life. I’m going to clean him out and divorce his sorry ass. Hopefully he will be in jail by the time his arrogant ass try to contest the divorce.
Nna: You gotta do what you got to do. I just hope Nyiko doesn’t beat you to it.
Reatli: No he won't. I won't let him. You know Obonolo. I hate that bloody cruel man. He deserves to rot in hell. And you know what? I will do everything in my power to destroy him. Whatever it takes. Now I have to get that whore Sheryl Gosiame to sing whatever song she knows about Nyiko. She is the only link to everything bad that Nyiko had done. After listening to her recorded confession and seeing those sex videos, I am convinced that she will be forced to help me or else she will have to pay the same price Nyiko is supposed to pay alone. It's time I have a woman to woman talk with Lemosego Sheryl Gosiame.
Nna: Good luck Ausi . Hai we are leaving now. Are you staying behind?
Reatli: No! I am also leaving. I have to go pack my stuff and leave that house. I don’t want to see Nyiko Baloye for a while. Thanks for inviting me here, I wouldn’t have known and find out that the monkey was back to his cheating times. Now more than ever catching him like this motivates me to pursue my plans to make him pay. Thank you once again.
We grabbed our bags and headed to our cars. Just then Reatli came to me as I got into my car. She said she just called Sheryl and asked if they could meet the next day. I asked her what did she say. She said apparently Sheryl told her that she went home to see Fifi in hospital and promised that when she comes back the next coming Friday they could meet. Reatli was worried about Fifi. She thought maybe she took a turn for the worst and planned to call the nurse to find out about her condition.
We said our goodbyes and drove off.
I got home safely. I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I sat in my be just thinking about my life and what I wanted to do with it. Relo and Obakeng reprimanded me big time about letting Reatli too close to me so soon. They did agree that she might be sorry about everything that she did but I should be very careful about her.
For some reasons, as I was sitting there, I thought it was true, I was letting Reatli way too close to me than I should. My friends were right, I might have forgiven her but I shouldn’t forget what she was capable of. To be honest I am not one to hold on to the grudges or resentment but I think I was being too careless and irresponsible and naive. And if I wasn’t being careful, I might get burned. Reatli was now a loner , had no one to support her and she was depending too much on me as if we were now buddy buddies forgetting that a month ago she was planning to get rid of me with the Gosiames.
It broke my heart to think that a while back I suffered a great deal because of her and my life was this way because she played a role in destroying it but now I was opening my home and my arms for her. Really? Right there, I had to dig deep inside my heart and made a conscious decision that from now on I would put a distance between us and play far away from her. Just like before the 31st of December.
I know I made a promise to give her the copies of whatever I had on her husband which I did. It was up to her to continue on her mission to destroy him. We both knew the truth about Nyiko. So there was no need for us to be hanging around each other. She also gave me a few financial information on her husband ‘s affairs that would prove that he stole from the company. I had enough to take action and make him pay for stealing from us. So we really didn’t need anything from each other anymore.Certainly not even a coalition.
I also thought about my decision for letting her stay at her brother’s place. I questioned myself if I did the right thing. Well, after all we were family and I guess she would realise that I wasn't the gold digging whore she thought I was. With her going to stay in Rosebank, we agreed that she won’t tell her husband or anyone about her whereabouts. Until she had figured out her way forward.
I prayed and slept.
I was woken up by DK, saying Reatli was looking for me. I checked my time, it was nine thirty. I woke up and brushed my teeth and went to check why Reatli was looking for me. I got downstairs. I greeted her and she said she was sorry to wake us up so early Saturday morning. She said she left the copies of evidence in her brother’s study and also forgot to take the keys to the apartment. She asked for the keys and also asked me that I should go with her so that I could let the security know that she will be staying in the apartment for few weeks.
Initially I didn’t want to go with her but knew that the security will give her hard time if she just rocks up and start staying there without me or Kevin’s signed authorisation form etc.
Since we had no plans. I quickly went to get ready and we drove to Rosebank. She was following behind me. When I get to the gate I was met by my favourite security of all times, Promise Moyo. No one knew the ins and outs of that Estate like him. I greeted him and drove inside.
Just as I was about to drive off, I remembered that I was with Reatlehile. I shouted for him to open for a white Audi Q7, he said I must park aside because he wanted to talk to me .
Knowing how inquisitive and persuasive he can be, I parked on the visitors' parking and saw him hurrying to my car.
Promise: Hey maan sisi wam, long time. Oh I was wondering what happened to this car! One minute it was here then the next minute it was gone. So you had it with you?
Nna: Yaa it’s been long hey. The last time I saw you was during that Obinna saga. Oh yes, I’ve been using this car since I had an accident. What do you mean that it was here?
Promise: Haai sisi, Mr. Tau was staying here few weeks before he disappeared. Then he came back before he left for overseas. So I saw it afterwards and suddenly I stopped seeing it. Oh sorry sisi about the accident I didn’t know you were with them during the accident.
Nna: Oh no Promise. I’m not talking about that accident. I had an accident alone with my car earlier last month. So since my car was written off I decided to use Kevin’s car since it was just parked.
Promise: Oh okay. Anyway how have you been since you and Mr TK separate.
Nna: Hai you seem to know a lot neh? Anyway I have been good. Thanks Promise, I have to rush rush.
Promise: So what brings you here my sister?
Nna: Oh, to check the place and clean it up. My sister will be staying here from today so I am here to sign off the new tenant authorisation form.
Promise: Hau sisi! Are you kicking the other tenants out? Hai but that will be good. Everyone is complaining about them!They had parties every weekend in December.
Nna: Whoooooa brigga Mr security . What are you on about? As far as I know, Apartment 126 is so vacant. Who are the people occupying the apartment without my knowledge?
Promise: Hai sisi, I don’t want to be saying things that I am not supposed to say but there are people staying there since end of October. And I think Mr. TK knew about them. But I'm not sure.
Nna: Who are those people? Are they there? I need to meet them.
Promise: Aish Sisi, I haven’t seen the other lady and the gentleman but the other lady with the kids is around. But she went out an hour ago. Oh let me go open up for Bhuti, He is also going to 126. You can wait for him or drive in.
As I check through the rear view mirror to see who is the Bhuti that Promise was talking about, I spotted Reatli’s car. I took my phone and called her to come park close to me so that we could discuss the current status of the apartment and wait for Bhuti. She came through to the side of the visitors’ parking. I waited to see the car following her, expecting to see who it could be. There was no car on the visitors’ entrance. I saw Promise rushing towards my car. I thought maybe he told the Bhuti that I was there hence he decided not to enter into the Estate.
Question was, who was he?
Reatli was busy talking on the phone when Promise reached my car. I asked him what happened to Bhuti. Turned out that he mistook Reatli’s car for that of Bhuti he was referring to. I questioned him about Bhuti who visits Apartment 126 . That’s when I found out that the Bhuti that he was thinking was driving the Q7 is none other than the other owner of the Q7, Mr. Baloye himself. He confirmed that the Q7 has been frequenting Apartment 126. So, the people occupying the apartment are somehow linked to both Kevin and Nyiko.
I further asked Promise a few questions but he did not know much about the tenants in A126 but he said I should wait for the lady that stays in the apartment and then take it up with her.
As He left to attend to his duties , I asked him to phone me when the lady enters the Estate. I told him not to tell her that there were visitors awaiting for her at Apartment 126. He promised and left. I got out of my car and headed to Reatli’s . I told her that I just found out that apparently Kevin had rented the apartment to some people. I told her that I smelled a foul rat and also the fact that Nyiko is also involved. I told her that we should hide our cars and walked to the apartment and wait for the Lady that Promise said stays in the apartment.
We did as planned. Hide our cars closer to the apartment and walked there. I was cracking my brain wondering who were the occupants of A126. I couldn’t understand why were they staying rent free in that place because when I was going through Kevin’s financials, the last rental income that was recorded was dated back to the month after his accident and I saw a Deposit refund, meaning the last occupants left around that time.
Reatli distracted a trail of thoughts going through my mind.
Reatli: Bobs, what if Nyiko stays here with his skanks? What if this is the Durban and other many of his “out of town trips accommodation” that he use when he lies to me?
Nna: You might be right . Promise seemed uncomfortable divulging information about the occupants and when he came to open the gate for you, he thought he recognized your car and when I questioned him about it he said the same car with same registration number has been frequenting Apartment 126.
Reatli: There’s no doubt about it. Nyiko and I swop cars all the time. If the security said it, I do believe that whoever stays here, Nyiko knows them very well and he is getting something from them. Nyiko doesn’t just visit nobodies. I am really interested to know who stays here.
Wait a minute Bobs. You do have the keys, why don’t we go sneak in and take a peek before the mysterious lady comes back?
Nna: What if they changed the locks? But yaaa, I’m also curious to find out who stays in that place. Come let’s go. I asked Promise to alert me when the lady arrives at the gate. So we will just take a sneak peek and get out before she bust us.
Obonolo Tau! You just don’t learn. When did you become such a problem child and play manyonyoba? I thought as I let Reatli convince me that it was a good idea.
Reatli and I rushed to A126. I tried the keys. Bingo! They opened.
Hee bathong, and this? Yaaah, some people are so lucky.
The place was a bit messy but it was opulent. You could see whoever stays there was really loaded. The furniture was just to die for. There was no denying that this person lived le good life. Reatli called me to where she was standing.
Oh my goodness. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There by the wall hung a huge picture of the owner. As we stood there dumbstruck by what we just saw, my phone rang. It was Promise.
Nna: Hey Promise. Is she at the gate?
Promise: No sisi, She’s already entered. I am sure she’s already reached the apartment. I’m sorry I didn’t call you right away. I was busy tending to the visitors.
I hung up on Promise and as I was about to tell Reatli that we should get the hell out of the apartment fast, it was too late. The owner of the place stood right in front of the door, hands on her hips.
I thought: Bitches, this time you are busted! This is trespassing at it’s best ! Let’s see how are we going to get out of this one...alive, or unharmed and or better yet in one piece. One thing for sure there might be some casualties .
The lady of the house: Hello ladies!
Reatli & I: Hello Sheryl Gosiame!

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