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Saturday, September 17


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 31


Nyiko couldn’t believe his eyes. I also couldn’t believe what I did.
Honestly speaking I didn’t plan on telling Nyiko that Reatli played him. But when that Godzilla started opening his mouth being so proud about how the Taus family has been played, and him getting joy thinking he had defrauded his way back into both companies and carrying on about how he was all mighty and powerful and untouchable, a part of me got so worked up. I couldn’t stand his arrogance. I just blurted it out to show him that even the mighty Samson like him can be played. Worst by unsuspecting people like Delilah.
I must say, as I walked to my car, I had a devil’s smile on my face. Yes Devil. Telling Nyiko that his loyal wife and floozy played him and making him aware that I knew everything he thought he had hidden felt damn good. I did it for my own five minutes of pleasure. Standing up to that animal for everything that he had stolen from me. My marriage, my family and my husband. Hell yeah , nothing beats the pleasure of seeing Nyiko Baloye turning purple-black and knowing that He will never hurt me or my family anymore. Yeah, he deserved everything that happened to him.
As the thrill of the moment faded, I realised that I should have handled it better, for Reatli’s sake but I guess it was too little too late and besides, she was not so innocent. And unfortunately at some point or another she would have had to deal with her husband. Nyiko was bound to find out what she did. And who knows? Maybe she would have implicated me or pinned this whole "clean out" on me. After all, MAKOOTA Constructions was my baby.
Wasn’t that what she and Sheryl had planned? To hide behind my name? Truth is, I could never trust Reatlehile Baloye and Sheryl Gosiame. They are triple D’s- deadly dangerous devious zillas. So, forgive me if I decided to alert Godzilla that her Loyal Prinzilla was not as loyal as he boasted about her. I’m sorry that I wasn’t so sorry for what I did. Let’s just say she also deserved the knife of betrayal that I plugged on her back. I learned from the best.
I got home and carried on with my normal day to day life. I was waiting for Reatli to call me and accuse me of betraying her. I must say a part of me felt a bit guilty about what I did. I decided to call her and tell her what happened at Mandela Square. Her phone was not available. After supper I bathe and went to bed.
Friday I went to work as usual. I tried Reatli again, but still her phone was off. The entire weekend went by, still I haven’t heard from Reatli. I was now getting worried. What if Nyiko hurt her? On Monday afternoon I decided to phoned Daddyt just to check when last they spoke to her or seen her. He confirmed that they saw her during the passing weekend. Apparently she and her husband were at Sebokeng on Saturday evening eating dinner with the parents. Upon hearing that all was well at Baloye marriage, I relaxed and thought maybe she came clean and Nyiko forgave her.
Wednesday after dinner I received a call from Kevin. He asked to speak with the Kokoberries as usual. Before he hangs up he asked the kids to give me the phone. I took the phone from Kananelo.
Nna: Hello Mr Tau
Kev: Mama-wa-mafahla- a ha Tau
Nna: The second and last pair of the Tau clan twins so far...
Kev: Hmmm why last? Arg! Never mind. Let’s not get into that one. Otherwise?
Nna: You are right, somethings are better left unsaid. Especially that topic. Anyway I am good, the twins are good, work is fine and so as MAKOOTA . Wena? How are you doing?
Kev: Therapy is going well. Some flashbacks there and there, nothing clear or permanent but I am hopeful. I’ve been clean and no cravings for the past three months. So I can say other than missing you guys, I’m okay.
Nna: That is good to hear that. So three more months you will be back home?
Kev: I’m not sure about the timing but I will let you know closer to time when exactly am I coming back.
Nna: You don’t sound so sure about time frame. I thought you said six months programme.
Kev: That was before I got here. There’s been few changes and cancelled sessions. Like I said, I will let you know whenever I have a clear answer.
Nna: Okay, I hope it’s six months. Anyway take care and yaa we will keep in touch.
Kev: Wait, before I forget ...what have you done to the Baloyes?
Nna: In terms of?
Kev: I've been meaning to tell you. Nyiko phoned me last week Friday, fuming like a dragon. He accused you of stealing their money through a bogus investment using MAKOOTA’S financial difficulties. He said he and Reatli were trying to save the business from collapsing and you outsmarted them and then kicked them out. So he wanted me to sell him half the controlling share in the business or to overturn my decision to put you in charge of the business because you are incompetent and he is afraid that you will sink the ship.
Nna: Oh wow! Claps twice! Is that what He said? Wow. Mr Baloye have some nerve. Firstly, MAKOOTA is doing well financially, better than before and secondly.... You know what, I suggest you call your sister and let her explain everything. Nyiko is taking chances and I hope you told him to go to hell.
Kev: Well, not really. I told him that I will discuss with you and find out from you what you did then get back to him. So are you telling me that you were not involved in some business arrangement or dealings with the Baloyes?
Nna: I did no such thing. Karabello weee, speak to Reatli first, then get back to me. She has all the information about her husband ‘s money and dealings.
Kev: Okay, don't get worked up. Anyway, there’s no need to call Reatlehile. Nyiko phoned me again on Sunday night and apologized. He said I should forget about our conversation and that everything was well. There was a misunderstanding. So I was just asking to find out what really happened for him to have initially made such serious allegations against you.I know Nyiko, when it comes to money, Hmmmm he gets that crazy.
Nna: Hai Abuti, who knows what goes through that couple's minds?
They are quick to react when they feel robbed and betrayed forgetting that they are served what they deserved. Look Kev, there’s so much you don’t know about the Baloyes and I don’t think you should take to heart anything they try to feed you. Trust me, when you come back home I will fill you in on everything. Right now focus on getting better. MAKOOTA is in capable hands and if it was struggling, I would have told you. The last thing I could ever do would be to ask help from those people. So yaa, there must be some misunderstanding. Next time Nyiko calls you, refer him to me or Mringo, we are the ones running MAKOOTA.
Kevin and I agreed that the Baloyes are dodgy and needs to be put very far away from us. We hung up shortly after our conversation. I must say I was wondering what the hell was going on. What did Reatli tell Nyiko? And what was Nyiko up to? One minute he was thinking that he owned a stake in my business and upon realising that he didn’t , he went fuming and calling Kevin and accusing me of stealing from them. A day later he was as all calm and saying that all was well? On the other hand Mrs Baloye seemed to have gone MIA. Something was wrong.
Question was what exactly?
I needed to find out before I get bitten by an unsuspecting scorpion.
I dialled Reatli’s house. Her helper Tankiso answered. She told me that her madam was out for dinner with husband. I asked her which cellphone number was she using because I couldn’t get hold of her. She said her madam has a new phone. I asked for the new numbers. Initially the helper was reluctant saying that her madam gave her strict instructions not to give anyone her new numbers but I used sister in law benefits which worked. The helper gladly gave me the new cellphone number.
I thought of calling Reatli right away but I remembered that Tankiso said she went to dinner with Nyiko. I didn’t want to get her into trouble in case she was still undercover. I sent her a message asking her to call me when she was free.
Days went by still no call from Reatli. I also tried calling her but she didn’t answer all my calls nor return them. I sent her a message asking her if she was okay because I was worried about her. . Reatli never returned my call. She only replied to my sms saying she was perfectly fine and just too busy and that she will make time to meet with me. I got the message loud and clear. Reatli was really up to something and a part of me told me that it was not good. I decided to stop bothering her and worrying about her. Clearly she was okay.
It was Kokoberries third birthday. I planned to take them to Sun City for a weekend. Milano wanted to join us but I declined his offer because I already had company. All my sisters, Obakeng, Matebatso, and Relo joined in together with their kids. We had a fabulous weekend away.
Since their actual birthday fell on a Monday , I had taken a two days leave to go throw them a birthday party at their Creche. The birthday festivities went well and now it was back to work.
On Wednesday around lunch I received a call, unexpected call to be precise. From my dearest sister in law Reatli.
Nna: Hallo MrsBalo
Reatli: Haahaaa, not you again with that name. How are you?
Nna: I’m fabulous wena?
Reatli: I haven’t felt so good in such a long time.
Nna: Aw! That’s good, I guess! So what can I do you for?
Reatli: Arg I was just touching base. Sorry I have been hectic.
Nna: Hectic and changing your contact details? Why?
Reatli: Yoo Bobs, Nyiko has been too good to me. We’ve been spending a whole lot of quality time together. Since he apologised for that incident in Sandton, he’s really changed. I know I am hurt by what he did but I am beginning to think he really wants to be a better man, for me and our girls. He treats me so well. We talk a lot and plan our future together. Bobs, it’s like good old days when we first met. I mean he trust me so much and even letting me in on some of his businesses, something he has never done before. I sometimes feel guilty for betraying him.
Nna: Yoo! That’s a 360 turn. So you are no longer on a mission to destroy him? What about what you have already done?
Reatli : I don’t know hey! Somehow I still want to destroy him but I’m not so sure anymore. For some reasons I want to enjoy this undivided attention I’ve been getting from him. I know that the whole point is to make him feel so warm, trusting and unsuspecting so that he doesn’t see me coming. But, day by day he becomes this loving, apologetic and awesomely fun husband to me that I question my intentions. And I must say, I’ve got Nyiko Baloye exactly where I want him, in the palm of my hands. Heela kare he let me answer his phone and check his messages. That’s why I decided to change my numbers. To avoid people like Sheryl calling me constantly and also to lay low for a little while before I strike again. For now let me enjoy some Baloye pampering while I can.
Nna: I hope you know what you are doing. I don’t trust your husband a bit. But if you have decided otherwise then, who am I to judge? After all he is still your husband.
Reatli: Don’t worry dear, I can handle him. I want to hit him hard while he thought I was just plain stupid and naive. Nyiko Baloye won’t know what crushed him. Believe you me. His time is coming.
Nna: If you say so!
Reatli and I spoke a little while and before we hung up, she said she will only be able to call me whenever Nyiko is out and asked me not to use her new numbers.
What was that all about? No mention of my meeting with him to Reatli? What was Nyiko planning behind Reatli’s back? In as much as Reatli thinks she had Nyiko where she wanted him, I couldn’t shake a strong feeling that Nyiko was also on a mission of his own. You don’t betray people like Nyiko and get away with it. I might not have said enough about Reatli’s involvement in destroying Nyiko but the little that I said must have drove Nyiko over the edge and raised some suspicions.
What if Nyiko realised that Reatli had betrayed him, and decided to make her pay? Why did after that outrageous phone call to Kevin, all of a sudden he calls him back and say it was a misunderstanding and now he suddenly started treating his wife like a real Queen? Am I over thinking this or what?
A part of me wanted to call Reatlehile back and tell her about my meeting with Nyiko and my suspicions about his sudden change of behaviour but then I decided against it especially after she told me that things were all raspberry and cream at Baloye castle.
I must say my gut feeling was telling me that something fishy was smelling at Baloye household. Between the two of them, one is bound to be hit very hard. A lot of questions went through my mind. Who was playing who? Or what were they both up to? Was Reatli falling in love again? Or maybe in all honesty it took them this betrayal to make them realise how much they love each other and wanted to save their marriage? But what about the money Reatli stole from Nyiko? What about filing for divorce? Could it be possible that Nyiko genuinely changed? Haiiii ho thata.
The question remained: Should I just tell Reatli or must I just let them be?

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