Tuesday, September 27

Mahlatse Ramatseba

HIV Hobbo from the Tshwane streets gets a job from the government.

HIV Hobbo/homeless from the Tshwane streets gets a job from the  

A 28 year old from the streets was offered a roof over his head and a job to be able to afford a better living.  The young man would always go to PTA West hospital to drink his treatment every morning at around 8am. He never made his HIV status a secret, he owned it like he was born to love it. He has never used his  homeless situation to stop taking treatment.  The nurses confirmed that the young lad originally from Bloemfontein takes just treatment daily.

When we asked him how be got infected,  he told us that he came yo Tshwane with a man who promised him a job but when they had their first fight he chased him out and didn't even care where he would go.  I slept on the streets and got raped by men who are also homeless.  It happened every night and I didn't fight it because I'd sleep with the men for a corner to sleep.

One day when I went to the clinic for my treatment as usual I was told the mayor wanted to see me and when I met him he offered me a job at the very same clinic to help with counseling for those who find it hard to accept.  I work at the clinic but sleep at the hospital where I was offered a fully furnished room. I thank God!


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