Sunday, September 25

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Fees have fallen at ECG - Prophet Bushiri : Supernatural fees cancellation

Fees have fallen at ECG- Prophet Bushiri.

Bushiri prayed for students with financial troubles and all their outstanding balance got paid instantly.

Prophet Bushiri declared all students who are having trouble settling their fees at varsity for their fees to be paid instantly at his church in PTA WEST showground. Students live the hardest life worrying about their outstanding balance as institutions make sure they send reminders to pay every chance they get. Hence you find that the number of students dating married men in South Africa increases daily, they do so to be able to pay their bills and maintain the high life lived by students from well off families.

But there are those who seek help in the Lord and servants of the Lord that he sends to earth to help the needy. Prophet Bushiri being one of them has helped thousands of people since he came to South Africa. One of his church member claims to have realised his own purpose in this world through Prophet Bushiri.

More than 100 students came forward to testify after the declaration by the prophet, the students all received sms notifications stating that their fees has been fully paid. We thank you Papa,iyeeeee major one exclaimed the students as they danced for joy and peace.

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